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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

[2008] [Body of Lies] English Transcripts

(1) All clear.
(2) Shh.
(3) Ali.
(4) Do we belong there? Do we not?
(5) It doesn't matter how you would answer that...
(6) ...because we are there. We're tired, and we can't see the end.
(7) We can't even console ourselves that our enemy is just as tired as we are.
(8) Because they're not.
(9) It is a fallacy that prolonged war will weaken an occupied enemy.
(10) He's dead.
(11) It most likely will make your enemy stronger.
(12) They get used to the deprivation, and they adapt and respond accordingly.
(13) While here at home...
(14) The explosion occurred in one of Manchester's heavily Asian neighborhoods.
(15) ...with every death reported...
(16) ...we have to deal with a public-opinion trajectory that slides rapidly...
(17) ...from supportive to negative to downright hostile.
(18) People just get sick and tired of a moment's silence at a ball game.
(19) They just wanna be told that it's over.
(20) Police and emergency workers in Manchester...
(21) ...are still combing through what is left of this block of flats.
(22) They say this was not the target.
(23) Had the bombs being constructed here found their eventual intended target...
(24) ...the devastation could...
(25) Despite the fact...
(26) ...we have markedly increased our operational intensity...
(27) ...we're not seeing any progress.
(28) What we're dealing with here...
(29) potentially a global conflagration...
(30) ...that requires constant diligence in order to suppress.
(31) Now, you see...
(32) ...because our enemy...
(33) ...has realized that they are fighting guys from the future.
(34) Now, ahem, it is brilliant as it is infuriating.
(35) If you live like it's the past, and you behave like it's the past...
(36) ...then guys from the future find it very hard to see you.
(37) If you throw away your cell phone, shut down your e-mail...
(38) ...pass all your instructions face-to-face, hand-to-hand...
(39) ...turn your back on technology and just disappear into the crowd...
(40) No flags. No uniforms.
(41) You got your basic grunts on the ground there.
(42) They're looking going, "Who is it we're fighting?"
(43) In a situation like this, your friends dress just like your enemies...
(44) ...and your enemies dress like your friends.
(45) What I need you to fully understand is that these people, they do not wanna negotiate.
(46) Not at all.
(47) They want the universal caliphate established across the face of the Earth...
(48) ...and they want every infidel converted or dead.
(49) So, what's changed...
(50) that our allegedly unsophisticated enemy...
(51) ...has cottoned on to the factually unsophisticated truth...
(52) ...we're an easy target.
(53) We are an easy target...
(54) ...and our world as we know it is a lot simpler...
(55) put to an end than you might think.
(56) We take our foot off the throat of this enemy for one minute...
(57) ...and our world changes completely.
(58) Thank you, Mr. Hoffman.
(60) I'm coming.
(61) You're early.
(62) Big boss man, what's happening?
(63) What's the story?
(64) Rules of the day.
(65) If the car gets immobilized, start shooting.
(66) Nobody gets traded. Everybody dies.
(67) So same as every day?
(68) You got it. Want some breakfast? Hell, yes.
(69) Thanks.
(70) All right. Tell me something real.
(71) Oh, all I got is real, man. You know me.
(72) All right, let's hear it.
(73) All right, a guy named Nizar.
(74) He's from Aquiz up near Tikrit, right?
(75) So he gets all fucked in his head after the invasion, you know?
(76) He starts working with the Baathists, then the jihadists.
(77) But he is scared shitless now, man.
(78) He's supposed to do a martyrdom operation...
(79) ...but he doesn't wanna fucking die.
(80) So he's coming to us.
(81) He's coming to us? Mm-hm.
(82) For chrissakes, move the donkey.
(83) Move it, let's go. Get these guys moving. Let's go.
(84) Come on, come on.
(85) Oh, my God. Just get the... Buy the fucking flowers.
(86) Come on, come on.
(87) So, what are the chances your man's playing both sides?
(88) I don't know. What are they with me?
(89) Three to one.
(90) All right. Let's slow down.
(91) Is this it?
(92) Yeah. This is it.
(93) Nitrate 37 slewing to target ports now.
(94) 01 L2MDT.
(95) On target, 15:31 Zulu.
(96) Cell phone linked to moving vehicle.
(97) Stop right up here.
(98) Right up here. Let me take a look.
(99) I don't see anything. I'm gonna call him.
(100) All right, call him.

(101) Bassam.
(102) Yeah, Nizar.
(103) NIZAR:
(104) Huh?
(105) NIZAR:
(106) IR 3.9.
(107) He says he wants one of us to come in. He is to meet inside the car.
(108) Inside the car. If he wants to talk, it's in the car.
(109) You have to come to us, Nizar.
(110) I'm coming to you. Do the fuck what I said. Go.
(111) Hey, hey. Listen to me.
(112) I am not getting my head cut off on the Internet.
(113) If something happens, shoot me.
(114) Will you shoot me? Fuck that shit. I will shoot you right now.
(115) I'm not kidding. Quit being a pussy.
(116) Nizar.
(117) Zooming in.
(118) Visual confirmed.
(119) Long wave 10.7.
(120) Shit.
(121) I can't talk right now, Larry. She wants the house.
(122) Give her the house. It's a piece of shit, all right?
(123) We're getting this, sir. We're getting it.
(124) She can ask for whatever she wants, but I'm not listening.
(125) What the hell are you calling for? Hang up the phone.
(126) Hang up the phone.
(127) Are you on the line?
(128) I can see you now, all right? You are attracting attention.
(129) Get the fuck out of here right now. I will handle this on my own.
(130) Roger that. Off target.
(131) Copy. Off target, 3-10.
(132) FERRIS
(133) Yes.
(134) Good, good, good.
(135) You want an orange? You hungry?
(136) No.
(137) So, Nizar...
(138) ...why'd you come to me, huh?
(139) I know too many things.
(140) They prepared me to go outside Iraq.
(141) What do you mean by "outside Iraq"?
(142) They said they need me to become shahid...
(143) ...for martyrdom.
(144) When a man knows too much, they say martyrdom.
(145) Who do you mean by "they," Nizar? Hm?
(146) I don't want to die.
(147) I want to go to America.
(148) I have a Ph. D., you know?
(149) And they want me... They want me to blow myself up.
(150) Ph. D. in what, chemistry? No.
(151) What do you know about radiological materials?
(152) Linguistic. I speak five languages. Five, you know?
(153) Nobody should say "martyr" to me. Nobody.
(154) You are a rare and a delicate flower. Yes, I am.
(155) Yes. Yes.
(156) So you don't wanna kill the Jews and the Crusaders, huh?
(157) What do you know about our pain?
(158) Cut the bullshit, all right?
(159) Give me some information. What do you know?
(160) You know, I know enough to be martyred.
(161) But with you, I know enough to stay alive.
(162) You have a computer?
(163) Yup. Hey, Ed, it's me.
(164) I got an Iraqi walk-in, up near Samarra.
(165) He's got a communiqué video here that somebody walked across the Iranian border.
(166) I'm watching it right now, sir.
(167) Can you see his face? Yes, captain.
(168) I am looking at the white whale.
(169) It is Al-Saleem. What's he saying?
(170) Well, it's gotta be current.
(171) He mentions the Sheffield bus bombings a week ago.
(172) He's telling the brothers to prepare for a UK operation's already planned...
(173) ...which is the bombing these people fucked up in Manchester this morning.
(174) Let me translate this part for you directly.
(175) "We will avenge the America wars on the Muslim world.
(176) We will come at them everywhere.
(177) We will strike at random, across Europe, then America, continually.
(178) We have bled.
(179) Now they will bleed. And bleed.
(180) Until they are bled out. "
(181) Ed.
(182) It's 6:00 in the morning.
(183) Saving civilization, honey.
(184) Disks are passed from hand to hand.
(185) The communiqués are not transmitted, not copied.
(186) My man says that real orders are verbal or in code on paper.
(187) Is there any indication of where he is?
(188) No, sir. He definitely does not have his location.
(189) But he did mention there's a safe house up north, near Balad...
(190) ...where Al-Saleem may have been.
(191) Dad?
(192) Hey.
(193) They're killing anyone who knows anything. He's scared.
(194) We need to debrief him very carefully.
(195) All right, so do it. In the States.
(196) No. Ahem.
(197) They're onto him. That's the reason he's running.
(198) On the toilet, not the floor. You hear me, right?
(199) So he wants to come to America in one piece...
(200) ...instead of going to paradise in a thousand.
