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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

[2013] [Dracula: The Impaler] English Transcripts

(1) She lives.
(2) They die.
(3) This is the covenant.
(4) Is done.
(5) The Impaler
(6) Why, yes!
(7) Sean!
(8) Why, yes! Above!
(9) Do you want to go?
(10) Do you feel the pressure, "D"?
(11) Do you feel the pressure, buddy? What will you do when the pressure is on?
(12) You're a little bitch, man! You're a little bitch!
(13) And that affects your game. And I look at you I will...
(14) One hundred US dollars, if you do this.
(15) What is that, double your capital friend?
(16) Oh, you just have to concentrate.
(17) It is very difficult to concentrate.
(18) Oh, shit!
(19) No way, man!
(20) This comes on the heels!
(21) You know, I'm not sure this game, anyway why actually...
(22) I want to drink a few beers and know that I never lose in this.
(23) Are you ready?
(24) Now I have this.
(25) Oh, my God. He drinks it, glug, glug.
(26) I know, I will not say anything. I will not say anything.
(27) Oh, baby! Bart.
(28) Around this place, apparently it is good join this charm.
(29) I'm happy that you found a use for that stupid thing.
(30) Wait, I'll let you know that this is a piece
(31) More advanced technology on the planet.
(32) And you use to enter the "Redtube" to watch porn at the speed of 4G...
(33) I do not think Steve Jobs has had that intention
(34) I think that when revolutionary piece of technology.
(35) Well, have you seen Steve Jobs and his friends? - Yeah
(36) Have you seen? Yes
(37) This is exactly what they did
(38) So you can watch porn or whatever. And do not use it just for that...
(39) I also won $ 200 this weekend.
(40) Would you please finish that before I lose the bus?
(41) You've smoked too much and this will give .
(42) What?
(43) We're running out of food.
(44) You...
(45) You should get well...
(46) Look, you're covered in crumbs of "cheese puft". - It's okay.
(47) You look like you've been in a snowball made of "Cheese puft"
(48) How you've been in a radioactive cheese course
(49) And you'd become a snowman...
(50) And you raised your hand and tell and the
(51) People  "Hello World" Is that what you want?
(52) Guys, you two children, Have you had sex in her life?
(53) Well, I think... I will stay here and not go into conclusions.
(54) Speak for yourself, "Redtube". Am I right, Lev?
(55) Sorry, I will not comment on that question, but... I really do not see the point.
(56) She does not see her point.
(57) Okay, that's really sweet of you.
(58) I can not believe we're going to the univerdidad in a few months.
(59) You do not have to worry about that, this is real, I know, let's just enjoy it.
(60) You promise?
(61) Actually  "promise" is the perfect word.
(62) No, no, no, no. Do not think that is the thing....
(63) This is not a proposition.
(64) This is a promise ring.
(65) Y...
(66) I'm going to feel stupid, but...
(67) I really want you to know that I love you.
(68) And I promise that I will always choose love .
(69) So, do not I have to worry of the other girls in school?
(70) Someday this will be a proposition.
(71) So you will not have anything to worry .
(72) I hope so.
(73) Do you know that would make this better? Chelsea.
(74) Look, I know you feel you know
(75) Same, but really want my first time .
(76) Our first time, it on our wedding night.
(77) I know.
(78) I know.
(79) Hey, when you finally do this, how husband and wife, that moment will...
(80) The most beautiful and best we have ever spent together.
(81) What you will see?
(82) Yes.
(83) What I can see.
(84) Hey, "D"!
(85) "D", where the fuck are you, man ?!
(86) Hey...
(87) Hey, are you okay?
(88) Yes, I just felt for a moment...
(89) How it was going down.
(90) Okay. All right.
(91) Here I am and I do not think so...
(92) I know, I am a virgin...
(93) Fuck. Oh my God.
(94) Man, we returned.
(95) Extrañastes us?
(96) Much . More than you think.
(97) I know, I know.
(98) Oh, thanks.
(99) Well, met everyone, why I had this dream.
(100) Oh, that's great, Steve.

(101) This is important.
(102) This is the most epic dreams I've had in my life.
(103) It's about this woman, she has red hair , she was dressed in white...
(104) She had tits... Hey!
(105) Nena, is just a dream you should not worry . - It's okay.
(106) This woman is back in the game .
(107) She stands before a spooky door...
(108) And she's like a vampire or something.
(109) She had that white veil, but I could not see his face, but...
(110) But if you could see him clearly tits.
(111) She led me to the forest...
(112) And suddenly I had that burning of a castle image.
(113) This woman called me and told me "Bring me the circle of seven".
(114) That's a good accent, right?
(115) I can not! I can not forget this dream!
(116) I wrote in "Google" castle...
(117) And is called "stone castle".
(118) In small words "Devil's Castle"
(119) The castle of my dream is in the middle of Transylvania .
(120) Transylvania?
(121) "Transil-damn-vania" man. I'm not lying.
(122) This castle is now the castle Vlad "The Impaler"
(123) Vlad "The Impaler", which dominated the entire Romania...
(124) The old Dracula fangs large , you know.
(125) Ah, as "Wikepedia" Castle Dracula's Castle Bram Stoker...
(126) Which is located in the mountains of the Carpathians in Transylvania...
(127) ..and There.
(128) I do not speak of that expedition shit Bram Stoker.
