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Monday, November 30, 2015

[2009] [Blood and Bone] English Transcripts

(1) lt might not be any of my business,
(2) but JC's crew's headed this way to bump you, and they all got shanks.
(3) l know.
(4) Go, get out. Be good, homie.
(5) Out of my road, nigga! Yeah.
(6) See this motherfucker right here? This motherfucker think he special.
(7) Wanna be left alone and shit. Fucking yeah.
(8) Don't wanna be mobbed out with the rest of us niggas,
(9) like we ain't shit. You understand what l'm saying?
(10) Shit don't work like that around here, homeboy.
(11) Yeah, you going with the pack, you the pack bitch.
(12) Feel me?
(13) He kind of tight, too.
(14) That shit don't mean nothing round here though, player.
(15) l've seen a whole lot of built motherfuckers
(16) get their ass bent over up in here every day.
(17) You understand what l'm telling you?
(18) l'm talking to you, partner.
(19) You got to the count of five.
(20) This motherfucker talking to me? One.
(21) You hear this motherfucker?
(22) Two.
(23) You hear this motherfucker? Three.
(24) You just signed your own death certificate, player.
(25) Goddamn.
(26) Shit.
(27) l need you to deliver a message.
(28) l want you to tell every motherfucker behind these walls
(29) that if they get the notion to fuck with me,
(30) don't.
(31) Man, you know it's hotter than a motherfucker out here.
(32) Then tell your mother to stick her fat ass out the window and give us some shade.
(33) Fuck you, nigga.
(34) Shit, here she comes. Hey!
(35) Hi.
(36) Are you tweaking? You all right?
(37) Y'all holding?
(38) Yeah, what you think? Yeah, baby. You got some Swiss?
(39) Count this shit. Let me count that. Let me count that.
(40) Make sure she does. Good?
(41) All crinkled up and shit. Yeah, give it to her.
(42) Hey!
(43) You all get off my block before l call the police on your asses again.
(44) Fuck you, you old Fred Sanford-looking ass.
(45) Yeah, yo. Take your ass back to TV Land,
(46) you Nick-at-Nite-looking motherfucker. Peace, homie.
(47) Checkmate.
(48) See, l told you l'm always thinking three moves ahead.
(49) Thanks, baby.
(50) You know, this thinking generates heat.
(51) Thank Jesus for the shade.
(52) You looking for a room, mister?
(53) Yeah.
(54) Yeah, come on.
(55) Hey, Tamara, there's a fellow here looking for a room.
(56) Jared, it's time for dinner, baby.
(57) Can l help you?
(58) Sign says ''Room for rent.''
(59) lt may need a little airing out.
(60) This is just fine.
(61) You know, since l keep kids, l have rules.
(62) No gangsters, no guns, no loud music
(63) and no women in or out.
(64) So this may not be the type of place that you're looking for.
(65) This seems like just the kind of place l'm looking for.
(66) So what's your name?
(67) Call me Bone.
(68) Well, Mr. Bone...
(69) Ante up.
(70) l'm not taking a chance on you, am l, Mr. Bone?
(71) No.
(72) Bone.
(73) Come on, big fella.
(74) Yeah, baby.
(75) Yeah, bust his fucking ass.
(76) Dicks on the wall!
(77) And the winner, coming straight from the New York City penal system,
(78) the homicidal homosexual,
(79) the savage faggot,
(80) the queer that inspires fear,
(81) the butt-battling bandit,
(82) Mommie Dearest!
(83) Dicks on the walls, baby!
(84) Here we go. You up next.
(85) Hey, this is serious. This ain't no joke.
(86) l'm ready.
(87) Let's get this show on the road.
(88) Yo. What up?
(89) We got three to one.
(90) Ladies and gentlemen,
(91) niggas and bitches,
(92) next up we got the man from the Lone Star State,
(93) the raging redneck, half man, half steer,
(94) a shotgun and a bottle of beer, bitch.
(95) This motherfucker, this motherfucker right here's so raw,
(96) he eats steaks directly off live bulls' asses.
(97) l'm talking about the killer from Dallas' grassy knoll.
(98) Giddy-up, y'all, for the Cowboy!
(99) Nigga better be on tonight,
(100) 'cause he's going up against the baddest of the bad.

(101) Oh, yeah. l know you all know what l'm talking about, right? Right?
(102) l'm talking about the unholy combination
(103) from the Zulu nation. We got three to one.
(104) Yeah, three to one.
(105) You got 10 G on Hammer? All right.
(106) We're in the pipe, baby. Five by five.
(107) The Hammerman!
(108) Okay, cuz, here we go. l know he's a big motherfucker.
(109) That is a big motherfucker, but you are faster, man.
(110) You're way faster. All you gotta do is stick and move,
(111) stick and move, bob and weave, like l told you.
(112) Are you ready?
(113) Get him. Kill him.
(114) l ain't scared of him.
(115) Dumbass motherfucker.
(116) Knuckle up!
(117) Hammer, it's over! Hammer, it's over!
(118) lt's over! Hammer, enough. lt's over!
(119) lt's over.
