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Sunday, November 29, 2015

[1988] [Black Eagle] English Transcripts

(1) This film contains some strong language.
(2) WOMAN: 'Monitor 0-2-3-2 Zulu time.
(3) 'Post-transmission via NAS rota Spain. Start.'
(4) MAN: 'No further transmission until we're at the target. Do you copy, Big Ears?'
(5) WOMAN: 'Big Ears, aye. Juliet, Tango, Echo, 4-7-1.
(6) 'Zulu time, 0-2-3-3.'
(7) 'This is Gathered Punch. Here we go.
(8) 'Stay on the deck and keep it tight. This is it.'
(9) 'Rapid Angel, commence sortie.'
(10) 'Rapid Angel, aye.'
(11) 'Wow! Did you see that one? That'll wait them up!' 'Perfect! Rotate out.
(12) 'Nighthawk, commence circuit and launch.' 'Nighthawk, aye.'
(13) 'Very clean! Blockbuster, unload the racks.' 'Blockbuster, aye.'
(14) 'Let's see a nice tight pattern.'
(15) 'Blockbuster, aye. Watch this trick.'
(16) 'Shotgun group, full military power, mark II plus.'
(17) 'Shotgun leader, aye.
(18) 'Six units, commence sortie.
(19) 'Hit primary targets on the first pass. We own this place!'
(20) 'Cross back over and head for home, boys.
(21) 'Hit secondary targets on the way out.'
(22) 'What was that?!' 'There's another one.
(23) 'Someone, anyone, hit that missile pad on the harbour. Who's got him?'
(24) 'I see him! I'll take him out in ten seconds. He's mine!'
(25) 'Group leader, Shotgun?' 'Group leader, aye.'
(26) 'Marking secondary targets.' 'There's another missile launch!
(27) 'Haul those missiles away. Get some heat flares out.'
(28) 'I'm hit!' 'Can you get out to sea, Rapid Angel?' 'I can manoeuvre,
(29) 'but I'm losing power.' 'Someone get that missile site now!'
(30) 'My wing man is hit!' 'Rapid Angel, where are you?'
(31) 'Rapid Angel is heading north, north-west. I've stabilised.'
(32) 'Rapid Angel, try Sicily, try Malta, try Picket Ship I.
(33) 'Sixth Fleet has rescue. Do you hear me?' 'I copy, group leader.
(34) 'I'm gonna make it.'
(35) 'I'm there, group leader.' 'Stick on him, Nighthawk.' 'Roger that.'
(36) 'I'm losing fuel.' 'Stay with him, Nighthawk.'
(37) Captain.
(38) 'Landfall. Someone's tracking me. I'm losing power.' 'Stay with it.'
(39) Andrei.
(40) 'I'm losing power.' 'I've lost him. Splashdown!'
(41) RUSSIAN ACCENT: Your ship was near the attack?
(42) The Leontiev was steaming 10km west of the USA Sixth Fleet.
(43) 'Gibraltar...'
(44) Alert Naval Affairs, Captain. A simple yes will do.
(45) I tracked the US plane to crashpoint.
(46) I can estimate its position to within 5km.
(47) You'll show me?
(48) You may want to change your clothes.
(49) Captain, quick! We don't know how much the Americans know.
(50) 'Losing fuel.' 'Stay with him.'
(51) 'There's landfall ahead.'
(52) 'Someone's tracking me. I'm losing power.'
(53) Come on! 'Stay with him.'
(54) 'I'm losing power.' Come on!
(55) 'I've lost him! Splashdown!'
(56) Man!
(57) Scratch 50 million worth of F1-11!
(58) We lost more than that, Henderson. Three of those planes had secret laser guidance systems.
(59) And with our luck, one of those babies is at the bottom of the Mediterranean.
(60) We did a computer run and it put splashdown three miles south of Swatter Point, Malta.
(61) I'm gonna love Malta this time of year. Not with the Soviet trawler the Leontiev in the area.
(62) Fishing must be good! Do you want to bet that I find that F1-11 first?
(63) I want to know the Leontiev wasn't with the Sixth Fleet.
(64) Just track the trawler, Steve. Don't be a hero. We're all heroes, Dean.
(65) That's why you love us.
(66) Is he the best man?
(67) Best man available.
(68) Explain that.
(69) Well, the best man for the job is Ken Tani, codename Black Eagle.
