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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

[2013] [Dragonwolf] English Transcripts

(1) Doctor... Please!
(2) Help him!
(3) Shaman!
(4) What do you want from me?
(5) I need your help.
(6) Ah, go away! Nobody else can help me.
(7) Go away! Help me.
(8) Please, Shaman. Please!
(9) Are you prepared to do anything?
(10) Anything?
(11) Anything, anything!
(12) Ah, let me get my coat,
(13) but in return, l want your soul.
(14) Go to school.
(15) The money you took, we want it back.
(16) You want it?
(17) Come and get it!
(18) Leave him alone!
(19) Hiya!
(20) Eeya. Ha!
(21) Are you okay?
(22) Yeah, l'm fine.
(23) Hi, l'm Julius.
(24) I'm Mozart.
(25) Mozart...
(26) My little prince.
(27) You will be alone from now on.
(28) Promise me you will leave this place
(29) and never come back.
(30) Make something of yourself.
(31) Promise me you will not cry.
(32) You will not cry.
(33) You want some candy?
(34) Don't worry, l'll take care of you.
(35) Hey, don't put too much.
(36) I'm just filling them up halfway.
(37) Hey!
(38) I said, hey!
(39) Buy something, or hit the road.
(40) That's not very nice of you.
(41) Aaah!
(42) Uh!
(43) I can't... l can't even hear myself think in here.
(44) How many times, how many times l gotta tell them
(45) to save bullets for people?!
(46) But... they need to practice.
(47) I don't care, man.
(48) Aaah!
(49) Uhh!
(50) Yaa!
(51) Uh... uh!
(52) Huh?
(53) Hm.
(54) Go check.
(55) Tell Julius l'm still alive.
(56) Julius?
(57) Julius?
(58) Julius...
(59) We have a problem.
(60) Brutus wants to see us.
(61) All of them, Julius.
(62) We're an institution.
(63) Existing many generations,
(64) respected, revered,
(65) and feared.
(66) We are no street gang.
(67) In our hands, we hold the lives of politicians,
(68) of presidents,
(69) and the biggest corporation owners in the world.
(70) In a way, we are like the hand of God.
(71) We control Devil's Cauldron.
(72) And complete obedience is required.
(73) If not...
(74) People die.
(75) Blood runs in the streets.
(76) Respect and image is everything.
(77) You two guys
(78) running around, destroying my businesses,
(79) and making a spectacle out of yourselves,
(80) how do you think that reflects on me?
(81) Like l have no control over my own little attack dogs?
(82) That l'm weak, huh?
(83) Makes me look weak.
(84) Don't you forget who you work for.
(85) You were hired because you were useful.
(86) Become an irritation,
(87) and you'll be replaced and buried
(88) without the slightest hesitation or care.
(89) If you two have a boner for each other,
(90) finish off your little melodrama, l don't care.
(91) But quietly, discreetly,
(92) old school.
(93) Knives, if you must.
(94) If l hear a peep
(95) from anywhere near your vicinity,
(96) l will have you both impaled and used as target practice
(97) by your replacements!
(98) You got it?
(99) Now, get outta here.
(100) I need little Miss honey buns there to finish me off.

(101) Just a little business, honey, not meant for you.
(102) Come on over.
(103) Put those beautiful tattooed buns on this hardwood here.
(104) So, what's the plan?
(105) Nothing.
(106) I'll deal with him later.
(107) I could take him out for ya,
(108) so you wouldn't have to be looking behind your back all the time.
(109) I am not in the mood to look for new help.
(110) It'd be easy.
(111) I get behind the wheel,
(112) l turn the car around,
(113) and l run him down,
(114) splatter his guts all over the road.
(115) Let me do it.
(116) Unleash me.
(117) Just give me this opportunity...
(118) You make me repeat myself one more time...
(119) Go on, you try it.
(120) We are gonna act
(121) as though nothing ever happened.
(122) Mozart and Mary never existed.
(123) And everything is gonna be hunky-dory,
(124) peaches and moonshine.
(125) Yo, driver...
(126) General Hospital, but stop at the candy shop first.
(127) They're your favorites.
(128) You know, you should visit more often.
(129) It might be the last time.
(130) And really,
(131) bring Mozart next time.
(132) I haven't seen him in ages.