(201) He should've thought of that before.
(202) I'm telling you. They will kill him within a few days, Ed.
(203) Yep. And if they do, that's all right...
(204) ...because we can be there to see who pulls the trigger.
(205) Now, get back to bed. Good night.
(206) Am I missing the point? I just offered him asylum.
(207) Well, you lied, buddy.
(208) So just cut him loose...
(209) ...and put him back on the street.
(210) All right.
(211) Okay, so everything's fine. No, no, no problem. No problem.
(212) We just have to ask you a few more questions, and then we can go.
(213) No, no more questions. Take me to the Green Zone.
(214) Maybe we could help. We have a few questions. Everything will be fine.
(215) Trust me. Okay? It's okay. Sit down.
(216) You're a liar. You're a liar. You fucking d...
(217) Get on the fucking... Back the fuck up! Step back!
(218) I talk to you! I talk to you! And that's all you want!
(219) You want to see who kills me, huh? Bassam. Search him. Get his phone.
(220) Now you've seen our faces. You know what that means.
(221) Computer.
(222) Guantanamo? You threaten me with Guantanamo?
(223) If you don't do exactly what I say...
(224) ...I will execute you right here. Do you understand?
(225) Listen, we are your friends, okay? We're your friends.
(226) We're here to watch you. We're here to protect you.
(227) You can't even protect yourselves.
(228) Boss? Yeah, I'm right here.
(229) I got a visual on him.
(230) Okay, where's he coming from?
(231) He's riding up right now. Coming right to us.
(232) Yes. I see him. I see him.
(233) He's coming down the street. He's coming north towards the square.
(234) I'm gonna hang back. All right, I'll let you know what he's doing.
(235) Keep an eye on him for me. He stopped in front of the café.
(236) He's walking right up.
(237) Listen, Bassam? Yeah?
(238) There is a black van heading this way with some pretty dangerous-looking guys.
(239) They're staring right at him. Yeah, I see it.
(240) Tell me what it does. All right.
(241) Looks like it's parking right up ahead. Yeah, it stopped. The van stopped.
(242) Can I turn around?
(243) Yeah, yeah, Nizar's getting on his bike.
(244) There's like four or five guys getting out of that van.
(245) Can you identify any of these guys? I've never seen these guys before.
(246) We gotta move.
(247) Did you see a flash? What?
(248) Did somebody get hit?
(249) Let's see a playback on that. Stay with him.
(250) Hello. In case you didn't see it, I executed him.
(251) You did what you had to do.
(252) If you hadn't, he would be describing you down to your eyebrows to them right now.
(253) I did it, all right? It's done. I killed him.
(254) He was always gonna get killed no matter what he did.
(255) Besides, you'd milked him and he was dry.
(256) Excuse me.
(257) Ferris?
(258) Is your silence supposed to say something?
(259) Because you do know we're at war, right?
(260) Your friend, who you must have had some intense cross-cultural eye contact with...
(261) ...was a terrorist a-hole, who turned out to be a coward...
(262) ...who wanted to go to Disneyland.
(263) Listen, Ed, we're going north now, do you hear me?
(264) We're going north to the Balad safe house. No, no, no, buddy. No, you're not.
(265) You're blown. There's chatter.
(266) Well, if I'm blown, Ed, that means you should've sent a team here...
(267) ...the minute Nizar got shot, but you didn't send a team, did you?
(268) Well, not since we've been talking, Ferris.
(269) You and I, we're going to that safe house, you understand? Now.
(270) Ferris? Where's the goddamn car, huh?
(271) Let's get out of here.
(272) It's time to move. I'm coming back to you, all right?
(273) If something happens, you'll shoot me, right?
(274) Yep. Good.
(275) Got you.
(276) Don't you fucking do it.
(277) Hassan! Hassan!
(278) Urgent request you dispatch Chili, Speck or Nitrate to these coordinates.
(279) North, 34 degrees, 20 minutes, 16.8 seconds.
(280) East, 44 degrees, 24 minutes, 14.4 seconds.
(281) This is a live target, a known operational base of an Al-Saleem cell.
(282) A high-value target. Copy that, on approach.
(283) Aah! Get back!
(284) Come on!
(285) Gotta go! Gotta go! I'm getting the intel!
(286) Get in the fucking car, man! Come on! Come on!
(287) Go! Go!
(288) I've got guys coming down the hill! Two trucks! On the right!
(289) I got it.
(290) Keep moving!
(291) Fuck.
(292) We're in some serious fucking trouble here.
(293) We're on Highway 1, south of Samarra. We're being pursued by two vehicles.
(294) We have valuable intel in our possession!
(295) We're in a black Nissan. Where the fuck are you people?
(296) I see them! We're right on their six.
(297) Have visual, will engage. Copy that. Engage at will.
(298) RPG. Take them out now.
(299) Fire!
(300) RPG!
(301) Nine, one, two, six, one.
(302) Let's go!
(303) Fuel tank is ruptured! I got him! Get the driver out!
(304) I can't! He's in pieces! Then get the bag! Get the intel!
(305) Bassam! Bassam!
(306) Stay with them. We are tracking.
(307) Bassam! Get his legs!
(308) No! Intel secure!
(309) Let's go! Stay down.
(310) Come on, buddy.
(311) Come on. Get him out, now!
(312) He's dead.
(313) Who are you?
(314) What's your name?
(315) Do you know where you are? Come on!
(316) Fuck.
(317) What's that?
(318) Bone fragments.
(319) Not yours.
(320) They get that stuff I sent out? All uploaded to Langley.
(321) Mr. Hoffman.
(322) Hey, Ed. Ferris.
(323) Christmas came early, buddy. Oh, yeah? What'd I get for Christmas, Ed?
(324) Well, 15 pages of this, 40 pages of that.
(325) I got, like, about 712 phone numbers that are new to us...
(326) ...that we can strip and evaluate...
(327) ...and amongst other things, a safe house in Amman.
(328) I've got jihadists coming and going from this place...
(329) it's happy hour at the Cat House.
(330) You gotta see this place.
(331) Before we get into that, I wanna know what you're doing for Bassam's family, Ed.
(332) I didn't know the man.
(333) What are you doing for Bassam's family? He was your guy.
(334) So now you don't know him, huh?
(335) You'll be going to Amman as acting station chief.
(336) You'll outrank Holiday. No matter what he says, you're the show-runner.
(337) You'll liaise with Jordanian GID, who are as hot for Al-Saleem as we are.
(338) You'll be working with a guy named Hani Salaam...
(339) ...who is not your run-of-the-mill fingernail-puller.
(340) Hani is a professional.
(341) And will I be sharing information with him?
(342) Let me say this about that: No.
(343) Now, you wanna take a few weeks off and go bang the wife?
(344) I'm getting a divorce, Ed. You know that. You know more about it than I do.
(345) Everybody around here screws up their marriage, buddy. Why not you?
(346) So you'll go to Amman?
(347) I will go to Amman. I'll call you later.
(348) This car is a real pile of shit. Is this the best they could afford?
(349) I brought this car in case you wanted to cruise the safe house now, you know?
(350) No one cruises that safe house, all right?
(351) I need to take a shit, I need a shower and an Internet connection...
(352) just take me to my apartment, all right?
(353) Got you in a high-rise.
(354) Hot and cold water. And you can drink it.
(355) Great. There's not much local color.
(356) I've had it with the local color. Thank you.
(357) Cheap-ass motherfuckers.
(358) Morning, sir.
(359) He's clear.
(360) NSA is listening to the phones and computer links...
(361) ...of anyone who's been near the house.
(362) Look, they don't have to be geniuses to stop using their e-mail and cell phones.
(363) I don't understand why you haven't figured out...
(364) ...that they're not communicating electronically anymore.
(365) The house is owned by a family named Alousi.
(366) And in my opinion, it just seems like a normal Jordanian family...
(367) ...with a lot of country relatives.
(368) Normal Jordanian family.
(369) But all of them are unmarried males between the ages of 18 and 35, correct?
(370) Listen, kid, whatever information you got in Iraq...
(371) ...I just don't think this house is what you think it is.
(372) These boys drink alcohol, they chase girls, they smoke hash, and...
(373) So did Mohamed Atta, right?
(374) It's Takfir methodology. Takfir methodology.
(375) Correct. It's permitted in order to deceive the infidel.
(376) You've had guys watching them go in and out of this safe house here...
(377) ...but what I don't get...
(378) why you haven't had anyone monitoring them after.
(379) Well, there's so much activity at this location...
