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Thursday, December 3, 2015

[2013] [Breakout] English Transcripts

(1) I found it.
(2) Look at that.
(3) I can see it.
(4) Jen, I know you feel I've abandoned you.
(5) I know you're ashamed.
(6) You need to know I believed in what I did.
(7) And that I did it...
(8) because you awakened me.
(9) The words and thoughts... Come on, Daddy.
(10) Of my beautiful little girl moved me.
(11) Did it let my cause become so important
(12) that it took me away from my family?
(13) It did, and for that I'll always be sorry.
(14) But I never stopped loving you. Not for one second.
(15) I paid a price for doing what I believed was right.
(16) And I know you and Mikey and your mom are suffering too.
(17) You've grown into a beautiful young woman, Jen.
(18) I want to make it better between us.
(19) I want to be the father I haven't been.
(20) Are we there yet? Yes, we are.
(21) What happened, Daddy?
(22) I don't know.
(23) You have to protect the trees, Daddy.
(24) Come on.
(25) All right, clear the area.
(26) Remember we're not here to fight.
(27) If you feel threatened, take the ground,
(28) curl up, and cover your head.
(29) Had the roads all blocked there, Jack.
(30) So how'd you and your merry pranksters get in?
(31) We walked. You look good in a suit.
(32) You used to dress like them. This is private property.
(33) No, this is a conservation. This is all replant.
(34) That's very astute of you... You cannot cut this down.
(35) We own this land.
(36) Understand? Fan out.
(37) Okay, fan out.
(38) So you go back to whatever mode of transport you were on.
(39) Get your asses out of here.
(40) Otherwise, the group of you are gonna be arrested.
(41) Jack, come on. What?
(42) What's the matter, Jack?
(43) Got nothing better to do with your time?
(44) Here's what I suggest. Help!
(45) Take you and your granola friends out of here.
(46) Help! Somebody!
(47) Help! Get away!
(48) Leave me alone! Get your hands off her.
(49) Uhh!
(50) Get up!
(51) Hey, that's enough. That's enough.
(52) You get to join the work detail this week, Jack.
(53) Someone made a hell of a mess last night,
(54) blocked a couple of roads down at Logan Park.
(55) Crew is already out there, you'll be joining them.
(56) Maria, can we push that CBB interview back to Friday?
(57) I'll have to call them. Well, call them.
(58) You got Jack.
(59) The deal went through. Conpine got it?
(60) They got all of it, and you didn't hear it from me.
(61) Conpine just took the whole frigging reservation.
(62) No referendum, midnight conveyance?
(63) They can't do that. It's protest time.
(64) Conpine is no lightweight.
(65) You know what happened in Seattle.
(66) What's that got to do with me?
(67) What I'm saying is I don't want you to go in there.
(68) I'm not just gonna sit here and let this go down.
(69) I'm sorry, but I don't compromise.
(70) You're putting your interest ahead of your family.
(71) No, I am not.
(72) Yes, you are.
(73) You think those children wanna see their father in jail?
(74) No one's going to jail.
(75) Jack, I know Conpine far better than you do, okay?
(76) This smells like a setup. Do not go in there.
(77) Thank you, counselor.
(78) I'm not gonna sit here and just let this go down.
(79) You think those kids wanna see their father in jail?
(80) I'm warning you.
(81) Don't go in there, Jack.
(82) Were they nice to you in jail?
(83) Miss Lambrada was nice to me.
(84) Does she know I'm gone? I'm not supposed to go anywhere.
(85) Did you tell her you were taking me?
(86) I sure did. That's good, Tommy,
(87) I sure hope they were nice to you.
(88) Wanna know where we're headed?
(89) Someplace they can't bother you no more.
(90) Canada.
(91) That's nice, Canada. Canada, that's nice.
(92) Yes, it is. Sault Ste. Marie.
(93) How long is it gonna take to get there, Tommy?
(94) Couple days.
(95) We ain't driving nights.
(96) I don't like driving at nights, Tommy.
(97) I know.
(98) Conpine needs to get this done now with Jack.
(99) Right.
(100) Bad press is dogging them.

(101) But let's use it to our advantage.
(102) When are you planning to see him?
(103) Now.
(104) Just get him to accept the deal.