(133) Ma, stop being so dramatic.
(134) It's nothing more than a common cold.
(135) We're gonna have you rosy cheeked and fighting fit in no time.
(136) I am tired, Julius.
(137) I should've gone from here a long time ago.
(138) But these ungodly machines
(139) keep me alive, stop me from going.
(140) It's long past my time.
(141) Help me, son.
(142) Don't ask that of me.
(143) I'm in pain.
(144) I have no business left here anymore.
(145) Mozart would've helped me.
(146) I am not Mozart, Ma.
(147) I, l still need you here with me.
(148) You understand?
(149) I still need you here with me.
(150) Listen, guys, l got a good one.
(151) Listen up.
(152) There's this child molester, right?
(153) So, he's taking this little kid into the woods.
(154) As he gets into the woods, it gets dark,
(155) starts seeing shadows, weird noises.
(156) He starts imagining things, you know what l'm sayin'?
(157) So, the kid turns to the guy and says, "l'm scared!"
(158) So, the guy goes to the kid and says, "You're scared?
(159) I gotta go home alone!"
(160) That's sick.
(161) Forgive me for being late.
(162) You lads know l would never miss our Thursday poker night.
(163) What happened?
(164) You act like you saw a ghost.
(165) Man, l woke up this morning, and my place was a mess.
(166) My memory's a blank.
(167) You guys know what happened?
(168) We had a party last night?
(169) Trashed the place?
(170) I woke up in my own blood.
(171) Can you believe that?
(172) One hell of a party.
(173) No way, four of a kind.
(174) Aaah!
(175) Do you think a woman can know what we do and still love us?
(176) Jesus, Mozart.
(177) I came here to get away from all this girl-talk.
(178) Do something manly.
(179) Hey, you heard about those "feminazis"?
(180) What, girls that don't eat?
(181) No, my aunt caught it, and she's as big as a whale.
(182) No, you see, only a woman can catch it.
(183) And it's crazy, listen to this,
(184) they completely hate men,
(185) but then they dress like men, talk like men, drink, and walk
(186) like men, act like men, and then they turn around
(187) and say they disapprove of manly behavior.
(188) What about it?
(189) Boss men around, make 'em feel guilty for what they are.
(190) They say men and women are the same, but clearly,
(191) they're not, and thank God for that.
(192) These feminazis made themselves a double-edged blade,
(193) who unlike us, if this equality racket goes sour,
(194) they could just ask for special treatment for being a woman,
(195) and men will give it 'cause that's what being a man is all about.
(196) So, at the end of the day, it's just a sham,
(197) like the tooth fairy, and we play along with it.
(198) Hey, if women start acting like men,
(199) where would we get beauty and inspiration?
(200) What are you on about?
(201) I mean, everything we do is to impress women.
(202) They are the reason for our endeavors.
(203) They are the scorekeepers and the prize at the end.
(204) Damn, you're a naiive one. It's like you see the world
(205) through this haze of flowers and moonshine.
(206) The truth is, we won't be getting any more real women,
(207) 'cause it's hard being a real woman,
(208) and it'll become as rare as diamonds.
(209) And what are they thinking, wanting to be like men, anyway?
(210) Would l open a door for other men?
(211) No.
(212) Hold another man if he was scared?
(213) No!
(214) We are cold, rude, sarcastic, and even sadistic with other men.
(215) Woman shouldn't have to go through all that.
(216) Hey, you becoming an expert on this?
(217) Ah, Jesus... Couldn't sleep last night.
(218) Kept myself awake with unsolvable riddles, like women.
(219) I mean in our line of work, it keeps you alive to predict
(220) people's behavior, you know? Finding out how the gears work,
(221) but... women...
(222) Jesus, what do they want?
(223) She wants to see it in your eyes,
(224) that she's the most beautiful woman in the world.
(225) That you would die protecting her.
(226) Protect her from what?
(227) Maniacs like you.
(228) Uhh!
(229) You really gotta learn how to defend yourself.
(230) I made Swiss cheese out of you.
(231) Next time...
(232) bring my Jim Jade.
(233) Yeah, yeah, yeah. You want some candy?
(234) Come, Mom will patch you up.
(235) The Borichenkos have merged with the Ming family.
(236) The other triads are joining by the hour.
(237) They have taken control of all four corners of Devil's Cauldron.
