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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

[2014] [Born to Race: Fast Track] English Transcripts

(1) You are where  Krueger?
(2) Come on, my dear!
(3) Translation Dragon Hell BORN Race  2
(5) Also in the same turn!
(6) Tell me what's your secret!
(7) Must keep pace! You ask!
(8) Go back to the first, it will change you!
(9) But what is all this?
(10) We wanted to say goodbye before leaving.
(11) Congratulations.
(12) I'm proud of you, son.
(13) 's Okay.
(14) This award is great. It will open its doors.
(15) There was no money.
(16) I know.
(17) Go join your friends.
(18) I get it. I know, yes.
(19) Hi! Hey, Max!
(20) It was really cool. Thank you. None.
(21) You will be friendly with your classmates.
(22) Fits properly!
(23) I have something for you. Really?
(24) What is it? A flight.
(25) I also have one.
(26) I love it. Thank you.
(27) I feel this would be great.
(28) Good. And the back too, right?
(29) Really?
(30) I know you want to go to Colombia, but Los Angeles is worth it.
(31) Could you live in Los Angeles, steps from the beach...
(32) You've got it all figured...
(33) Our future is now.
(34) Driving School FAST LANE.
(35) What is your problem?
(36) Fireball Pretty.
(37) Rolls But tell me?
(38) Pretty Box. You rented or loaned his father ?
(39) This is a story in squares!
(40) Must have a sense of humor, to drive it.
(41) This is what I thought.
(42) CROMWELL TO  Willow Springs.
(43) It's crazy to be here!
(44) Markus of Moosebrook.
(45) Hi Danny, Los Angeles.
(46) Finally a companion among all these strangers!
(47) You point NASCAR? No World Challenge.
(48) Fix! Me too! You think it will be?
(49) How? The number 1!
(50) The Number One? Why?
(51) You want an autograph?
(52) If you already won five races in NASCAR
(53) a Super Late Model, yes.
(54) And if I won seven championship?
(55) English karting Championships and Super One Series.
(56) I stopped karting at age 12.
(57) And the boys stopped you? Those who do not keep your distance.
(58) Do not leave me behind.
(59) Want to know which are the best?
(60) Front looks. Enzo and Paul Lauricello.
(61) Laps They earn titles in the Italian championships.
(62) They have a house in Rome only for trophies.
(63) These Italian pieces soon taste
(64) exhaust fumes Lucas Mabeaux!
(65) And you then? What did you do as a race?
(66) I won the championship drag high school students.
(67) Is this?
(68) A little on the big...
(69) But who's here!
(70) A new hope!
(71) No phone here. Never.
(72) Twins Versace...
(73) Let's admire her chicks, boys.
(74) My name is Richard Duncannon.
(75) He is Liam Sterling. The director of Fast Lane.
(76) Does your instructors for the next 4 weeks.
(77) We received 3,000 applications worldwide each year.
(78) It only takes 8
(79) You're the best, OK.
(80) But this will not help you to have your diploma.
(81) Do you think you know it all.
(82) Let us show you that you are wrong.
(83) And you will become much better than you could imagine.
(84) Do not be so sure. I, I have a lot of imagination!
(85) It was a cowboy in the room.
(86) Who will accompany you on your walks?
(87) The difference with other schools, it is our desire
(88) Do you work as a team.
(89) We will assign you a partner.
(90) What differentiates success and failure, is your ability to work.
(91) You'll always be together, and passing exams team.
(92) If one of you is reset, same rate to the other.
(93) Do you understand?
(94) You should eager to show us your talent.
(95) Then type exit and shame. This is the beginning of a long series.
(96) The first test serves as a comprehensive evaluation.
(97) The cars are equipped with transpondes
(98) to spend your time.
(99) Table showing your best time and show your progress.
(100) First warm up lap, then 5 rounds.

(101) Your enemy is time. No other.
(102) Sacred equipped tell me.
(103) This is truly amazing.
(104) The first time I've seen better.
(105) Why, in your opinion? The asphalt may be more adhesion.
(106) It's best to check. Do not worry.
(107) I get the red lantern, to be sure.
(108) Hard, that first day...
(109) Maybe it was his car.
(110) This was not the car. You have slowed us!
(111) 2/10e We could have won.
(112) Drag, is for fast cars.
(113) But the race is to the swift guys.
(114) You say what? And if we were teachers?
(115) You will find that it is faster? We're just instructors.
(116) And besides, he wears cowboy boots.
(117) Bad news: You still have much to learn.
(118) Good news:
(119) Our friends in the stables looking to recruit.
(120) A month after the end of exams, the two best of you
(121) return compete in the Lucas Oil Cup here.
(122) The greatest drivers in the world have started their careers here.
(123) ... And you both follow in their footsteps.
(124) Not with these times.
(125) A snail would have more chances of winning.
(126) So there's a lot of work.
(127) You should go for it.