(129) I'm talking about the real castle.
(130) Del  true. The one I have to define...
(131) Go to location.
(132) Okay, listen guys...
(133) The trip you graduation is next week. - Y?
(134) I want to start paying for everything.
(135) Do you know? you looking for something... Something really special.
(136) You know ?, because my birthday boy Thursday next week, and I love the guy.
(137) And everything will merge.
(138) "D", your family has a history in Transylvania, right?
(139) Yes, but all the families come from somewhere.
(140) You know?
(141) I thought I was going to move this.
(142) Whatever, yo ..!
(143) I rented the castle for a week, so start pack, guys.
(144) Wait, Transylvania? Why there?
(145) I mean we can go to any part . Why do not we go to Rome or Paris?
(146) Yes - Not prohibited
(147) I want to go to Paris.
(148) You. Can go to Rome or Paris whenever they want, you know.
(149) Always we talked about doing something different.
(150) Right?
(151) Let's do something different. This is the opportunity.
(152) Do you know?
(153) It not even matters.
(154) Why I can pay for my trip. I pay myself...
(155) So they will pay you. - Why? And there will be no issue. - Why not?
(156) Do you want us to travel to Castle Dracula ?
(157) What if the girl Once your dream, baby?
(158) Baby, I see that girl every day.
(159) Oh, yes! Oh yeah! Shut!
(160) I mean... If the castle is far and
(161) Celulales phones are not covered...
(162) Where there are nomadic or we freeze us amid Transylvania, you know?
(163) Do not want you... Maybe we can smoke marijuana.
(164) Marijuana Damn!
(165) Sure! It's been two.
(166) !? Gregory ?! !? Greg ?!
(167) I'm in.
(168) Hey, what kind of food they serve there?
(169) Greg, you eat everything.
(170) Well, but I have a delicate palate , okay?
(171) I have to prepare my body for whatever I go to eat.
(172) Potatoes?
(173) This girl never seen anything. - Hears! You move your ass on stage.
(174) Guys?
(175) Nena?
(176) Okay, but only if there water and electricity.
(177) Yes, then we agree.
(178) Let's do a damn time. Let's do!
(179) Yes! Let's do! Yes! Very good!
(180) Let's celebrate!
(181) Bottle... Bottle bottle
(182) Toast in plastic cups. Oh, hell.
(183) Yes! - Yes very good!
(184) What you are going to get in Romania?
(185) Clothes, clothes. Only clothing.
(186) If I do not know what we eat, not you know you're going to wear.
(187) Skirts. Only skirts and suits.
(188) Toast! - Toast!
(189) Transylvania! - Transylvania!
(190) ! I feel...! I feel this...!
(191) Stinks.
(192) No we do more than complain since we left LA
(193) "The last 48 hours...
(194) this was not the case last year"
(195) You're bothering, Traci! Stop talking!
(196) Are you trying to get back all crazy?
(197) Why not?
(198) I have not seen you've rented a car .
(199) I told them you can not go to the castle by car .
(200) Besides, this is true.
(201) Authentic?
(202) Yes.
(203) This is true.
(204) The only way to Transylvania.
(205) The real castle is great. There's just some "failures".
(206) Wait, "failure"?
(207) Yes, "failures".
(208) Do you want to explain?
(209) No electricity, no.
(210) Finally only you find a "safe".
(211) That was my only request!
(212) I need electricity!
(213) I did not tell the truth because maybe you would not have come.
(214) So, sorry.
(215) I feel so miserable.
(216) There have another misarable!
(217) Damn, man.
(218) A phone with an international plan and a unit 3 gigs and it's a piece of shit.
(219) Oh, my God.
(220) Missing  5 for end party week and "Puff"
(221) Really?
(222) Perhaps in the city does not allow us that. It does not always mean that.
(223) 's Fine with me do the right thing.
(224) Sorry, Do you mind if I have a couple of ladies?
(225) Can you tell me the difference between "pomp" or "soleto"?
(226) I can not.
(227) This couple of girls took me fifteen hundred dollars by this weekend...
(228) And I just have this opportunity.
(229) And if  "Pomp" or whatever, "redneck", it cost me money.
(230) Cost me money, blah, blah! Give me the shoe, blah, blah, blah!
(231) Oh, take it or not.
(232) Ah, how do you manage to climb up there as a pomper?
(233) I climbed up here with dexterity, agility and much Carazon.
(234) Stay there, I'll work on that.
(235) And you need a ladder to get down? Than?
(236) Do you need a ladder? I do not need a ladder!
(237) You need a ladder. I need power and courage.
(238) A little slut with a lot of courage. I'll be fine.
(239) Dominic.
(240) What now?
(241) Please tell me you do not have to walk anyway.
(242) What am I doing here?
(243) "D" Yes
(244) Can you...?
(245) Can you keep it? It hurts me. You'll have to change it for another size.
(246) Okay.
(247) Yes, sure.
(248) Wait, uh...
(249) I have a question. Yes
(250) The dream you had, How was the door?
(251) It was a really big, with a corridor almost could not enter size.
(252) Why are we whispering?
(253) I had the same dream on the train and heard a woman calling my name.
(254) Lie.
(255) Really? Yes really.
(256) I do not know, I do not say.
(257) Greetings, greetings.
(258) I believe you are the guide.
(259) Yes, you can call me André.
(260) Where is your car? Where is the car? - I do not have a car.
