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Monday, November 30, 2015

[2000] [Blood: The Last Vampire] English Transcripts

(1) (Ringing)
(2) Character Designer: Katsuya Terada
(3) (Train passing in background)
(4) Screenplay: Kenji Kamiyama
(5) Technical Director: Shinji Takagi
(6) (PA) 'Please take all your belongings with you.
(7) 'This will be the last train going to Asakusa.'
(8) Animation Director: Kazuchika Kise
(9) Art Director: Yusuke Takeda
(10) Director of Visual Concept: Hisashi Ezura
(11) Colour Designer: Katsue Inoue
(12) (Horn honking)
(13) 3D CGI: Tokumitsu Kifune
(14) Filming: Miki Sakuma
(15) Post Production Supervisor: Keiichi Momose
(16) Music: Yoshihiro Ike
(17) (PA) 'We will be stopping at Asakusa shortly.
(18) 'This will be the final stop.'
(19) Director: Hiroyuki Kitakubo
(20) (Inaudible)
(21) Saya!
(22) Where is the chiropterate?
(23) Inside.
(24) This sword's getting dull.
(25) It's not sliding out of the sheath as smoothly as it should.
(26) Get me a new one. That's not possible.
(27) We don't have time because we just identified another one of them.
(28) Swords of that quality are not easy to get.
(29) What the...?
(30) This isn't a chiropterate, did we get the wrong guy?
(31) It just hasn't changed form yet, Louis. Now, shut up.
(32) Wait a minute. Isn't this supposed to be within your jurisdiction?
(33) That's a regular human corpse in there.
(34) I've already checked the military personnel
(35) as well as the civilian employees involved.
(36) What do you mean? Hey! David!
(37) (David) They've infiltrated the public.
(38) You want me to investigate this?
(39) Dave! Take a look inside!
(40) Hey! Save it!
(41) Oh, Jesus...
(42) (Gasps)
(43) (Grunting)
(44) Wait! Saya! Get ahold of yourself, now!
(45) Not the same thing again.
(46) Do you want to announce it to the whole world?
(47) I can't do anything about it.
(48) You know the way it is by now.
(49) The orders from the top are to hunt them down, no matter what.
(50) (Muffled grunts) I really don't know anything.
(51) (Groans)
(52) It's all in there and it's arranged accordingly.
(53) You can go tomorrow.
(54) I'll have your school uniform and ID ready by then.
(55) You better read through the file carefully.
(56) We know there's more than one... Hey!
(57) Hey, Saya!
(58) Shit.
(59) What the hell was that all about?
(60) (Sighs)
(61) You asshole!
(62) What did I do?!
(63) Don't ever piss her off again!
(64) But... Listen!
(65) As far as we know, she's the only remaining original.
(66) Original?
(67) So the tap was still running when you found her?
(68) Calm down. You don't have to cry.
(69) I'm not too sure,
(70) but I heard Mari was going out with an American soldier.
(71) Mari from Charade's committed suicide.
(72) Stupid girl. She didn't have to kill herself.
(73) Maybe she's got the "clap."
(74) You can't get upset over a minor thing
(75) if you're doing business with American soldiers.
(76) Did you hear about the suicide at the base school last month?
(77) There seem to be a lot of them lately.
(78) Apparently, everybody's really uptight about it.
(79) How terrible. I hope this doesn't affect business.
(80) It can't be helped if we're going to make a living off the base.
(81) It can't be helped if we're going to make a living off the base!
(82) Hi. Hi.
(83) Hi. Hi.
(84) Young lady...?
(85) Aren't you Japanese? You are not a student here, are you?
(86) Did you pass through the office?
(87) Hey, hold on a second!
(88) Where is the principal's office?
(89) (Knock at door)
(90) Come in.
(91) Sir, this young lady here...
(92) Ahh, Saya. You're late.
(93) I want you to say hello to the principal.
(94) Hello. You do speak English?
(95) (David) Of course.
(96) Well then, you can go see some classes this afternoon.
(97) But with the Halloween party coming up we may not get much work done.
(98) Thank you very much for your help. Goodbye.
(99) Who was that girl?
(100) She came on an introduction.

(101) She wants to join classes for a few days.
(102) Um, excuse me, sir... Huh?
(103) About the party tomorrow?
(104) Not that again.
(105) I thought we were over that by now.
(106) Yes, sir, but it isn't long since the terrible incident.
(107) Have the students recovered from the death of their friend?
(108) That's why we're having this party. I've had enough of this.