(128) Here are the teams. You will share your room too.
(129) Enzo with Paul. Markus with Tak.
(130) Danny Luke...
(131) Konichiwa !
(132) I'm from Iowa.
(133) Included?
(134) Sorry I can not be with Danny.
(135) Fede  lost,  this guy.
(136) Smell you're used to.
(137) With the other cowboy. Yes, sir.
(138) This gives me a rash! This is stress.
(139) He has done well today.
(140) I hope fuck tail on fire.
(141) You better learn to turn,
(142) I do not want a ball.
(143) Come on, move it!
(144) Hi, Jess. How are you.
(145) Well! Sure.
(146) They are very strong.
(147) I mean, super good.
(148) This is the first day, do not worry / i
(149) Anyway... On your side, what's up?
(150) Max did a fine.
(151) 3 For a time this year?
(152) Become a lawyer quickly, he will need you.
(153) I miss you. You too.
(154) BULLETIN ADMISSION Columbia University.
(155) The food finally!
(156) God Bless the USA.
(157) Amen, friend.
(158) If I finish files you me your number?
(159) That means no.
(160) But no... It shows me that she leaves.
(161) Mangia, mangia !
(162) Until the heart attack.
(163) This will make a driver less.
(164) But I'll always be there alone.
(165) And then?
(166) If your teammate continue so I could double tricycle!
(167) Suspect...
(168) Listening. They want to destabilize you.
(169) I had not noticed me...
(170) None.
(171) As you started driving?
(172) I'm the youngest and my two older brothers
(173) are rally drivers. We have our father.
(174) I wanted to make my hole, So I started 14 years.
(175) Pick-up my father in small rural roads.
(176) Two weeks after my 16th birthday
(177) I won a championship, and just went.
(178) Awesome.
(179) A Canadian who is not hockey? I love this!
(180) But I'm better behind the wheel. It shows. You are fast.
(181) Thank you. And I'll improve.
(182) For me it's simple.
(183) To be the best pilot, should know your grill.
(184) The brackets for the engine block.
(185) Motors Doctor Single Cowboy...
(186) In engines, I know!
(187) Unlike you, I guess.
(188) Do you have fat on your hands that call it.
(189) Pass their engines thesis
(190) , but if you were quick, you do not
(191) If my father saw my time, he would have killed me.
(192) This is also family time.
(193) Since I was small.
(194) I was still wiping with your team.
(195) He was Nascar driver.
(196) Cool. He who taught me everything was.
(197) Cars... I'm addicted.
(198) This is when you want the pizza chef! OK. Out!
(199) But catch me if you can.
(200) What's mouth, peasant.
(201) Come on!
(202) Come on, calm down.
(203) All is well.
(204) And now my teammate! Super...
(205) Calm down... I know. Ok I get it.
(206) But there is chance that Pizzaiolo calls as well.
(207) Come back here! Come back! Luke!
(208) Hey, the food!
(209) Addition!
(210) So what?
(211) You say that?
(212) It returns the Texas cowboy.
(213) Approach...
(214) A little more...
(215) They actually had to put the gum.
(216) My God...
(217) This is what? Ask for help.
(218) Okay? My leg is fucked.
(219) You went too far, Enzo.
(220) Like you said...
(221) This is a pilot less.
(222) My God...
(223) 14 years and I never saw it!
(224) If any of you still want to run out of the loop...
(225) you can...
(226) can clean!
(227) Item 2 of the agenda.
(228) How could this happen?
(229) I have nothing to do with it.
(230) You do not understand anything!
(231) This is the problem!
(232) You team. You should care for each other.
(233) If your teammate loses,
(234) is up to you to get back on track. Included?
(235) Yes, but Enzo?
(236) Who tried everything he was.
(237) He dropped the case by blocking.
(238) Lucas  But he did not give up.
(239) He's stubborn as a mule. This mule was his teammate.
(240) If you want to stay, you should find another .
(241) This is your opportunity to only stay with us.
(242) Mullins is in Europe for the summer.
(243) De Luca is registered at another school.
(244) Ramsey lives too far. He ​​will not have the time to come.
(245) Stinks.
(246) Wait... Also, like you know, maybe?
(247) No. .. not him. No.
(248) He does not live far away and is available.
(249) He karting. E has two preset here.
(250) It has to be someone else.
(251) No one else.
(252) Otherwise, goodbye scholarship this year and will try again next year.
(253) Venues Most stables will be taken.
(254) Sometimes it's better to know enemies.
(255) I missed?
(256) Not for me, anyway.
(257) Spending Drag Racing, is bold.
(258) Another thing that bit me?
(259) You really has not changed.
(260) Well, Mr. Jake Kendall!
(261) Faster than lightning.
(262) In any case, you were fast.
(263) I did my best.
(264) Good.
(265) First things first. Shows what you can do.
(266) Shit, he beat me by 1/10.
(267) Not bad.
(268) This is my return on asphalt.