(261) I told them we can not go by car, is a short walk .
(262) She arrived two hours late. I'm sorry.
(263) Half now and half when we get . - It's okay.
(264) Okay, follow me.
(265) Are they kidding?
(266) Oh, "D"!
(267) She is under... - You okay. Under Jack.
(268) Be careful there with the ground.
(269) Tell me something new, my friend.
(270) Aww! Damn!
(271) Oh, look, we're moving forward.
(272) Unbelievable.
(273) I mean....
(274) It's nice. It is somewhat rustic.
(275) Money. - Than?
(276) Money.
(277) What? Do you think leave us here?
(278) This bag has enough food for two days.
(279) I turned, I'm going now.
(280) The keys have the staff?
(281) Keys? -Yes. Keys.
(282) Money, money.
(283) Good luck.
(284) Beware, strange!
(285) I like it, it's... Charming.
(286) Why do you have the keys?
(287) Okay. Boys and girls... final surprise for me...
(288) The castle will all our for a week.
(289) What ?!
(290) Wait, you're going to be here at the Castle Dracula ourselves?
(291) That's right.
(292) What ?! Okay...
(293) I understand that this is not a five-star hotel ...
(294) But at least I expected a star for food and basic needs.
(295) Yes.
(296) Yes, Adam, she will need to give him back every cents per day here...
(297) Now what you gonna do?
(298) Only... Enjoy the holidays. Are you okay, please?
(299) Yes, but it is closed. Let's do.
(300) Food  Do you have food?
(301) Come on, come on.
(302) This is not for everyone. At the castle.
(303) Oh, it looks good.
(304) Oh, my God. Nothing shows.
(305) I not see the entrance.
(306) Keys, man! Come on!
(307) Come on, open the door! Open the door!
(308) Hold on, folks!
(309) Jesus!
(310) Who are you?
(311) Veronica.
(312) You must be Adam?
(313) No, no, no. It not supposed to have anyone in the castle.
(314) André, the man who brought the leaves I scare everyone he brings here.
(315) This does not happen often.
(316) What the hell is going on here?
(317) This is an old castle...
(318) And as you can see the gate works.
(319) Now is an old gate.
(320) Who are you exactly?
(321) Veronica, that I said.
(322) I have been looking after the castle since she was a child.
(323) I'll take care of you while you're here .
(324) Now, if you have questions I'll show you your rooms.
(325) Yes. Yes, show us.
(326) I almost shit scare.
(327) Oh, God. This is fucking amazing!
(328) Oh?
(329) Did not I tell you?
(330) This is ridiculous!
(331) I can not find a plug anywhere.
(332) It Is that really there is no electricity here, baby.
(333) There are candles and chandeliers everywhere.
(334) I can not live like this, okay?
(335) I mean my hair is delicate and needs treatment.
(336) Do you really this is a joke?
(337) What about the gruesome lady of this castle?
(338) "She's old."
(339) "I will pretenderte where you're"
(340) Maybe she intended us...
(341) O pretenderte she wants you.
(342) Why pretenderte if she is... Baby...
(343) "That we shall you live" Come on!
(344) Look, I love you, but you're being ridiculous here .
(345) Sorry.
(346) I think you're not interested in that.
(347) Nena. - Nene. Hello.
(348) Wait...
(349) Do you understand that all I did was turn through the castle?
(350) Well, a castle would be good.
(351) Or a mansion.
(352) O any bigger than your condo thing.
(353) Okay.
(354) Well... You're wrong wrong.
(355) This Weekend.
(356) This time I was with you. Yes? - Yeah
(357) Is it okay? Yes
(358) Do not.
(359) I promise, I will not be long.
(360) All you have to do is move my finger and make money.
(361) I promise it will only take me two seconds and return ...
(362) You know? Do not worry, maybe not want to play again!
(363) Wait...
(364) Oh, my God!
(365) Hey! Where is she going?
(366) I do not know.
(367) Okay...
(368) Did she tell you not to do calls in the room?
(369) No, I do not know, no. Not really.
(370) We're going to explore the other rooms Want to join us?
(371) No, you have fun. I will stay here.
(372) Charming as ever.
(373) Look...
(374) Warning, terrifying room.
(375) Well, at least it is has some nice and small...
(376) Is not this supposed to be historic?
(377) Dom?
(378) Are you coming?
(379) Linda! My class room!
(380) How is marvel has lasted so long?
(381) It looks old.
(382) Dominic?
(383) Stop! What was that?
(384) What are you doing? Stop!
(385) Really? -¡Levy! Where are you?
(386) Boys!
(387) What the hell are you doing? Go away!
(388) Okay! Stop! It is not a big thing!
(389) Are you okay? "Lev", are you okay?
(390) I'm great, how are you?
(391) This piece of shit ate all our food!
(392) Jesus... - What the hell, Greg?
(393) The basic thing is that we have no food to start, thanks for that.
(394) Look, everything is fine.
(395) We eat tonight and tomorrow go for more. Who cares?
(396) Really?
(397) Look...
(398) I'm hypoglycemic it, okay?
(399) If I have my calories, I'm in shock. You. They understand that?
(400) Mm-Mm.
(401) Jesus!
(402) It Is that nobody can stand without scaring people?
(403) Dinner is ready.
(404) I would take my food bag, before your fat friend's find.
(405) They see it was no big deal...
