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Thursday, January 14, 2016

[2011] [Drive Angry] English Transcripts

(1) Since the birth of time,
(2) humanity has endeavored to restrain evil men in prisons.
(3) But since Cain fled the murder of his brother,
(4) evil men have fled the walls of punishment.
(5) So, it doesn't matter if you're a badass motherfucker on the run,
(6) because you think you're better than everyone else,
(7) and somehow entitled to do what you gotta do.
(8) No.
(9) Because, you see, badass motherfuckers are never fast enough.
(10) In the end, they will all be accounted for.
(11) Son of a bitch! Came out of nowhere.
(12) Didn't she say he was dead? You see him?
(13) I think we lost him. I swear she said he was dead.
(14) Keep watching! Well, fucking he ain't!
(15) Drive the fucking car! I'm driving the goddamn car!
(16) I don't see him.
(17) He knows. He knows what we did to her.
(18) He knows! He's gonna make us pay!
(19) Shit! Shit! Shit! I think we lost him.
(20) I ain't never telling you where they've taken her. Never.
(21) I know.
(22) You took my leg, you fuck!
(23) I'm sorry, man.
(24) Where is she?
(25) I don't know, man. Where is the baby girl?
(26) I don't know, man.
(27) I don't know.
(28) Stillwater! Hey! Hey!
(29) Okay, Deacon's Tree, man. Stillwater Marsh!
(30) Texas, I think.
(31) You're too late. You gotta know that, right?
(32) First full moon, she's dead, man.
(33) She's dead and hell's gonna walk the motherfucking earth.
(34) Hell already is walking the earth.
(35) You tell him I'm coming. Tell him I'm coming to get her back.
(36) Raise a little hell, raise a little hell Raise a little hell
(37) Raise a little hell, raise a little hell Raise a little hell
(38) So, I tell him, I says, "Frank, that's it. No more free milk.
(39) "You gonna have to buy the cow, you son of a bitch."
(40) But you are not fat, Piper.
(41) What? No, Norma Jean. "Buy the cow." Marry me.
(42) I'm saying he's gotta marry me. I cut him off.
(43) You cut him off?
(44) Not just yes, but hell, yes!
(45) No tits, no ass, and I told him,
(46) "If I see that big ol' dick anywhere near my face again,
(47) "I'm gonna bite it in half." You said that?
(48) Yeah, sure did.
(49) Oh, my God. How long has it been?
(50) Oh, two days. But that's like a decade in horny fucker years.
(51) So, he bought you a diamond?
(52) Oh, God, no. If Frank had money for a diamond,
(53) I would have jacked his sorry ass ages ago and put this shit hole in rear view.
(54) But he did get down on one knee and ask me to be his bride.
(55) No way! Oh! Yes, way!
(56) Honey!
(57) Come on, come on!
(58) You think I pay you bitches to stand around and yap?
(59) Get the fuck back to work.
(60) Sit on it, baby.
(61) Hi, guys. I'm Piper. Can I get you something to drink?
(62) We'll take this.
(63) "She's a Brickhouse" breakfast. Ten monster flapjacks for $4.99.
(64) And three waters. All right, and what can I get for...
(65) That's it. Just the pancakes, if that's okay.
(66) Okay, coming right up.
(67) Lou, one Brickhouse!
(68) Hello, beautiful. Coffee?
(69) Black, with sugar.
(70) Have you ever heard of a Stillwater Marsh or a Deacon's Tree? In Texas, maybe?
(71) Stillwater Marsh, yeah, I've heard of it,
(72) but it ain't in Texas.
(73) Stillwater is in Louisiana.
(74) Small town?
(75) Honey, Stillwater is a prison.
(76) My daddy did some time there before it closed.
(77) I'll get you that coffee.
(78) Here's some muffins and warm milk.
(79) But we didn't order... It's on the house.
(80) So, you gonna ask me what time my shift ends?
(81) It's a full moon tonight.
(82) I always feel a little randy with a full moon.
(83) Full moon's two days off.
(84) You sure about that, sweetie?
(85) Pretty sure.
(86) Now, that's a hell of a ride out there. Is that yours?
(87) The Charger? I wish.
(88) Is it hers?
(89) All right, here are them waters.
(90) I'll be right back with the flapjacks.
(91) Sure. But if you're looking for a ride...
(92) I told you I wanted sugar.
(93) On the house? On the fucking house?
(94) Relax. We gonna throw them muffins out, anyway.
(95) If they're not gonna pay for them, somebody's gonna have to pay the price.
(96) I told you, you fat fuck son of a bitch, never touch me like that again.
(97) Let go of my balls. Shut up.
(98) Muffins are on me. I quit.
(99) Put some honey butter on them muffins. They'll taste an awful lot better that way.
(100) Sucking on my titties like you wanted me, calling me all the time

(101) Like Blondie, check out my Chrissy behind It's fine all of the time
(102) What else is in the teaches of Peaches, huh?