(380) ...that we have exhausted the station's indigenous-appearing manpower.
(381) So you don't have enough good Arab guys to follow the bad Arab guys...
(382) what you're saying. That's right.
(383) Well, you're gonna need some more human surveillance...
(384) ...loaners from Jordanian Intelligence.
(385) All right. Skip, get out.
(386) Now, I am in receipt of a directive...
(387) ...which tells me that I am to make myself useful to you...
(388) whichever way that you request or require.
(389) But it is my feeling that to involve the Jordanian secret service...
(390) a breach of operational integrity.
(391) You don't need to tell me about Jordanian Intelligence, all right?
(392) They are doing a far superior job than you are, my friend.
(393) You've read that directive there...
(394) ...which clearly states that I am in charge of this operation.
(395) So, what I need you to do is leave this office immediately...
(396) ...and hand your entire staff over to me.
(397) You know, we've all watched your rise in the Near East Division.
(398) I'll see you on the way down.
(399) You and Hoffman both.
(400) I need you to help me out and get me a fresh pot of coffee, please...
(401) ...and a full staff meeting within the next 15 minutes, all right?
(402) To be fair to Mr. Holiday, Mr. Ferris...
(403) ...Mr. Hoffman never told us this would be such a big deal.
(404) Ed Hoffman is the head of the Near East Division.
(405) But he does not know shit until he steals it from the guy on the ground, and that's me.
(406) Now, please stop acting like such a fucking ingénue...
(407) ...and try to get me a meeting with Hani Salaam. Thanks.
(408) Mr. Ferris.
(409) Hani Pasha.
(410) Pasha? That is an Ottoman term.
(411) Well, I hear you like it, sir. Pleasure to meet you.
(412) Mr. Ferris, please take a seat. Thank you, sir.
(413) Welcome to our promising country. Thank you so much.
(414) As reliable as your Ed Hoffman would call a "towelhead monarchy" can be.
(415) Well, we'll leave that to Ed Hoffman, sir.
(416) Mm.
(417) What have you heard about this building?
(418) Well, to be quite honest, I hear they call it the fingernail factory.
(419) But no one close to you would say that, of course.
(420) No.
(421) But people are stupid.
(422) Torture doesn't work.
(423) Under torture, a man will say almost anything to make the pain stop.
(424) You have experience with this, I am sure.
(425) Mr. Ferris, here in Jordan...
(426) the fundamentalists, you see, I am, myself, the enemy.
(427) Perhaps the worst kind.
(428) Take not the Jews and Christians as allies. Do you know it, Mr. Ferris?
(429) The dar-al-Harb. Very good.
(430) We are together, Hani Pasha, in this House of War, yes.
(431) You are smarter than the Americans who are usually sent to Amman.
(432) Thank you, sir. I knew this, of course, before you came.
(433) You are young, but you respect your elders.
(434) You speak Arabic... Mm.
(435) you are a secret Arab. Mm.
(436) Now, ahem...
(437) We've recently discovered a large Al-Saleem safe house...
(438) ...and training cell here in Amman.
(439) I would need your help with surveillance, sir.
(440) Now, this is what we know so far.
(441) This is unusual.
(442) Your Ed Hoffman would rather have less information than share with me.
(443) Well, this is not Ed Hoffman. This is not my predecessor.
(444) This is me, sir. Please, have a look.
(445) I have one rule...
(446) ...if we are to cooperate, my dear.
(447) Never lie to me.
(448) Understand?
(449) Never lie to me.
(450) You shall have your agents.
(451) Thank you, sir.
(452) Agent Ferris is arriving at the site now.
(453) Thank you.
(454) Tracking now. Roger that, I'll reposition the aircraft.
(455) Slewing to 2.5.
(456) There it is. That's it. That's the safe house.
(457) Come on.
(458) What do you wanna do with this guy? Just watch.
(459) Watch him and what else? Nothing else.
(460) I'm not sure about this GID surveillance.
(461) I can't see any of Hani's guys. Well, I've spotted a few so far.
(462) You see the two by the doorway there in front of the safe house?
(463) There's one more selling radios.
(464) And there's one behind me with a striped shirt.
(465) That's what I've clocked so far.
(466) Who's this? Who just sat down?
(467) That's one of our guys.
(468) One of your guys? What do you...? A station asset.
(469) Zayed Ibishi.
(470) He's one of our contacts from the Palestinian camps.
(471) Station asset, huh?
(472) What the fuck is he doing making contact right now?
(473) And how come I don't know about this? I don't know. I don't know.
(474) If he makes that jihadist suspicious, they will shut down that house and leave.
(475) He's gonna get that guy killed. He's gonna blow this whole operation.
(476) Not again. Fucking Hoffman!
(477) Oops. Continue tracking.
(478) Area expanded.
(479) Tracking.
(480) Head him off! Head him off!
(481) Going down the alley. Adjusting coverage.
(482) Boost image factor.
(483) Switching to SAR. Stay with sweep.
(484) Hold image? Image locked.
(485) Ah!
(486) Skip. I got him.
(487) I need you to come pick me up, all right?
(488) I got bit by fucking diseased dogs, goddamn it.
(489) I'm by the clearing.
(490) Yeah, just look out for me.
(491) You gotta be kidding me. Come on, take me to a real hospital.
(492) Take me to the embassy. That's like an hour.
(493) Rabies around here is no joke. You're gonna need a jab in there, ASAP. Let's go.
(494) Let's go.
(495) Let's get you vaccinated. Aisha.
(496) AISHA
(497) Let me see.
(498) These are not bite wounds.
(499) A snowboarding accident. Snowboarding.
(500) Mm. You're accident prone, huh?
(501) Well, I mean, I'm sure it looks that way. Yeah.
(502) Okay.
(503) Relax.
(504) All right. Let me...
(505) My father was Iranian.
(506) I live in Amman now.
(507) Okay.
(508) This is going to hurt.
(509) Mm. I don't like needles.
(510) Just think about something else, hm?
(511) Okay.
(512) This is the first of five anti-rabies injections you'll need over the next month.
(513) You don't need to come back here.
(514) You can get them at any clinic. One each week, right?
(515) So we're done? Yeah, we're done.
(516) And someone will come to bandage your wounds.
(517) Thank you.
(518) You fucking cocksucker. How did you expect me to run an operation...
(519) ...when you're running a side operation which fucks up my own?
(520) Listen, you want me to run Amman, let me run Amman, all right?
(521) I have made promises to Hani Salaam. Do you understand that?
(522) Uh-huh. What's your point?
(523) My point is, Ed, you can't pull your normal bullshit here, all right?
(524) We have to respect what he wants. I do respect him. What kind of thing?
(525) Look, you keep fucking around like this, and you are gonna blow this Amman operation.
(526) I love you. Bye. I love you too.
(527) They'll vacate their only known safe house, and we'll never hear from them.
(528) Do you understand? I'm just trying to back you up.
(529) It's a dangerous, dangerous world out there.
(530) Well, don't back me up, because I don't need it, all right?
(531) Hani. I gotta go deal with this Hani bullshit.
(532) So go fuck yourself. All right, whatever.
(533) You ready to go?
(534) Whatever.
(535) Hani Pasha, if you would give me an opportunity to ex...
(536) Fortunately the safe house is still there.
(537) As for the man you killed, you were right.
(538) You made a good decision.
(539) The jihadists believe it was a robbery. There are many robberies in that district.
(540) So you have been very clever, my dear.
(541) Well, that's good news, sir.
(542) Listen, Ed Hoffman had...
(543) I have spoken to Mr. Hoffman very sharply.
(544) Now, we will explain the king's espionage laws to his agent.
(545) I thought you didn't believe in torture, Hani Pasha.
(546) This is punishment, my dear. It's a very different thing.
(547) Keep watching.
(548) Tell Edward what you have seen.
(549) Another deadly attack on innocent civilians.
(550) This time in one of Amsterdam's most crowded tourist districts.
(551) The images of the bombing were captured on location surveillance cameras.
(552) The blast felt for miles.
(553) What was once a block-long farmer market vibrant with color...
(554) now in ruins and covered with ash.
(555) The exact number of casualties is not yet known...
(556) emergency crews are still pulling victims from the rubble.
(557) But officials are saying it will certainly be in triple figures.
(558) KLPD antiterror-unit investigators have arrived...
(559) ...and are examining bomb fragments in the hope of determining if this...
(560) ...and the other recent bombings on the continent and in the UK are connected.
(561) The consequence of a new bombing will no doubt have a devastating effect...