(406) Well, you can eat all they want on is splendid evening.
(407) Now if you are ready, follow me.
(408) Do you think "Porky"? Caricature Damn!
(409) Commits a penis, Adam!
(410) Even if there is danger.
(411) Do you want to stop that, guys?
(412) We're just going to eat something fresh.
(413) Are you sure? Yes
(414) This is a bit romantic.
(415) 're Stuck in this horrible castle, but with these candles, the moon.
(416) The dinner was quite good.
(417) Everything was delicious. Thank you, Veronica.
(418) Oh, after this meal.
(419) This line is a killer.
(420) This is very old.
(421) Veronica, what do you know about things Dracula?
(422) His real name was "Vlad the 3rd"
(423) Was a powerful ruler, who saved this nation for many years.
(424) About his brutal tendencies?
(425) All these are stories to scare children .
(426) Like this... "The legend of Count Dracula."
(427) Some pieces.
(428) It was not a magician.
(429) Seriously, folks, as in real history behind is a king, a vampire, you know?
(430) He died.
(431) That's all.
(432) Okay.
(433) Speaking of all, I found this book in the old bookstore ...
(434) And I think that is the diary of Vlad, but I want to do a translation.
(435) This is a very important book.
(436) This is the story of "The Order of the Dragon"
(437) Where Prince Vlad was a member.
(438) If you let me read it, we to be in a more comfortable place.
(439) Very good place.
(440) Better than a tent in the mountains.
(441) Well, it's not a school year we can dodge, but...
(442) Learn old things... - Yes!
(443) All the old things.
(444) Ancient
(445) I have not had a damn signal all night.
(446) Oh my God, he thinks, are in the midst Romania, in the castle of a friend...
(447) So please, Do you want to leave the phone for a second?
(448) I know I'm in the middle of Romania with my friends, but...
(449) I need this second and I hope that you understand that for a second...
(450) Malditas apologies! I understand bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.
(451) Come on, guys! Do you want to shut up for a second?
(452) Just for a second, come on! Please continue!
(453) This is the story of "Sociestas Draconi tarragon"
(454) Who its seal symbolizes the sacrifices
(455) Night who changed his life for another life.
(456) In ancient Valagia regions, are mentioned Count words...
(457) And faced with his whole being against the enemies of his empire.
(458) The prince Vlad did... Wait! Shit, sorry, I'll shut up.
(459) Adam! I'm sorry, it's fascinating!
(460) Oh, my God! It's good, really, but...
(461) What we really want to hear is about... How of Vlad Dracula became?
(462) You are so gross! I apologize!
(463) Am I right, Greg?
(464) I'm with him. In fact, I'm with him.
(465) You should apologize for being so stupid for that!
(466) Only two moons in the third reign, the
(467) Prince Vlad returned home after the battle...
(468) And found his castle surrounded Turkish soldiers ejécito.
(469) The castle was all full of red blood of his servants...
(470) Soldiers and their families.
(471) I invoke, master of darkness.
(472) I renounce the one true God.
(473) My soul for her life.
(474) My soul to death.
(475) You shall offer me a soul longing...
(476) For a soul to be tortured...
(477) The circle of the seven demons for eternity?
(478) She lives. They die. That's the covenant.
(479) Is done.
(480) Drink the blood of your enemy.
(481) Do you hear? The death of your brothers?
(482) Not even your master may break our defenses!
(483) No one will see you cringe when you feel fear!
(484) My lord...
(485) You arrived.
(486) No!
(487) No!
(488) No!
(489) What did I do to deserve this?
(490) You promised!
(491) The pact!
(492) My beloved...
(493) My lord!
(494) Take this, my love!
(495) Back...
(496) On the day of the wolf!
(497) Prepare the way!
(498) Oh, God!
(499) Fucking bastard! Jesus, Adam!
(500) Is that all? Is that the whole story?
(501) Yes.
(502) The rest of the pages are blank .
(503) All I could say Elisabeta of this castle.
(504) You. Heard the last writings of "The Order of the Dragon"
(505) So I do not think this book how historic.
(506) I'll go get a glass of water.
(507) I'll walk, not good walk by these walls at night, alone.
(508) You are different from your friends.
(509) Wake.
(510) Wake.
(511) What, what? That beautiful?
(512) Yes.
(513) She spoke of children who cut her throat ...
(514) People who sell their souls and people twist their necks.
(515) What's so beautiful? What are beautiful that?
(516) Oh, my God! Of course, it had to be Greg!
(517) Yes! You or you!
(518) He loved her more than you can protect us .
(519) Hello!
(520) Hey, you fell, but do not hurt yourself.
(521) Here, drink a glass of water. I'm not well.
(522) In fact I...
(523) Were completed. Oh man.
(524) There a doctor in the village. I can take him tomorrow.
(525) Thanks.
(526) I'm sorry for that.
(527) That happens to me sometimes.
(528) Well, strange people.
(529) Me too.
(530) No. You do not want to dig is aptitid beautifully, you are not like them...
(531) Because someone will reap in the way Greg decides.
(532) Thanks.
(533) She will help me with my "door" Did you see?
(534) Well, I'm tired all tonight.
(535) What's wrong?
(536) No one will leave the castle walls.
(537) Wolves have very poor fitness here.
(538) Well, if you need someone to protect , tell me and go to your room.
(539) Okay, "Casanova".