(238) They want control of Devil's Cauldron,
(239) and catch us in a pincer-move.
(240) Gentlemen, they are planning our destruction as we speak.
(241) We must take decisive action.
(242) After all, we do have Brutus' blessing.
(243) We must send our two best sweepers.
(244) Dragon and Mozart'll cut these weeds down.
(245) Right, Dragon?
(246) Right, Julius?
(247) Julius...
(248) Excuse me, gentlemen.
(249) All four of them?
(250) All four of their heads clean off.
(251) The men are really spooked.
(252) We should do something.
(253) Wait, give me a moment.
(254) The men are talking!
(255) We should handle this now before it becomes a big episode.
(256) Julius, let me handle it.
(257) I know a few guys.
(258) It'll be taken care of by midnight.
(259) What do you got to lose?
(260) All right.
(261) Break a few bones,
(262) but you send him on his way.
(263) And you give him this message,
(264) "He is not welcome here anymore."
(265) You're just gonna let him go?
(266) You're making a mistake!
(267) Am l?
(268) Send these people home, and then you take care of this.
(269) You've been looking for a chance to shine.
(270) Here it is.
(271) There's something l don't understand.
(272) He's just walking around in plain sight,
(273) like he's not even trying to hide.
(274) That's 'cause he wants to be found.
(275) Now, go.
(276) What we doin' here?
(277) This is where the whores saw him walking last.
(278) But, hey, if we hang around here long enough,
(279) the ghost might even show up.
(280) But, guys, while we're waitin', let's make a game plan.
(281) Game plan?
(282) I don't need no game plan.
(283) When you suckers see him, just leave everything to me.
(284) I have a few moves l wanna bust out on his ass.
(285) Ya dig, player?
(286) Nice car, boys.
(287) Oh, shit.
(288) It's that Mozart cat.
(289) Hell no! Let's get that mother-fo.
(290) Y'all go ahead. I'mma get me some sugar.
(291) Hey, mami.
(292) What's up, what's up? Mm-hmm.
(293) Hm? Hm?
(294) Huh? What?
(295) Uh... ah.
(296) Damn honeys.
(297) Hey, guys, wait, wait.
(298) Yeah...
(299) Hey, yo!
(300) We got a message for you.
(301) That's right.
(302) And?
(303) But first, we're gonna bust you up real bad.
(304) Splendid.
(305) So...
(306) one at a time, or all three at once?
(307) Huh?
(308) Hm.
(309) You suckers go and wait in the car,
(310) while l teach that mother-fo,
(311) on his illusions of grandeur.
(312) Hm. Hey, yo, Kung Fu Joe,
(313) who died and made you the Emperor around here, huh?
(314) We want a piece of him, too.
(315) Guys.
(316) Rock, paper, scissors?
(317) On three.
(318) One, two, three.
(319) Ha!
(320) I win.
(321) Hey, wait. What?
(322) Ya!
(323) You got your ass kicked.
(324) Rock, paper, scissors?
(325) Hell no!
(326) We flip a coin.
(327) Call it. Head.
(328) Ha... Huh?
(329) I win.
(330) What?
(331) Cheaters got their asses kicked.
(332) Hmmm, hmmm,
(333) Hmmm, hmmm
(334) Hmmm, hmmm.
(335) Wah!
(336) Get off me, fools.
(337) You have got to stop bringing me to these boring charity events.
(338) Let's do something good for once in our life.
(339) Man, this party sucks.
(340) She's so beautiful.
(341) She has something about her.
(342) That tattoo.
(343) It is... No way it is.
(344) I came, l saw,
(345) I conquered.
(346) Julius, not her.
(347) She looks like a classy girl.
(348) Don't you have enough whores already?
(349) You know what the doctors say,
(350) "Fresh new veggies every day."
(351) You want some candy?
(352) Take notes from the master.
(353) Ladies.
(354) Is that a sleek and mythical reptile l see on your back?
(355) Is it?
(356) I believe so, but...
(357) of all the ferocious variety,
(358) why would you choose that floppy noodle?
(359) And you think a fire-breathing brute would have complimented
(360) the female figure better?
(361) Well, at least no one would be calling you unoriginal,
(362) unless you're trying to sell fortune cookies.
(363) This is your technique?
(364) Walking up to a girl and insulting her?
