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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

[2014] [Børning] English Transcripts

(1) Did you pimp the walker, TT?
(2) Yeah, turbo charged...
(3) A proper plastic rocket. Full boost for five seconds, and then...
(4) Good thing you're wearing safety glasses, TT.
(5) How about a hundred bucks?
(6) Hey! He did 140! (87 mph)
(7) A break is a break.
(8) Hey... Relax!
(9) Hundred and forty!!
(10) This is really childish, Mork.
(11) Roy!
(12) l just painted my car.
(13) Sagging boobs can be really nice.
(14) Roy...
(15) l think my water broke. Damn.
(16) My shoulder is dislocated.
(17) Oh my god, so beautiful. Hello, it's grandma.
(18) She looks a bit yellow. Did you bang a chink, or what?
(19) l'm gonna get a cup of coffee. Do you want one? -No thanks, mom.
(20) l've got one.
(21) You know how to scream. Well, it hurts, you know.
(22) You wanna hold?
(23) You wanna smell?
(24) Oh my god... God.
(25) Roy, get out. Get the hell out!
(26) Mom! You're a danger to everyone and yourself!
(27) Stay away from my grandchild and my daughter!
(28) That works out well.
(29) You realize you're going to prison this time? lt's about time!
(30) Speed trap is a clever thing.
(31) Roy is a good boy. Thank you, ma'am.
(32) TT gave me this.
(33) KLUTZ
(34) Was it a boy or a girl? A girl.
(36) l know that you're impatient, but things take time.
(37) Yeah, it's being shipped from the USA. The parts are awesome.
(38) Knut, that doesn't belong there.
(39) Great. Bye.
(40) You're the boss now. l've gotta work on the Mustang.
(41) lsn't that a big responsibility? No, Bingo-Truls is here. He knows everyhing.
(42) l'm paying you to answer the phone!
(43) Stallion Parts.
(44) Okay. A '69 Chevy.
(45) A '69 Camaro? ls it a Camaro?
(46) Front or rear?
(47) Rear. Before or after August?
(48) After. Bendix 245.
(49) Roy! You got two minutes?
(50) Nybakken is here.
(51) Let the kid do it. He's got to learn.
(52) Where did you steal this, Doffen? You don't wanna know.
(53) Look! lt's full of water and dirt.
(54) There. Try now.
(55) All right!
(56) No, no, no...
(57) Hi! We've got a plane to catch, so we need to get going.
(58) Here's the number to the hotel in Spain. You've got my number now?
(59) ls he driving a Range Rover?
(60) He needs it to get over the curb and into the garage every day.
(61) Two weeks? You're kidding!
(62) Two weeks...
(63) lngrid, l've gotta talk to you. Let me talk to you.
(64) Get out of the car.
(65) We talked about a long weekend. We agreed on this a long time ago.
(66) You've gotta remind me.
(67) A lot is happening right now... The store is in total chaos.
(68) Street Legal is tomorrow, and the Mustang isn't ready.
(69) This is really bad timing.
(70) Doesn't Nina want to go to Spain? She wants to be with you.
(71) She hasn't spent summer with her dad in three years.
(72) Well, you live far away. You've got no chances left.
(73) Relax. Don't tell me to relax!
(74) Does it run better now, Jimmy? Yeah.
(75) Hello. We're talking here.
(76) You can come with us, Nina. lt's all right. Just go.
(77) Call me. Okay.
(78) Take care of her. l mean it. Sure.
(79) We agreed on a long weekend, but never mind.
(80) Bye!
(81) You've grown since last l saw you. Yeah, l have.
(82) Got it!
(83) Don't you wanna go home with me? lt's getting late.
(84) Are you sure? Absolutely sure?
(85) Yes.
(86) Yes. l'm leaving, then.
(87) Does your shoulder still hurt?
(88) Let me know if l can help.
(89) Come on! l know engines! The best thing you can do for me...
(90) to sit down and shut up until l'm finished.
(91) Okay?
(92) Have you been a bad boy, Roy?