(103) What?
(104) Fuck the pain away Fuck the pain away
(105) Fuck the pain away
(106) Fuck the pain away Fuck the pain away
(107) Fuck the pain away Fuck the pain away
(108) Fuck the pain away
(109) Oh! Motherfuck!
(110) Now, that's not so bad.
(111) I can fix that if you'd like.
(112) I would. Thank you.
(113) If you give me a lift.
(114) I'm only going as far as Blackfoot Falls. The truck stop there.
(115) I'd be much obliged.
(116) Thank you.
(117) Just so you know,
(118) I don't pick up hitchhikers.
(119) I didn't have my thumb out.
(120) Need some help there?
(121) You, fat fuck. Come here.
(122) What'd you call me? What did you just call me?
(123) I called you "fat fuck." And we had better leave it at that.
(124) Unless you'd prefer I call you "dead fat fuck."
(125) What?
(126) I'm looking for someone. Maybe 40 or so, 6'1",
(127) probably looked out of place.
(128) Ah!
(129) He was here earlier. Traveling light.
(130) Likely on foot. Who are you?
(131) I'm The Accountant.
(132) That supposed to mean something to me?
(133) It will if I add you to the books. And if you don't tell me what I want to know.
(134) You had something to say?
(135) He was here. Earlier.
(136) Where did he go? That way.
(137) On foot.
(138) I appreciate the ride.
(139) You all right?
(140) Yeah. I mean, I quit my job. Again.
(141) But this time it's different 'cause...
(142) I don't know, my man's out of work and we just got engaged.
(143) Is he a good man?
(144) Yeah.
(145) Yeah, he is. I mean, I guess you can just tell these things.
(146) No, no, no. Fuck! Baby, I'm fucking you all right.
(147) Yeah. No fucking...
(148) What the hell do you think you're doing? Psycho bitch.
(149) Piper, Piper, I can explain. She was just showing me something.
(150) Get out! Don't.
(151) Fuck you, Piper. We're in...
(152) I didn't quite hear what you said!
(153) I said, "We're in..."
(154) You made me cheat on you. This is your fault.
(155) Would you... Hey!
(156) Piper, stop!
(157) You've got nowhere else to go, and you know it.
(158) Oh, baby. You don't think I can find a guy better than you in Florida?
(159) Florida? Hell, no. Texas? Maybe.
(160) We'll see about that.
(161) No, no, no. You're not taking my car.
(162) You're not taking my car, bitch!
(163) Your car? Who's been making the payments,
(164) you out of work, skanky, Mona-fucking piece of shit?
(165) You're insane, woman.
(166) Look what you made me do! Come on. I'll get you some ice.
(167) Frank, sweetie.
(168) I'm gonna tell everybody what I caught you doing with my pink dildo.
(169) You don't wanna be with me?
(170) Fine. When I'm done, nobody's gonna wanna be with you, ever.
(171) Go to hell. Ha!
(172) Hey.
(173) I am one with the darkness.
(174) I am one with the darkness. I am one with the darkness.
(175) It burns through me.
(176) It burns through me. Now to you.
(177) ...forge our bond together.
(178) And offer the sacrifice
(179) that will set us all free.
(180) We will walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
(181) No!
(182) No! Please, don't take my baby.
(183) And only through...
(184) Give me the baby. No!
(185) You want me to roll up the window?
(186) No.
(187) You can use my jacket if you're cold.
(188) Thank you.
(189) You didn't kill him, did you?
(190) Your fiancé? No.
(191) Thanks for that.
(192) Are you hungry?
(193) I could use a drink.
(194) Oklahoma?
(195) Mmm-hmm.
(196) You mentioned Florida.
(197) My business is in Louisiana. Can you get me that far?
(198) What business? I'm looking for someone.
(199) I'm Milton.
(200) You're Piper, right?
(201) Well, Milton, if you try and kill me and dump me in the woods,
(202) I'm gonna cut your nuts off.
(203) Yes, ma'am.
(204) All right, then.
(205) All the planes have been grounded
(206) Greetings, folks. Welcome to the Bull By The Balls.
(207) Roy.
(208) Milton.
(209) Thought you were dead.
(210) You hoped I was dead. Not the same.
(211) You planning on staying?
(212) You got a problem with that?
(213) Your money's good as any, I expect.
(214) But be gone by dawn.
(215) That goes by the name of the sandman
(216) What was that all about?
(217) In another life, I used to drive a truck through these parts.
(218) I'd enjoy a visit with his sister.
(219) And he took offense? Yes.
(220) What's wrong? Nothing.
(221) You sure? Howdy.
(222) I'm Candy.
(223) Start you off with some drinks?
(224) Beer. Same.
(225) I need to see some IDs, too.
(226) What the hell is this?
(227) Guess it's been a while since you did that visiting.
(228) You want a drink? You gotta be a member. Dry county.
(229) Oh, shit. Sorry.