(269) Your new teammate a level closer to yours.
(270) Come on, everyone. He is moving. He ​​has to do.
(271) What...
(272) Why did you move my stuff? They were on my bed.
(273) I wanted the bed by the window.
(274) Only I was there before you.
(275) Are you super stressed. Do not you feel in their place?
(276) Why? I earned my place here.
(277) But you saw your time?
(278) You are here because I had the accident.
(279) Think what you want, but facts are facts .
(280) You screamed your engine. It's your fault.
(281) Do you want facts?
(282) I should have her purse. My presence here is proof.
(283) It's fate, Danny. Not a bit.
(284) You were just in the corner. We chose you from other guys.
(285) Not because you were the best, but because was available to you.
(286) I'm here to win, you to be my ball or not.
(287) Is you, the dead weight.
(288) You do not realize it.
(289) Hi, Jess.
(290) No, nothing... I do not want to talk.
(291) I'll call you.
(292) Father, it made me very well. More than I imagined.
(293) E is beautiful here.
(294) I knew I could do it.
(295) I finished fifth in the first race.
(296) Is not easy to take.
(297) In my next call, I hope you will be the first.
(298) When I graduate, everything will go as planned.
(299) "Kendall" written in letters of fire in a race car.
(300) Promised!
(301) "A"? No, I mean a stable!
(302) If you transfer correctly ninth time, you can
(303) To 160 or 200-210 km / h.
(304) Danny on the table. Show us what you would do.
(305) Well .. should...
(306) Transform...
(307) a bit as well.
(308) Lord! Jake!
(309) Do not you agree? Indeed.
(310) You have to go to the point of rope and walk just before power
(311) history to win a top speed.
(312) And that leaves more room if you have to bend.
(313) Okay
(314) I'm willing to give you lessons. You only have to ask.
(315) You can take a turn, is half the work.
(316) Successfully control the vehicle to exit ,
(317) is the other half.
(318) This afternoon, small exo position.
(319) The slower of the two follow each other ,
(320) until its speed.
(321) At the moment, exchange their roles.
(322) Well done, Tak Come exchange.
(323) You're not fast, you.
(324) It has been 5 rounds! We should have exchanged our roles.
(325) We can see behind
(326) ! Come and see.
(327) No seriously, if you put longer than others...
(328) my turn to be in front!
(329) Do you want to be? Then fold i.
(330) You're too heavy!
(331) Paul. Come on!
(332) Here we go.
(333) For the exchange, but me.
(334) Boys!
(335) Need help.
(336) Follow me, I'll show you how!
(337) We might shoot you.
(338) You start following me.
(339) I have a song for you Follow the leader, leader...
(341) Enzo! Tell them a little faster!
(342) Enzo, Paul, you do not have nothing to do there. Sure.
(343) This is nothing!
(344) Like it?
(345) Bravo, beautiful waterfall! By cons ,
(346) output  bad corner.
(347) He masters, however.
(348) Not bad. Does it work for you.
(349) You think? What have you done now...
(350) Very impressive.
(351) It does not improve my time.
(352) Still...
(353) Do you have great control.
(354) This is rotten, this bar.
(355) Frankly, I'll tell you.
(356) If you came here with my brother, this is for money.
(357) Goal 2 h.
(358) The night gets interesting.
(359) I'll be back.
(360) See how it's done in Italy.
(361) Wait, let me do it.
(362) Danny, Danny... Stop.
(363) This is a Ferrari. Is not a Chevrolet.
(364) This is not for you. 100 though.
(365) I would say well 200, but you will not be able to follow.
(366) Come on, say 200
(367) Good luck, friend.
(368) I give you 30 s. A Moment in large finite maximum and .
(369) I think it can happen.
(370) You bet?
(371) What do you bet?
(372) Krueger will succeed.
(373) To take, he took...
(374) is not close to having finite  So aboulez ..
(375) It's crazy that you came.
(376) I was really worried. More calls, text messages...
(377) Sorry . I think about these things.
(378) And with Jake?
(379) Find a pad lovebirds!
(380) Hi, Jess! What are you doing here?
(381) I make sure you do not kill each other.
(382) We are teammates. Hey, Krueger?
(383) Where are you going? Where the wind will take me.
(384) I never thanked him for the flowers you sent me.
(385) They lit room.
(386) What? Go...
(387) Flores, Jess?
(388) He was in the hospital. Seems normal to me.
(389) After all his dirty tricks against me ?
(390) I wanted to be good.
(391) Sympa how? Frankly, Danny...
(392) I'm not here for that.
(393) To what then?
(394) I was really worried about you. And I said to myself
(395) Manager  What is with you in LA would not be a sacrifice...
(396) "A sacrifice?" Why would that be?
(397) Because you took in Colombia.
(398) This is super...
(399) So you go to New York.
(400) You tell me when the count? On his return, not to disturb him.
(401) After everything that we had planned... You did not ask my opinion.