(562) ...on Europe's tourist business.
(563) Let's go now to Amsterdam's chief of police.
(564) We will do whatever we can to keep everyone safe...
(565) ...for you to live every day without being afraid.
(566) But we must be realistic.
(567) Terrorist threats are real, present, deadly and persistent.
(568) Good morning, sir. Good morning.
(569) Where are we going?
(570) We are going fishing.
(571) Get in.
(572) Since no credit was claimed for the bombing...
(573) ...we believe it to be the work of Al-Saleem.
(574) That's his signature. Anonymity.
(575) So, what we need is... May I say we?
(576) Of course. As long as we keep it between us.
(577) We need a man inside the Amman cell.
(578) We do. Yes.
(579) And we shall have the man we need.
(580) How's that? Because you gave him to me.
(581) His name is Mustafa Karami. I've known him since he was a teenager...
(582) ...selling boom boxes from the back of a stolen truck.
(583) Now he's al Qaeda. In my country.
(584) Watch and learn, my dear.
(585) Watch and learn.
(586) KARAMI:
(587) You did not think to tell Hani Salaam you are a jihadist?
(588) You have become a religious man, hm?
(589) No longer a thief.
(590) Can it be true?
(591) Here.
(592) Take the phone.
(593) Take it and talk to your mother.
(594) Talk.
(595) Hello? Hello? Hello.
(596) His mother was in the Palestinian camps.
(597) Now she has a fine apartment and a beautiful garden.
(598) She can watch the sun set over the hills.
(599) She has a refrigerator, couch, even a television set.
(600) She will tell him she is proud of him, that she always knew he would be a success...
(601) ...even when he was a little boy in the refugee camps.
(602) And now he has sent her money.
(603) She is glad he is no longer mixed up with the radicals.
(604) You are God's blessing to your mother, Mustafa.
(605) You have done none of these things for her. But you should have.
(606) A mother is worth more than anything they have told you.
(607) You know, you will be better in the future because we have sent her many gifts...
(608) ...and we have told her these gifts come from her son.
(609) HANI:
(610) Continue your life with your brothers in al Qaeda.
(611) We will devise a way to talk. Come.
(612) Come. No, no, no. Come, come, come.
(613) Up, up, up.
(614) Go.
(615) And so we throw him back into the sea, to swim where he naturally swims...
(616) learn what he naturally learns...
(617) ...and see how long he remembers my benevolence.
(618) And what if he forgets?
(619) If he forgets, I remind him that I have the power of life and death over him...
(620) ...because, you see, any time I wish, I can let them know he works for me.
(621) Hm.
(622) Ed?
(623) So tell me about Hani's guy.
(624) Who? Karami, the guy on the bike.
(625) What do you think I do in my spare time, play tennis?
(626) I look like a tennis player to you? It's not gonna happen, Ed.
(627) Buddy, we're a results-oriented organization, and we need results now...
(628) ...because otherwise I will be unhappy.
(629) You'll be unhappy, and he'll say, "Insa. "
(630) What does that mean?
(631) Means "too fucking bad," is what it means.
(632) Too fucking bad? Europe is getting hammered, boy. All right?
(633) Nobody knows where the next bomb is going off.
(634) There's 75 dead in Amsterdam.
(635) You can call me sentimental if you want to, buddy...
(636) Ed, listen, Hani does not trust you.
(637) Arabs will only help you if they trust you.
(638) We need to earn that trust, you understand?
(639) What are you, moving here?
(640) I don't care about cultural insecurity issues. I don't care if Hani trusts me or not.
(641) What he will do is he will thank me in the long run. Fuck.
(642) Hold on. Hold on.
(643) Buddy, you're home.
(644) Jesus Christ, Ed, you scared the shit out of me.
(645) They say that you should never drink red wine in the desert.
(646) That's what did in the Babylonians, right?
(647) Well, a couple of bottles of that and we'll be speaking Babylonian.
(648) So how was your flight?
(649) Oh, it was fine. It was fine. Yeah. I watched that Poseidon.
(650) I see you've made yourself at home.
(651) In the words of the great Sam Snead:
(652) "If you're not thinking about pussy, you're just not concentrating. "
(653) My dear.
(654) Jesus Christ. Come on.
(655) Hani Pasha.
(656) Thank you for your time.
(657) Please.
(658) I'm gonna need a piece of this guy you got here in this Amman cell.
(659) Don't look at buddy. Buddy didn't say nothing.
(660) These jihadists might not use their cell phones, Hani, but you do use yours, right?
(661) Please.
(662) Now, don't say no before I say anything.
(663) Just let me say what I've come here to say.
(664) Thank you. You have done an incredible job developing this guy Karoobi.
(665) Katoomi.
(666) Karami. Karami.
(667) Now, we develop these assets to use them as needed.
(668) And I have a need.
(669) No.
(670) I'm just gonna get all frustrated here. Why are you frustrated, Edward?
(671) Because we have a partnership.
(672) You have something that I need that will help me...
(673) ...and you won't allow that to happen.
(674) And I'm trying to impress upon you a sense of urgency.
(675) Urgency does not call for changing methods that work for methods that do not work.
(676) Now, who pays the bills around here?
(677) I would hate to have to have my president call your king.
(678) Because that's just gonna be embarrassing for all of us.
(679) In matters of intelligence, Edward, you are speaking to the king.
(680) Is that right? Mm.
(681) Well, Your Highness, I want control.
(682) As a favor to the United States. You can't have it.
(683) I could tell you we will run him jointly, but it would not be the truth.
(684) Real intelligence operations, they remain secret forever.
(685) You Americans, you are incapable of secrecy because you are a democracy.
(686) Now, I know my business.
(687) I have never failed you, have I?
(688) No, you have not. Are you sure you wanna make this the first time?
(689) Edward, you're missing the point.
(690) Karami, he doesn't know anything.
(691) That is not the way the organization operates.
(692) I will ask him what he knows when it is time.
(693) Now, are you happy? I'm getting there.
(694) Now, you guys might have invented algebra...
(695) ...but we're the guys that found out how to use it.
(696) I presume you know who that is?
(697) It's a recent photograph of Al-Saleem.
(698) You didn't have that one, did you?
(699) Well, that's yours. You can keep that because we're partners.
(700) All right? Now, I'm fulfilling my side of the bargain, okay?
(701) Now's the time for some reciprocity.
(702) You need to give me Karami.
(703) Insa.
(704) That's, "Too fucking bad. " I know what that means.
(705) Well, that was fucking embarrassing, hm?
(706) You still thinking about pussy, Ed?
(707) Don't be a smart aleck. Thing about that Hani, he's bright.
(708) But he's also arrogant. That's gonna be his undoing.
(709) You're talking about him, right?
(710) Just flow with me, buddy.
(711) Jesus Christ. You have a recent photograph of Al-Saleem.
(712) Don't you think I could've used intel like that, Ed?
(713) What the hell else are you holding back from me?
(714) What do you wanna know?
(715) Well, for one thing, what's his real name?
(716) Kareem Al-Shams.
(717) His birthplace?
(718) Syria. Hama.
(719) Background?
(720) Well, his loving middle-class family got killed by Hafez Assad...
(721) he moved to Saudi Arabia.
(722) Studied physics and engineering in Riyadh, then here in Amman.
(723) Post-graduate study at the University of North Carolina. He's a Tar Heel like you.
(724) Now, he prides himself on his humility and not having to take the credit.
(725) Yet this is the same man who will go on videotape with his brothers...
(726) ...describing what he's done and what's gonna come.
(727) His is a false humility. It's a false modesty.
(728) His ego is more powerful than his beliefs, more dangerous.
(729) And that is his weakness.
(730) Now, all we got to do, Ferris, is just get that fucker on the phone.
(731) Ed?
(732) Yeah.
(733) Don't do anything about Karami, huh? Don't try to flip him or anything like that.
(734) Hani will throw me out. I promise you that.
(735) This operation will be over.
(736) You cannot trust Hani. Am I clear?
(737) You're clear.
(738) Good. You and I gotta get drunk because I need to sleep on the plane.
(739) I have to take the kids to The Lion King. Again.
(740) Never have kids.
(741) Ed, did you hear what I said, right? Oh, yeah.
(742) Don't... Don't touch Karami. All right.
(743) Never.
(744) That's Karami. We're on. Get the van.
(745) Move the fucking van!
(746) Go! Go, go, go!
(747) Fuck!
(748) I thought I told you you could get this at any clinic.