(540) Do you really think move out here, Adam?
(541) Why... - Good evening everyone.
(542) Good night! Good night, Veronica!
(543) This type still hungry!
(544) So I do something about it.
(545) Now is not food.
(546) No matter, find her!
(547) What the fuck, man?
(548) What?
(549) It's just...
(550) I can not receive any signal of this piece of crap and...
(551) Put that damn thing, sit back and enjoy
(552) Of the evening for two seconds damn, man!
(553) I will do this.
(554) Sit down or get out of here!
(555) One or the other?
(556) Okay, I'll go.
(557) Really?
(558) Are you kidding? Do not!
(559) Sorry guys, I ask apologize for this...
(560) Bastard! I think I better go to bed.
(561) Yes. Would you also go?
(562) Can I ask you a question?
(563) Security.
(564) Why it takes so long to go to fetch water ?
(565) I got lost and I fainted.
(566) How Veronica right there? If, with Veronica there!
(567) I do not know what you're thinking, but you know better all about me!
(568) I just...
(569) It really annoys me with those feelings.
(570) Some places are just strange.
(571) Is probably something in the castle.
(572) Perhaps.
(573) I just checked that Greg is not in his room and neither is Sean.
(574) Well, maybe...
(575) Greg is with Veronica.
(576) Perhaps he will become the king of Romania .
(577) What about Sean?
(578) In dogs landfill.
(579) You heard what he said about Veronica walking alone in the castle. - Y?
(580) I can not get these hunches.
(581) 'll Go with Adam to find Greg. I only take five minutes.
(582) If we do not find that insurance is you must be smoking somewhere.
(583) Nene...
(584) Who cares if 're on vacation?
(585) Why do not you go back to bed and enjoy ?
(586) Five minutes.
(587) Back. I will return quickly.
(588) Good.
(589) Go.
(590) Hi, guys!
(591) Hello! What's up?
(592) Sean and Greg have not returned.
(593) Yes, what's your point?
(594) Sure you do not want to go for them?
(595) "D" is that you're not getting anything, but I have things to do...
(596) And things to do.
(597) We will only be five minutes.
(598) I'm sorry, baby. I'll take that hot bath and I'll be ready for when you return.
(599) You scum "D"
(600) You make my temperature rise, friend.
(601) Let  "D"! Do not make jokes!
(602) You know what? You do not always have to be a complete bastard.
(603) Why did you take my personal choices? I'm sorry, okay ?, he did not know.
(604) I'm going to start now. Also I will look those two "stunned" by the castle.
(605) Know estuvistes nervous before, but this sucks...
(606) I will work and...
(607) Adam, there are other things in life! Oh, what?
(608) Okay. But we split.
(609) You go to the left and to the right .
(610) Yes, sure.
(611) And when you finish 'll go right to bed!
(612) God, you scared me. I'm sorry.
(613) Just I spent to know how you are.
(614) I just... I'm not tired, you know?
(615) Sean has nothing mental, you only interested in "i phone" or "i pad"
(616) O bets, something immature.
(617) Do I always have to be knees? Always?
(618) It must be very frustrating be his girlfriend.
(619) Yes, well...
(620) I Am seeking love and have it in my hands .
(621) That kills me, I need that.
(622) See the example that Ashley has all the time. - Oh, hot water.
(623) You can go to all places, shopping...
(624) Every single thing they have friends I... I have with Sean.
(625) It could be worse.
(626) Really? What would that be like?
(627) You could be with Greg. Oh God.
(628) What time is smiling and love.
(629) I really wish I were dead.
(630) If you could change one thing... Would you?
(631) I...
(632) I think you know.
(633) Adam?
(634) Adam, get out.
(635) Guys?
(636) Damn!
(637) Hey!
(638) Hey!
(639) What happens to that child?
(640) Hi, Sean.
(641) He likes to watch the well castle.
(642) Well, he took my mobile phone and I I would like it back, please
(643) You took something that belongs to him?
(644) It's a wonder he wanted to see.
(645) Well, that's steal if you ask me. You need to return.
(646) But... - Now!
(647) Here.
(648) Oh, what...?
(649) Putting your life and your faith in a machine how that only you become more vague!
(650) ! Just stop! This is not a game!
(651) Oh, what the hell?
(652) Not wont be a vague with the being that you love!
(653) Demon disappears.
(654) You and Ashley are the only ones who have not seen their parents a month.
(655) I have several tricks it is week if that's what you mean.
(656) Yes, it would be amazing.
(657) What will you do when you let Sean?
(658) I have to fix some things.
(659) Security.
(660) She is sleeping.
(661) This will be our secret, okay?
(662) Whao!
(663) That is very old.
(664) Oh... I'm sorry. Really do not want...
(665) Losing yourself in my quarters? Yes.
(666) They belong to Prince Vlad. You look like him a little.
(667) Or maybe you llegastes to restore history?
(668) You can touch me if you want.
(669) I... I'm fine. Thank you.
(670) Well, I'm looking for Sean and Greg.
(671) The big guy and the little guy.
(672) Have you seen them?
(673) But if I do, I'll let you know.
(674) Are you sure you no friends left?
(675) No, I think they are locked and secure.
(676) Thanks.
(677) What is happening?
(678) I do not want to be here anymore. Than?
(679) True... Ghosts.
(680) Something in the bathroom.
(681) Ghosts? Does that mean?