(105) I'll tell him you said so.
(106) Let's get him out of jail.
(107) Is it true? Is it true what we're hearing?
(108) We don't know anything yet.
(109) Is Jack gonna cut a deal with Conpine?
(110) I'll get back to you within the hour.
(111) You look nice.
(112) Two major points of the deal.
(113) First, no more slamming them in public.
(114) Second, and this is a kicker,
(115) they want you to consult for them.
(116) They want me to work for them?
(117) No, consult. What's the difference?
(118) They've turned over a new leaf, ecologically speaking.
(119) Why would they do that?
(120) What does Conpine get out of this?
(121) They're in talks with the government
(122) to take over a vast tract of land in northern BC.
(123) People are making noises about the company,
(124) and they need to be better corporate citizens.
(125) That'd be a complete sellout. No, it wouldn't.
(126) Yes, it would. No, it wouldn't.
(127) They'd probably get it anyway.
(128) Here are the things we can do
(129) to take advantage of the situation.
(130) We can set up programs, corporate responsibility,
(131) reforestation, school education,
(132) environmental safeguards.
(133) Did you say "we"?
(134) I can get you out of here in two weeks.
(135) That's three years early. I'd say that's a good deal.
(136) So I just take the deal
(137) and then they make all the charges go away?
(138) As your attorney, I think you should take the deal.
(139) What was it? Was it '85?
(140) President Botha said to Mandela:
(141) "You wanna get out of jail, then you just have to say:
(142) 'I tried to overthrow the government,
(143) I was bad, I shouldn't have.'"
(144) And then he gets to walk away.
(145) He made him an offer.
(146) Mandela turned him down, did 14 more years.
(147) What do you want?
(148) You wanna be a martyr? You wanna...? Is that it?
(149) You wanna stay in here, be deified?
(150) It's not like I had a choice.
(151) Yes, you did, but you didn't listen.
(152) Do you have any idea who's paying the price for this?
(153) Our kids.
(154) Jack, we have a daughter who has serious issues
(155) and she needs help.
(156) She needs both of us. She needs you.
(157) Look, we may be separated, but you're still their father.
(158) And those kids want you out of here.
(159) So do I.
(160) If I take the deal with Conpine,
(161) are you willing to give us another try?
(162) You ever talk to Mom?
(163) Mom? I sure do miss her.
(164) She's long dead, Kenny.
(165) Do you miss her?
(166) Hell, no.
(167) I do.
(168) What do you miss about her?
(169) She was our mom.
(170) You miss the beatings with the poker?
(171) Listening to her turn tricks in the bed beside us?
(172) You miss that? She cooked good.
(173) And she was nice when she was nice.
(174) She was never nice. She was bad.
(175) I just miss her.
(176) Hi, you've reached Jenny.
(177) I'm not here, but leave a message.
(178) I'll get back to you.
(179) Come on, it's time to go.
(180) Tommy, can I have this comic? It's really funny.
(181) You want the comic book? Yeah.
(182) You got it. Thanks.
(183) Tommy said I could have this comic.
(184) Uh, gas, chips, comic books, 37.52.
(185) Hey, what's the matter with him?
(186) He some sort of retard or something?
(187) Keep the change.
(188) Hey, you forgot your chips, sir.
(189) Asshole.
(190) Fuck it.
(191) Hey!
(192) What the hell you doing?
(193) Get off me.
(194) God, stop. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
(195) You ain't sorry, you're scared.
(196) You have every right to be.
(197) God shaped all of us the way we are.
(198) All of us.
(199) You bastard.
(200) You fuck with my brother...
(201) I'll fuck with you.
(202) You wanna look at that picture?
(203) Come on now, I know you do.
(204) It's here somewhere. Here it is.
(205) Here. Come on, have a look.
(206) Come on, Kenny, grab it.
(207) Come on, now.
(208) Grab it.
(209) Damn.
(210) We're really gonna live here?
(211) Yes, sir.
(212) Sent the check last week.
(213) When I get there, I'm gonna get myself a job.
(214) Mechanic or something.
(215) Look after you the way I did before the accident.
(216) Hm. Yes, sir.
(217) Man, I used to love riding behind you on that motorcycle.
(218) Should've never let you drive that night.