(402) And what do you want? You do not want a "we", anyway.
(403) Are you abusing I never said that.
(404) I can not, not. Danny! Talk to me!
(405) For?
(406) I thought I was with the boys.
(407) This is the case.
(408) The shower in my room is broken.
(409) Is not much use.
(410) Well, anyway... I'll be back later.
(411) Why? I'm not naked.
(412) You look tired. The night was long?
(413) You could say that.
(414) Is cute, his girlfriend.
(415) It's been a long time? I'd rather not talk about it.
(416) Problems?
(417) More.
(418) We parted.
(419) Is difficult to understand what I'm trying to do here.
(420) The passion for racing, few people understand.
(421) Asked you problem for you?
(422) Race.
(423) She puts guys uncomfortable, a girl who is in charge.
(424) And who is always surrounded by other guys.
(425) How do you do then?
(426) I hang out with guys who understand.
(427) You're beautiful when you smile.
(428) The Canadian  with tan lines!
(429) I do not mean to interrupt.
(430) Do not worry, I left. You do not like Americans?
(431) Yes, but not overbearing.
(432) Ladies and gentlemen,
(433) today exo port communication.
(434) You will become a pilot and co-pilot.
(435) Motorists should follow the instructions of your copilot.
(436) Maybe a little tighter.
(437) Go to the apex, then you collections.
(438) 4/10ths been gained in this field. Congratulations!
(439) They go super fast! Do you have plans for tonight?
(440) This is Markus!
(441) Pedal to the floor!
(442) Faster! Why do you brake?
(443) You should listen to me.
(444) You could win  speed.
(445) What did I say!
(446) At least I beat him. These two guys...
(447) They are ridiculous.
(448) This is like two dogs fighting over scraps .
(449) In the meantime, you should be suspicious.
(450) True! You did a great time!
(451) Enjoy. Tomorrow will be a distant memory .
(452) Fell. Will.
(453) This is teamwork?
(454) Everyone has improved their performance, except you.
(455) I'll have to get to work or put butts... !
(456) Included?
(457) It is useless to set the phone.
(458) I know. So Called It!
(459) Why?
(460) He thinks I changed our relationship to my place in Colombia.
(461) He knows how important it is for you?
(462) I think not.
(463) So explain.
(464) Do you want to be a lawyer? Learn to discuss.
(465) As his father said, "Who asks nothing gained."
(466) Where did he come?
(467) If you're too afraid to ask, you will never get what you want.
(468) But if he will not hear me?
(469) This is because it was not the right person.
(470) better understand quickly.
(471) So you were hiding here?
(472) I need to study a little quiet...
(473) some driving techniques.
(474) What motivation! You impress me.
(475) I believe this belongs to you.
(476) Thank you. None.
(477) Thank you.
(478) You want to come with us? We go to the bar.
(479) No, I will stay and work.
(480) At the same time, I understand. The food is not great.
(481) Could go elsewhere. Just you and me.
(482) This is kind of you. But this is not a good idea.
(483) Yeah I understand.
(484) You have to be revised.
(485) You need to have.
(486) Hello, this is Danny. Leave me a message.
(487) You should get first. You are very broad.
(488) Is just outside! We need to take inside.
(489) Nearest the line!
(490) Always 3/10ths behind me!
(491) Brakes! Brakes!
(492) Stay on track!
(493) You, braking too early. Why I'm faster then?
(494) YOU plants! I better time than now!
(495) So much the better. You have something to say?
(496) Yes! Krueger, running!
(497) A stunning control!
(498) Have you seen your advice, too?
(499) They are very good. My ass!
(500) You do it on purpose to stand in front of me!
(501) You will sabotage my brakes yet?
(502) Stop, I never touched your car.
(503) Not you, but an employee of his father.
(504) The dream team! The U.S. team!
(505) This is perfect. Super, bravo!
(506) It was good.
(507) Not far...
(508) Hey, Frankfurt... I told you ..
(509) You are not yet serene about No. 9
(510) If you want to catch us, should take this turn As...
(511) A Man. As a man!
(512) Is a back again?
(513) You paused. Calm down.
(514) Here we go.
(515) You really balls.
(516) Sorry, I can not work with him.
(517) No, you do not want.
(518) "You do not want to." This is not the same thing.
(519) And if you do not want to change,
(520) pack your bags, you wasting my time.
(521) Gently, gently!
(522) You're going too fast!
(523) Never been faster.
(524) Slow! Slowly!
(525) Mike sends a team of 9!
(526) It's a good look...
(527) This is what you expect if you exceed limits .
(528) Each of you is a counterweight at the other.
(529) If you do not hear your teammate
(530) Consequences can be fatal.
(531) Markus and Tak... You're lucky to see them again.
(532) But not this season.
(533) I thought you would have a was the first accident.
(534) You are not a team, you pull.
(535) I did not want him...
(536) Why do you think we chose?