(365) How has it worked for you, so far?
(366) I am merely informing you on the folly of your ways.
(367) You see, if dragons are your thing,
(368) there's much more exquisite and exotic variety.
(369) The jaculus, basilisk, or maybe the nga.
(370) Now, if l was hitting on you, l'd say that,
(371) since you turned around, I not once looked below your neckline.
(372) And what is that supposed to mean?
(373) It means...
(374) I'm not getting bored.
(375) It means you got something l've never seen before.
(376) And is that a good or bad thing for me?
(377) It's a good thing for me.
(378) Not so sure it's a good thing for you.
(379) Thank you.
(380) I know how to take care of myself, Mr...? Julius, just call me Julius.
(381) This here is my friend, Mozart.
(382) Now, he doesn't say much, but he's true blue.
(383) He's the best.
(384) You wanna grab something to eat?
(385) Yah!
(386) Uh... uh!
(387) Ooh!
(388) Will you?
(389) Can l have a word with you?
(390) Go ahead.
(391) The men l sent...
(392) they're all dead.
(393) I know.
(394) You know?
(395) How?
(396) You do not go tiger hunting with a pea-shooter.
(397) Now, go.
(398) No one is to disturb me.
(399) Just give me one more chance!
(400) Next time, l won't underestimate him!
(401) Why do you always have to humiliate yourself?
(402) I am not your father.
(403) It is not my job to tell you your place.
(404) Now, you go, or do you wanna shine my boots?
(405) Oh!
(406) No way!
(407) Oh, wow!
(408) It's beautiful!
(409) The Dragon's Lair...
(410) where eagles fear to tread.
(411) Would you, um...
(412) care for a picnic?
(413) Oh, my God, it's gorgeous, Julius!
(414) Did you do all this?
(415) I certainly did. Wow.
(416) Glass of wine?
(417) Yes, please.
(418) This way, madame.
(419) You're a beautiful woman, you know that?
(420) I've had my suspicions.
(421) I came back early.
(422) Couldn't stop thinking about you all day.
(423) You're changing me, you know that?
(424) And l like it.
(425) I have something for you.
(426) It belonged to my grandmother.
(427) Julius...
(428) I can't keep this.
(429) I don't deserve such a gift. Ah...
(430) Just take it, it's yours. It's just a token of my appreciation.
(431) Now, you gotta get dressed.
(432) You're meeting my mother.
(433) But Julius, wait! Please!
(434) Who is this angel on your arm?
(435) From which palace did you capture this princess?
(436) Ma, this is Mary.
(437) This is the girl l've been telling you about.
(438) He said you were beautiful,
(439) but l've seen some of the girls he used to keep company with.
(440) But, you are a true beauty.
(441) It's a pleasure to meet you.
(442) It's a pleasure to meet you,
(443) and you're very kind.
(444) Julius is always talking about you.
(445) Yes, he does that.
(446) Always going on about mama.
(447) So needy and demanding.
(448) You'd think he has some ltalian in him.
(449) Have you met Mozart, yet? Mm-hmm.
(450) Ah, he's a man, a real prince.
(451) Yes, Mozart has quite a charm about him.
(452) Yes, l would have thought some of his qualities
(453) would rub off on this one,
(454) but l guess that's a lost cause.
(455) Ma.
(456) I'm standing right here.
(457) I'm just saying, it would've been nice if you could've learned from him,
(458) instead of always trying to corrupt him.
(459) Mozart is a big boy.
(460) Besides, l don't think Lucifer himself could ever tempt him.
(461) The man is incorruptible.
(462) Well, Mary, it looks like you got the runt of the litter,
(463) but he's not without charisma,
(464) and he is wickedly charming.
(465) You be careful of him,
(466) and you take good care of her, Julius.
(467) You hear me?
(468) Yeah, Ma.
(469) You better, but just in case,
(470) I'll ask Mozart to keep an eye out for you.
(471) Julius walks in dangerous circles.
(472) I can take no more of this.
(473) Listen, uh, l'm gonna go catch a smoke.
(474) Listen, uh...
(475) You're not well.
(476) Don't over exert yourself now, you hear?
(477) You see those roses?
(478) They're from darling Mozart.
(479) That has to be the most pathetic display l've seen in my life.
(480) You feeling sick, Mo?