(219) Wasn't my fault, Tommy. It was the truck's fault.
(220) That's gotta be it.
(221) Road to Canada.
(222) Canada?
(223) Cellie told me about it.
(224) Yeah, Tommy, I'm starting to get scared, so...
(225) It's okay, just relax.
(226) Tommy, this doesn't seem right.
(227) Can we go back to the border crossing?
(228) It's okay. It's fine.
(229) No, it's not okay. It's not okay at all.
(230) Hush, Kenny, and I mean right now.
(231) Doesn't look right, Tommy.
(232) It's okay. Just relax.
(233) Tommy, we're right back where we started.
(234) What are you talking about? No, we're not.
(235) You see that license plate back there,
(236) what did it say?
(237) What did it say? Ontario.
(238) Ontario, Canada. We here, boy.
(239) We're in Canada.
(240) They're nice here.
(241) Nicer than where we came from.
(242) So, guys, your dad is taking the deal with Conpine...
(243) and he'll be home in two weeks.
(244) Home?
(245) Your dad and I are gonna give it another try.
(246) What?
(247) Why? Hey, guys, you all set?
(248) So, are we still going camping up to Finger Point?
(249) Are you packed up? Gotta get my gear in the truck.
(250) Jen, you packed?
(251) What? No, I'm going out with friends tonight.
(252) You're not going out. You can try this tough thing
(253) if you really want to, but you can't stop me.
(254) You are not going out tonight.
(255) Jen, I could really use an assistant up there.
(256) Pays really good money.
(257) Yeah, assisting what?
(258) Taking soil samples.
(259) What are you paying?
(260) A hundred bucks for the weekend.
(261) Okay, 200.
(262) Anything's better than being stuck here with her.
(263) I'll go pack.
(264) I think this is it.
(265) Where are we? We're here?
(266) We're here.
(267) Oh, wow, Tommy.
(268) Tommy, this is beautiful.
(269) Yeah, it is.
(270) This is it, little brother.
(271) This is it, all right.
(272) Is someone gonna meet us here?
(273) They're supposed to.
(274) He said he left the key under the mat.
(275) Goddamn key.
(276) Maybe the man will bring it.
(277) Said he left it under the mat. I ain't waiting.
(278) Welcome home, little brother.
(279) Thanks, Tommy.
(280) This is great.
(281) Yeah, it is.
(282) Really?
(283) Chuck, of all the things you have to sing.
(284) What, you don't like good music?
(285) When was the last time you went fishing?
(286) A long, long time, Tommy.
(287) Well, you wanna go and get some dinner?
(288) Can I?
(289) Yes, you can. Come on.
(290) We're gonna get some fish.
(291) This is gonna be great, Tommy. I just know it.
(292) Yeah, there are bears and snakes and spiders...
(293) all kinds of life-threatening creatures, don't worry.
(294) Wow, we're really in the middle of nowhere.
(295) Cool. Let's go kayaking.
(296) Hello. Jen, how are you, sweetheart?
(297) It's me, it's Daddy.
(298) Hey, Dad. Hi, how you doing?
(299) Just great. Good. Glad to hear that.
(300) Hey, listen, have you heard the news?
(301) Yeah.
(302) Yeah, you're out in two weeks. That's pretty good.
(303) That's right. Yeah, home in two weeks.
(304) Two weeks. Mm-hm.
(305) Uh...
(306) I need you to do something. I need you to come and see me.
(307) It's important, I gotta talk to you.
(308) I'm at goddamn Finger Point with Mikey and Chuck.
(309) Don't talk like that. Please.
(310) Right. Do you wanna talk to Chuck?
(311) No, I wanna talk to you.
(312) Here's Chuck. No, Jen.
(313) Hey. Hey.
(314) Congratulations, you get out in two weeks?
(315) Yeah, that's what my lawyer says.
(316) Well, you have a good lawyer.
(317) Yeah.
(318) What's going on with Jen?
(319) Hey, you know what? She's 17.
(320) Yeah. Yeah, you're right.
(321) Hey, listen, Chuck, there's something that I...
(322) Thanks a lot for everything you're doing.
(323) I really appreciate it. It means the world to me.
(324) I don't know how to say it any other way.
(325) You don't have to thank me.