(537) We have not chosen your team, your team as we are beginners.
(538) You'll take what, and will roll.
(539) How do you think this happened with Richard at the beginning?
(540) If you want to get there, stop throwing legs.
(541) And focus on your qualities.
(542) You have not tried yet.
(543) Okay?
(544) You do not know how to hit. I was not talking about it.
(545) But  next time, lose your stuff before it bursts.
(546) This is something you have to let go.
(547) This is normal after what happened.
(548) But the right of Sterling, you know.
(549) If we can not work together as drop the case.
(550) Lo better manage curves, I know.
(551) I'll admit.
(552) But you do not have enough speed.
(553) This is why I always get to catch you!
(554) Loose yourself. What is the problem?
(555) I can not accelerate to the maximum.
(556) Where your braking too early?
(557) Help me with my lines, I take care of your speed.
(558) There are two places to take drivers. Can happen.
(559) Do you feel well?
(560) Go walk Kendall!
(561) A hug or anything.
(562) Come on, get up.
(563) Here we go!
(564) This change again, you take it too early.
(565) Uses the line. What is the rule?
(566) The apex is the speed at which you take the turn.
(567) This is especially true for the 4
(568) This is a back double apex.
(569) Is not easy to negotiate.
(570) Speaking to negotiate. It's something between you and Michelle?
(571) None.
(572) And what I saw in the showers, the other day?
(573) That was a mistake.
(574) You can continue to work?
(575) Howdy, not see what's behind...
(576) Great...
(577) Large...
(578) Now!
(579) 3 tours with 1/10th ever taken. He ​​understood!
(580) As you can push the max?
(581) Should go smoothly. I will show you.
(582) Put ​​yourself on one leg.
(583) If I do this, what's happening? Hey, calm down!
(584) So? I lose my balance.
(585) But the same applied force more slowly allows you to get used to it.
(586) Is the same car, need to be calm.
(587) Thus, if it starts to fall, you can resume in hand.
(588) You are a genius.
(589) Break your wheel slowly at apex.
(590) You just earn 10 km time.
(591) Super Friend!
(592) You do what accounts with Jess?
(593) I do not know yet. Think too.
(594) Your bitch is coming far because it takes you.
(595) Do you know what it is worth if you had made in hospital
(596) Only with visitors from their parents.
(597) You can believe me.
(598) I leave end of August.
(599) My mother is with me one week.
(600) To help me resolve.
(601) Hi, Jess. How are you?
(602) Good.
(603) You do something after? Tony organizes
(604) a huge bang, you coming? No thanks.
(605) Okay
(606) You are unique, apparently.
(607) Where'd you hear that? News travels fast.
(608) Really?
(609) What are you doing here?
(610) I want to talk to you. Are you ready, then I have to listen to you?
(611) Thou hast crossed.
(612) You did something Krueger.
(613) I'm sorry. But please, just 5 min.
(614) He is not interested.
(615) What you get?
(616) Fortunately you do not do football, you missed the ball there.
(617) His team last how long?
(618) Brock!
(619) Really? Are you sure of yourself there?
(620) Difficult to send the ball with a broken arm. Say it to my friends.
(621) Enough!
(622) I'll go with you. OK?
(623) You can keep it.
(624) You wanted to talk, right?
(625) Listen...
(626) Since I'm in Willow Springs, I'm choosing.
(627) All they have much more experience.
(628) I lost my teammate,
(629) then was Jake, farewell or purse.
(630) Since his arrival, I do not trust everything.
(631) Except today...
(632) where I can breathe again.
(633) Do you think your speech organize things?
(634) I do not know.
(635) This does not work well!
(636) At least of your worries, I answered it.
(637) I put no obstacle in the way.
(638) I know!
(639) And when I something dear to my heart,
(640) you reproach me not to think "we"?
(641) This is not what I meant!
(642) Do not you see that things from his point of view.
(643) Do you know why I want to go to Colombia ?
(644) This was my father's university.
(645) I remember when we visited the campus.
(646) One of my fondest memories of him,
(647) is his eyes when I told him I would go there too.
(648) How would I know?
(649) You did not tell me anything. You did not ask!
(650) Sorry.
(651) I will study there. That's it.
(652) It's like you and Willow Springs.
(653) What do we do then?
(654) How?
(655) I want to continue with you. Always.
(656) I want to make sure that it works. You?
(657) Of course you do!
(658) Closer, come on.
(659) Again.
(660) Ok, here Yes? as well.
(661) In. Yes!
(662) I'll put 4/10ths!
(663) I love you too, but I'm a winner.
(664) Let's put gum, Enzo.
(665) Is. The time of the final test.
(666) 10 rounds, all in the loop.
(667) For two winners: An international management team.
(668) The  starting grid was determined by averaging your individual time.
(669) Will be very tight because there is a difference s
(670) between the top 5 times.
(671) Do you miss the race?
(672) Most do not.
(673) Every other day, actually.