(682) I do not care if you believe me or not, but I want to go... now.
(683) Baby, can not leave here.
(684) Did not you hear what Veronica said?
(685) There are wolves out and are very dangerous.
(686) No.
(687) Look, I'll stay with you all night...
(688) And when we are safe by talk tomorrow, okay?
(689) Good.
(690) Well, since you officially started this before now...
(691) Sorry.
(692) Hello. - Hello.
(693) I'm sorry I upset before.
(694) Okay.
(695) Dom?
(696) Are you okay?
(697) Dom, if you walked through the front someone is here.
(698) What?
(699) But if I was just looking boys.
(700) Was it you?
(701) Yes, relax.
(702) You had said that he would look for.
(703) I do not like this place, Dom
(704) There are voices everywhere then that bitch is behind you.
(705) I can not stay here a week.
(706) Are you okay?
(707) Yes, it's just...
(708) Is the feeling that began to be stronger ...
(709) About this place and about the castle.
(710) Perhaps talk to Adam to see the doctor tomorrow.
(711) Do you know what he is prone to bouts?
(712) You are the one who have to talk.
(713) True, you have to sleep.
(714) It's time.
(715) It's time, my lord.
(716) What is that?
(717) You gotta see this.
(718) Oh, my God!
(719) It looks like Veronica!
(720) What the...?
(721) It is dated 1476 A.D. But all we saw it, right?
(722) I mean she's going to be more irrelevant afternoon some way, but...
(723) This place is weird must get out of here now!
(724) Someone seen Sean?
(725) He was sleeping with me last night, but I woke up this morning and...
(726) I do not know, he just was not, perhaps I have to guess that was!
(727) You have the phone with you, right?
(728) Yes, but I have to look.
(729) How about you? Do not! I looked everywhere!
(730) What about Greg?
(731) Damn... Greg !
(732) He's not in here!
(733) Okay, I'll finally listen to that creepy book...
(734) We go.
(735) Oh, guys!
(736) It is the same that is in the book!
(737) It's exactly like her!
(738) We have to find her and ask her.
(739) Maybe she saw Sean and Greg.
(740) How will you find it?
(741) I know where your room is. Than?
(742) Hey, look, I was in his quarters looking guys, okay?
(743) I had not said anything because I knew you were going to discuss no reason at me!
(744) We have much bigger than solve problems, are you okay ?!
(745) No! This can not be right! This is exactly the door!
(746) "D" What's going on? Why did you lie to us?
(747) I'm not lying! I swear to God! I was here!
(748) Why you hide it?
(749) I'm not hiding anything, I promise.
(750) No!
(751) No!
(752) Off me, dammit!
(753) Oh, God! Quiet.
(754) I'm sorry! I am so sorry!
(755) Oh, my God! He died!
(756) Guys, let's go now.
(757) We have to call the police and seek phone!
(758) The phone has no signal! Let's go from here!
(759) Whoever did this has to be by
(760) Surroundings. So let's go from here.
(761) Maybe he shut up! Veronica told us ..!
(762) You can not believe it!
(763) Sean is dead!
(764) Sean was right, there is something wrong in this castle! I've seen things!
(765) I saw them in the bathroom!
(766) I... You have to make a decision okay?
(767) We seek to Greg and we go from here.
(768) But we have to leave the body here, right?
(769) Okay guys, we go now! Let's go!
(770) What about Greg?
(771) I do not know, I searched the kitchen and he was not there!
(772) Is that the only place that you sought?
(773) What you believe what buscastes at all?
(774) What do you say? What I care a shit?
(775) Not the damn time to fight! We have to get out of here!
(776) Come here! I'm sorry! We leave it, okay ?!
(777) Greg! Greg!
(778) Greg!
(779) Greg!
(780) Where is he?
(781) Greg!
(782) Guys, wait!
(783) "D"?
(784) "D"!
(785) What's up, man?
(786) He's...
(787) Just close your eyes when go through the tunnel!
(788) What is happening?
(789) What is happening?
(790) We must get out of this bloody trail.
(791) I know.
(792) Just a second.
(793) I'm sorry, guys. This is all my fault.
(794) Adam... - Do not say that.
(795) No, no, it's not. It's not your fault.
(796) Your traiste us here, but not your fault . Only vamonos.
(797) I...
(798) I remember this hill.
(799) From where you are until this tree three similar trees.
(800) So we will continue down the road, descend and try to get help.
(801) Is it okay? It's okay.
(802) How important is it?
(803) Guys, let's go. Let's go, let's go.
(804) You'll see how back to the United States. Come on.
(805) We can achieve this.
(806) Guys, this is! This is the clear!
(807) No, no, no, no no! But what...?
(808) What the...? We went down the hill, right ?!
(809) We walked down the hill!
(810) We follow the path and down the damn hill , right ?!
(811) Look guys, try something! I mean...!
(812) Look! Look! Look!
(813) We will mark the trees with this!
(814) Do our own path!
(815) That you show us the way out, okay?
(816) So let's go. Come on, follow me.
(817) This is the hill, right?
(818) This is! So...
(819) We went in that direction.
(820) We not want to go over there.
(821) We have to go this way here.
(822) Take this step and take this damn road.
(823) Come on, almost there.
(824) No, no, wait... What the...?
(825) What we will achieve. We are going to achieve.
(826) All of this was my fault!