(93) Hey! Relax!
(94) Sylvia, this is Nina, my daughter.
(95) Hi. She's visiting.
(96) Nina, Sylvia. Sylvia is...
(97) ...a good friend. A very good friend.
(98) l need some help with my car. lt's parked out front.
(99) Now? Sure, l can help you now. l'm gonna help her now.
(100) Okay. Good. Just stay where you are.

(101) l'll be back. l thought you were alone.
(102) Sylvia Oberg is ready.
(103) ls 660 horsepower enough to destroy Rusten?
(104) And they're off!
(105) No... No!
(106) Congratulations for reaching the final.
(107) ls it tempting to turn on the blue lights?
(108) As long as you stay off the roads, l'm happy.
(109) l'm off to the mountains for a week, all alone, for some peace and quiet.
(110) l'm just gonna cast the fly in the water and wait for the catch.
(111) l get goosebumps from that.
(112) l do, at least.
(113) Good luck in the final.
(114) Four-leaf clover-chocolate.
(115) lt's not a real four-leaf clover, but it's the thought that brings you luck.
(116) Nice. You eat it. Sure, 'cause l tolerate nuts.
(117) l don't want it right now. Keep it in your car, and you'll win.
(118) Congratulations!
(119) You speed monster.
(120) We had you, but you came fast.
(121) Well, l came.
(122) Then, ladies and gentlemen, the moment has arrived.
(123) The Bad Boys' final in this year's Street Legal.
(124) In the right lane, with his yellow '67 Ford Mustang,
(125) aka Little Yellow, is Roy Gundersen.
(126) Will it be the 1 0th victory for Roy?
(127) This is a sensation!
(128) Unbelievable!
(129) This year's winner is the lawyer Nils Ole Klem,
(130) in his red '69 Chevy Camaro.
(131) I'm pretty sure he's mad right now!
(132) What's happening?
(133) This is not a part of the official program.
(134) He's really taking advantage of the situation. No more than you would.
(135) Can l offer you anything more? Depends on what you have.
(136) How about homemade milkshake? Oh, please, mom!
(137) There goes my appetite!
(138) lf you had taken the chocolate bar...
(139) would have won. Right.
(140) Are you mad at the world again, TT?
(141) lt wasn't exactly a surprise for you that l lost the final?
(142) lt's your own fault when you're racing with a boat.
(143) Where did you get that billboard?
(144) l'm not here to talk, Roy.
(145) From here to Sinsen center.
(146) Why should l race against you? Why not, Roy?
(147) l can beat that Jap-crap of yours any time.
(148) Okay. Sinsen center.
(149) Sinsen? What about the airport?
(150) You call that a challenge? Trondheim.
(151) The North Cape!
(152) Damn, that's far.
(153) How far is it to the North Cape?
(154) The shortest route from here to the North Cape...
(155) through Sweden and Finland. lt's 2020 km (1 255 miles).
(156) lf you wanna drive only in Norway, you have to add 1 60 km (1 00 miles).
(157) lt depends on the route.
(158) lf you drive through Eastern Valley, it's 21 68 km (1 347 miles).
(159) lf you drive via Lillehammer, it's...
(160) Straight through Norway. No rules.
(161) Fine. Amen.
(162) Via Trysil it's 221 1 km (1 374 miles) to the North Cape.
(163) You need some checkpoints. Why?
(164) So you don't cheat, and drive through Sweden.
(165) A receipt from a gas station in Trondheim is proof enough.
(166) Checkpoint number two is Tysfjord. Okay, a ticket from the ferry.
(167) Sure, a ticket from the ferry. What are we racing for? The cars?
(168) A hundered bucks.
(169) lsn't that our usual wager?
(170) Don't miss the first curve, Roy. You won't even get that far.
(171) From here, at midnight tomorrow.
(172) l can be the navigator. Are you drunk, or what?
(173) What do you think? Well...
(174) Don't do that. Go and sit down.
(175) You're enjoying this, Knut. A little slave labor.