(230) That was in my pocket. Don't look at me like I'm some sort of thief.
(231) I lifted it for protection.
(232) If you stole my ride,
(233) I was gonna have to hunt you down.
(234) Did she say something funny?
(235) Yeah, this license isn't just expired, it's antique.
(236) All right, then bring me a black coffee with sugar.
(237) Aw! Now, now, now. For you, handsome,
(238) I don't know, I think maybe I can bend the rules a bit.
(239) Don't tell nobody.
(240) You gonna tap that or what?
(241) Tap?
(242) Geez, Milton, how long has it been?
(243) I've had a lot on my mind.
(244) Uh-huh. Right. Suit yourself then.
(245) But no one ever reaches the end and says, "I wish I hadn't fucked so much."
(246) Where you going?
(247) I'm going to take a shower, lie in a warm bed,
(248) do my nails. What about your beer?
(249) You drink it. I'll see you at dawn.
(250) Here you go, big boy.
(251) Like an eagle in the eye of a hurricane that's abandoned
(252) Get you a drink, friend?
(253) It's a nice place you got.
(254) You rent that out for parties here?
(255) We sure do. You planning a party?
(256) Yeah. I'm planning on having one of them tonight.
(257) Reverend Jonah King, the self-proclaimed prophet...
(258) Mom, Mom, look, it's over.
(259) Piper's gone. I just want my car back.
(260) Look, I gotta go. Cops are here. ...are wanted for questioning...
(261) I love you, too. the brutal murder of the young parents.
(262) About fucking time.
(263) I called you guys like... There was a traveler.
(264) 6'1". What?
(265) Ah! Yes, the traveler.
(266) Angry with attitude.
(267) Sumbitch kicked me in the... Who are you?
(268) I'm The Accountant. The. ..
(269) I called a cop.
(270) The "sumbitch,"
(271) where did he go?
(272) Fuck should I know? I woke up and all three were gone.
(273) All three? The bitch, the sumbitch
(274) and my car! What kind of car?
(275) Look, Hugo Boss,
(276) you ain't no cop, me ain't no talking.
(277) Two sumbitches in one day? You leave me no choice.
(278) I'm gonna take this stick from Kentucky and beat your ass with it.
(279) What kind of car, Frank? What?
(280) Your car, what kind is it?
(281) Why does everyone keep hurting me?
(282) Answer. The.
(283) Question.
(284) '69 Charger, you fuck.
(285) 440 or the Hemi?
(286) Wait, wait, wait. Get me off this wall. Please. No!
(287) Where you going? Please, get me off the wall.
(288) Hey, fuck tard, that's mine.
(289) Shithead, shithead, that's...
(290) You call about a stolen car? Frank Raimi?
(291) In there.
(292) I'm looking for someone. 6'1", not from around here.
(293) He's driving a '69 Charger.
(294) He's traveling with her.
(295) Jesus.
(296) Excuse me? Keep your hands where I can see them.
(297) Show me your hands, asshole.
(298) This is your lucky day. What's the matter. ..
(299) You're...
(300) You're a Fed?
(301) I'm in pursuit of a traveler. John, John Milton.
(302) He's with the girl in this photo.
(303) But the guy in the room, he's... Dead. Yes.
(304) I'd say it's unfortunate, but I'd be lying.
(305) Only his mother will miss him.
(306) Look, Troopers, I need your help with my pursuit of this fugitive.
(307) If we three could apprehend him...
(308) You are ambitious. I guess.
(309) Yes, we are.
(310) I can tell that you are.
(311) Success will mean promotion, pay raise. I guaran-fucking-tee it.
(312) Now, we are going to hunt this Milton.
(313) We are going to find the Charger that he's driving
(314) and when we find him, you will shoot to kill.
(315) Shoot to kill.
(316) That's against protocol.
(317) Yeah. This man is highly dangerous.
(318) He has killed. He will kill again. He must be taken down on sight.
(319) The time it takes you to follow your protocols,
(320) that's the time it takes him to end your life.
(321) Shall we?
(322) Come on.
(323) Oh! Fuck, yeah! Um, are we gonna do it?
(324) Depends on how well you do those nails.
(325) Oh!
(326) See, you gotta be careful. You're gonna have to redo that one.
(327) Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, my God!
(328) Sorry. Shut the fuck up in there! Come on! Shut the fuck up!
(329) Move it. You can move that cock.
(330) Oh! God damn it.
(331) Sorry about that.
(332) Come on. Come on, move it.
(333) Hang on.
(334) ...March 1 5th, in a dumpster behind a local strip club.
(335) The case is set to go to trial in February of 2011.
(336) In other news tonight,
(337) new details are emerging in the case of a missing Colorado infant.
(338) Investigators, in cooperation with the Colorado state police,
(339) have issued an all points bulletin for Jonah King's immediate detention
(340) in connection with the murders of a young married couple in Loveland, Colorado.