(120) And the winner, once again,
(121) the Hammerman.
(122) What can l say?
(123) You've still got one of the hardest hitters in the streets.
(124) Tell me about it.
(125) Well, ain't you gonna count it?
(126) l trust you, Pinball.
(127) Do l have a reason not to?
(128) No.
(129) Good.
(130) Fuck.
(131) Don't.
(132) What the fuck you want? What you want? My rims?
(133) No, l don't want your rims.
(134) Well, then, what the fuck?
(135) l wanna fight with Hammerman.
(136) Oh, yeah, and l wanna fuck Beyonce.
(137) Looks like you need a new fighter.
(138) So, you a fighter.
(139) Yeah, you know what?
(140) l could sling fifty cents of nickels outside this car and hit ten fighters,
(141) ain't one that can fuck with Hammerman.
(142) What the fuck's so special about you?
(143) Set me up a fight and l'll show you.
(144) Well, first of all, it's gonna cost at least 20 large to set up a fight.
(145) Second, Hammer don't fuck with no scrubs.
(146) You ain't got no name, you ain't got nothing.
(147) Who the fuck you think you are?
(148) And third, you think l'm gonna put up my own money
(149) for a fighter l ain't never seen fight?
(150) Shit, you must be smoking that new kind of crack.
(151) Get me a fight with anyone.
(152) What's in it for me? 20% .
(153) Use your own money, you get 40.
(154) Yeah.
(155) James, Franklin here.
(156) l'd like you to pay our old friend Darryl a visit tonight.
(157) Okay.
(158) l'll handle it. By the way, nice suit
(159) You out of here, James?
(160) Yeah, a few things to take care of. You know how it is.
(161) You're looking kind of hard there, ain't you, family?
(162) Hard not to.
(163) Yeah.
(164) Angela.
(165) James, you ain't met my new fighter yet, huh? This is...
(166) What the fuck they call you, anyway?
(167) Bone. Bone. Bone.
(168) l call him Bone because that's what he breaking when he hits.
(169) ln your ass, little Asian Liberace.
(170) Teddy.
(171) Boys, let's break it up.
(172) Let me give you a piece of advice.
(173) You'd just as soon glue mouse ears to your balls
(174) and dangle them in front of an angry alley cat
(175) than fuck with that girl.
(176) What?
(177) Don't you ever do that again.
(178) What? Don't pretend like you don't know.
(179) What?
(180) Say ''what'' one more time.
(181) Say ''what'' one more time like you don't know.
(182) What the fuck do you mean?
(183) James, where we going?
(184) Darryl's.
(185) You all wanna go to Darryl's?
(186) l hear Shelly's cooking.
(187) Take her home.
(188) Let's roll, let's roll. Come on, Angela, let's go.
(189) Man, l got $260. l got $260. Give me ten to one.
(190) No, baby, no, baby. Five to one. Come on.
(191) Five to one. Huh? You killing me, D.
(192) That's the best odds you're gonna get for a scrub.
(193) All right then. Let's do this. Five to one, and that suit.
(194) Hey, yo, gather round. Gather round, everybody.
(195) We got one more matchup tonight.
(196) Gather round because there's a new kid in town.
(197) Y'all didn't know, he was sent to serve somebody.
(198) Yo, Big L, you ready?
(199) Big L, whoop his ass!
(200) Yeah, baby, break a bone, baby. Break a bone.
(201) All right, then.
(202) Knuckle up!
(203) Yo, Deke, give me that motherfucking money...
(204) We gonna make some money. You and me, baby.
(205) You and me, partner. No doubt.
(206) l'm fucking getting this shit all together. We're gonna start outside of town, right?
(207) A few little fights, here and there. You just gonna whoop some ass.
(208) We're gonna stack our Swiss up just enough
(209) that these greedy motherfuckers around here don't know what's up.
(210) Then we go straight for James.
(211) Man, fuck that motherfucker, we're going straight for James
(212) 'cause James is the real money around here.
(213) Boy, you gotta treat that psycho-ass nigga just right.
(214) 'Cause that motherfucker will kill your ass just as much as talk to you.
(215) But we gotta fuck with him just right.
(216) Take it out of here just enough so we get the odds that we want.
(217) Then we drop that motherfucker down. But, fuck, you know he got Hammerman.
(218) But Hammerman ain't never put down.
(219) That's when your ass comes in. You gotta whoop that motherfucker's ass!
(220) Yeah!
(221) What can you tell me about the girl?
(222) Fuck that. Hell no, no. No.
(223) Get that shit out your head right now, man. Fuck that.
(224) You need to sit right there and have a long, introspective conversation
(225) with your dick there, homes. Tell me about the girl.
(226) She's James's girl. That's all the fuck you need to know.
(227) Fuck me.
(228) Angela Soto. All right, that's her name.
(229) James turned her real bad
(230) She was married, matter of fact, to a man, a choirboy
(231) I forget his name
(232) Word on the street is,
(233) James set him up, triple homicide, sent his black ass to jail.
(234) James just swooped in, snatched the girl for himself
(235) But the fucked up thing is,
(236) l heard she was pregnant.