(827) If only I'd been more patient! I do not know!
(828) Levy, Levy. It's not your fault.
(829) Do not touch me...
(830) Do not touch me!
(831) Do not touch me!
(832) You're right! Was not our fault...
(833) It was because of you!
(834) Your traiste us here!
(835) You killed Greg! You killed my boyfriend!
(836) I wanted something new! I wanted something different...
(837) And I thought you were going to give me! But you want to kill us all!
(838) Levy, Levy, listen...
(839) I really feel about what happened to him Greg and Sean, but do not blame Adam...
(840) He just does what he can.
(841) Oh! You do not know everything about him! What do you know?
(842) Taking gifts from him?
(843) To you do not give a shit about Ashley Because you're a damn "bulldozer"
(844) You know what, Levy? Fuck!
(845) Guys, if she wants to stay here Leave her alone!
(846) I cared about Sean!
(847) I loved him!
(848) You do not deserve to Adam! You do not deserve someone like him!
(849) Is why...
(850) When he was not with you... He came towards me.
(851) What is she talking about?
(852) True.
(853) When we had a good  "fucking"... He came towards me.
(854) What is she talking about?
(855) I'm talking about your boyfriend is me "fucking" to me several weeks ago!
(856) Why will not you interesas him shit!
(857) What was that?
(858) Oh my God!
(859) Fuck.
(860) Fuck.
(861) What the...? What happened?
(862) Guys, we need to return to the castle!
(863) I will not return to the bloody castle!
(864) Are you going to stay here with the wolves?
(865) They smell blood! We have no choice!
(866) We gotta get the hell out!
(867) We have to go!
(868) I'm so tired.
(869) I have to keep my eyes open.
(870) I have hunger.
(871) I just want to sleep, but can not.
(872) Keep them open, but I will try to manternerlos yourself
(873) We joking on this piece of trash.
(874) I just want to leave here.
(875) Rose, shut up!
(876) You have no right to talk like that. Just calm down.
(877) You were "fucking" that bitch while your two best friends were killed!
(878) Now you feel fear?
(879) Do not I'll say it again! Stop talking!
(880) I will not stop talking!
(881) Is that what you wanted? What were not Greg and Sean?
(882) I will not believe anything you say.
(883) You are a "bloodsucking whore" Did you know?
(884) You just you spent my money! That's all you did!
(885) In this scenario! In the whole planet earth!
(886) Would you suck the life to anyone! And why? Huh?
(887) Did you expect a special life?
(888) You're just a "problematic and wealthy whore"!
(889) Muerete...
(890) I hope you die a damn time, pathetic piece of shit!
(891) Ashley! Than?
(892) We have to stay together! I do not care!
(893) Rather risk that one has outside be here another minute with this idiot!
(894) My chances! Current take me! - Jesus!
(895) Stay here! I'll bring it back!
(896) Sometimes become idiots! Dom!
(897) Do not worry, I'll protect you.
(898) Ashley, wait! Ashley!
(899) Why did you traistes here?
(900) Just I had the great idea to do something different .
(901) It was probably damn different.
(902) Why?
(903) Why here? Did he tell you he wanted to go?
(904) Will you give me a fucking night?
(905) Good. Like you say.
(906) Are you still a virgin? It is not like this?
(907) What do you care?
(908) I do not care.
(909) Okay...
(910) Are you sure you want to stay well?
(911) Excuse me?
(912) No... I just said, you know?
(913) If you want to do so with "D"...
(914) Why not do it with me?
(915) We will all die damn anyway!
(916) How important is it?
(917) What fucking matter? You have the fucking pleasure.
(918) Stop.
(919) Oh, come on.
(920) Stop. Look...
(921) Things do not matter Ashley said, you know?
(922) Stop.
(923) Stop. Come on.
(924) Stop!
(925) Damn!
(926) Chelsea, come on! I was just kidding!
(927) It's time, my love.
(928) It's time.
(929) Another sacrifice...
(930) The invadilez not last long.
(931) You will shine stronger than all.
(932) I waited for long.
(933) Now I can touch you again, my lord.
(934) I love you.
(935) I love you.
(936) Last sacrifices.
(937) Are you ready?
(938) For four devils?
(939) Your hunches be short.
(940) I feel good, my lord.
(941) Okay.
(942) Come to me, my lord.
(943) Back to me!
(944) Back!
(945) Back!
(946) Oh, my love!
(947) Chelsea?
(948) "Chels," Are you okay?
(949) It is coming. - The'll grab. Here it comes. - Be quiet.
(950) Here is Ashley!
(951) Welcome, Ashley! Welcome back, Ashley!
(952) Finally you are with us!
(953) Are you with us!
(954) We are your sisters!
(955) Fuck you!
(956) Do not be afraid...
(957) ..Tú We like.
(958) Have plenty of gold for your flesh.
(959) ! Let me go!
(960) Let me go!
(961) Probably we will not do that.
(962) You will never leave!
(963) Let me go!
(964) Do not make havoc!
(965) The prince hates people wreak havoc.
(966) Do you know what he says?
(967) "When you find it do not let go"
(968) "They can take everything you want your body "
(969) I'm thirsty.
(970) We'll let completely dry.
(971) Please! Please help!
(972) Please! Help me!
(973) Please!
(974) Your body is the temple!
(975) You temple was sacrilege!
(976) Please! Do not! Do not!