(70) But he's on assignment.
(71) I don't care what it is, pull him out.
(72) He's not available.
(73) Every year at this time, he has two weeks to see his kids.
(74) That's our deal.
(75) He can see his kids later. You tell him that. I won't tell him anything.
(76) Dean, make it happen...NOW!
(77) Get Patricia Parker for me.
(78) TANNOY: 'All passengers on Pan-Am flight...'
(79) Boys!
(80) Patricia Parker is taking you to your father. Hi! You must be Denny.
(81) Hi. And Brian? Hello.
(82) I know your dad was supposed to be here but he has a project on Malta.
(83) So get your things, we've got a plane to catch.
(84) 'Passengers on Flight 228 from Madrid, please proceed to...'
(85) Buongiorno.
(86) Buongiorno. Sono Padre Bedelia.
(87) Devo incontrare Monsignor Carraldi.
(88) Oh, that monsignor won't be joining us today.
(89) I have a bottle of white wine, unless you'd prefer coffee.
(90) What the hell do you want?!
(91) How's your research project coming along?
(92) Maltese giving you much assistance?
(93) I was through with you 12 years ago. 14. Something's come up.
(94) I don't want to hear about it. I'm a priest.
(95) A research oceanographer?
(96) Working on a grant from Georgetown University?
(97) You Jesuits do take care of your own!
(98) Get someone else, Rickert.
(99) His name is Ken Tani. For all intents and purposes, a marine biologist at Hawaii University.
(100) You never let go.

(101) We may both get lucky. I have a man on the scene.
(102) I may not need you or Tani.
(103) Get them alongside!
(104) Who sent you to my boat?
(105) Go fuck yourself!
(106) Captain!
(107) Get back. Get back! Get back!
(108) Do you like wasting your time? Wasting my time?!
(109) This was on the hull!
(110) So what? You know who he is and what he wants.
(111) Are you in pain?
(112) Kiss my ass!
(113) Captain,
(114) where is your paramedic? Argh!
(115) CRUNCH
(116) Captain, damn careless!
(117) How often do we get a live one like him?
(118) He was not alone.
(119) Take this body away! Captain!
(124) Why was I pulled out two days early?
(125) You're not going to New York. Whatever it is - no! You're going to Malta.
(126) Dean, I get two weeks off every summer, no matter what.
(127) Here's the gen on the SX1 laser guidance system. I don't wanna know!
(128) I don't do enough for my kids!
(129) We know where the plane went down. All you have to do is get the guidance pod.
(130) Are you kidding? Malta's never easy. It's crawling with spies from all over the world.
(131) And the Leontiev.
(132) You think I'm walking into that? You're out of your mind! I'm going to meet my kids.
(133) That's exactly what you'll do, Ken.
(134) I know that tone of voice.
(135) Your kids are already in Malta.
(136) What?! At the Dragonara Palace Hotel. Your luggage is there. You registered yesterday.
(137) Brian? Brian!
(138) I bet my dad's never coming. You're wrong. He's just busy.
(139) He's always busy!
(140) Let's try and enjoy ourselves. We can go see the museum.
(141) Terrific(!)
(143) Let's go watch the parade. Terrific(!)
(147) Malta Control Centre here.
(148) I've got unidentified traffic 15 miles off Luca, heading west.
(149) Unidentified traffic north-east of Malta, identify yourself.
(150) 'Unidentified traffic north-east of Malta, identify yourself.'
(151) 'Malta Centre again.'
(152) The unidentified traffic is now ten miles off Luca, heading west.
(153) Unidentified aircraft off Malta, identify yourself!
(154) Open your chute!
(155) Pull, dammit!
(156) 'The unidentified aircraft has turned out to sea.'
(157) Give me the police, please!
(159) Hello. This is Chief Inspector Borg.
(160) Yes.
(161) Right. Give the area to my sergeant. I'll send an officer.
(162) Hold the line.
(163) For you! Inspector?
(164) I don't want to hang around here.
(165) You are Father Joseph? Clothes are in that duffle bag.
(166) Wallet, credit cards, passport all the goodies money can buy.
(167) Rickert said there was another man - Henderson. Steve Henderson.
(168) He was to attach a homing device to the Leontiev.
(169) Rickert gave me an assistant to monitor it.
(170) What about it? Nothing, nada, niet!