(341) Their infant girl is believed to have been abducted by this religious sect.
(342) A nationwide Amber Alert is now in full effect.
(343) You may recall we broke the story first that the young mother...
(344) Investigators refuse to comment.
(345) Although, our own Nathan Brown has recently learned...
(346) Look at that handsome devil.
(347) Fools do not know how blessed they are to look upon the messiah of the next age.
(348) The girl is in 11. And Milton,
(349) he in number 12.
(350) This Milton is no friend to us.
(351) He will try and keep us from what we are rightfully owed.
(352) He is the blight,
(353) and we are the rain.
(354) Go forth and pour your anger upon him.
(355) Oh, yeah.
(356) Oh, baby. Why don't you fuck naked?
(357) I never disrobe before a gunfight.
(358) Oh, yeah.
(359) I know that you want the candy
(360) I know that you want the candy
(361) Gimme candy I've never had
(362) Tastes so sweet, makes good love bad
(363) Fallen out with my love
(364) A grievous time to pass
(365) Sugar done break my heart
(366) A heart not meant to last
(367) In spite of saddened days...
(368) Come on, baby. Don't be shy.
(369) That baby is as good as dead.
(370) Oh, fuck yeah!
(371) Shit! Shit!
(372) Fuck him, motherfucker! Fuck him. Who's a punk-ass motherfucker?
(373) I know that you want the candy
(374) I know that you want the candy
(375) I know that you want the candy
(376) I know that you want the candy
(377) Gimme candy I've never had
(378) Tastes so sweet, makes good love bad
(379) Oh, hell.
(380) Would you calm down?
(381) He definitely took the bait.
(382) You know these people? We should hurry. There are probably more.
(383) Look, there's Jonah King.
(384) Troopers, remember why we're here.
(385) Milton.
(386) Milton, you owe me some answers.
(387) It's him.
(388) Freeze!
(389) Milton! Fuck!
(390) Promotion and pay raise. Promotion and pay raise.
(391) Get down!
(392) Drop it!
(393) No! You sorry mother...
(394) Fuck you! Die, you...
(395) Oh, my God.
(396) Milton, what are you doing? I'm going after him.
(397) Why? You wanna join me?
(398) Bleeding's almost stopped.
(399) It's just a graze.
(400) Milton, those cops shot at us with no warning.
(401) They weren't trying to arrest us, they were trying to kill us.
(402) They were trying to kill you.
(403) What, are you a murderer? You escape from prison or something?
(404) Go on, what is it? Both.
(405) Jesus, what have I done?
(406) What have you fucking got me in to? Milton, I shot a cop!
(407) I'm gonna go to jail! Do you understand that? Fuck!
(408) Give me one good reason I shouldn't shoot you in the face.
(409) I'm driving.
(410) You know what I mean!
(411) Fuck!
(412) They took her baby.
(413) They took her little girl.
(414) The little girl on the news?
(415) The little baby everyone's looking for? Yes.
(416) They killed my daughter. They took her baby.
(417) That baby girl is all I got.
(418) She's the last connection to my daughter.
(419) I am going to get her back.
(420) Shotgun. It's already loaded.
(421) Roll it down.
(422) Now!
(423) Get the other gun ready.
(424) No, no, no. The old one. The big one in the case, have it ready.
(425) It's...
(426) It's over, Milton. Stop the car.
(427) I can't do that! Really?
(428) What makes you think you have a choice?
(429) Because you're obnoxious, first,
(430) and because I have something I gotta do.
(431) Well, then you should've done it a long time ago.
(432) I didn't have to do it a long time ago, did I?
(433) Oh, Milton, I will kill that pretty little woman in the backseat to get to you.
(434) You think you're Loki, huh?
(435) You think you're Baron Samedi?
(436) I won't allow that. Again,
(437) what makes you think you have a choice?
(438) This does.
(439) Piper, wait!
(440) He ain't one of them that killed your daughter, was he?
(441) He's someone else.
(442) Anyone not trying to kill you?
(443) No.
(444) What kind of fucking gun is that?
(445) The kind you use on guys like that.
(446) I need to reload. You drive.
(447) God damn it.
(448) You. You! You can't be here.
(449) Rookie! Sarge, this old joke,
(450) he can't stomp around the crime scene.
(451) Captain, sorry about that.
(452) Sarge, you'd better get this guy out of here right now.
(453) Cap, he's green, that's all.
(454) Standing on evidence is what he's doing.
(455) .45s.
(456) Bag them and tag them. Yes, sir.
(457) Hey, Sarge. Tag these.
(458) Why do we have two dead Colorado troopers
(459) within our great state of Oklahoma?
(460) And how did these gentlemen come to be on the wrong end of a disagreement?
(461) The guest in this room, John Milton, I take it he's not among the departed?
(462) No, sir. Cap, we got a live one.
(463) I want roadblocks, Sarge. All over the state. You know the drill.