(109) Now, get back to work.
(110) (Children chattering)
(111) What the hell is this outfit?
(112) I'm not sure. It's supposed to be a Japanese high school uniform.
(113) At any rate, another fake corpse was found here last night,
(114) and it's the same pattern.
(115) It's happening awfully fast.
(116) I told you there was more than one of them.
(117) We'll never find them once they go into hibernation.
(118) We have to find them before we get another corpse.
(119) You just listen for them.
(120) And get the sword.
(121) (David) I know.
(122) (Jet engine whining)
(123) (Bell ringing)
(124) All right, that's it for today.
(125) Tomorrow we'll have morning classes only.
(126) (Pupils cheer) I'm not through yet.
(127) Those getting things ready for the dance meet in the assembly room,
(128) the rest of you can stay here and get ready...
(129) Hey, are you Japanese?
(130) (Teacher) ..or old Pumpkinhead will get you.
(131) (Speaks Japanese)
(132) Leave me alone.
(133) Weirdo!
(134) Come on, Linda, let's go.
(135) (Sniffing)
(136) So, this is their "dining room", then.
(137) Oh!
(138) Oh, you scared me.
(139) What were you doing here?
(140) Nothing. I thought I had a headache.
(141) But it's gone now.
(142) Oh. Wait!
(143) Hold on a minute!
(144) (Ceremonial band playing)
(145) (Aeroplane engines roaring)
(146) (Camera clicks)
(147) (Bell ringing)
(148) Come on, the band's going to start any minute now.
(149) Sir? What is it, Sharon?
(150) Aren't you going to put on your costumes? What's the matter?
(151) Linda told me she's not feeling very well. It might be her anaemia again.
(152) I thought I'd go with her to the infirmary.
(153) Again? Well, OK. You don't need me, do you?
(154) No, sir. Join us when she feels better.
(155) You girls be careful, now. OK.
(156) Are you OK?
(157) It won't be too long.
(158) (Band tuning up)
(159) I'd like to take it easy once in a while.
(160) Especially on a day like this.
(161) This isn't a very fun way to spend Halloween, is it?
(162) Don't worry, it's only minor anaemia.
(163) She should feel better any minute.
(164) You should really try not to worry too much,
(165) and just enjoy the festivity.
(166) What are you girls gonna dress up as?
(167) Witches? Vampires, maybe?
(168) (Inaudible)
(169) A-ha, here it is.
(170) Mm? Sharon, what is it? What's happening?
(171) You...
(172) (# Big band)
(173) (Screams)
(174) (Nurse and demon screaming)
(175) Shit!
(176) (Sobbing)
(177) No!
(178) Listen to me!
(179) Listen, just forget what you just saw.
(180) (Music continues in distance)
(181) Why... What is this... You are...
(182) Linda wasn't feeling well. She was just sleeping...
(183) Linda... Linda...
(184) What? What is this?
(185) Linda...
(186) Sharon... Sharon!
(187) (Sobbing)
(188) (Chatting and laughter)
(189) (# Jazz)
(190) Hey, Mama-san, where's my beer?
(191) Oh, I'm sorry.
(192) Excuse me. I'll be right back.
(193) (Car horns honking)
(194) (Tyres screech)
(195) I don't believe it! There's actually three of them.
(196) Turn left here.
(197) Aren't they at the base?
(198) There's the other one. Oh, what?
(199) It's all over if we lose this one. Hurry!
(200) (Breathing heavily)
(201) (Breathing heavily)
(202) (# Gentle Swing)
(203) (Growling)
(204) Ted, have you seen Sharon?
(205) No, I haven't.
(206) (Music slowing down)
(207) It's a fake!
(208) (Gasps)
(209) (Whimpering)
(210) (Music continues)
(211) (Demon roars)
(212) (Screams)
(213) What are you doing?
(214) Run for it!
(215) (Growls)
(216) This one is also heading for the base.
(217) Have the military stand down! And Louis, look for Saya!
(218) (Demon breathing heavily)
(219) (Screaming)
(220) (Laughs) Excuse me, ma'am. Are you trying to surprise me now?
(221) You're a teacher, ma'am, what are you doing here?
(222) Shouldn't you be at the party?
(223) Help! A student changed into a monster!
(224) You're not pulling that one on me, even if it is Halloween tonight.
(225) No, really! It just attacked me over there!
(226) Kids these days, they really do get into these tricks of theirs.
(227) It's not a trick! Please, believe me! Help me!