(977) Help me! Do not! Somebody...! Do not! Do not!
(978) Bring your whore of mankind!
(979) With blood!
(980) Let it completely dry!
(981) Chelsea! Chelsea!
(982) You'd better stay away.
(983) Look, we have to be united.
(984) Lie! Get away!
(985) Sorry, I do not know what I was thinking, is it well? I did not know what he was doing.
(986) No! Only you wanted to rape me!
(987) Chelsea, you're not safe!
(988) Damn!
(989) Dom... What the...?
(990) Yourself "broke" a son...
(991) And now you're on your way to hell enough.
(992) Put your bones when you go!
(993) Chelsea?
(994) Is Dominic.
(995) Dom, oh yes, Dom.
(996) Why are you wet?
(997) I know, I know.
(998) Ashley was killed...
(999) Why are you calm?
(1000) Please people...
(1001) We're all friends.
(1002) I defected from the faith.
(1003) I know I'm different.
(1004) We are pure.
(1005) Dom?
(1006) Stop, you're scaring me.
(1007) Dom?
(1008) Dom?
(1009) Why?
(1010) Why are you doing this?
(1011) Poor girl...
(1012) Will die without understanding that life is seditious boring.
(1013) Dom... She is not real.
(1014) This is exactly... What she wants to do.
(1015) ... This castle is controlling you, okay?
(1016) This is not real. It's okay?
(1017) Do not make this harder than what it will be.
(1018) You need to take the road.
(1019) Dom...
(1020) Dom...
(1021) Dom!
(1022) Why do you do it? Why are you doing this to me?
(1023) That's not you, Dom.
(1024) ... Dom Dom, she is controlling you.
(1025) Do not let her do it.
(1026) ! Sun! Dom! Dom!
(1027) Okay, Dom...
(1028) You love me.
(1029) Is it okay?
(1030) Eligeme.
(1031) No, my love!
(1032) She does not love you.
(1033) Our love is strong, how the dark.
(1034) I'm innocent! I do not deserve to die!
(1035) Innocent?
(1036) Innocent? Being next to you I could see things clearly.
(1037) No! What are you doing?
(1038) Now!
(1039) Called  hell and the seven demons...
(1040) To come and be released.
(1041) "Beelzebub" will be the first!
(1042) The carnivorous demon! Hungry and insatiable!
(1043) The second will be "Belphagor"! The demon of laziness!
(1044) Who uses people to abide by
(1045) Him with the desires and responsibilities it!
(1046) The third is "Leviathan" "Leviathan"!
(1047) "The bastard" Bandi "whose heart was corrupt
(1048) for the wishes he had made his brother...
(1049) ..and became his brother's wife.
(1050) " Mammon " who emerges from the cries of a heart that never stops...
(1051) Y is hoping to become someone better
(1052) Whose heart desires any material thing, but
(1053) stealing only  " Azmoda "link ended
(1054) whose meat, meat looking...
(1055) And he was blinded by "Lucifer"
(1056) "Lucifer"
(1057) Dom, she is controlling you.
(1058) Continues rite of pure blood!
(1059) I am, look at me. Look at me! ! Look at me, look at me, I am "Chels"!
(1060) I am "Chels". You love me.
(1061) You me...
(1062) Seven sacrifices by one.
(1063) Seven Sinners by one pure.
(1064) Look at me, Dominic.
(1065) Look at me...
(1066) I'm Chelsea.
(1067) Do you remember the nice things we did together ?
(1068) And when you gave me the ring?
(1069) Look at me...
(1070) In this "day of the wolf"...
(1071) All demons arise all over the earth...
(1072) To reduce it to ashes again.
(1073) I invoke, "Lucifer"!
(1074) Invocandote  I die, "Diablo" my master.
(1075) You know me...
(1076) It's me, Chelsea.
(1077) Remember, remember...
(1078) My love!
(1079) I waited here in this castle.
(1080) I was so alone with this punishment... Shut up!
(1081) You came to me! With me!
(1082) Back to me! Do not listen to the devil!
(1083) She wants to change! Use love!
(1084) And I promise that I will always choose love.
(1085) My love, stay with me! Returns!
(1086) Back! My love!
(1087) You up.
(1088) Is life you chose.
(1089) My love!
(1090) No lies!
(1091) We are dead!
(1092) We have a chance!
(1093) You forgot the true God...
(1094) To be together again.
(1095) You need to come back with me!
(1096) You in your true home.
(1097) Y puts you in charge of the earth!
(1098) We waited...
(1099) For hundreds of years...
(1100) For you to return with me.
(1101) Please... Do not stop now.
(1102) Please...
(1103) Please come back to me.
(1104) With this blood, I break ties.
(1105) With this blood, I return to my worldly form .
(1106) The last demon. It's time, my lord!
(1107) Deten  "Satan".
(1108) Please liberate his grip.
(1109) It's time, my lord.
(1110) Thou art with me.
(1111) If, liberate from the grip of "Satan".
(1112) Back to me, my love.
(1113) Demon disappears.
(1114) "The seven were called by Elisabeta the castle."
(1115) "The day before Pink Moon Wolf in the day,
(1116) began with the ritual sacrifice of Beelzebub ".
(1117) "Your domimio on Vlad was broken..."
(1118) Dominic  "
(1119) Wake
(1120) Subtitles facts translated by" HBR "

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