(464) Get me a blanket and get a medic in here, too.
(465) You're gonna be okay now.
(466) We was fucking.
(467) He killed him while we was fucking!
(468) Who did? No, you don't understand.
(469) It's never happened to me before, you know?
(470) Has it ever happened to you?
(471) Let's get a shrink in here, too.
(472) Dude,
(473) you think there's anybody in there?
(474) I guess.
(475) The doors are still closed.
(476) Jesus... Carpenter.
(477) And despite what you've heard, I prefer short hair.
(478) You almost fucking killed me, man.
(479) Not even close.
(480) I won't see you again until you're 73.
(481) You, I'll see in three months.
(482) Hey, what does that mean?
(483) My daughter got mixed up with King straight out of college.
(484) She knew him? She knew Jonah King?
(485) She knew him, yes, yes, she did.
(486) Her world was in a tailspin,
(487) and King was preaching quiet revolution.
(488) It was four months before she realized "quiet" meant hiding
(489) in a basement, cutting the heads off of chickens.
(490) Jonah King's into voodoo?
(491) Not voodoo, satanic magic.
(492) He was recruiting for his own personal Armageddon.
(493) Understandably, my daughter wanted out.
(494) When she told him she was leaving,
(495) he broke her leg in three places with a tire iron.
(496) Jesus.
(497) She learned her lesson,
(498) was a good little follower for 18 months, then one night,
(499) she got Jonah alone and stabbed him in his face
(500) with a pentagram pendant,
(501) and vanished into the darkness.
(502) Milton, your daughter was in a cult for two years,
(503) and you didn't even know about it?
(504) I mean, why didn't you help her before?
(505) I didn't find out about any of this until...
(506) Until after I got locked up.
(507) You're not gonna reload?
(508) Only three bullets to begin.
(509) Milton, that's his van.
(510) Pull over.
(511) Stay here.
(512) Each little flower that opens Each little bird that sings
(513) All things bright and beautiful All creatures great and small
(514) All things wise and wonderful The Lord God made them all
(515) All things bright and beautiful
(516) All creatures great and small
(517) Man, I wouldn't do that if I were you.
(518) Let her go and give me the child.
(519) Or I'll blow all your heads off.
(520) Drop it. Or we will gut her.
(521) Your choice, sugar. But either way, we win.
(522) We don't play, boy.
(523) Milton, isn't it?
(524) Why you here?
(525) Why you making such a fuss? You know why I'm here.
(526) All I know about you is
(527) you abandoned your daughter.
(528) Crushed her so completely, she told everyone you were dead.
(529) No, Milton.
(530) I cannot, in good faith, hand over this child to you.
(531) But sacrificing her under the full moon is okay?
(532) This child is unbelievably blessed.
(533) Look around you. World is on fire.
(534) People are suffering.
(535) And they will continue to suffer until change comes.
(536) Yeah, go ahead and laugh, boy.
(537) Change is gonna come.
(538) Thanks to your lineage.
(539) This child will open the door to a new
(540) world order.
(541) The charlatan murders my daughter and then feeds me his philosophy.
(542) Your daughter's death was an accident.
(543) I saw the whole thing.
(544) I saw who you are when no one's looking.
(545) And I saw what that night cost you.
(546) Milton,
(547) you're embarrassing yourself.
(548) You forced my daughter on her knees,
(549) and she made you pay for it.
(550) Isn't that right, Leather Jacket?
(551) You were there.
(552) Dickless made you swear not to tell anyone.
(553) Yo, John.
(554) Give me the child.
(555) Give me the child.
(556) I said, give me the child.
(557) No!
(558) Back off!
(559) My child, it'd be pretty easy for me to shoot you in the throat,
(560) watch you gurgle, while I eat my morning grapefruit.
(561) But I don't think so, Piper. You...
(562) You interest me.
(563) I could take your life.
(564) Or I could bestow my blessings upon you.
(565) Teach you, like I taught Milton's daughter.
(566) You remind me of her, you know?
(567) So much spirit.
(568) But I broke her.
(569) And I will so enjoy breaking you the same way.
(570) Let's go for a ride.
(571) Let's go!
(572) No! No!
(573) No! Milton! Milton!
(574) I'll fucking kill you!
(575) Fuck you! Fuck you! Get off me!
(576) No! No! Fucking get off me, you motherfucker!
(577) This is gonna be fun!
(578) Feisty bitch! Feisty bitch! We're going for a ride, girl.
(579) You see this here femur bone?
(580) That belonged to your daughter.
(581) I keep it with me wherever I go.
(582) Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fucking let me go!
(583) Next time, I'll shoot you in your fucking mouth.
(584) Shall we proceed?
(585) We'll bury them out back.
(586) Now, get the fucking shovels out of the truck.
(587) No, you go get the fucking shovels.
(588) Fuck!
(589) Go! Go! Down!
(590) How come he ain't dead?
(591) It don't matter. He's gonna be.