(749) And you should have had your injection yesterday.
(750) You weren't on duty yesterday.
(751) Besides, when you find a good doctor, you don't change, right?
(752) I'm not a doctor.
(753) The same thing. You don't change.
(754) Wife.
(755) Well, I don't have a ring.
(756) No, but you did last week.
(757) Ah. So you noticed?
(758) Bad husband.
(759) Ah! Yes. Ahem. Yes, I was a bad husband.
(760) And she was an even worse wife...
(761) ...which is why we're divorced now.
(762) It's over.
(763) And now you're looking for something else, huh?
(764) Something as different from her as you can find.
(765) Something close to impossible.
(766) We're done.
(767) Till next week.
(768) May I?
(769) Yes.
(770) I was wondering if maybe...
(771) wanted to have a conversation sooner than next week.
(772) Maybe, inshallah, later this afternoon...
(773) ...if that wouldn't make you uncomfortable.
(774) Well, for you and me to be able to do that...
(775) ...first we would have to have a conversation...
(776) ...about the proper way to have a conversation.
(777) Anyway, where I'm going this afternoon...
(778) ...would make you more uncomfortable than me.
(779) Well, I doubt that.
(780) I don't.
(781) WOMAN
(782) If you're trying to figure out how far I'll go in order to express my interest...
(783) ...I think you have the answer.
(784) Do I? Mm.
(785) What else are you supposed to do at this point? Leave here alone?
(786) You're safer with me and you know it.
(787) What are you asking?
(788) I'm asking what you do here.
(789) Well, I'm a political adviser.
(790) Who snowboards in Amman.
(791) That's right. Yeah, yeah.
(792) Listen, I have a thing to tell you, an important one.
(793) A man is not his job.
(794) I mean, he's apart from his job. The man.
(795) I understand.
(796) No, I just want you to know my feeling, my...
(797) My understanding of you.
(798) Well, thank you. You're welcome.
(799) May I see you again, Aisha?
(800) When you wish and with your permission, of course.
(801) Where did you learn to speak Arabic like this?
(802) Yeah, yeah, we are friends.
(803) We may talk again.
(804) We may.
(805) Well, thank you.
(806) He's my friend.
(807) It's fine. It's fine. You sure?
(808) It's fine.
(809) What's this all about?
(810) Marwan showed you the burning house?
(811) Do you know what happened?
(812) I have absolutely no idea.
(813) You see, you could have said to me yes or no. Simply that.
(814) When a man says to me more than yes or no, then I begin to wonder.
(815) I don't know what happened, Hani.
(816) We had the advantage. That house could have led us to Al-Saleem.
(817) Now it is gone. Everything inside it is gone.
(818) Here. Kneel. Hani, listen to me, I...
(819) I told you never to lie to me.
(820) I am not lying to you, Hani.
(821) You did not know that this man, after everything I said to you...
(822) ...everything I said to Edward, that he tried to take Karami?
(823) He did not know.
(824) When I want to speak with you, I will look at you.
(825) Now I am talking to Mr. Ferris.
(826) So in as few words as possible...
(827) ...did you know?
(828) No.
(829) I don't believe you.
(830) You have 12 hours to leave Jordan.
(831) If I find you here, I will not be responsible for your safety.
(832) Do you understand me?
(833) Now, you knew you needed to adapt to this environment.
(834) Ferris, I know, but, you know, I...
(835) Ferris!
(836) Ferris!
(837) Well, hey, buddy. Back from the sandbox?
(838) Enjoying civilization? You wanna get a hot dog?
(839) How do you expect me to operate, Ed, when you're keeping all the cards?
(840) What about an ice cream? All Hani wanted was patience, Ed.
(841) Patience. Not as a personal quality... I don't care.
(842) Not as a personal quality, but an operational requirement, and you can't do it?
(843) You're too power hungry and greedy. You fucked this whole operation up!
(844) For chrissakes, I thought Hani wanted to kill me!
(845) Oh, don't exaggerate.
(846) Hani don't want to kill you. He likes you. He likes you a lot.
(847) And who is he gonna get over there better for him than you? Nobody.
(848) Don't worry. You're gonna be back in Jordan before you know it.
(849) Back with your Jordanian piece of poontang...
(850) ...that you think I don't know about, but I do.
(851) You're a fat fucking piece of shit, you know that, Ed?
(852) We do this shit for a living, go on a diet, for chrissakes.
(853) Are you quite finished? Now, I did what I had to do.
(854) I ain't got time to play Patience, Sidi, Patience...
(855) ...and sit around eating couscous.
(856) Hani's interests extend only to his own little fiefdom.
(857) Mine are global.
(858) Now, having said that...
(859) ...I admit that perhaps, possibly, I should have, from an operational standpoint...
(860) ...brought you into what I was doing. Exactly.
(861) What you should've done was listen to what Hani said, and you know that.
(862) You know, 10 years ago, I could've beat the crap out of you.
(863) Should've taken the shot when you had the chance.
(864) Maybe I should've. Can't do it now.
(865) What we need to do, with or without the cooperation of Hani...
(866) get our own man inside Al-Saleem's tent.
(867) We could penetrate every goddamn Salafi mosque in the world...
(868) ...and still not even get close.
(869) But Al-Saleem doesn't know that, right? What?
(870) He doesn't know that. I mean, he doesn't know what we can't do.
(871) He doesn't know how close or how far we are.
(872) He doesn't know what's true or what isn't.
(873) I mean... Look, Osama fed Zarqawi to the dogs...
(874) ...because he was getting too powerful, right?
(875) Right. What if instead of tracking Al-Saleem...
(876) we're doing right now with absolutely no results...
(877) ...we make it appear that there is another terrorist operation out there...
(878) ...just as effective as his own?
(879) I mean, how would Al-Saleem react to that kind of challenge to his stats?
(880) What would he do? He would get paranoid.
(881) He might rejoice. Maybe both. Exactly.
(882) But either way, he'd try to get in contact with them, right?
(883) Right. Which would be us.
(884) That would be us.
(885) You're a devious SOB.
(886) We can't do this out of Langley. No. No, sir.
(887) Garland. Roger Ferris. Pleased to meet you.
(888) Where's Hoffman?
(889) I don't know. Ben & Jerry's.
(890) He trusts you.
(891) I don't trust him. Every time we run an operation and I don't see Hoffman...
(892) means he's running another operation. Coffee?
(893) Yes, please. Black. Thank you.
(894) Fruit? Strawberries, plums, apples? No, thanks.
(895) We're tracking a cell in Syria. Last night, they were in Damascus.
(896) Today, Dayr Az-Zawr and the Iraqi border.
(897) But something tells me they won't make it to Hasbaya.
(898) We have ninjas waiting.
(899) Who do these ninjas work for?
(900) Me.
(901) Shall we?
(902) So where is everyone?
(903) Absolutely no idea what you mean.
(904) What? You mean it's just you? No. It's me and you.
(905) Did you think there'd be some war room with lights flashing...
(906) ...and people with clipboards?
(907) No, it's all here and here and here. And here.
(908) Sure you won't have a strawberry? They're really delicious.
(909) Yeah, no, I'm positive.
(910) Look, I'm gonna need some really, really low-level al Qaeda contacts, all right?
(911) No one too extreme. Picture somewhere in between Osama and Oprah.
(912) You get my drift?
(913) I'm gonna need a security consultant, a lawyer.
(914) I'm gonna need an Arab who travels throughout the region, all right?
(915) A businessman. Someone who fits the role of jihadist without actually being jihadist.
(916) A straw man.
(917) Receiving money, making plans.
(918) That kind of thing.
(919) Okay, no.
(920) No.
(921) No.
(922) Hang on. There you go. Second from the top.
(923) Omar Sadiki. He's Jordanian. He's an architect.
(924) Most of his commissions are from charitable Islamic groups...
(925) ...who then give money to the jihadists.
(926) So he ticks all the jihadist boxes...
(927) ...except he's innocent.
(928) So he touches his head to the floor five times a day.
(929) He believes in God.
(930) So why would he trade with an infidel like myself?
(931) Money.
(932) Mr. Sadiki.
(933) Hello, Mr. Sadiki.
(934) Mr. Sadiki, it's Brad Scanlon from Hayes Andover Bank.
(935) I'm following up on my email.
(936) Yeah.
(937) Yeah, well, listen, I got into Dubai a little bit early.
(938) I'm staying at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, but I can meet you anywhere.
(939) Well, fantastic.
(940) Anything else to know?
(941) Exactly as we discussed.