(237) This motherfucker took her to a clinic and got that baby...
(238) After that,
(239) she got hooked on the horse and that's the end of that sordid tale.
(240) Don't you ever tell me to tell you that story again because
(241) that's the type of shit that make a brother lose all hope in humanity and shit.
(242) You know what l'm saying?
(243) Yeah.
(244) So this guy, first time up, first hole,
(245) first game, he swears,
(246) par five, shoots an eagle.
(247) An eagle, first try!
(248) Couldn't believe it. Wait. That reminds me, Darryl,
(249) you get that thing off to Franklin?
(250) Franklin, dude, don't even worry about that guy.
(251) We could have some music.
(252) Yes. Good idea.
(253) Well, l'll get it, baby. Okay, okay.
(254) Yeah, l'm usually shooting like a 79, 80.
(255) This guy, 72, first game.
(256) A little white-boy music to aid digestion?
(257) What's wrong, you don't think that brothers are down with Wang Chung?
(258) Take your baby by the hand
(259) See, he knows it.
(260) Make her do a high handstand
(261) Take your baby by the heels
(262) Come on, sing with me. See?
(263) Do the next thing that you feel Do the next thing that you feel
(264) Sing with me. You don't know it, right?
(265) We were so in phase We were so in phase
(266) In our dance hall days In our dance hall days
(267) We were cool on craze We were cool on craze
(268) When I, you, and everyone we knew When I, you, and everyone we knew
(269) Could believe, do Could believe, do
(270) and share in what was true and share in what was true
(271) Darryl,
(272) don't take this personal.
(273) What?
(274) Get over here! Oh, my God!
(275) Shut the fuck up!
(276) Shut up, shut up.
(277) God!
(278) What good are you anymore?
(279) You ain't nothing but a junkie.
(280) What is the music on that thing?
(281) lt's a new joint, man.
(282) By what's-his-name, you know, the cat does the song, Homegirl
(283) Yeah, well turn it off. You know l don't like profanity in my home.
(284) My bad. lt's off.
(285) What is that thing anyway?
(286) That, man, is the PKL 370.
(287) Better known as the Pickle.
(288) And check it. lf l call you up, all you gotta do is press star 40,
(289) and it automatically activates a GPS that can find you anywhere by satellite.
(290) lt's tight, huh?
(291) You know if you ever use that thing on me, l will kill you.
(292) l'm messing with you, man.
(293) Check this out.
(294) One kick.
(295) Folded up Big Lamont like a paper bag.
(296) Where's he from?
(297) Only cat that knows is Pinball.
(298) Okay.
(299) Here's my boy.
(300) You're my babies.
(301) Get back, get back, get back, get back.
(302) Get back.
(303) What's wrong with you? They eat dogs in China.
(304) Get in here. Come on, man.
(305) Yeah.
(306) Them motherfuckers...
(307) Sorry?
(308) Just saying, they're looking at me like Chinese takeout.
(309) lt's because you don't know how to treat them.
(310) Just like everything else, you just gotta show them who their master is.
(311) You ready?
(312) For what?
(313) Just tell me if you're ready.
(314) Yeah, l'm ready, man, l'm ready. What? What?
(315) Kill. James, stop messing around, James.
(316) Stop messing around, man.
(317) Get them motherfucking dogs away from me, man.
(318) Stop.
(319) What did l tell you about cursing?
(320) Remember, profanity is a brutal vice. He that uses it is no gentleman.
(321) l gotta warn you, l'm always thinking three moves ahead.
(322) He's looking fresh today. Yeah, yeah, with his church shoes on.
(323) Yeah, l mean, he likes this bike, right?
(324) l know you feeling it. See this?
(325) You see the bling? Bling, bling, bling.
(326) You want that, right? You want that. A fiend for that.
(327) Jared! Get your little behind up here right now.
(328) Hey! You two good-for-nothings, take that... Get off this block!
(329) Man, fuck you,
(330) you gray-haired, Grandpa Moses-looking motherfucker.
(331) You Metamucil-drinking-ass motherfucker.
(332) You don't want me to come down there, do you?
(333) All right.
(334) lt's all in the tone of your voice.
(335) That's how you get things done around here.
(336) Hey, yo, Bone!
(337) Time to go, partner.
(338) That's checkmate.
(339) What? Checkmate?
(340) l play four moves ahead.
(341) Here.
(342) Damn.
(343) l'm not sure l approve of the company you keep, Mr. Bone.
(344) Me, neither.
(345) Hey.
(346) You know Car Wash is not just a movie.
(347) This may seem like some old underground fight club shit, low-key and all.
(348) These motherfuckers can scrap, though.
(349) You see that chick? l used to hit that.
(350) Pretty hot for a fighter, huh?
(351) Not anymore.
(352) Shit.
(353) And the winner is,
(354) the vindictive Veretta Vendetta!
(355) Don't get on her bad side, homies.
(356) That's fucking right.
(357) Tatt, what up?
(358) What's up, man? Chilling.
(359) So, check this out. l got this new fighter. l'll bet you $5000, what you think?
(360) Who? That man right there, Bone.