(326) Listen, it's beautiful out here,
(327) we're gonna have a great time.
(328) Bye.
(329) Uh, Chuck, I have to use the bathroom.
(330) Seriously?
(331) Hilarious. Really funny.
(332) Your dad told me you're the reason
(333) he became an environmentalist.
(334) When I was a little kid,
(335) I asked him if he could protect the forest.
(336) Evidently, he took you pretty seriously.
(337) Yes. Maybe a bit too seriously.
(338) He loves his cause.
(339) He loves you too, Jen.
(340) Yeah, I guess.
(341) I understand the issues you have with me, Jen. I do.
(342) I wanna come home. I wanna be with you.
(343) I wanna be with Mikey, I wanna be with my family.
(344) I've disappointed you in the past.
(345) I promise you, I will not disappoint you in the future.
(346) I love you. Daddy.
(347) You must be Mr. Pain.
(348) Pleasure to meet you, sir.
(349) I'm Tommy Baxter.
(350) I'm supposed to know you or something?
(351) I sent you the check for the cottage for the summer.
(352) What was your last name again? Baxter. Tommy Baxter.
(353) Baxter. Check bounced.
(354) I rented it to someone else, they're coming in next week.
(355) So you guys gotta get the hell out of here.
(356) You what? I rented it to someone else.
(357) Sir, you can't do that.
(358) My brother and me, we really like this house.
(359) I'll pay you, I'll pay you right now.
(360) Get the hell out.
(361) Sir, I'll pay you. I'll pay you...
(362) I don't want your money.
(363) Now get the hell out.
(364) Come on, we gotta go.
(365) Hey.
(366) Can Jen go kayaking now, Chuck?
(367) Yeah, put in a good day's work. I'm impressed.
(368) Go take Mikey kayaking.
(369) Are you sure? Yup, have fun.
(370) Stay away from the other side of the river,
(371) the current gets strong there.
(372) Yeah. Good work.
(373) Come on. I'll race you.
(374) Be careful. You're gonna regret that.
(375) Come on, Jen. I'm coming.
(376) What the hell is wrong with you?
(377) Why are you such an asshole?
(378) That's our home. That's our home now.
(379) No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
(380) You can't take a man's home.
(381) Please. Please don't.
(382) You a man of faith? Yes. Yes.
(383) Well, make your peace. No. No, no.
(384) Dear God, please help me.
(385) No. Forgive me. Tommy.
(386) Tommy, don't. Please, Tommy, don't.
(387) Stay out of this.
(388) Please.
(389) Oh!
(390) Jesus Christ.
(391) What was that?
(392) We gotta get out of here. What happened?
(393) What happened? I think somebody shot somebody.
(394) Goddamn.
(395) Think them kids saw something?
(396) No, Tommy, they're just little kids.
(397) Jenny! Mikey!
(398) We gotta take care of this.
(399) I don't think they saw anything, Tommy.
(400) Come on, Jen.
(401) What are we gonna do?
(402) Got to find out what them kids saw.
(403) Can't hurt kids, Tommy, can't.
(404) You wanna go back to that facility?
(405) No. No. I did my 14 years.
(406) I hope they didn't see it, Tommy. I...
(407) Chuck! I'm coming. I'm coming.
(408) Praise God.
(409) Chuck!
(410) It's okay. I'm here. Chuck!
(411) Chuck, it sounded like gunshots.
(412) It sounded like that to me too.
(413) Are you okay? Are you okay?
(414) I saw someone get shot. What?
(415) Are you sure? You okay? He killed him.
(416) Oh, my God. Did they see you?
(417) Did they see you? I don't know.
(418) I think so. They saw Mikey?
(419) I gotta get you out. They saw you?
(420) I gotta get you out of here.
(421) Come on.
(422) Come on.
(423) That's the guy.
(424) If I say run, you run.
(425) Hey, campers.
(426) We heard rifle shots, you hear them?
(427) Yeah, we heard something.
(428) Could be hunters. A lot of deer up here.
(429) Hm.
(430) Seems like someone's hunting out of season.
(431) Yeah.
(432) So that rifle shot wasn't you guys?
(433) No, sir.
(434) Saw you guys from where we staying up there.
(435) Thought we'd come down, see if you're okay.