(176) Hey! Enough already.
(177) Just forget it.
(178) lt's gonna be so boring to drive all that way alone.
(179) You think so? Yes.
(180) You think so?
(181) Ten minutes until start!
(182) Oh my god...
(183) l hope my buddies don't make you nervous.
(184) l didn't know you had any.
(185) So you got hired as a driver, huh?
(186) l thought there'd only be a few cars, not a pack of loonies.
(187) This is totally crazy. You can't back out now, Doffen.
(188) l am. Think about me.
(189) l've never been north of the airport. l've always dreamt of seeing Norway.
(190) l've spent my life building this car. We can show what it can do now.
(191) This could be my last chance. What do you mean?
(192) Well, l...
(193) l don't feel too good
(194) l've got Schreiner's syndrome. lt eats brain cells.
(195) Suddenly you're dead. Are you joking?
(196) l don't joke about that.
(197) What the hell...? You haven't mentioned this to me.
(198) l don't brag about it as long as l can stand upright.
(199) Let's take this trip. We gotta look out for Roy.
(200) And we get to see some beautiful Norwegian nature.
(201) Come on now.
(202) What do you think? Are we in?
(203) l'm ready. l'm looking forward to it.
(204) Roy, if he can go, then l can surely go too?
(205) Are you joking? No. No way.
(206) There's still someone who hasn't put money in the pot.
(207) Nybakken. Could you lend me the money?
(208) That too, huh?
(209) The Swedes are also racing. Cool! Now we're talking.
(210) See you at the North Cape.
(211) l hope you miss the first curve!
(212) Distance driven 22 km (14 miles). Distance left 2145 km (1 333 miles).
(213) Mom
(214) Are you doing okay back there? Sure. Sure.
(215) You can talk to each other if you want to.
(216) You've got something to eat?
(217) Nybakken, the kids want to be fed.
(218) The kids want something to eat.
(219) You can share this. Thanks. Thanks.
(220) Here. Thanks. Thanks.
(221) Are you gonna talk in unison
(222) the rest of the trip? No. No.
(223) Look at that parking!
(224) That happens when the skills don't match the torque.
(225) We're on our way to the North Cape.
(226) Yeah.
(227) We're doing 200 (1 25 mph) now, but there's a lot of curves here.
(228) What do you want, TT? Did your rocket explode already?
(229) You wish, Roy.
(230) Good luck on your way up the valley and turn on Channel One.
(231) I love you, honey. Kisses and hugs from Elise.
(232) The next greeting goes out to the kind and caring Roy
(233) who's on his way north in his boat.
(234) Drive carefully and take your time. Greetings from Tom.
(235) Here's a golden oldie for you
(236) Look at this. There's dad. What's going on here?
(237) Your little girl is sad. You didn't let her ride with you.
(238) Look, Roy, it's important to take the kids with you on trips.
(239) They need some childhood memories.
(240) Here come the words of wisdom, Roy.
(241) When do you get the chance to do something like this?
(242) To see all of our beautiful country, this way?
(243) And at that speed! Exactly.
(244) Bye!
(245) You've got three choices.
(246) One: You can leave me behind.
(247) Two: You can drive me home. l can't believe this
(248) We're not driving home?
(249) We can still turn back.
(250) Look at this. 23 missed calls from grandma.
(251) Tell her what you did.
(252) Hi, grandma. lt's Nina.
(253) l was gonna tell you, but l didn't have time.
(254) Roy.
(255) He's busy driving, but everything's fine.
(256) Bloody Swede! Let me pass!
(257) All right. Come on, then.
(258) Another one? The Swedes are all over the place!
(259) Bye, bye. Yeah!
(260) No, no... You're not gonna answer?
(261) l'm too busy driving right now.
(262) Hello. Who is this?
(263) Nina is with me in the car. Where are you?
(264) We're driving through the Eastern Valley. l forced a Swede off the road.
(265) l'll call you later. l've got a giggly stowaway here.
(266) Okay. Bye.
(267) There. Thank you.