(228) Hey, just try to calm down a little, ma'am.
(229) We used to play little tricks on teachers we didn't like.
(230) But kids have no reason to hate a pretty one like yourself.
(231) It's more likely a kid wanted some attention...
(232) Whoa!
(233) (Yelling)
(234) (Roaring)
(235) (Squelching and tearing)
(236) Run!
(237) Hey! Halt! Where are you going? This area's off-limits!
(238) Please... Stop!
(239) Help us! Who are you, ma'am?
(240) And who is this kid with you?
(241) She's...
(242) Hey, what happened to you? You're bleeding.
(243) (Nurse) We've just been attacked!
(244) Wait here. I'll call headquarters.
(245) Huh? (Coughs)
(246) (Grunts)
(247) Go inside.
(248) What did you just do?
(249) What are you trying to do here?
(250) Shut up!
(251) Listen! Anyone who is marked by "them" or
(252) anyone who has seen "their" real form, isn't allowed to live.
(253) So, we've got to kill "them" before "they" get us.
(254) What are "they"?
(255) Demons. They live off human blood.
(256) Shit! Isn't there something?
(257) Like what?
(258) A weapon.
(259) Here...
(260) That won't kill them.
(261) They won't die unless they lose enough blood in one blow.
(262) Then what is this gun for?
(263) You may need it.
(264) You can kill yourself as a last resort.
(265) (Moans)
(266) Dear God, help me...
(267) Don't!
(268) Why me?
(269) Who are you?
(270) Why did you help me?
(271) You're lucky. I can't kill "humans."
(272) (Nurse screams)
(273) Shut up!
(274) (Nurse screaming)
(275) (Growling)
(276) Wait! Don't shoot!
(277) (Gunshots)
(278) David!
(279) Saya...
(280) Saya, is that you?!
(281) Open the door!
(282) (Sobbing and moaning)
(283) (Growling)
(284) Fuck! Oh...
(285) Saya!
(286) (Saya straining)
(287) (Demon roaring)
(288) I can't take this anymore.
(289) Don't give up!
(290) Get the car!
(291) Run the doors down!
(292) (Starts engine)
(293) (Groans)
(294) (Tyres screech)
(295) Shit!
(296) Saya!
(297) (Screams)
(298) Sword!
(299) (Demon howls)
(300) (David) You all right?
(301) Saya!
(302) (Demon groaning)
(303) (Saya) Don't!
(304) It's preparing to fly. Take the car.
(305) It's going to take off.
(306) Hurry!
(307) Louis here.
(308) (David) 'The target is heading for the runway.
(309) 'We need to get to the woman who saw the demon before the cops.'
(310) Roger, you got it.
(311) Shit, it's gonna jump onto it!
(312) Damn it to hell!
(313) (Saya) Just leave it.
(314) (Tyres screeching)
(315) Get closer! Don't make it sound so easy!
(316) Saya, where are you going? You cannot leave!
(317) Saya!
(318) (Breathing weakly)
(319) (Exhales)
(320) (Helicopter approaching)
(321) And this is all I know.
(322) I've told you everything I've seen with my own eyes.
(323) Even though I'm not sure you believe me.
(324) No, no. We just want to hear what happened, madam.
(325) I'm not even sure what really happened.
(326) When I returned to the infirmary, what should have been Linda's...
(327) I mean, the strange creature's remains were gone.
(328) No sign of a struggle.
(329) Everything had been wiped clean.
(330) The principal, the teachers,
(331) nobody would believe me when I told them what had happened.
(332) I know, the man that was with her, she called him David.
(333) Doesn't he work in this building?
(334) He would know what happened. Where is he?
(335) Madam, no one fitting your description
(336) works or is stationed at this base.
(337) That can't be, he... I'm sorry, madam,
(338) we don't have any further information.
(339) Before you go, the girl you saw... did she look like this?
(340) (Machinery rumbling)
(341) (Gasps)
(342) (# Jazz)
(343) After all, I never understood what I saw.
(344) That girl Saya and the creatures she killed all remained a mystery.
(345) Only two students were noted as having left for other schools.
(346) Could she still be somewhere around the base?
(347) Is she still fighting those creatures?
(348) Just as we humans continue to kill each other?
(349) That beautiful, yet dangerous living thing.
(350) (Radio) 'The liberation front has attacked the American Blake base.
(351) 'In retaliation, B-52s from Yokota base in Japan
(352) 'have been ordered to fly to North Vietnam.'

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