(436) Yeah, yeah. We're okay.
(437) How long you here for?
(438) Another hour. People are expecting us.
(439) Right.
(440) Hm. What about you, little man?
(441) You see something out there?
(442) Out...? Out where?
(443) You was in the kayak by the point, right?
(444) No. You sure?
(445) Yeah.
(446) Well, I saw you out there.
(447) I think you should leave.
(448) What about you, princess?
(449) We didn't see anything.
(450) Well, you have a nice day.
(451) Watch them bears.
(452) Tommy, please. We can't hurt those kids.
(453) We don't have to hurt the kids.
(454) Please. Please, Tommy. Please.
(455) Tommy, please, please. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.
(456) Run!
(457) You see them? No.
(458) Your days are numbered.
(459) The Lord, Jesus Christ, has spoken to me.
(460) You're a bad man.
(461) You a man of faith?
(462) I'm an environmentalist.
(463) Well, that's between you and him.
(464) You call them kids back and I'll make it quick on you.
(465) You understand me?
(466) Good.
(467) Do it.
(468) Jenny!
(469) Mikey!
(470) Can you hear me?
(471) It's me, Chuck!
(472) Tell them we're gone.
(473) Come on now.
(474) Run! Run, come on.
(475) You head up the hill.
(476) I'll head this way.
(477) Can't be that far.
(478) Come on, hurry.
(479) Okay.
(480) Shh.
(481) They won't find us here.
(482) How long before you get Jack's signature?
(483) Everyone wants to put this to bed.
(484) Yeah. I'll get Jack to sign within the hour.
(485) All right. All right.
(486) Oh, hey, Zak, hold on a second.
(487) Hi, Jen, everything going okay?
(488) Mama?
(489) Who's this? It's Kenny.
(490) It's me, it's Kenny, Mama.
(491) Where's Jen?
(492) Who's Jen, Mama?
(493) Where's my daughter, Jen?
(494) She ran away. She's gone.
(495) Kenny, are you a friend of Jen's?
(496) No.
(497) Kenny, where are you?
(498) I don't know, Mama. I'm looking for them kids.
(499) Kenny!
(500) Where you at?
(501) Kenny, where are you?
(502) 911 emergency.
(503) Yeah, I just got a call from my daughter's cell phone...
(504) and I don't know where she is.
(505) When are we gonna...? Shh!
(506) He said she's gone. Where's Chuck?
(507) What, you couldn't reach Chuck? No.
(508) Did you call the police?
(509) They said she's not a missing person until 24 hours.
(510) You gotta get me out of here now.
(511) You have to get me out of here.
(512) It's wilderness up there.
(513) I can track them.
(514) Nobody knows it better than I do.
(515) There's no way to get you out now.
(516) You have to keep talking to him.
(517) Kenny, no. I can't. Listen to me.
(518) You keep him on the phone.
(519) Here's what we're gonna do.
(520) I'm on the work detail at Logan Park.
(521) There's an old logging road at the north end.
(522) It's not far from the highway.
(523) You leave a car there, I'll find it.
(524) Keep the cops out of this.
(525) Jen? Hi, Mama. It's me, Kenny.
(526) Hi, Kenny, where's Jen? Can I talk to Jen, please?
(527) I don't know, Mama, we're looking for her.
(528) I'm with Tommy. We're looking for her,
(529) but it's starting to get dark, Mama.
(530) I don't like the nighttime.
(531) Is she with a little boy? Her brother?
(532) Yeah. Yeah, and I'm with Tommy.
(533) You're not gonna hurt the boy and girl, Kenny?
(534) No, Mama, no. No.
(535) That's good,
(536) because Mama doesn't want you to hurt them, okay?
(537) Is there a man with them?
(538) He's hurt, Mama. He's hurt.
(539) Kenny?
(540) I have to go, Mama. I love you.
(541) No, Kenny. Kenny. Kenny, wait.
(542) I can't see anybody.
(543) Neither can I.
(544) Let's get out of here, Mikey.
(545) Getting dark. Set out first thing tomorrow.
(546) They ain't getting anywhere.
(547) I'm cold, and I'm hungry.
(548) Me too.
(549) Let's find a place to sleep.
(550) I wish Dad were here.
(551) Turn the lights off.
(552) Jen?