(674) Hi, Grandpa! Hi, Jimmy.
(675) Our son team mates? Can you believe, you?
(676) We talked on the way, exactly.
(677) I'm going to park, and here we go. Super!
(678) Super... Be Nice.
(679) Who? Me?
(680) No rush to overtake. Wait fault.
(681) When you're in the lead, thinks only its direction.
(682) If you'll put on your thinking caps promoter
(683) is death.
(684) Okay?
(685) I do not expect to see him in a circuit.
(686) Imprisoning them.
(687) Do not make me ashamed.
(688) Good luck, guys.
(689) How are you? Great.
(690) I do not want to move, but if I win my place in the team,
(691) I came to see you in class Colombia.
(692) Are you ready?
(693) Totally.
(694) Remember, you take the head and I am you.
(695) As usual.
(696) Krueger!
(697) I wondered if I would see him again.
(698) Mr. Apshaw! What are you doing here?
(699) I come here every year. See notes.
(700) Good luck Krueger.
(701) It was... My ex-sponsor.
(702) And you hit him your money.
(703) Not bad.
(704) Pilots   up / i
(705) They may have actually your chances.
(706) Take inside / i
(707) off! He ​​can not block us both.
(708) Shit!
(709) I do not let it pass.
(710) Kendall just double  bambina / i
(711) It's my ass. Where Krueger?
(712) Behind her. Let him go, let's have fun.
(713) This is my son!
(714) Goodbye Mario. Next goal Luigi!
(715) It was a little too easy. Beware!
(716) Makes me feel aggressive!
(717) Destabilizing He wants you! Focus!
(718) He wants to test my brakes, or what? They took my sandwich!
(719) Get me out! Stay calm / i
(720) Do not try anything before I get ..
(721) Well done!
(722) Be quiet, I can / i
(723) Krueger will get me!
(724) We will remove Kendall!
(725) I have to leave. I put the gas.
(726) No, wait! I'm almost there!
(727) Now!
(728) What was that?
(729) Thank you. Congratulations.
(730) I told you to wait!
(731) I was just behind. Danny.
(732) Do you want to double the No. 4!
(733) Danny...
(734) I cover it!
(735) If you had listened to me!
(736) Okay, stop.
(737) This race was everything to me!
(738) With his money, he can reinstate it.
(739) Tell your child to calm down!
(740) This is good. Danny falls go.
(741) Here we go.
(742) Is in the eye of the hurricane. He ​​should leave.
(743) How is he? It's okay.
(744) We'll radios, to be sure.
(745) It's okay. No you will not.
(746) A small obstacle in your way. Let overtake.
(747) We will find a solution.
(748) You defended well. We can see again the asphalt.
(749) How are you today? Like yesterday and the day before.
(750) Remind me to complain again?
(751) You are unhurt from a sacred accident.
(752) Life is short, you should enjoy.
(753) My life stops in Bradford.
(754) I'll tell you one thing.
(755) When finished Chouin like a baby, help me a bit.
(756) I do not understand! We were a team. What happened?
(757) You mentioned?
(758) For? I'm here now.
(759) Jake is the only person who has answers your questions.
(760) His attitude starts to get on my system.
(761) Do you spend a bad day?
(762) This day is far from bad. For you and for me.
(763) This is it. A bad day
(764) this is the day your money led to a wall at 250 km hour!
(765) On your dream career break 1 s with his clutch
(766) is a bad day!
(767) On your taskbar wife with his son
(768) leaving him a remnant of vodka.
(769) 's Bad days!
(770) This sucks.
(771) So listen...
(772) you will have a whole layer...
(773) And put it to work.
(774) 's Okay.
(775) Looks like you have a visitor.
(776) Bring him Fernando.
(777) Ok, Krueger?
(778) I passed the corner... I wanted to see how you were.
(779) All is well.
(780) I was out of my cast in a week.
(781) So, you work here?
(782) Listen, Jake... I wanted to apologize.
(783) For what happened there.
(784) I abused.
(785) Sorry.
(786) You do not have to apologize.
(787) But what happened?
(788) I do not know. I screwed up.
(789) I should have listened.
(790) This is the past.
(791) Rank.
(792) Danny! Wait a minute.
(793) I find it hard to give me my accident last year.
(794) I thought resume the race, would be better.
(795) However, when I try to run background , I block.
(796) This panic mug me and not let go.
(797) Do you have a punch of stress.
(798) He will return, you are not the first.
(799) A driver who is afraid of speed, What is a fish afraid of water.
(800) This is death.
(801) As a teammate, I would have told .
(802) I'm sorry.
(803) Krueger had yet to stir you?
(804) No, he came to apologize. Great. He abused.
(805) Not a bit.
(806) Travel though. He ​​will put everything back.
(807) It was my fault. I panicked.
(808) How? I thought it was over.
(809) Yeah, me too.
(810) You made a small step back. Turns.