(361) l'm talking about your best fighter right now. Five G's.
(362) My best fighter? Your best fighter.
(363) All right, man. All right?
(364) Yeah. Five G's?
(365) All right.
(366) Okay, we got the next fight.
(367) Over here we got this guy, Bone.
(368) He seems to think he can come here and take all our money.
(369) But tonight, he's gotta put it all up against the man with the golden grill.
(370) Yeah. Now we already seen what he does to a dude that he likes.
(371) And l don't think he likes this guy Bone very much, does he?
(372) Okay. You guys ready?
(373) Fight!
(374) Holy shit.
(375) What technique! What technique!
(376) You ever see some shit like that? l never seen no shit like that.
(377) My man Bone will wreck shop on your punk-ass fighters, man.
(378) Two at a time, bitches! Two at a time!
(379) Pay me, Tattoo. Pay me. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
(380) What'd you say, two at a time?
(381) ls that what you said, two?
(382) Hey, everybody heard that? Two at a time, okay?
(383) That's the bet. Two at a time. No, no, no, no, what bet? What bet?
(384) Hey, hey, calm down, homie.
(385) That's what you just said, two at a time, right?
(386) Hey, Carlos, Manuel.
(387) Hold on. No, no, wait. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
(388) You said two at a time.
(389) What, you scared? You gonna forfeit? Fuck that, man. Fuck you!
(390) Fuck you, homie.
(391) Fuck you.
(392) Your man as good as he says he is? Let's do it.
(393) This is bullshit. Double or nothing.
(394) No, no, no. Bone, Bone, he owes us money right the fuck now!
(395) Double or nothing.
(396) Double or nothing. Get this motherfucker, man.
(397) What the fuck?
(398) That's double.
(399) Wanna double up again? Hey, hey, hey.
(400) David, Jesus, Lorenzo, get this motherfucker, man.
(401) What the fuck was that? What the fuck was that?
(402) One, two, three! Uno, dos, tres, homes, just like that. What?
(403) First bet was $5000.
(404) Double or nothing on the second made it 10.
(405) No fucking way, homie.
(406) Double that made it 20. Hey.
(407) Hey! You wanna triple?
(408) Hell no, motherfucker. Hell no!
(409) Hey, you said this motherfucker was a beginner.
(410) You said he just got started, homie.
(411) You said this motherfucker was a beginner, homie.
(412) No. No, you took the bet. l ain't having it, man.
(413) You took the action. Time to pay up!
(414) You want your money, homie? You want your money?
(415) Give me the fucking money, man. You want your money? You see it?
(416) lt's right here, baby.
(417) Come and get it.
(418) What, motherfucker? Come and get it.
(419) Pussies. These pussy motherfuckers, man.
(420) Right here. What the...
(421) Right here. What?
(422) Right there!
(423) What now? You all weren't expecting no superhero shit like that, huh?
(424) Call me.
(425) Goddamn.
(426) You just took out the whole village. The whole fucking village.
(427) You know where that's been, right?
(428) Goddamn, you are one crazy son of a bitch.
(429) l never met no crazy motherfucker like you. You know what l'm saying?
(430) This motherfucker won't... Oh, shit!
(431) Pussy motherfuckers, where you going?
(432) Motherfuckers!
(433) Ante up.
(434) Break his hand.
(435) Come on, break them off, man. Break them off.
(436) Get the money.
(437) Man,
(438) my whole life motherfuckers played me for a mark.
(439) Act like l'm some kind of punk.
(440) lnside, l always felt like a baller
(441) even though my pockets were flat.
(442) And now it's all coming true.
(443) And it's all because of you, B.
(444) So what l'm trying to say is,
(445) l love you, B.
(446) l don't mean that in a homosexual, l'm-trying-to-get-with-you kind of way.
(447) l mean that in like...
(448) Like a motherfucker who, now,
(449) he-got-a-ride-to-match-his-rims kind of way.
(450) You know what l'm saying? That's love.
(451) Damn. That was way mellow and shit.
(452) What happened to you?
(453) l had an accident.
(454) What did you do, trip and fall on someone's fist?
(455) Come here.
(456) Come here.
(457) Sit down.
(458) Are you always up this early?
(459) Yes. To make breakfast for the children.
(460) You take good care of those kids.
(461) Yeah, well, l do what l have to do to stop them from being killers, thugs, hos,
(462) street fighters.
(463) You have any family, Mr. Bone?
(464) Long time ago.
(465) What happened?
(466) So, how long you been taking care of the kids?
(467) Well...
(468) Angel l've had for three years,
(469) Regina, about a year and a half,
(470) and Jared, about a year.
(471) Why does Jared always stand at the window?
(472) He's waiting for his folks to come back.
(473) As far as l know, his father's in jail.
(474) But he does have a mother out there somewhere.
(475) Thank you.
(476) You know l saw you doing tai chi out there.
(477) l watch the old people do it in the park, you know?
(478) lt just always looks so beautiful, so relaxing.
(479) Come here.
(480) Let me show you something.
(481) Okay.
(482) This is tai chi. This is called Push Hands.
(483) Step with your right foot.