(481) My finger slipped.
(482) Slipped off what?
(483) Hey, Mo.
(484) Don't be intimidated by the size he's packing.
(485) Show him it's about technique,
(486) the skill of how you use it,
(487) getting you closer to the prize.
(488) And that, dear Mozart, is how you vanquish your enemies.
(489) So maybe, if you get a haircut, you'll see the bottles better.
(490) Don't be so hard on him.
(491) He's a big boy. He can take it.
(492) Listen, uh, l told Mary you're the best shot in town,
(493) so you better start performing and not make me look bad
(494) in front of my girl now, huh?
(495) Hm... l bet you sit and piss as well.
(496) Nice shooting, cowboy.
(497) Told you l know how to handle my piece.
(498) Julius.
(499) You gotta stop bringing me on these dates with Mary.
(500) You know? Lt's kind of awkward.
(501) Would you relax?
(502) We're brothers, right?
(503) And no girl should change that.
(504) Besides, me and Mary are moving our relationship up a notch,
(505) and l want you there to celebrate.
(506) Hey...
(507) do you think we're... we're good men?
(508) There are no good guys in Devil's Cauldron.
(509) Hey, you want some candy?
(510) Wow!
(511) You boys are looking exceptionally dapper.
(512) Well, we aim to impress.
(513) So, all the sake's on me, and whoever doesn't get
(514) completely off their head or intoxicated is gonna get
(515) shot in the face.
(516) Julius.
(517) What, Friar Tuck? She can handle it.
(518) She's not all twisted panties and melodrama.
(519) I'll prove it to you, bet she laughs.
(520) Why is everybody on their period today, huh?
(521) Yeah?
(522) Marcus.
(523) That sneaky little bastard.
(524) Listen, you keep him there, and you don't do anything until l get there.
(525) Be there in half an hour.
(526) What're you gonna do?
(527) Listen, babe, I'm gonna have to go.
(528) What do you mean you gotta go?
(529) Mozart'll take you home.
(530) You keep the door unlocked. I'm gonna feel frisky tonight, yeah?
(531) See ya.
(532) Cheers, Mo.
(533) Well, let's not let a perfectly good night go to waste.
(534) Julius did warn us he'll shoot us in the face if we don't get hammered,
(535) and l'm quite partial to my face.
(536) So...
(537) I don't know.
(538) What do you think about...
(539) playing some drinking games?
(540) I don't know any drinking games,
(541) and l don't normally drink.
(542) Each one takes turns picking up a card from the stack.
(543) If it's a numbers card, you will take the bottle
(544) and down it for the duration of the count.
(545) So, if it's a ten, for example,
(546) you'll gulp it down without taking a breath for ten counts, got it?
(547) Let's go, ladies first.
(548) Diamonds.
(549) You must give the other person something truly precious.
(550) I found this when l was a little girl in a park,
(551) mysteriously hanging from a branch.
(552) I wore it ever since. It's always brought me luck.
(553) I want you to have it.
(554) I couldn't possibly accept this.
(555) You're a special person.
(556) You should accept gifts graciously.
(557) Your turn.
(558) Spades.
(559) Dig for the truth.
(560) Reveal the deepest secrets your heart holds.
(561) A woman has sometimes a better sense of certain things than a man.
(562) A woman can feel when a man looks at her,
(563) when he admires her,
(564) when he has a unique appreciation for her.
(565) To such a man, l just want to say that l admire him, too.
(566) That my eyes are traitors that have forever defected
(567) to staring at him, whenever the moment allows.
(568) That l have to fight myself
(569) not to think about him every waking moment.
(570) I have bared myself more than l should have.
(571) L put my head on the block.
(572) Help me. Help me balance it out.
(573) I cannot carry this burden alone.
(574) Help me, Mozart.
(575) How?
(576) Kiss me.
(577) A secret shared is easier to bear.
(578) Will you help me out?
(579) You've been looking for a chance to prove yourself.
(580) I got a job for you.
(581) You are gonna follow my girl around,
(582) and she can have no inkling you're there, got it?
(583) You start work tonight.
(584) For God's sake,
(585) I didn't do anything, man.
(586) I've got a child.
(587) I've got child. Please, please.
(588) I didn't do anything.
(589) Shut your mouth! Please, please...
(590) You have no right to speak.