(553) Hi, Mama.
(554) It's me.
(555) I'm real scared.
(556) Tommy's real angry and it's getting dark and...
(557) We're outside, in the car.
(558) I don't know what to do, Mama.
(559) Okay, Kenny.
(560) I'll stay with you.
(561) Mikey, we have to get up. Come on, we have to get up.
(562) We have to go.
(563) Come on.
(564) Where are we going?
(565) Let's go this way. Come on.
(566) Mrs. Damson, any help you can provide locating your husband...
(567) What about my children? Mrs. Damson...
(568) What about helping them? Weren't too quick on that.
(569) You can be charged as an accessory.
(570) You go ahead. You charge me. See where it gets you.
(571) Is... Is he dead? Near enough.
(572) Oh, Tommy.
(573) Let's get this over with.
(574) I'm getting sick and tired of this shit.
(575) I want them so bad.
(576) We gotta split up.
(577) You head that way, I'll head this way.
(578) You yell if you see something, all right?
(579) Okay.
(580) Son?
(581) Mikey?
(582) Kenny?
(583) Yeah. Yes, hello, Mama, it's Kenny. It's me.
(584) It's a real beautiful day here.
(585) Is it a beautiful day where you are?
(586) I sure hope it is.
(587) Kenny, I need you to listen to me, okay?
(588) Are you listening to me? Yes, I am, Mama.
(589) You do know what Jen looks like, right?
(590) Yes.
(591) She's 17 years old
(592) and she's got long, dark hair, right?
(593) Yes, that's right, Mama.
(594) Kenny, I need you to find her
(595) and I need you to get her to call me, okay?
(596) I... I will, Mama. I promise. I'm gonna find her.
(597) I'm looking for her right now. I promise.
(598) You be careful in the woods today, okay?
(599) I don't want you getting hurt. Okay, Mama.
(600) Because...
(601) Because Mama loves you, you know that, right?
(602) I know that, Mama, I love you too.
(603) I love you too.
(604) You remember what you told me once?
(605) What did I tell you?
(606) That you didn't mean to be bad.
(607) It's just that life didn't turn out
(608) the way you thought it would.
(609) I sure hope you're happy now.
(610) Are you? Are you happy now? You sure do sound happier now.
(611) I'm happier now, Kenny.
(612) Jenny!
(613) Mikey!
(614) Chuck!
(615) Jack. Chuck.
(616) What happened? Two men, in the woods.
(617) The kids saw them kill somebody. What?
(618) They could be anywhere. I told them to run.
(619) Have you got all your gear? It's in the truck.
(620) Which way did they go? I don't know, not sure.
(621) You gotta find them.
(622) Mikey?
(623) Mikey, come on. You go.
(624) Mikey, they're coming, we gotta go.
(625) They're gonna kill us, Mikey. We have to move.
(626) We're gonna find something, okay?
(627) How do you know that?
(628) I just know, I know we will...
(629) because we have to.
(630) Come on.
(631) Good, come on, we can do it.
(632) We can do it, come on.
(633) Hey, Jack, I'm not doing well.
(634) Sit down.
(635) You go on, I'll be okay.
(636) Find them.
(637) Where are we going?
(638) I don't know, we just gotta keep moving, okay?
(639) Jenny! Mikey!
(640) They're not shooting at us.
(641) Maybe it's the cops shooting at those guys.
(642) We gotta find out what's going on.
(643) How?
(644) It came from that way.
(645) Come on.
(646) Follow me.
(647) Mom. Kenny, are you all right?
(648) Mom, there was a man who was dead,
(649) but then he tried to hurt me, Mom.
(650) And... And I stopped him,
(651) but I think he's maybe dead again.
(652) Tell me what the man looks like.
(653) I need to know what the man looks like. Tell me.
(654) I don't know, Mom. I... I have to go.
(655) No, Kenny, I need to know what the man looks...
(656) Is that...
(657) Dad?
(658) Dad!
(659) Run!
(660) Run!
(661) Move, move, move!
(662) Mikey, Jen!
(663) Dad! Dad!
(664) Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
(665) Oh, my God. You okay? Yeah.
(666) You okay? You hurt?
(667) We have to move.
(668) Move, move, move.
(669) It'll be all right.