(484) Put your hand here.
(485) Now, this hand goes on my elbow.
(486) Now, this is called Push Hands.
(487) When l push, you yield,
(488) roll back and push me.
(489) Just like that.
(490) And push with your hand.
(491) And roll back.
(492) There you go.
(493) Checkmate.
(494) Five moves ahead, young'un.
(495) Shit!
(496) Why you running?
(497) You know you're gonna twist an ankle.
(498) l didn't do it, James. l swear l didn't do it.
(499) Do what? Why are you running?
(500) 'Cause l know he told you what you think l did, but l didn't do it, James.
(501) l swear. l put that on my babies, James, please.
(502) Then why don't you stop running and tell me your side?
(503) 'Cause ain't nobody got no other side with you, James!
(504) You think l'm that one-sided? l'm that one-sided?
(505) Monique, l am hurt. l am hurt.
(506) Will you stop climbing that fence?
(507) You are giving me a complex over here.
(508) You know what?
(509) Man, James.
(510) She's messed up. Now l feel bad.
(511) Come on, let's go.
(512) Shit.
(513) Kind of motherfucking name is Bone?
(514) He's about to get boned by the Hammer.
(515) Know what l'm saying?
(516) You ready for this? Yeah.
(517) Hold steady.
(518) Just knock this motherfucker out.
(519) Afterwards, we'll get those little schoolgirls. You know what l'm saying?
(520) You ready for this, Hammer? You ready?
(521) Yeah! Let's do this!
(522) Let do this! l don't smell no Hammer.
(523) l smell pussy! Are you a pussy?
(524) No! No! You're the Hammerman!
(525) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
(526) What's up, James? How you doing, fam?
(527) Got your money?
(528) Well, there it is, just waiting for you to give it a little company.
(529) You need to count it?
(530) Bring him up.
(531) Step to the rear, 'cause the Hammer is here! Yeah!
(532) You know that thing you always say every time l fight?
(533) What? You mean,
(534) ''They call him Bone because that's what he break when he hits''?
(535) Yeah. Don't say that.
(536) All right motherfuckers and motherfuckettes,
(537) it's time for the main event.
(538) Now, without further ado, let me bring to you,
(539) coming straight from Skull lsland.
(540) Y'all might know him from his numerous appearances
(541) atop the Empire State Building,
(542) swatting down airplanes and shit,
(543) the primate from another climate,
(544) the Hammerman!
(545) Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up.
(546) But now, coming from this corner,
(547) he's new on the scene, but he's stacking much green.
(548) The one-technique knockout artist
(549) who's breaking down pros like they just got started.
(550) The brother man with death in each hand,
(551) the man they call Bone, because...
(552) Because that's what his parents named him.
(553) Bone!
(554) And now, you hedonistic savages,
(555) knuckle up!
(556) Come on, baby.
(557) Shit.
(558) Shit.
(559) Tastes like a Timberland boot, bitch.
(560) The man Bone! The winner is my man Bone!
(561) Yo, Hammy, he just took your juiced-up ass to college.
(562) Bone, bitches.
(563) Yeah, yeah, no, get the money, right. Get the money.
(564) That's the deal. Get the money, bitches.
(565) That motherfucker Bones is the truth.
(566) What can l say, James? Homeboy just got lucky.
(567) Yeah, well, like they say,
(568) every dog has its day.
(569) This is yours, l guess.
(570) Watch his leg.
(571) My leg, man.
(572) lt's just my leg. Put no weight on it.
(573) Take it.
(574) Mr. Bone, that was one hell of a show.
(575) l never seen anything like that before in my life.
(576) You know, you cost me a lot of money.
(577) l hear you got a lot.
(578) Not really.
(579) You know, why don't you and Pinball come by my place, celebrate?
(580) That way we can talk.
(581) l'm sorry, James, we got some plans.
(582) We'll be there.
(583) Good.
(584) You know, invincibility lies in defense.
(585) Possibility of victory in the attack.
(586) You ain't got no qualm with the Asiatic.
(587) Welcome, welcome, welcome.
(588) Glad you two could make it.
(589) Well, l didn't think you'd want to see us after we won that money from you tonight.
(590) Well, l guess it had to happen sooner or later.
(591) Didn't know you had a secret weapon.
(592) Poor, old Hammer's at the hospital straightening out his knee.
(593) Hey, baby, come meet my man, Bone.
(594) He just whooped the Hammerman.
(595) Words can't describe how little l give a damn.
(596) Come, come, walk with me. Talk.
(597) Where'd you learn how to fight?
(598) Here and there.
(599) Here and there.
(600) l got something to show you.
(601) l've always admired fighters and the fight game.
(602) A warrior's life, that's the life for me.
(603) There's honor and virtue.
(604) A warrior's life must be pure in body and in spirit.
(605) That's why l don't drink, l don't smoke, l don't use profanity.
(606) Genghis Khan once said, the greatest pleasure
(607) is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you,
(608) to rob them of their wealth and to have those dear to them
(609) bathed in tears.
(610) l am the punishment of God.
(611) And if you had not committed great sins,
(612) God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.