(942) I'm cool with that.
(943) I'm used to knowing nothing. I'm sure you are, Tony.
(944) Just get in position. Okay, boss.
(945) Mr. Sadiki. Yeah.
(946) Hayes Andover's option to buy this property is gonna expire by the end of the month.
(947) We're hoping to get some sketches and a bid...
(948), say, next Thursday before the Islamic weekend.
(949) Well, I think...
(950) Yes, certainly. Hm.
(951) You'll also have to sign a letter of intent with Mr. Al-Masri...
(952) ...if that's okay with you.
(953) Makes no difference to me. Great.
(954) Allah will decide if I get the job or not. Fantastic.
(955) Mr. Al-Masri?
(956) Mr. Omar Sadiki.
(957) Would anyone like some coffee? Yes, please. Thank you.
(958) Ed, Al-Masri is a lawyer we found with al Qaeda ties.
(959) He's fairly low on the map, but he is on the map...
(960) ...enough for a photograph to suggest Sadiki's guilt by association.
(961) Mm-hm. You have his computer?
(962) Yeah, look, I'm gonna go get it right now.
(963) He's going to the Cyclone Club. He loves the Russian girls.
(964) I'll call you soon. Call you soon.
(965) Three-sixteen.
(966) Come on, baby.
(967) Garland? Yeah?
(968) Stand by. All right?
(969) Just getting in right now.
(970) Ah. This is useful.
(971) Very useful.
(972) I have an e-mail list of the members of the Brothers of Awareness.
(973) The Brothers of who-the-fuck?
(974) The Ikhwan Ishfan. They're just a study group of believers at his local mosque.
(975) But I can make it look like anything.
(976) All right. Let's make it look like everything, huh?
(977) Now, make fake accounts for half a dozen of the brothers...
(978) ...and start transferring money to them from Sadiki's fake receiver account.
(979) Just small operational sums.
(980) Okay.
(981) The Saudis will pick up the money moving, and everything they pick up...
(982) They'll leak to the jihadists.
(983) You got it, my friend. It's coming up. Now it's done.
(984) Dad! Dad!
(985) Hey, baby. Hold on. Oh.
(986) Hey, Ed, you there? Where are you?
(987) Dubai International. I'm on my way back.
(988) No, no, no. No, you're not. You're going back to Amman.
(989) Hani called, asked where you were. Jesus Christ.
(990) If you don't go back, he's gonna wonder why you didn't go back.
(991) I think he likes you, buddy. Change your ticket.
(992) All right, Ed. I'm on my way. All right.
(993) Oh, hey. Can I get that for you? Thank you.
(994) Mr. Ferris. Welcome.
(995) Thank you. Come.
(996) I wanted to see you to tell you I was sorry how we left things.
(997) I was upset. Well, you had every right to be upset, sir.
(998) I apologize for what happened.
(999) But I am happy you are back.
(1000) Miss Aisha, too, I think, will be happy you are back.
(1001) Don't worry, we're not watching you. We're watching out for you.
(1002) But I need you to understand, you cannot afford any more mistakes in Jordan.
(1003) This is a part of the world where friendship matters.
(1004) It can save your life.
(1005) Why don't I call you back in about 15 minutes with all the information?
(1006) Well, thanks so much, Mr. Sadiki.
(1007) Let's get something clear, all right?
(1008) I'm not tolerating any more of your bullshit.
(1009) No, it's cool. Who do you work for?
(1010) I work for you. I got the call, I got briefed. All right, good.
(1011) Front? Back? Take my bag.
(1012) If you're going to insist on coming here to see me...
(1013) ...which is what you're doing...
(1014) sister's going to want to meet you.
(1015) Your sister?
(1016) Yeah, my sister looks after me in matters that are non-medical.
(1017) Oh, so she has to approve of me before you will begin to.
(1018) I would like her to think so, whenever I can.
(1019) Okay.
(1020) Hi. Hi.
(1021) I'm still cooking.
(1022) Come in. I brought some dessert, pastry.
(1023) Oh, the kids are going to love it.
(1024) The kids? Yeah.
(1025) Aha. Come.
(1026) This is my sister, Cala.
(1027) Mr. Ferris.
(1028) And these are my nephews, Yousef and Rowley.
(1029) Hello.
(1030) Yousef. Rowley. Hey.
(1031) Hi. Hi.
(1032) Nephews. Yeah, my nephews.
(1033) Smells good in there, huh?
(1034) It's not good.
(1035) It's not good?
(1036) You don't like your mother's cooking? No, not really.
(1037) Oh.
(1038) What kind of food do you like?
(1039) Hamburgers.
(1040) You? Spaghettis.
(1041) Me too.
(1042) So if there's anything that I wouldn't like, would you two let me know?
(1043) Okay. Yeah.
(1044) Cool.
(1045) So, Mr. Ferris...
(1046) long are you in Amman?
(1047) Oh, uh, ahem.
(1048) Well, I think I'm gonna be for a while. I hope so, anyway.
(1049) Where were you stationed before?
(1050) Riyadh.
(1051) Riyadh? Hm.
(1052) What do you do exactly?
(1053) I told you, Cala, he's a political adviser.
(1054) Political adviser.
(1055) But what does that mean? Forgive my ignorance.
(1056) It means, uh... It means that I...
(1057) Well, I offer my assistance to His Majesty's advisers whenever they ask.
(1058) But you do this now, not before the war.
(1059) Before you didn't consult with us at all.
(1060) Cala, please, we are just having lunch. It's okay.
(1061) It's okay. We can talk...
(1062) I'm talking with your friend. Talk about another subject.
(1063) It's quite all right. I understand.
(1064) And we understand that the situation in Iraq...
(1065) ...has created many hardships for the Jordanian people.
(1066) The situation? You mean, the war.
(1067) He means war. No, no, no, he says the situation.
(1068) What do you mean? You know what...
(1069) Please.
(1070) I mean the roadside bombings, the assassination of Iraqi police...
(1071) ...the kidnappings, the crowded marketplaces...
(1072) ...and innocent families that have been wiped off the face of the Earth.
(1073) That's what I mean by the situation in Iraq.
(1074) I can tell you what His Majesty's thinking.
(1075) His Majesty believes the best hope for the war is that it ends.
(1076) Well, I can tell you that is my hope as well.
(1077) I hope so too. Huh?
(1078) Cala? Hey. Peace.
(1079) Let's have lunch, huh? Okay.
(1080) Enjoy.
(1081) Thank you.
(1082) Well, sorry about that. Ah, so am I.
(1083) I probably should've kept my mouth shut. After all, I was a guest in your home.
(1084) So is she. It didn't stop her, you know?
(1085) She suffered a lot during Iran-Iraq war.
(1086) And the funny thing is that she wants to live in America.
(1087) Oh, yeah? Yeah.
(1088) Well, tell her I'll switch passports with her. It'll make us both happy.
(1089) Don't joke about these kind of things.
(1090) I'm not joking. I'm perfectly serious. I may stay here forever. Really.
(1091) Well, anyway, I'm glad I made friends with her boys. I like them a lot.
(1092) Yeah, they're great, aren't they?
(1093) But not very good spies, you know? Neither are you.
(1094) What do you mean?
(1095) At the table, you know? Oh.
(1096) So you noticed. All right. I'm busted.
(1097) Well, thank you, Aisha, for inviting me in your home.
(1098) Um...
(1099) Sorry.
(1100) I had a really nice time. Sorry. Yeah, me too.
(1101) Thank you for coming. Thank you.
(1102) The photograph was taken last week in the Cyclone Club in Dubai.
(1103) One is Al-Masri, a lawyer...
(1104) ...a low-level al Qaeda financier, if that's not a contradiction in terms.
(1105) The other is a Jordanian.
(1106) An architect named Omar Sadiki.
(1107) No known terrorist ties.
(1108) Now, the question I ask myself is, is what are they doing together?
(1109) Is this Sadiki more than he claims to be?
(1110) He travels a lot.
(1111) He builds mosques and shopping malls.
(1112) At the very least, he bears examination by us.
(1113) Or by we.
(1114) Hm.
(1115) Where'd you get these?
(1116) A friend in Saudi Intelligence. Mm.
(1117) Useful friend, huh?
(1118) No, keep it.
(1119) I want you to have it.
(1120) We are partners. Allies, no?
(1121) Why would we not want to help each other?
(1122) Right. Thank you.
(1123) Garland. Yeah?
(1124) Pull up an Arabic keyboard and write down this message, you ready?