(811) You have to go back...
(812) I tried. You saw the result.
(813) Try again and again.
(814) This will never be good enough for you!
(815) I have to be smarter, stronger, faster... Always!
(816) You make me  what, where?
(817) At 6 years, you refused your yellow kart!
(818) And then you tell me to leave? No, I abandon it.
(819) But I do it my way.
(820) Explains.
(821) Are you hungry? This lunch!
(822) With my extra time...
(823) I will soon buy a ticket.
(824) For?
(825) You attend a week. In your peeps.
(826) I do not know New York.
(827) I am a great guide.
(828) This is the Mustang Jake...
(829) The place where anything is possible...
(830) What are you doing here?
(831) I wanted you to be the first to know ...
(832) My father and I, let's build our own team.
(833) Lets run Lucas Oil Cup.
(834) This is amazing.
(835) So you take the wheel?
(836) Not me, no. You.
(837) How? I want you to be our driver.
(838) Are you serious?
(839) You are a better rider than me. Accepted.
(840) Total!
(841) So, I'm your boss.
(842) Danny...
(843) Jake. Okay?
(844) I have only been engaged in a stable.
(845) And besides, is looking for a Chief Engineer.
(846) I have nothing against the Mustang,
(847) But we have a lighter car.
(848) Less than 1.5 t.
(849) A queer, you mean?
(850) My customers buy  taken in  U.S.. My budget will focus U.S. too.
(851) This discussion is pointless.
(852) Why?
(853) No time for a crate.
(854) Let  buy one.
(855) It does not even have what it takes register.
(856) You must have participated in three races.
(857) If you join an existing team?
(858) 'll Be super complicated.
(859) This is interesting, Krueger, but I'll pass.
(860) It provides the driver and the team!
(861) But you use my name, my reputation and my cars.
(862) Given his past I do not have peace of mind.
(863) Respect, there are two types of drivers.
(864) Those who have had an accident and those who have one.
(865) Is not proposed to share the responsibility and expense .
(866) You have a team 100% brand new with an unknown driver.
(867) But you have a team in place unmanned!
(868) Your officer is the key for the year.
(869) Sorry, but I made my choice.
(870) Can we win the Lucas Oil Cup this year.
(871) And maybe Championship World Challenge...
(872) Your insurance like me, really.
(873) But it is very risky.
(874) Danny broke the record back in its class.
(875) 10 years he held.
(876) Can not find a better driver.
(877) Seems, yes.
(878) But soon after, you collided...
(879) Are you ready? Want to see your car?
(880) Pep Boys is one of my biggest sponsors .
(881) They fully support us. Markus will help you.
(882) At your service.
(883) Franco! Can you help me?
(884) She is very beautiful.
(885) I'm jealous. What?
(886) You've seen how the companions! She reminds me of you.
(887) This is a rear wheel drive.
(888) Everything is ready? There are some minor adjustments.
(889) And she can hit the road!
(890) We agree? 100% agreement.
(891) Welcome aboard.
(892) This case is good.
(893) But it can be improved.
(894) I know a few tricks.
(895) We five days will have to move!
(896) We have reviewed the collector, Large pot
(897) and tuned suspensions.
(898) A real jet!
(899) I always dreamed of having my team.
(900) The Things never happen as we imagine.
(901) You preach a convert.
(902) Tomorrow big day so let us.
(903) Hello, and welcome to the Willow Springs circuit
(904) for our annual meeting: Lucas Oil Cup.
(905) Top 20 riders will compete on asphalt
(906) For the title and the glory.
(907) Buckle up, will start. ,
(908) Flat out, here at Willow Springs circuit.
(909) Eric, you feel good, this race?
(910) It is better to declare us winners immediately ,
(911) History shame to save others.
(912) Callaway Staff Whelen will crush all.
(913) The declaration of war on TV Mav!
(914) Bene...
(915) Enzo!
(916) Hello, girls!
(917) Hey, do not worry.
(918) Paul, Enzo...
(919) present  Chris Mouse. International Champion.
(920) Charming. Also.
(921) And here is his father, Giancarlo. Hello
(922) How are you? We are fans. Congratulations!
(923) All teams prepare for the qualification / i
(924) You will win ..
(925) Qualifications begin at 5 min.
(926) We're ready... Yes, yes!
(927) Come on. Come on, guys!
(928) I will be your contact. Do not worry about your time.
(929) We will not risk a accident during qualifying.
(930) You're still less than class than me not.
(931) Come quiet. Matches well with your clutch / i
(932) It's great!
(933) Not necessarily feel, but he hastens death.
(934) I'll turn over a little to see.
(935) Not bad.
(936) Sacred car.
(937) 8! I thought it would be worse.
(938) Robert Thorne know?
(939) Super defense. Very difficult to overcome.
(940) Back among the living!
(941) Our U.S. team! Hey, Woody and Jessie
(942) do not forget to feed the horses.