(613) Genghis Khan.
(614) You see?
(615) l am not like the rest of those thugs you see out there
(616) smoking blunts and playing video games, and neither are you.
(617) l could see that right off.
(618) Do you train with weapons?
(619) Catch.
(620) Hey, hey, hey.
(621) Now, l guess you're thinking,
(622) what does this street hustler know about honor and nobility?
(623) Well, the truth of the matter is, not very much.
(624) But l am learning.
(625) l have a path, l have a vision, l have a plan
(626) that l would very much like you to be a part of.
(627) How so?
(628) lnternational underground street fighting is by far
(629) the biggest moneymaking fight game, period.
(630) lt is the pastime for a group of fat cats
(631) who like to call themselves The Consortium.
(632) This is the game that l am trying to get into.
(633) You got an in?
(634) You ever hear of a man called Franklin McVeigh?
(635) No.
(636) Franklin McVeigh is an international arms dealer. Large.
(637) lf there's a war in this world, that fool is probably providing the party favors.
(638) But he wasn't always this big. He was a small-time thug from London,
(639) selling pop guns to the little black and brown kids
(640) on the streets of America.
(641) Needless to say, that is where l met him.
(642) Anyway,
(643) Franklin McVeigh runs the international fight game for The Consortium.
(644) And he manages the best fighter in the world.
(645) They call him Pretty Boy Price
(646) Now, don't let his looks fool you
(647) He has already killed four men in the ring
(648) Pound for pound, he's considered the best fighter in the world.
(649) lt costs five million dollars to get in the ring with him.
(650) Now, ordinarily, you would have to work your way up the ranks
(651) to get a fight with Price.
(652) But McVeigh owes me.
(653) l wanna do to Franklin McVeigh what you and Pinball did to me.
(654) You beat Price,
(655) you can retire a very rich man.
(656) l'll think about it.
(657) What is there to think about?
(658) Like l said, l'll think about it.
(659) Okay, my friend. You do that.
(660) But you should know
(661) l don't like people that say no to me.
(662) Maybe you should get used to it.
(663) This what you're looking for?
(664) No.
(665) l need you to do something for me first.
(666) Come with me.
(667) What now?
(668) Do you see that man that you keep looking at?
(669) l want you...
(670) Fuck you and the mule you rode in on.
(671) Hey! What'd l tell you about that language?
(672) Fuck you.
(673) Come here.
(674) Do you know what l can do to you?
(675) Look at me.
(676) No, really, look at me.
(677) Now, you know what l'm capable of, right?
(678) And you know
(679) that l'll do it, too.
(680) So why don't you go over there
(681) and do what I told you to do?
(682) Come with me.
(683) ''Take care of my wife and my kid.''
(684) That's what he told me.
(685) That's the last thing he said before he died.
(686) Who?
(687) Who do you think?
(688) Danny.
(689) You knew Danny?
(690) How?
(691) ln prison.
(692) He was my friend
(693) Well, sorry to do this to you, but...
(694) Checkmate.
(695) Man.
(696) Hey, check this out, man.
(697) lt's a beautiful picture, man.
(698) That's my family.
(699) My wife and my son.
(700) Never got a chance to meet him, but l'm gonna see him soon.
(701) You know, you remind me of my brother.
(702) Really? You have a brother?
(703) Had a brother.
(704) A twin.
(705) What happened to him?
(706) Somebody killed him.
(707) Thought he was me.
(708) Some chess.
(709) Come here.
(710) All inmates to their cells, now!
(711) Go! Lock it down, lock it down.
(712) Back in your cells!
(713) Come here.
(714) Tell me something.
(715) ls this the woman that Danny cried over
(716) and begged me to look after as he was dying?
(717) Danny.
(718) Did you forget you had a son?
(719) Don't you judge me.
(720) Don't you fucking judge me!
(721) The whole reason l'm in this shit is because of Danny and my son.
(722) l knew James set him up to get to me.
(723) l also knew that if he couldn't have me,
(724) he would've killed Danny and my son.
(725) l always hoped he'd get tired of me and let me go.
(726) l could find my son.
(727) But that's all just a pipe dream.
(728) l don't know where my son is.
(729) l don't even know if he's alive.
(730) Your son is alive and l know where he is.
(731) So let's get you cleaned up and go get your son.
(732) So that's what this whole thing is about, huh?
(733) You're my white knight here to save me from the tower?
(734) Well, l don't know about white knight.
(735) Okay, just play along, smile, act like we just had a good time.
(736) That's good.
(737) So?
(738) So l think l'm gonna like this organization.
(739) You don't look any worse for wear.
(740) Why should l?
(741) lt feels good to make love to a real man.
(742) Hey, listen.
(743) lf you're tired of her,
(744) why don't you let me take her off your hands for a while?
(745) Well, l might consider to do that.
(746) Depends upon what you're willing to do for me.
(747) What you think?
(748) Get your stuff together.
(749) You're going with Bone for a while.
(750) And don't forget your medicine.
(751) So we'll talk about this later, right?
(752) All right?
(753) Where are you taking me?
(754) Someplace where you can get yourself back together.