(1125) Okay.
(1126) In the name of Go... No, you know what, strike that.
(1127) In the name of God the merciful...
(1128) ...we praise our brothers who shall carry out...
(1129) ...this heroic act in the fig orchard...
(1130) ...and beg God to give us strength for our continuing struggle.
(1131) The time is at hand. All right?
(1132) Now, that's absolutely delightful Arabic, but what the fuck is the fig orchard?
(1133) I can't let you in on that yet. Let's just say it's developing.
(1134) It'll create chatter...
(1135) ...but it's gotta be big enough for Al-Saleem, to get his attention.
(1136) Oh, it'll be big.
(1137) Now, send that off from Sadiki's fake e-mail address...
(1138) ...and we are in business.
(1139) Okay. Done.
(1140) Advise when you're on the deck.
(1141) Hello there, Mr. Sadiki. It's Brad Scanlon.
(1142) I'm fine. Thanks so much for asking. But we've got a bit of a problem.
(1143) You see, our chief engineer, who's based out of Ankara...
(1144) ...he's raised some issues about the insulation.
(1145) I realize it's the same stuff that you use in Saudi Arabia...
(1146) ...but he's asked to meet with you immediately.
(1147) No, I'm sorry, sir. He cannot fly up to see you.
(1148) And the only time he can meet is tomorrow afternoon.
(1149) But the good news is, we have a car ready to pick you up in about...
(1150) ...oh, six hours, and a plane ticket to Turkey waiting for you at the airport.
(1151) No, I'm sorry, sir. First class was not available.
(1152) Ed, Sadiki just landed in Turkey.
(1153) He's being met by one of our guys.
(1154) An engineer to discuss business and to show him a good time.
(1155) All we need is to establish that he is there.
(1156) Mm-hm. Now, the barracks at the base...
(1157) ...have been cleared out of all personnel.
(1158) Bodies from the morgue have been brought in.
(1159) They'll be our so-called casualties.
(1160) Now, Garland will send out a message from Sadiki hinting that a strike is prepared.
(1161) And when the strike is done...
(1162) ...he'll post another message taking responsibility for our little event.
(1163) You got that? Uh-huh.
(1164) After that...
(1165) ...hopefully a buzz of messages will then pass among jihadists' networks...
(1166) ...announcing the Brothers of Awareness as a new player.
(1167) And our Sadiki as its leader. You got that?
(1168) All right, Ferris. Thank you.
(1169) Tony, you have a go.
(1170) We have a special report.
(1171) A massive explosion has taken place in Incirlik, Turkey.
(1172) Officials have confirmed the target of the blast to be the U.S. Air Base...
(1173) Incirlik, Turkey. The bomb ripped through the Bachelor Officers' Quarters...
(1174) 3:00 this morning, quickly engulfing it in flames.
(1175) No one yet has claimed responsibility for the attack.
(1176) But terror experts are already speculating this is the work of a new...
(1177) ...much more sophisticated and much better financed offshoot of al Qaeda...
(1178) ...than that which is responsible for the bombings...
(1179) Amsterdam, London and other European cities.
(1180) In contrast to these recent bombings...
(1181) ...this is the first attack to occur on American property.
(1182) The Pentagon... Honey.
(1183) ...will not release the names of the dead until notification of next of kin.
(1184) We're also being told that there may never be a public announcement...
(1185) Honey.
(1186) ...of the list of casualties since some of the men killed...
(1187) ...may have been stationed at Incirlik on classified missions.
(1188) Incirlik, which in Turkish means fig orchard, has served since September the 11 th...
(1189) a primary hub in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
(1190) All right, now send out the message taking credit.
(1191) But make the responses go back to Sadiki's actual account.
(1192) You got that? Okay.
(1193) I can't say it's been real, but you know what I mean.
(1194) Yeah.
(1195) AL-SALEEM
(1196) SADIKI:
(1197) Hey there, little buddy.
(1198) Well done. You did it. NSA's picking up all kinds of chatter.
(1199) Haven't heard for years.
(1200) One voice on a world phone out of Vienna sounds a lot like Al-Saleem himself.
(1201) Saying something along the lines of, "Who the damn heck is Omar Sadiki?"
(1202) Yeah, yeah, yeah. Listen, I made a decision, Ed. I'm bringing him in.
(1203) Who? Omar Sadiki, that's who.
(1204) Oh, come on. No, no, no.
(1205) When they find him, they are gonna torture him and they are gonna kill him.
(1206) You gotta decide which side of the cross you're on. I need nailers, not hangers.
(1207) Decision's already done, Ed. I'm bringing him in.
(1208) Ain't nobody innocent in this shit, Ferris. Okay?
(1209) Ferris.
(1210) All right, don't move until I say, all right?
(1211) You got me?
(1212) Omar.
(1213) It's Brad Scanlon. We need to have a conversation. Come on.
(1214) What are you doing here?
(1215) Fuck! Omar! Omar, open the door!
(1216) Let's go!
(1217) Omar, listen to me!
(1218) Omar! Omar!
(1219) Let's go! Go, go, go!
(1220) Fuck!
(1221) This is Roger Ferris. I need an ambulance.
(1223) Yeah.
(1224) Sadiki is dead.
(1225) You there?
(1226) Yeah, I'm here.
(1227) I didn't kill him, buddy.
(1228) I know you didn't, Ed.
(1229) I did.
(1230) Oh, buddy. Buddy, that's just not constructive. Okay?
(1231) Then what is? Doing exactly what you're doing.
(1232) And how are you measuring that? By how much closer you've gotten to Al-Saleem?
(1233) I bet you heard a shitload of chatter, then it stopped, didn't it?
(1234) That's right.
(1235) Well, then where is Al-Saleem?
(1236) Hm? Ferris.
(1237) You know what? I've had it.
(1238) I've had it. I can't do this anymore.
(1239) Yes, you can.
(1240) Now, you just get yourself a couple of hours' sleep.
(1241) And call me when you're thinking straight.
(1242) You know what? I am thinking straight. You're not, all right?
(1243) You can't, because you're a million fucking miles away.
(1244) I'm here, Ed, every day.
(1245) And I see the unnecessary travesties of this war...
(1246) ...that the rest of you backstabbing political fucking bureaucrats...
(1247) ...only look at pictures of.
(1248) So don't you dare tell me I am not fucking thinking straight!
(1249) This is not working, all right?
(1250) It's not working. I'm out.
(1251) Ferris?
(1252) Ferris?
(1253) I should pack.
(1254) Fuck.
(1255) Fuck!
(1256) Shit!
(1257) Move the fucking car!
(1258) Where's Marwan? Marwan? Mr. Ferris.
(1259) Please.
(1260) Please, please. I just need a moment of his time, all right?
(1261) Okay.
(1262) Please?
(1263) Please excuse me.
(1264) What is it?
(1265) I invented Omar Sadiki.
(1266) It was my operation. He is not a jihadist, all right?
(1267) I moved him around, I moved money around, and then I lost him.
(1268) That is impossible. Why?
(1269) Because it will mean that you sat in my office and you lied to my face.
(1270) Hani, I promise I will share all the information with you, all right?
(1271) But they have kidnapped a friend of mine in order to get to me.
(1272) Now, you know exactly who I'm talking about, Hani.
(1273) Please, they're gonna execute her, all right?
(1274) Please, help me broker a deal, her for me.
(1275) You lied to me.
(1276) I will not help you.
(1277) The answer is no. Please, Hani.
(1278) Hani. Hani!
(1279) Ed.
(1280) You should've told me about the girl. We could've watched her.
(1281) They left the phone. I know how this goes.
(1282) They've got Aisha and they want someone.
(1283) If she's alive. She has to be alive, right?
(1284) Well, she's probably alive. At least, they want you to think so.
(1285) That's the good part. And what's the bad part?
(1286) They know about you.
(1287) They know you work for the agency. That tells me two things.
(1288) One, the people that have Aisha are running the show...
(1289) they're close to Al-Saleem.
(1290) Two, they have learned enough from Aisha to know she's your pal.
(1291) She's been interrogated. Goddamn it.
(1292) You cannot take this to Hani, right? Right. Right.
(1293) Does that mean you already have? Yes. Yes, sir, I have.
(1294) Why would you do that?
(1295) I have to trust everyone I can right now.
(1296) All you gotta do is trust me.
(1297) What'd he say? He said, "Ma'alesh. "
(1298) Because I lied to him, he's not gonna help.
(1299) Okay. We set this up, we're gonna do it right.