(591) You will accept what you've done. Please, please.
(592) I didn't do nothing. Accept your punishment like a man,
(593) like we all would have done!
(594) Please, God.
(595) Please, help me.
(596) Mozart, Mozart, help me, please!
(597) Please, he's gonna kill me!
(598) Julius!
(599) It's wrong. Let Marcus go.
(600) He's learned his lesson.
(601) He will accept
(602) and he will admit to selling us out.
(603) And only when he comes clean,
(604) then l shall end it swiftly.
(605) Until then, he must feel!
(606) Let the pain cleanse his sins. No, no, no!
(607) Why, why you think l'd do that?
(608) Mozart, please, help me, please!
(609) Please, please, please...
(610) You know what this is?
(611) This is your last chance. He's gonna kill me. Get off me, please.
(612) No! Own up, Judas!
(613) No, l can't take anymore!
(614) Please, just give me a chance, give me a chance.
(615) Please, Mozart, please!
(616) Please, get off me, please, get off me.
(617) Please, don't look away.
(618) Mozart...
(619) Are you happy?
(620) Had he told me the truth...
(621) l'd not have killed him.
(622) I always give my friends a second chance.
(623) We can just leave right now.
(624) What is stopping us?
(625) Run away like a coward?
(626) I'd never be able to see my face in the mirror again.
(627) What options do l have, Mozart?
(628) I'm not so casual about death as you.
(629) The only choice l have is to face him.
(630) And have him know l'm willing to die to right the wrong l have committed.
(631) That's the only way.
(632) He will kill me, l know it.
(633) I promise, no one will touch you.
(634) I have a plan. We are beyond blood brothers.
(635) Used to be, and should still be, that we would do anything
(636) for the other, even bite a bullet.
(637) Mozart.
(638) Listen to me.
(639) Take my hand.
(640) If you love me, take my hand,
(641) and let's leave together.
(642) I don't like begging, but please.
(643) I love you.
(644) Come with me.
(645) Let me fix this.
(646) Let me do my duty.
(647) If you love me,
(648) or if you feel anything for me,
(649) l beg you, do not tell him.
(650) Do it for me.
(651) Promise me.
(652) Fine.
(653) Man, l'd hate to be anyone who's down there right now.
(654) I've never seen Julius like this.
(655) What-What was Mozart thinking?
(656) That's just it, he wasn't.
(657) For once in his life, Mozart wasn't thinking.
(658) It's just that girl.
(659) How'd she get her claws into Mozart?
(660) If you'd have told me the sun wasn't gonna rise tomorrow...
(661) l'd say, "Maybe,"
(662) but if you were gonna tell me Mozart would betray Julius over a girl...
(663) l'd say, "Never."
(664) Precisely.
(665) She's too good.
(666) And you don't betray someone like Julius
(667) without a good reason.
(668) Keep an eye on them!
(669) Mozart can't expect anything.
(670) Leave her to me.
(671) She's my project now.
(672) If she has a skeleton in her closet, l will find it.
(673) It's my turn now.
(674) Can you remember when we were bottom-crawlers?
(675) Stealing and drug running in those very streets
(676) down there below?
(677) Kids...
(678) dreaming and looking up at the building high-rises,
(679) swearing that, "We will make it one day"?
(680) I thought it would be cleaner.
(681) Listen, uh, l gotta go out of town for a few days.
(682) You see, Brutus doesn't wanna send anyone else.
(683) So, l'd like for you to take care of Mary.
(684) Sure.
(685) Hey. Got some candy?
(686) I'm all out, man.
(687) Julius.
(688) Never mind.
(689) What are you doing here?
(690) You won't believe what's happening.
(691) That whore is quite something.
(692) You do not talk about her like that.
(693) She played you all along.
(694) I got good info.
(695) It's true Julius.
(696) I checked it out myself.
(697) I saw what he saw.
(698) Confessions of a dying man never lie.
(699) You know that.
(700) She had plans for you.
(701) Wicked plans... mutiny.
(702) What the hell have you guys been smoking?
(703) This is about Mozart not being able to keep his hands off my girl.
(704) Come on, man.
(705) You really believe that?
(706) It's Mozart we're talking about.
(707) He wouldn't do that if he was bewitched.
(708) She's the Devil.
(709) It's more than that.