(592) Well, look at this.
(593) He's still coming.
(594) Who's still coming? Milton.
(595) Milton. What?
(596) Stay down. He's alive.
(597) But you shot him in the face.
(598) Don't you see?
(599) We stand at a crossroads.
(600) Y'all didn't think we could just kick up our heels,
(601) and change the world, did you?
(602) Mmm-mmm.
(603) We got a fight coming. A glorious battle.
(604) He's coming around!
(605) Fuck you!
(606) I'm going to kill you, you little bitch!
(607) I've changed my mind about you, Piper.
(608) You are too willful to be taught.
(609) I am going to kill you,
(610) and then I'm going to defile your corpse.
(611) Between now and then,
(612) I'm gonna fuck you up.
(613) Oh, Piper.
(614) Knock her ass out!
(615) You're so willful.
(616) Willful!
(617) Goodbye, sweet Piper.
(618) He's coming right at us!
(619) Piper!
(620) Jesus, Milton. How?
(621) It's still in there.
(622) The bullet. I can... I can feel it.
(623) How are you still alive?
(624) We don't have time for this. They're getting away.
(625) Thought you were dead.
(626) This license isn't just expired, it's antique.
(627) She told everyone you were dead.
(628) How long were you in prison?
(629) Were you in prison at all?
(630) Jesus, Milton, has anything you told me been true?
(631) I used to know a guy who lived out this way. You have one of those
(632) portable phones?
(633) A cell phone? You mean a cell phone, Milton?
(634) Yeah, I got a cell phone. It's in my purse.
(635) You just gonna ignore me? I'm gonna try.
(636) We have to hide the car. I'll push, you steer.
(637) Forget about it. Who cares?
(638) You should. You killed two cops.
(639) Here we are Burning up in our cars
(640) And in our hearts
(641) With your tea Lucky states as the day breaks
(642) The blind are leading the blind
(643) Scorcher today, huh? Help me.
(644) Christ on a cracker. My apologies.
(645) What's that supposed to mean?
(646) It's a symbol of our pact with Lord Satan.
(647) Pact, huh? Ooh!
(648) Funny, he's never mentioned you.
(649) Whoa! Those are fucked. Here, have some water.
(650) Amateurs.
(651) I'm gonna die, ain't I?
(652) Milton's work, I take it. Yeah.
(653) Son of a bitch shot me!
(654) Wait. How did you...
(655) Who are you?
(656) I'm The Accountant.
(657) I'm curious, and I never get curious.
(658) What do you people want with Milton? You're the who?
(659) Does it matter? Milton. Why is he important to you?
(660) He isn't! He's the one chasing us!
(661) Why? Because...
(662) Because of what we did. Because of who we took.
(663) Well, color me curious, what did you do? And who did you take?
(664) Let me know if I hurt you, Milton.
(665) I tried to get her back.
(666) I really did.
(667) I know.
(668) Fucking devil worshippers. They freak me the fuck out.
(669) Messing with powers they ought not to. Turns my shit white.
(670) None of it's real.
(671) No, Milton. UFOs and Bigfoot and ghosts, that's bullshit.
(672) Devils and demons.
(673) Once you open those doors, you just can't close them.
(674) But you know that, don't you?
(675) You're dead. Yeah, we've been getting that a lot lately.
(676) No, toots.
(677) I carried his coffin.
(678) Webster,
(679) are you gonna keep stroking that .357, or you gonna yank it?
(680) That depends.
(681) How is this possible?
(682) You heard about my daughter?
(683) I did.
(684) Then you know why I'm back.
(685) I don't...
(686) Can you explain this, please?
(687) He loved his daughter.
(688) A lot of daddies love their daughters.
(689) But it don't explain shattering reality.
(690) Well, that one loved his little girl enough to make her hate him.
(691) Uh, he was...
(692) He was a bad, bad husband.
(693) But he was a good father.
(694) And then, we went and got mixed up in the wrong crowd.
(695) And once you are in, there ain't no getting out.
(696) So, to protect her, he vanished while she was still in high school.
(697) And I went with him.
(698) But you got out. Yeah, I did.
(699) But only 'cause he paid a little visit to some fellows
(700) who wanted to kill us when the job was done.
(701) He went alone, you see. I would've gone,
(702) but I didn't know.
(703) I would've gone.
(704) That fire making you homesick?
(705) Cold beer?
(706) Fire isn't the worst part.
(707) It's the video feed.
(708) It's not about your suffering,
(709) your burning.
(710) It's about the suffering of those you love because
(711) that's all you see
(712) in full detail.
(713) And there's nothing you can do to shut it off.
(714) My daughter was 16 when I got shot.
(715) I watched her weep.
(716) I watched her curse me.
(717) I watched her join that cult.
(718) I watched the murders.
(719) My tree-hugging, sandal-wearing son-in-law first, and then...
(720) And then my daughter.
(721) Burning is nothing
(722) compared to watching your child's head being torn off.