(171) Nobody's seen Henderson.
(172) For what it's worth, I'm an oceanographer. I study currents.
(173) Turpidity.
(174) For openers.
(176) Dr Tani? You work for Father Joseph.
(177) I do, but I'm employed by Mr Rickert.
(178) My boys are on the island?
(179) They're at the Medina Museum.
(180) This picture shows the Grand Master defeating the Turks in 1565.
(181) A city is named after him.
(182) Daddy!
(183) How are you doing? I am very glad to see you. Both of you!
(184) How long have you worn glasses? Don't ask!
(185) Remember me? Patricia Parker. Dean's friend.
(186) The tour's over. Let's step outside.
(187) We've been hoping you could join us. That work wasn't too difficult.
(188) We've been here two days, Dad! I'm sorry. I was busy, OK?
(189) Dr Tani, you may want to see this.
(190) I'll wait for you in the boat.
(191) Who is he? Vladimir Klimenko colonel in KGB. Sector commander.
(192) He flew in two days ago. Now on the Leontiev. Hmm.
(193) Be careful, Doctor. He's dangerous business.
(195) Yah!
(198) According to the computer, this is where the F1-11 went down.
(199) I'm not getting anything from the F1-11's emergency transponder.
(200) Let me help you with your tank.
(201) I don't use it.
(202) I've heard about divers who lower their heart rate to stay underwater.
(203) Tell me about it sometime.
(204) It's a research vessel,
(205) chartered by Father Bedelia of Georgetown University.
(206) That's an unusual operation here.
(207) Captain, diver in the water 220m dead ahead.
(208) Shall I arm the depth charges?
(209) I'll let you know.
(210) Take us alongside!
(211) Have you been on this duty long?
(212) Do you like this job?
(213) I do now.
(214) Andrei!
(215) Get the camera.
(216) Ahoy there! Ahoy, Leontiev!
(217) Ahoy, Leontiev! Bear off! HORN BLARES
(218) You don't need help? We're fine!
(219) Who is we?
(220) My research associate - Dr Tani. Look at this!
(221) We have visitors.
(222) Marine life?
(223) Nothing to interest you, sir.
(224) Hardly of a commercial size or grade,
(225) but then, these waters aren't noted for their productivity.
(226) It's been six years since fishing was a factor in the economic life
(227) of this island...
(228) Thank you!
(229) I shall pass the information on to the Ministry of Fisheries.
(230) Unfortunately, the Ministry waits a long time to take action.
(231) What's your project? Turpidity.
(232) Turpidity?
(233) These waters here... Excuse me! Excuse me!
(234) Are you familiar with the 1983 Oceanography Congress in Stockholm?
(235) I'll look it up!
(236) What have you found on turpidity?
(237) I'll know when I collate the data. But you will be gone by then, sir?
(238) You will know how to find us.
(239) All engines back!
(240) His name's Bedelia?
(241) B-E-D-E-L-I-A.
(242) Bedelia, Joseph. Born Connecticut. Graduate Fordham University.
(243) But no Intelligence contact.
(244) Served in Vietnam from 1970-73.
(245) Entered seminary in 1974. Ordained.
(246) Now this one.
(247) Kenji Tani. Born Nara, Japan. US citizen.
(248) I can read it!
(249) Not enough information.
(250) I'm returning to station. We can still put divers down.
(251) Where we saw the Japanese.
(252) Your people said there!
(253) My own people are not on the sea!
(254) 'Get word to the Embassy,
(255) 'I want a surveillance team in place when Bedelia's boat comes in.'
(256) TOUR GUIDE: This is the Grand Masters' Palace. It was built in 1574.
(257) Here's a statue of Neptune. Follow me and I'll show you the rest of the palace
(258) the dining room, the bone room and the tapestry chamber.
(259) All the weapons and suits of armour are original
(260) and were used during the Great Siege of 1565 against the Turks.
(261) It's more fun with you, Daddy. There are things I had to do.
(262) I just have one more thing to do tomorrow.
(263) Hey! If I'm lucky, that's it!
(264) My time will be all yours.
(265) Promise? I'll do the best I can. That's all I can promise. OK, Daddy.
(266) We have company.
(267) The one with a moustache and the one with a beard.
(268) Peter can handle this. I'll take care of it. I'll stay with the boys.