(1300) It's not just about you and your girlfriend. All right.
(1301) This is Roger Ferris. Will you put Aisha on the phone?
(1302) Okay, mister. Thanks God you are calling.
(1303) I have a question to make sure you are you. Please.
(1304) Fine.
(1305) Where do you meet Miss Aisha first time?
(1306) At a medical clinic in Amman. She's a nurse.
(1307) Where do you take Miss Aisha for dinner first time?
(1308) Go, go.
(1309) Uh...
(1310) I didn't. She invited me to her apartment for dinner.
(1311) Did you bring anything?
(1312) I did.
(1313) A dessert pastry.
(1314) If you want to see Miss Aisha, you must go where I say.
(1315) Trade you for her. No trick or Miss Aisha will die.
(1316) Tell me where I'm to go.
(1317) I'll tell you where to go.
(1318) It is near the border. Highway 15.
(1319) Between Al-Saidi and Mahbrouk.
(1320) That's where you go. Bye.
(1321) Passport.
(1322) Bring up Pacman feed.
(1323) Increase magnification eight time.
(1324) Eight-time mag.
(1325) Enhance resolution.
(1326) Holding at mid-altitude orbit, 12,500...
(1327) Still holding for vector angle.
(1328) Still holding for vector angle. Switching over to SAR.
(1329) Which one do you want us to follow?
(1330) Which one, sir?
(1331) Sir?
(1332) Sorry, buddy.
(1333) Salaam, CIA.
(1334) I am not the sheik.
(1335) The sheik, God praise him, is the sheik who always was.
(1336) I am his servant.
(1337) Where is the girl?
(1338) Either you're trying to be clever...
(1339) ...or someone has done to you what you so often do to them.
(1340) Lie.
(1341) So you paid for me? Hm?
(1342) Not as much as I would have.
(1343) Such a bargain for such a catch as you.
(1344) Well, it wasn't a bargain, because no one's gonna negotiate with you for me.
(1345) That's not our policy. There will be no exchanges. You understand that, right?
(1346) There will be no negotiation, but not because you say so.
(1347) I have an agent of the CIA.
(1348) And that's what I came to see. And that's what matters.
(1349) In this world...
(1350) ...there's enough poverty and frustration and anger and passion.
(1351) There will never be a shortage of martyrs.
(1352) Just like these men, huh? These men who are dispensable to you.
(1353) These men who blow themselves up in the name of Allah...
(1354) ...who kill their own brothers and sisters, huh?
(1355) There is no place in the Koran for the murder of innocent people and suicide.
(1356) You know that. It's a good try.
(1357) But the Koran's sayings... You speak Arabic, no?
(1358) So you misinterpret the one book you believe in, hm?
(1359) But are you pure...
(1360) ...or are you just as corrupt as the capitalist Westerners that you despise?
(1361) To me, you are fucking slaves.
(1362) You're slaves to the Saudi oil sheiks and the Wahabi oil money that funds you.
(1363) And when that oil money runs out, my friends...
(1364) will all fucking disappear into the ashes of history.
(1365) I am not going to torture you, Mr. Ferris.
(1366) I see you're not going to read what is prepared for you on paper.
(1367) It's all right.
(1368) All I need from you, I already have.
(1369) You know what that camera is for?
(1370) It's not for this. This... This is intermission.
(1371) It's for what comes after this. For what comes now.
(1372) Kareem.
(1373) But you paid who for me?
(1374) An intermediary who works for who?
(1375) You don't know who and that should concern you.
(1376) Do I look concerned? Well, that's what surprises me.
(1377) I thought you were a lot smarter than that.
(1378) Someone has betrayed you.
(1379) He works for the head of Jordanian Intelligence...
(1380) ...which means he works for us...
(1381) ...which means... Which means you work for us.
(1382) I work for you.
(1383) Are you comfortable?
(1384) Can I make you...
(1385) ...more comfortable?
(1386) I'm not lying to you, Kareem. I'm not lying to you.
(1387) We know... We know where you are!
(1388) Where am I?
(1389) You... You... You are in the light.
(1390) The light is on you. Look at it.
(1391) No, no, no.
(1392) The light... The light is on you, motherfucker.
(1393) What do you think is happening here, Mr. Ferris?
(1394) Do you think the cavalry is coming for you?
(1395) Let's wait.
(1396) Nobody's coming for you.
(1397) Welcome to Guantanamo.
(1398) God! Fuck!
(1399) MAN
(1400) MAN:
(1401) MEN:
(1402) MARWAN:
(1403) You can tell who cares about you the most...
(1404) who comes first to visit you in the hospital.
(1405) And I believe I am the first.
(1406) That is not difficult, because nobody knows where you are.
(1407) Yeah.
(1408) And where am I, Hani?
(1409) You're home, in Amman.
(1410) So it was your man I spoke to on the phone...
(1411) ...your men who took Aisha...
(1412) ...your men who dropped me off in the desert.
(1413) I was of some assistance, I admit.
(1414) But it was not me that picked you up in the desert.
(1415) Edward could not find you.
(1416) Not with all his aircraft, all his people, all his money...
(1417) ...and joie de vivre.
(1418) So how, I wonder, did I do it?
(1419) Karami. Very good. You remember him?
(1420) Yes, I remember him, Hani. He was in the fucking room with me.
(1421) He was in the room because I put him there.
(1422) I'm just sorry I wasn't there a few minutes sooner.
(1423) Right. What would've happened if you were a few minutes later, Hani?
(1424) Then I shudder to think. No, I shudder to think.
(1425) How badly did you hurt Aisha when you took her, huh?
(1426) That's what I wanna know. Aisha, not at all.
(1427) The room we messed up after we took her.
(1428) Bullshit, Hani, bullshit!
(1429) All right. We tested that blood! All right? It was hers!
(1430) She is a nurse. She gives blood every month.
(1431) Now, please, let go of the jacket. Thank you.
(1432) You're trying to tell me you didn't tell her, Hani?
(1433) I told her what I could, which I admit was not very much...
(1434) ...because these are matters of state security.
(1435) So she doesn't know anything about what happened?
(1436) She knows what everybody who knows me knows.
(1437) That I am an exceedingly polite gentleman and a very good conversationalist.
(1438) Huh.
(1439) If I may be so fucking impolite, Hani...
(1440) ...I almost died in that goddamn room.
(1441) And if you had died, I would have told her what you did for her.
(1442) And she... She would have loved you forever.
(1443) Whereas now you are going to have to earn that right.
(1444) That's great news.
(1445) Fantastic work, Hani.
(1446) Really. Excellent.
(1447) So you now have Al-Saleem, right?
(1448) That was the plan, my dear.
(1449) And I presume he's not giving you any information.
(1450) Not yet.
(1451) Your work's done here, buddy.
(1452) You're gonna come back. I got you a corner office...
(1453) ...just down the hall from mine.
(1454) As soon as I get the guy who's in it out of it, it's all yours.
(1455) More money, a fancy title.
(1456) No sunscreen, no couscous, unless you really want it.
(1457) Right down the hall from you, huh, Ed? Right down the hall from me.
(1458) Well, I think we both know you'd be more comfortable without me there.
(1459) Now, don't think about it too long, because I'll take that as a slight.
(1460) Hm.
(1461) Besides, what else are you gonna do? Stay here?
(1462) Maybe for a little while, huh? I mean, why wouldn't I?
(1463) Why would you?
(1464) What if I like the Middle East?
(1465) Ain't nobody likes the Middle East, buddy. There's nothing here to like.
(1466) Hmm.
(1467) Well, maybe that's the problem right there, isn't it, Ed?
(1468) Hm.
(1469) Oh, buddy, buddy, buddy.
(1470) You know, you're the best I got.
(1471) And you know it hurts me to say that.
(1472) Good luck on winning this war, Ed.
(1473) I hope everyone thinks you did it all by yourself, huh?
(1474) You're not safe here.
(1475) I'm not safe anywhere.
(1476) You walk out on me, you know what that means.
(1477) What does that mean?
(1478) That means you're giving up on America.
(1479) Just be careful calling yourself America, huh, Ed?
(1480) Listen, you have a safe flight home. Say hey to the wife and kids.
(1481) Nobody's innocent in this shit, Ferris.
(1482) What's he doing?
(1483) Nothing. Buying vegetables.
(1484) What about us, sir? What do you want us to do?
(1485) Are we staying with him?
(1486) No. Buddy's done.
(1487) He's all by himself.
(1488) Copy that. Cleared off target.

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