(723) Thank you, Webster. I don't believe I'll be having that beer just now.
(724) Not unless I'm drinking it from Jonah King's skull.
(725) John, I can't fix that car.
(726) But I can get you where you need to be.
(727) Milton, if memory serves,
(728) you were always partial to the Chevelle, yes?
(729) 454? Yeah.
(730) 9-1-1. Hi.
(731) What's your emergency? About that fella
(732) who killed all them people at the Bull By The Balls last night.
(733) Sir?
(734) I know where you can find him.
(735) Stillwater Marsh Penitentiary shut down ages ago.
(736) You wanna guess what Deacon's Tree was?
(737) Hanging tree. Yeah.
(738) Last hanging was in '38. They left the tree to taunt the inmates.
(739) Google Maps says it's an eight-hour drive.
(740) We should be... Webster,
(741) I need you to stay here. What?
(742) No. You went alone last time.
(743) I'm not going alone.
(744) Are you gonna take that little girl over me?
(745) Give me the shells.
(746) You're a goddamned walking contradiction, you know that?
(747) How many times you walk towards the straight and narrow
(748) only to get covered up in someone else's blood?
(749) Whose blood are you gonna end up covered in this time?
(750) This time it's different. Is it?
(751) He's not coming?
(752) Piper,
(753) I need you. But I won't lie to you.
(754) This is going to be rough.
(755) Are you sure about this?
(756) My whole life has been nothing but waiting.
(757) Waiting on tables, waiting on fools, waiting for it just to mean something.
(758) And now, it means something.
(759) I'm with you until the end.
(760) What do we do?
(761) Nothing yet.
(762) Shit.
(763) You just keep driving them to us. We'll do the rest.
(764) And make sure you peel off before the fireworks.
(765) Troopers, fall in!
(766) Gentlemen, these two have killed two of our own.
(767) I know you want to make them pay.
(768) Therefore, when I tell you to aim for their tires,
(769) what I mean is
(770) aim for their heads. Are we clear?
(771) Yes, sir!
(772) Very well then.
(773) Please,
(774) aim for their tires.
(775) There'll be even more ahead.
(776) Just keep driving.
(777) I'm sorry.
(778) Here we go.
(779) End of the line, folks.
(780) Step out of the vehicle with your hands raised.
(781) May as well give the boys a clear shot
(782) at their tires.
(783) What the hell is that?
(784) Well, this is unexpected.
(785) Everybody, clear the road!
(786) Get out of here!
(787) Get down.
(788) Give me that thing!
(789) You want us to shoot out his tires, Captain?
(790) No goddamn way.
(791) No ever loving way in God's good heaven are you an FBI agent.
(792) I need you boys to stand down.
(793) Captain, you know what this badge means, right?
(794) Federal Bureau of get-the-fuck-out-of-my-way.
(795) You boys have blundered into an ongoing Federal case.
(796) Now, lower your weapon.
(797) You. Hey, hey, hey! Captain!
(798) It seems you're serving two masters.
(799) Take out your phone and call him.
(800) Call Jonah King.
(801) Tell him Milton is dead.
(802) Do as he says, Trooper. You heard the agent.
(803) The rest of you, stand down.
(804) Everybody, stand down right now, God damn it!
(805) Why aren't they following us?
(806) Because you're a straight up, certifiable, cop-killing murderer,
(807) and they're scared of you.
(808) So, what now?
(809) Now we drive.
(810) Ride with the devil Hide with the lord
(811) I got no pistol Ain't got no sword
(812) I got no army Ain't got no land
(813) Ain't got nothing but the stone that's in my hand
(814) Stone in my hand Stone in my hand
(815) All the love that's in my heart And the stone that's in my hand
(816) Wait for me here.
(817) Piper?
(818) Milton.
(819) Get away from her. I think not.
(820) I shoot you with this, you know what it means.
(821) No heaven, no hell.
(822) You cease to exist.
(823) Damn it, Milton, shoot him.
(824) All the more reason to keep Ms. Piper in close proximity.
(825) You are weary, Milton. You might miss again.
(826) Who the hell do you think you are?
(827) Anubis?
(828) You can't stop me.
(829) Stop you?
(830) Milton, you wouldn't be here without me, you ungrateful shit.
(831) That little roadblock back there, that would have stopped you.
(832) So, I want you to holster that iron God-killer,
(833) and say, "Thank you."
(834) I said, holster and "thank you."
(835) Don't hurt her.
(836) Thank you.
(837) Now, unbuckle the belt.
(838) Right here, please.
(839) Ah, that's better.
(840) You're not the first to get out, and I doubt you'll be the last,
(841) but I have got to know,
(842) how did you get out with the God-killer?
(843) I just walked in and took it.
(844) Oh.
(845) Wouldn't want to be you when he finds out.
(846) What's he gonna do? Not let me back in?
(847) Why are you helping me? It's 'cause of those crazy fucks.