(269) We have had 28 Grand Masters and the first Grand Master... Wow! Look at those guys!
(270) Excuse me, please. The Grand Master here is a head of state, a prime minister...
(271) Hey, where's my dad? He'll catch up with us later. Him and his promises!
(273) Arghhh!
(275) Here's your father. Where did you go? I had to make a phone call.
(276) Can we go back to the beach now? Back to the hotel now. We'll hit the beach tomorrow.
(277) Sure you can make it(?) I'll be there.
(278) Stop!
(279) Sonia,
(280) superimpose the tape from the palace.
(281) Patricia Parker. Born 1960.
(282) Employee of Central Intelligence Agency since 1981.
(283) Assigned to Korea, escort duties.
(284) Qualified in small arms, automobile, aircraft, explosives and electronic transmissions.
(285) I don't think she's important.
(286) Uh-uh, but now we know that HE is.
(287) Aren't you suspicious that these Russians both died violent deaths?
(288) I make no assumptions. Excuse me.
(289) 'But this national security case...'
(290) Hey! That was interesting! Come on, you need your sleep.
(291) Goodnight, boys.
(292) Hey, Dad! How did you get here on the island? By plane, same as you. See you in the morning.
(293) Peter will look after the boys. Am I going somewhere?
(294) We both are. There was a message for us to be at the casino at 9pm.
(295) I don't know who sent it.
(296) Let's find out. Uh-huh.
(298) Here they come.
(299) CROUPIER: Rien ne va plus! Place your bets.
(300) Make a play, Andrei.
(301) Your play.
(302) Part of your project, Dr Tani? Is it Captain Klimenko?
(303) Colonel.
(304) This is Miss Patricia Parker.
(305) I know quite a bit about Miss Parker.
(306) It's not often I meet a woman who scores 96 on a Langley firing range.
(307) And is rated triple-A1 as a radio operator.
(308) You're confusing me with someone else, Colonel.
(309) Make a play!
(310) I don't gamble, Doctor.
(311) It goes against logic to take unnecessary risks with so little chance of success.
(312) Tac-toe. Le rouge. Evens in red.
(313) What do you know, we came up a winner!
(314) Of course! You backed red!
(315) Let's go back to the hotel.
(316) We're ahead! The best time to cash in your chips!
(317) Besides, I know a warning when I hear one.
(318) Shall I check on the kids? No, I'll do it. OK.
(319) Goodni...
(321) Would you like a nightcap? Sure.
(323) Huh! Get the boys out! Let's get out of here!
(324) Sit down, kids. Give me a minute. I want to be sure we have no problem.
(327) I can't take it any more.
(328) I'm scared!
(329) Relax. Don't panic.
(330) Go on, go on! Everything's ready!
(331) I must check something.
(332) Is everything OK? Yes. Good.
(333) Dad? Go with Peter, Brian. Get some rest.
(334) Dad, is someone trying to hurt you?
(335) I am doing a job for our country. They asked me to find something.
(336) But some people don't want you to find it?
(337) Yes.
(338) They are bad men, aren't they?
(339) They probably think we are bad men.
(340) There's a lot you're not telling me.
(341) There is a lot I cannot tell you.
(342) Please understand.
(343) Goodnight, Dad.
(344) Goodnight.
(345) Tell Rickert, I don't care where they come from,
(346) I want more people here to look after my boys!
(347) I understand you are to be congratulated.
(348) That can wait till the laser system is on board one of our submarines.
(349) There's been a change.
(350) You are to deliver the apparatus on the Gorky.
(351) I wish to protest.
(352) The Americans would have no compunction
(353) blowing a fishing trawler out of the water.
(354) The Gorky is a 10,000-tonne cargo vessel.
(355) Almost a luxury vessel.
(356) I'll see it's done.
(357) Come on, boys.
(358) This is business. Go with Peter. OK?
(359) You did pretty good.
(360) Another of your skills? Not me! I'm scared shitless of heights.
(361) Be careful.
(362) Don't worry. You be careful.
(363) Dean's sending more men. He didn't want to use anyone from the Embassy.
(364) I'll look after your sons for you.
(366) How many times?! Father Joseph wanted samples! There are his flasks!
(369) Urgh! Come on!
(371) Come on. Hup!
(372) Arrgh! OK!
(374) All right? I'm alive, thanks to you. HORN BLARES
(375) Let's go. Father Joseph should be waiting.