(670) Chuck!
(671) Chuck?
(672) Just don't look. Don't look. Look away.
(673) Chuck?
(674) Chuck?
(675) Dad. Dad.
(676) Dad. Follow me.
(677) Follow me, come on.
(678) Keep moving.
(679) Run!
(680) Get in the canoe!
(681) Go! Go! Go!
(682) Move it! Move!
(683) Jen, keep paddling. Keep paddling.
(684) Go! Straight through!
(685) Jen! Look at them go.
(686) Go!
(687) Heads down! Heads down!
(688) Forward! Go!
(689) Mikey, race for it! Come on, Jen!
(690) Okay. Keep going.
(691) Okay, straight for it!
(692) Heads down, heads down!
(693) Heads down! Get down! Down, down, now!
(694) Keep paddling!
(695) Son of a bitch!
(696) Daddy!
(697) Dad! Jen, I'm coming.
(698) Where's the gun? Guys, where's...?
(699) Guys, hang on!
(700) Mikey!
(701) I'm coming. I'm coming!
(702) Dad! Hang in there, Mikey.
(703) I'm coming! Dad!
(704) Help me! Mikey!
(705) Mikey! Mikey!
(706) Dad!
(707) Dad!
(708) They make it through them rapids...
(709) you gotta kill them.
(710) Come on.
(711) We go this way.
(712) Jen!
(713) Come on.
(714) Hold on!
(715) Dad!
(716) Please. Please, Tommy, don't.
(717) I don't like it, I don't like it.
(718) Damn.
(719) Keep your head down.
(720) Get down river.
(721) Get safe.
(722) I'll come find you. Go!
(723) Go!
(724) Hurry up.
(725) I love you, Dad.
(726) I love you too.
(727) I'll come get you. Just go.
(728) Go.
(729) Come on.
(730) Get your ass up here.
(731) You gonna thank me or what?
(732) I just saved your life.
(733) Bastard.
(734) Come on out here, hero!
(735) I got your boy.
(736) Help me!
(737) Please! You hear your boy?
(738) You hear him?
(739) You better come on out here.
(740) I'll gut him like a trout.
(741) I swear to God.
(742) I'll kill him.
(743) Come on, please!
(744) Your dad love you?
(745) Call your daddy, or you're dead.
(746) Come on.
(747) Dad!
(748) Dad!
(749) Dad!
(750) Dad!
(751) Come here, Dad!
(752) You hear him?
(753) His life is coming close to the end.
(754) I swear to God.
(755) I'll kill him.
(756) I promise you that.
(757) Dad!
(758) Run!
(759) Bastard!
(760) Please stop. Please. Please.
(761) Mikey!
(762) Dad? Mikey!
(763) Dad! Mikey!
(764) I thought you were gone.
(765) We have to keep moving.
(766) Let's go. Have to find your sister.
(767) Dad! Jen!
(768) Dad!
(769) Kenny!
(770) Stop. Please stop.
(771) Where are you?
(772) Dad! Stop!
(773) Please! Stop! Please!
(774) Good girl. Good girl.
(775) That's a good girl. Please don't...
(776) Hi, Mama. Kenny.
(777) I got her. I got her. I found Jen, Mom.
(778) You found her?
(779) I found her. I found Jen, Mama.
(780) I have her, I have her. She's okay.
(781) She's okay?
(782) I did good, didn't I? I did good.
(783) Mom? Mama?
(784) You did really good, Kenny. Can I talk to her?
(785) Yes, Mama. Mama wants to talk to you.
(786) Mom?
(787) Jen.
(788) Mom. Okay, Jen.
(789) Okay, listen to me.
(790) His name is Kenny.
(791) You need to keep talking to him.
(792) Use his name.
(793) Okay.
(794) Use it over and over again, okay?
(795) Okay. Keep talking to him about Mom.
(796) Okay.
(797) Okay. Can I talk to Mom now?
(798) Okay.
(799) Kenny, Mom wants to talk to you.
(800) Mom wants to talk to you.
(801) Mama?
(802) I'm here, Kenny.
(803) Kenny.
(804) I'm gonna take real good care of Jen, Mama.
(805) I promise, okay? I'm gonna get her out of here safe.
(806) I promise, Mama, okay?