(755) Okay.
(756) So, what's up?
(757) See all that?
(758) All that is mine.
(759) Every block, every sidewalk, every alley.
(760) lt's all so
(761) dark and unsophisticated.
(762) lt is not where l wanna be anymore.
(763) lt's anonymous, right? Absolutely, sir.
(764) We're good.
(765) What about my son? l want to see my son.
(766) Not till you're straight.
(767) This way, miss.
(768) Bone.
(769) Thank you.
(770) Good to see you, James. You should visit more often.
(771) l hear you've become quite the golfer. Yes.
(772) But unfortunately, l just lost my golfing partner.
(773) You, my friend, should learn the fine art of subtlety.
(774) So what do l owe the pleasure of this visit?
(775) Five million dollars.
(776) What's this for?
(777) l want a fight with your pretty boy.
(778) So we're looking to sit at the grownups' table, are we?
(779) l have a fighter.
(780) This guy's the real deal.
(781) You're not talking about Hammerman, are you?
(782) He's not even in Price's league.
(783) No, this is a new guy. Best l've ever seen.
(784) And l've seen Price.
(785) Well, it's not as simple as that, James.
(786) The Consortium is owned by a private organization.
(787) All newcomers have to be agreed upon by committee.
(788) Come on, Franklin.
(789) After all l've done for you, you couldn't do me this one little thing?
(790) You're asking me to vouch for you.
(791) Well, the funny thing about vouching for someone, James,
(792) is that when that someone shows themselves
(793) to be less than what was promised,
(794) every decision you take from that point on is second-guessed.
(795) And that, in my line of work,
(796) is suicide.
(797) Besides, why does a cool, mellow fellow like yourself
(798) want to hang around with a bunch of stuffy, old white guys?
(799) Same reason you wanna hang around those stuffy, old white guys.
(800) Power.
(801) Connections.
(802) But let's keep it real.
(803) l'm just a cool, mellow fellow,
(804) just shucking and jiving,
(805) crip-walking, basketball-playing, singing and dancing
(806) and taking out your garbage.
(807) That's what l am to you.
(808) You're right.
(809) You are African-American.
(810) And myself and my friends, for the most part,
(811) don't care for the company of African-Americans.
(812) Quite frankly, we're entertained by you.
(813) We're thrilled by your high-flying acrobatics on the basketball court,
(814) that wonderful sense of rhythm you have,
(815) your animal athleticism.
(816) But apart from that,
(817) we have no use for you.
(818) Understand?
(819) l mean, let's face it, James.
(820) Do you set a place at your dinner table for your pit bulls?
(821) Now, is this keeping it real enough for you?
(822) l have another theory on this subject matter and it goes something like this.
(823) l imagine several hundred years ago,
(824) a group of very powerful men, not unlike yourself,
(825) were out conquering the known world.
(826) So they get to Africa,
(827) feeling pretty good about themselves,
(828) definitely feeling superior to the savages they see running in the jungle.
(829) That is, until one of the brothers drops his loincloth.
(830) And then these powerful men all of a sudden
(831) come face to face, so to speak,
(832) with one of life's great inequities.
(833) Let's whip them out and l'll settle that myth right here and now.
(834) Let's go.
(835) Okay, my friend.
(836) l'll stick my neck out and vouch for you.
(837) But if you let me down in front of my people,
(838) life will become very lonely for you out there on those streets.
(839) Am l clear?
(840) Clear as water.
(841) l'm hosting a retreat for Consortium members over the next three days.
(842) Have your man ready in two.
(843) He'll be ready.
(844) Wait.
(845) l know this man.
(846) You know him?
(847) His name is Roberto.
(848) He liked to help kids.
(849) You hear about Roberto?
(850) Yeah. l saw him.
(851) They put the dogs on that poor, sweet old man.
(852) Put the dogs on him.
(853) Chewed him up like a piece of meat.
(854) l just don't...
(855) l don't understand this place anymore.
(856) l don't.
(857) l'm just saddened.
(858) lt'll get better.
(859) Mr. Bone, someone's here to see you.
(860) Come on, baby, let's go.
(861) Cute kid.
(862) Always wanted one of my own.
(863) l gotta call you pimp of the year, player.
(864) l give you my best girl two days ago.
(865) l turn around, find you putting it to the nanny.
(866) What are you doing here?
(867) lt's on, brother.
(868) lt is on.
(869) What is on?
(870) The fight between you and Price.
(871) You put the money up for the fight?
(872) Five million dollars.
(873) But l never said l would fight.
(874) Excuse me?
(875) l told you l'd think about it.
(876) l thought about it.
(877) Decided not to fight.
(878) Man, are you out of your fucking mind?
(879) Five million dollars.
(880) Get it back. Get it back. Get it back.
(881) Do you know
(882) how much shit you are getting me in?
(883) You're smarter than that.
(884) You are in that fight.
(885) Yes, motherfucker.
(886) You are in that fight
(887) or somebody's gonna be dead.
(888) You're right.
(889) Somebody might be.
(890) No.
(891) Ease the fuck back there, motherfucker.
(892) Look. Listen.