(376) There's a hidden entrance to the grotto.
(377) Look for it now. There it is!
(379) Welcome to the Malta Subways. There's no graffiti! Give us time!
(380) Father! Father!
(381) My mother enjoyed the service today.
(382) Grazzi. Grazzi. Please give her your blessing.
(383) Thank you, Father.
(384) Father! Father...
(385) You'll never believe it! I didn't doubt you for a second! Right up those steps.
(387) Bless you. Grazzi.
(388) Peace be with you. Thank you, Father. I must go.
(390) Ken? Ken?
(391) Tani?
(392) I'm right here. Come on.
(393) I was only inches from you I didn't hear or feel anything!
(394) You weren't supposed to.
(396) Dean Rickert sent me! He did?! He flew in this morning.
(397) Let's go down to the beach. OK? Yes.
(398) Your father can take care of himself, Brian. This is what he does? Things like this?
(399) We really should go.
(400) You work with him. Please, Brian.
(401) That's all you care about your jobs. Nothing else matters.
(402) A great deal matters the people we're connected to, the people at home.
(403) Your father loves you. That's what he cares about.
(404) Then where is he?
(405) Doing his best for you and Denny.
(406) Please, Brian.
(407) Here he comes.
(408) I hope you have some souvenirs for me. Only one
(409) the warhead guidance system, from pathway to missile.
(410) Dammit, I want Rapid Angel. So do the Russians!
(411) The bay compartment was empty.
(412) It's still here on these islands!
(413) Did you get a flash from Klimenko? We intercepted a message
(414) sending the Gorky back to Odessa as soon as it leaves dry dock in Malta.
(415) You're grasping at straws. Rapid Angel may be in a diplomatic pouch or on an Ilyushin going to Moscow.
(416) We have every plane covered in this area.
(417) If Klimenko has Rapid Angel, he'll put it aboard the Gorky,
(418) then onto to a sub between here and the Black Sea.
(419) Where did the sub come from? Odessa.
(420) It's now passing through the Hellespont. You have two days.
(421) My deal was the F1-11. I delivered.
(422) The job is only half done! You'll tell me how it turns out.
(423) Dammit, people have died! Tell me about it! I killed six of them!
(424) Tell him to put his gun away, Rickert! I don't want to punch his fucking lights out.
(425) All right. Come on!
(426) All right, call it! I want my kids off this island.
(427) Come on, you son of a bitch!
(428) It paid off for you. They got me here, but now it's phase two time.
(429) You send them home.
(430) You know what can happen if we don't stop Klimenko. You don't have time for this.
(431) All right. They fly out with me. I'll put men on them and put them anywhere you like
(432) Rome, London, New York. They are due at Fort St Michael at one o'clock.
(433) Call the Embassy. You meet the kids and pick up their luggage. Yes, sir.
(434) Want to go for another boat ride?
(435) Boys!
(436) Boys!
(437) That's it for beach time. Let's go.
(438) Take that! Hey!
(439) SHIP'S TANNOY: 'We are now entering the creek and in the harbour is the dry dock.
(440) 'It's the main industry in Malta.'
(441) You can just see the ship.
(444) Here they come. Let's go.
(446) Be ready!
(447) We'll be there soon.
(448) Not too close yet! Not too close!
(449) That large merchant ship on the left is the Gorky.
(450) There should be very tight security.
(451) What are you guys doing?!
(452) Peter, will you pass that car in front? Sure.
(453) The white car in back of us, did it pass too? Yes.
(454) Boys, I want you to get down! Brian, get down now!
(455) I think we got company!
(456) You said you were a good driver prove it!
(457) Take the ones in back. Put the gun on the floor.
(460) You son of a bitch!
(461) Miss Parker, I want Tani. Right now, so do I!
(462) Get inside. Come on.
(463) Take them to the fort outside Medina. I'll see Klimenko. Get in.
(466) What's wrong? Why's he crying?
(467) The boys are frightened. I'm trying to calm them.
(471) Oh, my God, I think he's gonna be sick.
(472) Get off!
(473) Get after him, you fool!
(474) I'm sorry. There's a guy chasing me.
(476) They're coming. Ah - Dr Tani.
(477) I should like to know what you can tell me about this. Nothing.
(478) Nothing. You checked out of the hotel.
(479) A window was smashed. I paid for it.