(807) I have to go, Mama.
(808) Thank you, Kenny.
(809) Thank you, Kenny.
(810) Dad! Dad, stop! You don't understand!
(811) Stop! Please stop hurting him!
(812) Please, Dad!
(813) Oh! Tommy!
(814) Oh! Tommy!
(815) Dad, you have to stop. Please, please!
(816) Stop hurting him! Don't you touch her!
(817) Please, dad! Please stop hurting him!
(818) Please! Show me your hands!
(819) Dad! Please!
(820) Tommy!
(821) Get down!
(822) We need to go! Get up the hill!
(823) Go.
(824) You all right?
(825) Tommy. You're hurt, Tommy.
(826) We stay here for the night. It's gonna be dark soon.
(827) We gotta get them. We gotta get all of them.
(828) Tommy, I think we should just let them go.
(829) That ain't gonna happen.
(830) Well, what are we gonna do?
(831) Box them in.
(832) You stay up here, I'll head down the river.
(833) Move up from there in the morning.
(834) In the morning?
(835) You want me to stay up here all night by myself?
(836) Start stacking it up here.
(837) I'll be right back.
(838) Okay.
(839) I can track cougar!
(840) I can track bear!
(841) And I can track you!
(842) Can't deny the Lord's will.
(843) Come on out, hero.
(844) Be a man!
(845) Your day is coming.
(846) Damn straight it is.
(847) You need to know that...
(848) I'll never let anything bad happen to you.
(849) You just need to know that.
(850) I'm really sorry I didn't visit you in jail, Dad.
(851) It doesn't matter. I was wrong.
(852) That's no place for you to be.
(853) Thanks for coming for us, Dad.
(854) There's gotta be a patrol around here somewhere.
(855) I know they're looking for me.
(856) Tommy?
(857) Please.
(858) Please, I'll be brave, I promise,
(859) if you keep those little kids safe.
(860) Please keep...
(861) Please keep those little kids safe.
(862) Dad! Jenny! Jenny!
(863) Where are you? Dad!
(864) I can't see you!
(865) Dad! Jenny!
(866) Dad!
(867) Kenny?
(868) Mom?
(869) How are you? How's Jen?
(870) I'm looking for her, but I can't find her.
(871) What do you mean you're looking for her?
(872) I thought she's with you.
(873) I think probably Tommy... I think...
(874) Kenny?
(875) I think... I need to know what happened.
(876) Where are my kids?
(877) Please tell me where my children are.
(878) Kenny.
(879) It's all right.
(880) Please, talk to me. God, Kenny!
(881) I need to know where my kids are.
(882) I'm gonna get you.
(883) Come on.
(884) We're gonna keep going.
(885) It's a logging road.
(886) It's just a little stroll down the lane, come on.
(887) Ranger truck.
(888) We're gonna make it. We're good.
(889) You guys lost or something?
(890) Um, we could use a ride into town.
(891) Okay.
(892) You got a phone? I need to make a call.
(893) No, sorry.
(894) Got a radio in the truck though.
(895) Great. What are you doing out here?
(896) We're, uh... We, uh...
(897) We're really lucky to have found you.
(898) I was checking traps in the area.
(899) What are you trapping? I'm not trapping anything.
(900) Poachers trap the bears.
(901) Just hold on a second here.
(902) This is dispatch, go ahead, Park Ranger...
(903) Run! Run! Go! Go, go, go!
(904) Mikey! Mikey!
(905) Go! No!
(906) This is dispatch responding to your call. Over.
(907) It's gonna be okay. I'm gonna get it off.
(908) You don't have to do this. Please don't. Please.
(909) What the hell you doing?
(910) Can't let you hurt them, Tommy. I promised Mom.
(911) What the hell you talking about?
(912) I'm not gonna let you hurt them.
(913) Move now.
(914) Please!
(915) Dad!
(916) Oh, no.
(917) Dad!
(918) Shh. It's gonna be okay.
(919) I'm sorry, Kenny.
(920) I'm sorry, Kenny.
(921) I'm... I'm sorry.
(922) How do you feel now that your husband's been pardoned?
(923) We're very thankful
(924) about the reversal of Jack Damson's conviction.
(925) And we appreciate all of your support.
(926) Thank you.

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