(268) What was that about? His daughter's in the car with him.
(269) That's a little weird, isn't it? Grief!
(270) l guess the rods went through the engine block.
(271) Could be.
(272) That engine should've died a long time ago.
(273) How stupid are you to push a plastic rocket that hard for so long?
(274) Pretty stupid.
(275) Distance driven 238 km (148 miles). Distance left 1 929 km (1 1 99 miles).
(276) l wonder if l've seen enough. What do you mean?
(277) l wanted to see the country.
(278) We're past Lillehammer. That's enough for me.
(279) You wanted to do this. We can't turn back now.
(280) Well, as l'm ill l'm better off staying at home.
(281) Who wants to continue?
(282) lt's two against one.
(283) Yeah.
(284) l need some support for my back. We'll fix it.
(285) Give Nybakken something for his back.
(286) A little further down. A bit more. There.
(287) Thanks.
(288) That's better. You've got a beer too?
(289) Thank you.
(290) Now we're rollin'. Yeah.
(291) Schreiner's syndrome comes and goes. l see.
(292) Would have been fun to win.
(293) Look at that poor guy. Should we stop?
(294) Sure. He's also going to the North Cape.
(295) Yeah, l get it. l'm listening.
(296) My vacation is over. Come and pick me up.
(297) POLlCE.
(298) Checkpoint 1 before you. Check.
(299) TT is actually kinda funny. He's not funny, he's crazy.
(300) Did you get the receipt? Take this.
(301) There.
(302) That'll work. Gross.
(303) We checked all speed cameras in both valleys.
(304) We think it is these cars that are heavy on the throttle.
(305) Could you repeat everything with a lot less dialect?
(306) We've made a list of the cars involved.
(307) All the bad guys together. l don't recognize this orange BMW.
(308) No license plate numbers on any vehicles yet.
(309) Any? Any vehicles? That's right.
(310) Fly to Trondheim and land on the statue of Olav Tryggvason.
(311) This is a classic race to the statue.
(312) Negative. Cars have been observed north of Trondheim.
(313) There. Give me your pen.
(314) We set up a roadblock in Levanger. There's no way around it.
(315) Everybody's on the same road. Do it within 20 minutes.
(316) Yawn more inwards, please. lt's extremely contagious.
(317) lnwards? Yes.
(318) Here.
(319) Eat a little. The bread is fresh.
(320) You'll be more awake.
(321) Did you choke on it?
(322) What kind of bread is it? l don't know. Ordinary bread.
(323) Dad...
(324) Dad...!
(325) We need medical assistance. We're on the way north from Stjordal.
(326) Where is...? Levanger? We'll be there as fast as we can.
(327) A young girl who's allergic to nuts.
(328) Dad! Dad!
(329) What's her name? Nina.
(330) What's wrong with him? lt's no fun to get ill on the road.
(331) lt's hard to admire the landscape with your head in a bucket.
(332) That's the sickest...
(333) That's the sickest thing l've seen.
(334) That thing doesn't look too good either.
(335) You're going to the North Cape, right?
(336) No.
(337) There's rumors about a race. Not that we know of.
(338) Then you don't know about the roadblocks either?
(339) The district sheriff is totally nuts.
(340) We thought we might help you.
(341) Who's "we"? We are...
(342) ...the local car cruisers.
(343) When it comes to roadblocks, we've got a few tricks.
(344) We're up early.
(345) Sure, mom.
(346) Dad's let me work on the Mustang, and in the store.
(347) And now we're going for a drive.
(348) l've gotta go, mom.
(349) Bye.
(350) How are you doing?
(351) The doctor said it was good that we got here so quickly.
(352) Where are you going? To the North Cape.
(353) No, Nina.
(354) You should get back in bed, and then...
(355) l didn't almost die only to go back home.
(356) Nina...
(357) Get back in bed, Nina. Roy!
(358) ls it better with some air? lt usually helps.
(359) Are you sure you don't want to go home? We can turn back.
(360) You can stay at grandma's if you want to.