(710) This goes way beyond a lovers' quarrel.
(711) Yeah, man,
(712) step back from the edge and sit down.
(713) It's gonna be a bomb.
(714) Who's the contractor?
(715) That's the missing link.
(716) Call the boys.
(717) We settle this, tonight.
(718) But, you do not touch Mozart.
(719) Mozart...
(720) Just need you to speak to him...
(721) He is so stubborn.
(722) My darling...
(723) can you please ask Julius...
(724) to let me go?
(725) Let me die in peace.
(726) I'll talk to him for you.
(727) Actually, l came to say goodbye.
(728) Planning a trip?
(729) You, uh... You have all your things?
(730) Yes.
(731) Ready to go?
(732) Close your eyes.
(733) Thank you for taking care of my boy.
(734) Never leave his side.
(735) L won't.
(736) Don't be fooled.
(737) He loves you.
(738) You're brothers.
(739) Safe journey, sweetheart.
(740) You prepare us our favorite, okay?
(741) We're coming home soon, and we're gonna be hungry.
(742) I love you.
(743) Tell Julius l love him.
(744) I always loved him so...
(745) What's wrong?
(746) Mozart killed my mother.
(747) No.
(748) That bastard!
(749) Julius, we've got to do something now.
(750) I told you this before.
(751) We got to take care of him now!
(752) I mean, what's he gonna do next?
(753) Look how far he's come already. What's gonna happen?
(754) Who's gonna be next?
(755) Julius, listen.
(756) It could be anyone of us.
(757) We've got to do something now, before other people...
(758) Get the Rahu, would ya?
(759) But, take care of this mess, first.
(760) Who's there?
(761) A man that is about to die deserves to know who is the hand that slays him.
(762) Few are the prey that poses any challenge, but you are a different animal.
(763) It pleases us to be presented this delicacy, and for this,
(764) l will grant you the courtesy of an introduction.
(765) Your friend, Julius, sent us.
(766) We are the Rahu.
(767) The devourers of worlds. The slayers of planets.
(768) The extinguishers of all light and life.
(769) We bid you be ready, for your death is near.
(770) You may try to fend for your life now.
(771) Even before l came here, l knew it was you.
(772) I could taste it in the air.
(773) Everything feels different when you're near.
(774) For many years, l followed you in the shadows,
(775) studying, coming to know every little detail about you.
(776) And after all that, l can honestly say
(777) that the man is more magnificent than the fantasy.
(778) Who are you?
(779) We met once, all those years back.
(780) But how could you remember?
(781) I was only a little girl.
(782) I told you they are good.
(783) They are good.
(784) What is this?
(785) An offering to Uvhungu, to bless our business dealings here.
(786) Stand back.
(787) Mozart, it's none of our business.
(788) Don't meddle into business that doesn't concern you.
(789) Call your man back.
(790) Let it go, Mo.
(791) You know l can't do that.
(792) Jesus...
(793) Let's just get this over with.
(794) Hey.
(795) You gotta be more careful next time.
(796) This is a dangerous world.
(797) You have to be strong.
(798) You hear? You need to be strong.
(799) Okay?
(800) Take care.
(801) You gotta stop doing this. You're killing our business.
(802) You became my obsession, so my life changed.
(803) The daughter of a surgeon and school principle
(804) started walking the shanty towns with the hope of catching a glimpse.
(805) I started mingling with the people you might know, and l learned skills
(806) and different waysto disguise myself, and then to defend myself.
(807) Not long, and there was money to be made for a young girl with my... talents.
(808) I became a creature of the night.
(809) You should have stayed home.
(810) If l had, you'd be dead a third time, now.
(811) Or, do you think you're still alive because you're such a... uncanny fighter?
(812) Come now, Mozart. Don't be so vain.
(813) You had help.
(814) How do you think you arrived at the hospital?
(815) And the phantom knife?
(816) I did all this to show you l grew strong, just like you told me.
(817) This is not what l meant.
(818) I will show you, and you will respect me as a fellow warrior.
(819) You shall never pity me.
(820) Face me!
(821) Go away.
(822) You either face me, or stand there and get cut down.
(823) Decide!
(824) I'm not afraid.
(825) Do it.
(826) I said, this is not what l meant.
(827) Go home.
(828) Mozart!
(829) I will never forget.