(943) A little dancing, he tells you?
(944) Be quiet, big guy.
(945) Make your race you!
(946) This is for us.
(947) Use  not tire too quickly / i
(948) Find us on Mav TV Live / i
(949) How's it going?
(950) Italy will return some pizzas.
(951) I'll turn to our guest of honor
(952) instigator of this race.
(953) Warmly welcome Richard Gunn Lucas Oil!
(954) Lords... make their engines roar!
(955) Left
(956) Robert Thorne is in the lead!
(957) Lauricello Enzo and Paul are on their heels,
(958) side by side.
(959) A little later, we Eric Curran
(960) and fellow Leopoldo Arroyo
(961) stamped in their Camaro Whelen-Callaway
(962) closely followed by Chris Mouse and his car.
(963) Warning 5 to turn slippery.
(964) Taking enormous trust Chris.
(965) As we approach the second round, Thorne remains at the top and widens the gap.
(966) More  20 laps. Heater also your tires.
(967) Otherwise, you'll end up like him
(968) Paul, mug!
(969) Team Racing World goes on the attack. Beau control drift.
(970) I want!
(971) This is not true!
(972) Paul, I'll release.
(973) You double. Okay
(974) Now!
(975) The World Racing took the lead!
(976) Thorne never objected so little resistance.
(977) Keep it , and is won.
(978) Italian attack. Move!
(979) I got this.
(980) 77 Danny Krueger, tries to escape .
(981) David Gallagher It doubles the outside.
(982) Danny Krueger, for the team of Kendall, strong back.
(983) He tries to bend the Sport Mercedes Eagle.
(984) Krueger total control of your little Subaru.
(985) And it happens!
(986) The guy in front of you brakes too early
(987) Yes, I noticed! I will try to duplicate it.
(988) Super, keep it.
(989) Do not worry!
(990) This is not the Baja 1000
(991) They will read very easily. Calm the game, the moment you forget you.
(992) I'll remove it.
(993) No black flag? No, it was not purposeful.
(994) Seemed deliberate! This is the game This is the race.
(995) You were so. Do you remember?
(996) Over 10 towers / i
(997) The World Racing dominated the first half of the race.
(998) Do you remember me?
(999) Danny Krueger found the place 4
(1000) Robert Thorne and tries to bend.
(1001) Come on!
(1002) Unfortunately for Krueger, Thorne has no intention of leaving it.
(1003) Thorne took a turn too hard!
(1004) Thorne is not already in the race. It has a flat tire.
(1005) Bad karma!
(1006) Kendall's team is third.
(1007) Danny Kruger made a spectacular comeback,
(1008) but still faces the World Racing team cars.
(1009) Other 8 laps and an incredible race.
(1010) Ah / i
(1011) Double  Paul and puts pressure on Enzo.
(1012) Flinguera tires to stay ahead / i
(1013) Included / i
(1014) This Krueger is behind you?
(1015) And it happens fast / i
(1016) If the dump.
(1017) He is always there.
(1018) Over 4 rounds!
(1019) Emits it!
(1020) It was time.
(1021) More Now! Identifies him!
(1022) I'll be disqualified!
(1023) But the team win.
(1024) What is happening / i He wants to reach me?
(1025) Paul Lauricello becomes aggressive!
(1026) What happened / i
(1027) My crankcase gasket at Large!
(1028) Paul Lauricello just abandoned .
(1029) I hope it was worth it, Enzo
(1030) 3 rounds
(1031) Enzo Lauricello against Danny Krueger!
(1032) , Enzo!
(1033) Go, Enzo. Show me what you got.
(1034) More than 2 laps!
(1035) Enzo Lauricello and Danny Krueger leave the others in place.
(1036) He sees you coming closer.
(1037) He knows where you are going to try to double .
(1038) I tried on the 5 th round.
(1039) Care, is dangerous / i
(1040) This is gone.
(1041) That's it! Great, son!
(1042) This is the last lap.
(1043) Depose him at all costs, even?
(1044) My tires are dead!
(1045) Times in it, and immediately!
(1046) Last call  course / i
(1047) Cow...
(1048) Enzo! Ok?
(1049) Yes . Will
(1050) This is good.
(1051) It's good, it goes well / i
(1052) He won the prize of Danny Krueger
(1053) Kendall and stable!
(1054) You did it!
(1055) It is with pleasure that I declare Danny Krueger stable Kendall...
(1056) winner of the Lucas Oil Cup!
(1057) In my name, Forest Lucas and Lucas Oil every family.
(1058) Is an honor to give you a cup of Lucas Oil.
(1059) Excuse me, Enzo.
(1060) I'm sorry.
(1061) Come on, join me.
(1062) We did it, Dad. I'm proud of you, son.
(1063) Thanks, Dad.
(1064) How to make a trade?
(1065) Next Race: Laguna Seca. Yes, or no?
(1066) Total!
(1067) Styles Translation Dragon Hell

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