(361) There're roadblocks after Levanger. What?
(362) Who says that? Jimmy.
(363) How come you have his number?
(364) Greaser help is on the way. "Greaser help"?
(365) You know the highway code?
(366) "Travelers should exercise caution..." l'm a lawyer.
(367) OK, l'll tell you a joke instead.
(368) The policeman: "Let me see your driver's license."
(369) Driver says: "Wait a minute. You took that last week."
(370) "How many licenses do you think l have?"
(371) Funny, huh?
(372) Distance driven 604 km (375 miles). Distance left 1 563 km (971 miles).
(373) Mindor is enjoying himself now. He really loves this.
(374) He's got Lunde's fertilizer truck.
(375) No kebab for you for awhile.
(376) Take them away.
(377) Nicely done, Stokkstad. l almost feel sorry for them.
(378) Everybody's come to a halt.
(379) What do you think of this?
(380) Hey Jimmy. We're right behind you. Thanks!
(381) ls it fun taking a trip with dad?
(382) We're ready. Great.
(383) Commence Operation Granada immediately.
(384) What's happening now?
(385) They're being trapped. l'm not blind.
(386) You're not gonna help them?
(387) Without Jimmy and them, we would've hit the roadblock.
(388) Do we have to refuel now?
(389) Go to the airport, but put me down first.
(390) An honor working with you, Philip.
(391) Who's in charge here?
(392) Who are you? Philip Mork, special unit.
(393) Mindor Hammer. Everything's under control.
(394) You don't have control over anything. l need a car.
(395) Pop the hood on this one.
(396) Lasse Kalseth.
(397) The police is requisitioning this car.
(398) Good. Great.
(399) Everybody has to piss. We don't lose any time.
(400) My balloon is also full, so it's okay.
(401) Good.
(402) Look at this. You're getting the hang of it.
(403) Damn it...
(404) l can't see a thing. We have to pull over.
(405) Turn off the sound system!
(406) Can you turn it off? Hammer! Turn off the sound system!
(407) lt can't be turned off. You have to download an app.
(408) You're in my jurisdiction. What?
(409) You're in my jurisdiction.
(410) This draft doesn't help with my Schreiner's syndrome.
(411) Jimmy! Find out where we can get a new windscreen.
(412) Okay.
(413) Did you have a bad day? No, we're having fun.
(414) How did you manage this? Just put in the windscreen, please.
(415) l know everybody's on holiday.
(416) Find a patrol car and send it south over the mountains.
(417) Of course they've got a car.
(418) l can't talk on the phone in the car.
(419) What you need to do...
(420) Hammer.
(421) Sorry. You know that the car is named after you?
(422) Little Yellow? After Nina? No, the other way around.
(423) Even with a small engine, the Mustang is the fastest.
(424) When you were born, no one thought you'd survive.
(425) A certain moron made sure you got a rough start in life.
(426) You survived against all odds.
(427) And you had jaundice. That's why l painted the car yellow.
(428) Little Yellow is you.
(429) We used to do so much together. Now we never hang out anymore.
(430) There they are.
(431) We're hanging out now.
(432) Are you ready? For what?
(433) You're crazy!
(434) Do you wanna hear something funny? Okay.
(435) l tampered with the carburetor before the final.
(436) lt's funny. lf l hadn't done that, TT might not have teased you.
(437) Then we wouldn't be here now.
(438) You're kidding, right? No!
(439) Distance driven 1 087 km (675 miles). Distance left 1 080 km (671 miles). THE POLAR ClRCLE.
(440) l'm taking it for granted that you hear me. Don't answer, just listen.
(441) Stokkstad, listen. There are two ferry crossings.
(442) Find some equipment that can be used to block the road.
(443) You need a lot of patrol cars. l'll be right behind
(444) to make the arrest.
(445) Checkpoint 2 before you. Check.
(446) Jimmy and the others won't make the ferry.
(447) We'll make it. Yep.
(448) A waffle would be really nice now. Yeah.