(893) l want you to take this money, take the kids and check into a hotel.
(894) Stay there till you hear from me. lt's too dangerous for you now.
(895) l will.
(896) But when l come back, l want you gone.
(897) Rustle up the crew now.
(898) l want every motherfucker with a gun
(899) locked, loaded and ready to regulate in fifteen minutes.
(900) Get Bone, get Pinball, that bitch,
(901) the nanny, all of them motherfuckers!
(902) You smell like watermelon bubblegum.
(903) Where that motherfucker, Bone?
(904) Well, the last time l saw him,
(905) l believe he was at your mother's house with a box of condoms and a bucket of chicken.
(906) He got jokes.
(907) You done did it now. Don't you know l'm from Pittsburgh?
(908) We don't play that shit!
(909) No!
(910) l said, where that nigga, Bone?
(911) Where that nigga...
(912) ...Bone? Hold on, slick.
(913) Where that nigga, Bone? Where that nigga, Bone?
(914) Where that nigga, Bone?
(915) l said, where that nigga, Bone?
(916) Where that nigga, Bone?
(917) Man, B, you're really good with that gun as you are with your fists.
(918) You gonna tell me what the hell's going on around here?
(919) You wanna talk about it here or down at the police station?
(920) Yeah, let's talk about that later.
(921) But help me get this side of beef off of me.
(922) James.
(923) Homegirl says she got the 41 1 on Angela.
(924) Yeah, l seen that girl y'all was talking about at the lntersection.
(925) What intersection? No, man the lntersection,
(926) back where the judge sent me to get clean. She in there.
(927) That girl, she in there.
(928) Seven.
(929) Angela.
(930) Angela, come on, get up.
(931) What's up, bitches?
(932) The fuck you gonna do?
(933) Don't move. 'Cause l'd love to bust a cap in one of your asses.
(934) Get their cell phones.
(935) You got that bitch yet? Yeah, I've got her
(936) Bone? Now I'm coming for you
(937) Fuck.
(938) Okay, motherfucker.
(939) Okay, motherfucker.
(940) What's up? You wanna play games?
(941) Time to play follow the motherfucking leader.
(942) Shit. He wants us to follow him.
(943) And l think l know where.
(944) Yeah, Franklin. James.
(945) That fight, it has to happen tonight.
(946) Good evening, sir.
(947) This way, if you will.
(948) Mr. Bone, it's good of you to join us.
(949) Like l said, family, you are gonna fight.
(950) And you are gonna win me back my money.
(951) And if l don't fight?
(952) Then you'll die.
(953) And l'll go back to town and l'll kill the nanny
(954) and the three little brats and your little rat, Pinball.
(955) And this will hurt.
(956) But l'll gut and filet Angela like a sea bass.
(957) Just like you killed Roberto.
(958) That stupid old man opened his mouth one time too many.
(959) And you killed my friend Danny in prison, set him up for a murder he didn't commit.
(960) You knew Danny?
(961) So that's what this is about.
(962) Danny and Angela.
(963) He was a stupid-ass boy.
(964) He didn't deserve Angela.
(965) Well, l guess right about now you'll be getting the picture
(966) about how the fuck we roll.
(967) James, you talk too much.
(968) Yes, you do.
(969) l wanna report a possible homicide, 4215 Westgate Terrace.
(970) Yeah, l'm about to send you a video. All right.
(971) So, you're ready to fight, Mr. Bone?
(972) And if l don't?
(973) Then l'll beat you where you stand.
(974) Need l say more?
(975) Do you want to change?
(976) For what?
(977) Not bad.
(978) Winner by forfeit, Price.
(979) You motherfucker.
(980) James! Fuck you, too.
(981) O'Hara.
(982) l'll see you later. Nobody move!
(983) L.A.P.D.
(984) L.A.P.D.! Everybody, stay where you are!
(985) lf l go down, you go down, too.
(986) We'll see.
(987) Hey, Bone, when I get out,
(988) Hey, Bone, when I get out,
(989) you got family on the outside.
(990) Believe that, big homie.
(991) Believe that.
(992) Wanna go see your mommy?
(993) Go, baby.
(994) Never gonna leave you again.
(995) Never again.
(996) l know l said you had to leave, but you can stay if you like.
(997) No, you were... You were right. l'm trouble.
(998) You knew that boy was here the whole time, didn't you?
(999) And who his mother was
(1000) long before you ever came and knocked on my door.
(1001) l've got some money in this envelope for you.
(1002) Nobody's looking for it.
(1003) l'd like Angela to stay here with Jared after she gets cleaned up.
(1004) That's if it's all right with you. lt's all right.
(1005) You did all of this just to keep a jailhouse promise?
(1006) l like to keep my promises.
(1007) l gotta go.
(1008) Thank you.
(1009) Give you a lift?
(1010) No.
(1011) l think l'll walk.
(1012) Life in the city keep going, don't it?
(1013) Oh, yeah.
(1014) Sure you don't wanna stick around?
(1015) l could set some fights up. We could make some real money, man.
(1016) Nope. Got some business to take care of.
(1017) Sit on my shank, motherfucker.

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