(480) There are some bodies at the morgue you might look at.
(481) I wouldn't know them. You wouldn't know them(!)
(482) Where are your children, Dr Tani?
(483) Are you all right, Brian?
(484) What did you tell to the police?
(485) Nothing. I didn't want to till I'd talked to you. You did right.
(486) Do you know where Denny and Patricia are? Yes.
(487) Ssh!
(489) What he say? He says he has to go to the bathroom.
(490) It's not the first time you wet your pants. Come on.
(491) You stay right there. I wasn't gonna jump!
(492) What was that?
(493) Ha! Too skinny.
(494) There's a landing over by the west end.
(495) Hey! Somebody's thinking!
(496) What were you doing?! You're nothing but trouble.
(497) CLINK!
(498) CRUNCH!
(499) Last time - you understand that?
(500) Shut up!
(501) THUD! Vigo?
(502) Vigo!
(503) Vigo!
(504) That way.
(505) Don't move.
(507) Where's Denny? Right here. He's OK.
(508) We've got the boat. We're going out here - come on.
(510) Igor!
(511) Shit!
(512) Hey! Aagh!
(513) SHOT
(516) Hyah!
(517) Tsah!
(519) TANNOY: ..Present your passports at gate two in the departure lounge.
(520) Dad, when are you coming to Rome? Soon. Make it quick.
(522) Come on. You can help me brush up my Japanese. We'd better. You have a terrible New York accent.
(523) I spoke to Dean. We're off the hook. Where do you want to go now?
(524) I want to scout out the Gorky. OK. I can arrange that.
(526) Guess who's here.
(528) You didn't have to come. Priests the world over have put their lives on the line.
(529) I've been running away. That's over.
(530) I haven't verified all these men!
(531) If you want to get under way at 2200 hours, you'll need all these men.
(532) Well, it's your responsibility. Come on, lads.
(533) If they're sailing tonight, Rapid Angel has to be on board.
(534) There isn't time. We will make time. I will check the captain's cabin.
(535) Do your best to slow them down. I'll check the navigation circuitry.
(537) SNAP!
(538) What are you doing? Put your hands up!
(540) They'll find him and know we're here. No. They won't.
(541) SNAP!
(543) They'll find him. Not till morning.
(544) Where to now? I will leave you here.
(545) Tell Lino to be in the harbour at 2030 hours. And me?
(546) You've done enough. You can't take on Klimenko's people by yourself.
(547) It calls for speed and timing.
(548) One person - only one margin for error. Two people... There must be SOMETHING I could do.
(551) We'll be getting under way in ten minutes.
(552) I want no delays.
(553) We are ready - OK.
(554) Ready for sea, Captain.
(555) Prepare to cast off!
(556) Casting off!
(557) Prepare to cast off! BELL RINGS
(558) All engines start. Commence sweeping. Power all units.
(559) There's a malfunction, sir. I report the same, sir.
(560) Something's wrong. Check on it - now.
(561) Check below. Electronics and communications officers to bridge.
(562) All communications and navigation. Tell the port authority there's a ten-minute delay.
(563) Give me the key to your cabin. Your package is safe. The key!
(564) Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
(565) How bad is it? It's sabotage to our navigation equipment.
(566) We cannot leave. We must go.
(567) Repairs will take 12 hours. We can steer manually. You have magnetic compasses.
(568) It's impossible. Impossible?!
(569) Captain, I have seen governments fall, nuclear weapons vanish and captains disappear at sea.
(570) There is nothing impossible.
(571) HE SPITS
(572) Are you mad?
(575) Cut the power!
(576) Andrei?
(577) Let's leave it all.
(580) Look what I got!
(581) Stay where you are!
(582) Don't shoot. Don't move!
(583) Ken!
(584) What's going on? Kill them!
(586) Hah!
(587) Andrei!
(588) I'm gonna blow it.
(589) Natasha! Jump!
(590) Get away! Jump now!
(591) Jump!
(592) Andrei?
(593) Andrei!
(594) Aagh!
(595) No! No!
(596) It's loaded. One hundred per cent.
(597) Swim, now.
(598) To the boat.
(599) We meet again, Dr Tani.
(600) I take it your research project is completed.
(601) Quite. Then may I suggest you leave these islands by your first opportunity?
(602) As you say, Inspector.
(603) Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd
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