(449) Two people in Norway can make that jump. You're not one of them.
(450) He threw the wrench right into the windscreen.
(451) Really? We drove without for a long time.
(452) lt was windy. lt felt like...
(453) face disappeared from my skull and went down my back.
(454) ls something wrong? She looks kinda depressed.
(455) She deserves to suffer a little.
(456) l can't find anything about Schreiner's.
(457) Online? Yes.
(458) Do you get a signal here? Sure.
(459) lt's a rare disease. Maybe they haven't written anything about it yet.
(460) About Schreiner's? They probably will.
(461) They don't know about it yet. They don't update weekly, you know.
(462) The point is that l don't feel well.
(463) lt's not fun to be laughed at on a ferry with other people around.
(464) My nervous system is still working.
(465) Very well done, Stokkstad.
(466) Order a marzipan cake. We're about to nail all of them at once.
(467) Good thing we stopped here. An honor working with you.
(468) We've set up a roadblock. The situation is under control.
(469) What are we gonna do?
(470) Come on.
(471) Hey there! Hands off! The tires are pretty worn.
(472) Are your tires pretty worn, Roy? Are you drunk, or what?
(473) You're awesome, Linda! l know! Drive!
(474) What?
(475) A tipper truck... They're feeling high. This is getting dangerous!
(476) Get all civilian cars off Route 6. Yeah, all the way.
(477) l mean all the way. To the North Cape.
(478) Distance driven 1 970 km (1 224 miles). Distance left 1 97 km (1 22 miles).
(479) What was that? Shit!
(480) l told you that the tires were worn.
(481) You should've changed them on the ferry.
(482) There are the others.
(483) There's TT too.
(484) You should've changed them on the ferry when you had time.
(485) Look. There's your girlfriend too.
(486) There are Jimmy and the others.
(487) Now we're last. Are you finished soon?
(488) Come on! You have two choices...
(489) Stay behind or shut up!
(490) Okay?
(491) Game over.
(492) We're too far behind. No chance.
(493) What if we drive straight ahead? Straight ahead?
(494) Yes, in the curve! ln the curve?
(495) Straight ahead. Off the road?
(496) Straight ahead!
(497) Are you drunk, or what?
(498) He's insane. Yeah, a little bit, but whatever.
(499) Yeah!
(500) Damn...
(501) My shoulder is dislocated.
(502) Now.
(503) You can't sleep now, Nybakken. We're almost there.
(504) Nybakken. Hey!
(505) Come on!
(506) What's he staring at?
(507) Are you looking for eagles? Hey!
(508) Damn.
(509) Have you kicked the bucket? What?
(510) l think he's dead.
(511) Quit joking around.
(512) Come on, Nybakken, you can't...
(513) You can't die now!
(514) We're almost there!
(515) Talk about timing!
(516) Nybakken is dead! What?
(517) Nybakken is dead!
(518) Yeah, right.
(519) He's dead!
(520) What are you doing?
(521) We won, kid.
(522) That's what he wanted.
(523) That's what Nybakken wanted.
(524) You're right, kid.
(525) You're right.
(526) lt was cool letting them win.
(527) Even?
(528) The North Cape before you. Check.
(529) Klutz.
(530) Well, l beat the Swede.
(531) Nybakken checked out right before the finish line.
(532) l'd like to say a couple of words before the cops arrive.
(533) He's always been a great friend.
(534) My best friend ever.
(535) He's always been like a stepmother to Jimmy.
(536) lsn't that right, Jimmy? Yes.
(537) You were the grandmother Jimmy never had, Nybakken.
(538) When Jimmy was a baby, l left him at his garage every day.
(539) You sat in a car seat that Nybakken had mounted on the wall.
(540) You slobbered, gulped and cried while watching Nybakken repair cars.
(541) Your first words were cylinder head gasket.
(542) Like a true viking,
(543) he deserves a dignified farewell in the car he was so proud of.
(544) That's the least we can do for Nybakken.
(545) And that...
(546) Have a nice trip, buddy.

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