(830) What are you doing?
(831) I'm writing you a Morse code message.
(832) What message?
(833) I love you.
(834) What do you want?
(835) Let's finish this, once and for all.
(836) Where?
(837) Golf course.
(838) Let's do this.
(839) Oh, baby, yeah!
(840) It was about time.
(841) Julius said you wouldn't take so long.
(842) Boris and Josef, the two Russian assassins.
(843) You two would even sell out your own mother.
(844) Did you hear that, Boris?
(845) Yes.
(846) You know what?
(847) He's right.
(848) You know what? I feel a bit sorry for him.
(849) Why? What's wrong?
(850) The fight isn't fair.
(851) We are two fighting against him alone.
(852) Yes.
(853) Mo, you look like shit.
(854) You know, l could have forgiven what you did with Mary.
(855) Forgiven?
(856) You should be the one begging me for forgiveness.
(857) Your arrogance is detesting.
(858) Ouch.
(859) Guess there's not much more to say.
(860) I brought us something appropriate for the occasion.
(861) I hope you approve.
(862) Your weapon of choice.
(863) I didn't want it to be... unfair.
(864) You know, not that it matters anymore, but...
(865) it was never my intention to kill you.
(866) That was not the last and only time you tried to get me killed.
(867) Indeed.
(868) Things have become quite putrid.
(869) I guess, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.
(870) Were there ever any other possible endings to our lives?
(871) No.
(872) This is the path we chose.
(873) You're a worthy opponent, and this is a fitting end.
(874) May the best man win.
(875) By the way, how did you get this far?
(876) A wolf's heart?
(877) Wolf or no wolf.
(878) I'll give you a warrior's death, brother.
(879) Why are you bleeding?
(880) We don't understand it.
(881) We have no explanation.
(882) But your huge heart just seems to keep on going,
(883) but we don't think it can keep it up for much longer.
(884) It's mostly, uh, shock and adrenaline that's keeping it beating.
(885) I'm sorry.
(886) How long do l have?
(887) I don't think you'll make it through the day.
(888) That's enough.
(889) Bravo, bravo, bravo.
(890) Excellent performance.
(891) Truly spectacular.
(892) Not just one, but both delivered like gutted fish.
(893) Better than l could have ever expected.
(894) You should never underestimate the power
(895) a beautiful woman wields over the hearts and minds of men.
(896) Many an empire fell for that exact reason.
(897) I almost feel sorry that you had to be sacrificial lambs, but, uh...
(898) Well, you must understand, boys.
(899) It's nothing personal.
(900) The two of you were climbing up the ladder far too quickly,
(901) especially you Julius.
(902) Your ambition to get to the top shone like fires in your eyes,
(903) And with Mozart by your side, well...
(904) Let's just say, you became a threat.
(905) Something had to be done.
(906) That's where Mary came in.
(907) She was a professional.
(908) A royal concubine.
(909) She studied you for months before she moved in.
(910) She knew how to get to both of you in turn and become your puppet master.
(911) Pity you killed her.
(912) I could have used a talent such as that, today.
(913) Oh, well, l got to go. This is all...
(914) all a bit too somber for my taste.
(915) Adieu, boys.
(916) Have a wonderful evening.
(917) That's strange.
(918) What is?
(919) Devil's Cauldron.
(920) I have lived here my whole life,
(921) and l've never really seen it.
(922) I never realized it's so... so beautiful.
(923) Not dirty at all.
(924) Maybe, for the first time, you're seeing it with clean eyes.
(925) Man, did we get duped...
(926) by an old man and his whore.
(927) I'd laugh if it didn't hurt so much.
(928) It was not her.
(929) It's us.
(930) Don't you see?
(931) We could've been anything we wanted.
(932) We chose this.
(933) Yet, deep down inside, we always knew where all this leads.
(934) You know...
(935) they say you always die alone.
(936) But that's not true for us.
(937) Thank you, for being here with me.
(938) There's nowhere else l'd be.
(939) Hey.
(940) You want some candy?
(941) Wow.
(942) My very own mermaid in my very own pool.
(943) Wow. Come to papa.
(944) Come on.
(945) My little mermaid, there you go.
(946) I'm going straight to hell.
(947) Ooh, you are amazing.
(948) Wow.
(949) You are something else.
(950) What's the matter?

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