(848) They figured out how to bring hell to earth!
(849) Milton, it's real. Jonah's gonna do it.
(850) That's cute. You haven't told her? Told her what?
(851) Young Ms. Piper, let you in on a little secret.
(852) The Dark Lord, Satan, Beelzebub,
(853) Lucifer,
(854) simply the warden of a very large prison. Quiet man, actually.
(855) Thoughtful and he's well-read.
(856) I happen to know,
(857) the idea of sacrificing children in his honor annoys him greatly.
(858) Why are you really helping me? We all have a job to do.
(859) Getting you here makes my job easier. You get what you want,
(860) I get what I want. Then help me now.
(861) No. There are 40 of them down there,
(862) and you and I could... No.
(863) You want to save her, Milton? Then you go, and you do it.
(864) If you win, I win.
(865) If they take you down, I win.
(866) And I hope you like butter on your popcorn.
(867) It's sure to be a grand show.
(868) You're still here? Milton, the clock's ticking. Midnight approaches,
(869) and the moon is full. Give me the keys.
(870) I'll be right here.
(871) My children,
(872) we have come so far
(873) to this place where the dying earth
(874) bleeds its corrupt soul at our feet.
(875) From its death, we shall all be reborn.
(876) Reborn!
(877) We...
(878) We have been cast out and hunted.
(879) But no more!
(880) No more.
(881) With this sacrifice,
(882) we shall no longer be shunned.
(883) They say the meek will inherit.
(884) They lie! We are not meek! We are chosen!
(885) And soon, the hounds of perdition will howl at our command!
(886) For now, with a single thrust of this dagger,
(887) we shall all be set free!
(888) What the fuck?
(889) That's him!
(890) Come on, let's get him!
(891) Here, take it. No matter what, that child dies tonight.
(892) I tell you to, and you cut its throat.
(893) That's him.
(894) They're both with Milton.
(895) Oh, yeah? You think you can stop all this?
(896) We're gonna kill your friend and the baby. And we're gonna live forever.
(897) Forever?
(898) If forever to you is the next five seconds, then you would be right.
(899) Well...
(900) You be ready now.
(901) If I kill you, you can't take him.
(902) Someone else will come. Someone else always comes.
(903) Piper, he didn't steal that to stop me.
(904) He stole it to slow me down. He's getting what he wanted.
(905) Go to him.
(906) Now, before it's too late.
(907) Hold on tight. It has quite the kick.
(908) Hey, dickless.
(909) Well, this has all gone to shit.
(910) Where are you going? Milton?
(911) The victory is still mine, friend.
(912) Bring that baby over here now.
(913) I want him to witness this.
(914) I said bring the fucking baby to me!
(915) I'm gonna beat you to death with all that's left of your daughter.
(916) A daughter who hated you.
(917) The daughter who you let die!
(918) All right, then.
(919) I just want you to know that your daughter's death will pale
(920) to what is about to befall this child.
(921) I'm going to kill you.
(922) Ah, Milton, so many have tried.
(923) But I am armored with a power that you will never know.
(924) Nothing of this earth can kill me.
(925) I'm not of this earth.
(926) Milton.
(927) Milton!
(928) No, Milton. Where is she?
(929) I'm curious,
(930) would you have let him do it?
(931) That's what I thought.
(932) See you soon.
(933) She's here.
(934) I am finished now.
(935) Keep her safe.
(936) Anyone tries to hurt her, I'll kill them.
(937) I know it.
(938) That's why I chose you.
(939) Webster will look out for you both,
(940) as long as he can.
(941) No, Milton.
(942) Milton, please, don't go.
(943) Love her for me, Piper.
(944) Love her, and make her yours.
(945) I know I don't have a right to ask for your promise.
(946) I promise. Milton, I promise.
(947) Thank you.
(948) No.
(949) Hey.
(950) Come on.
(951) Hi.
(952) How was that? I've seen better.
(953) Guess she doesn't know you can
(954) beat him, slow him, shoot him, even stop him.
(955) But you can't kill a dead man.
(956) Shall we?
(957) Even in hell there is compassion.
(958) Just so you know, I don't plan on staying.
(959) Milton, you got what you wanted.
(960) I did, but if he puts me back in that hole, I'll still get out.
(961) Remarkable.
(962) I actually look forward to that.
(963) You think you're Wotan?
(964) Give me the keys.
(965) I'm still alive Must have been a miracle
(966) It's been a hell of ride Destination still unknown
(967) It's a fact of life
(968) If you make one wrong move with the gun to your head
(969) You better walk the line or you'll be left for dead
(970) I'm a runaway train on broken track
(971) I'm a ticker on a bomb that you can't turn back this time
(972) That's right
(973) I got away with it all and I'm still alive
(974) Let the end of the world come tumbling down
(975) I'll be the last man standing on the ground
(976) As long as I got blood rush trough my veins
(977) I'm still alive

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