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Monday, November 23, 2015

[2011] [Attack the Block] English Transcript

(2) (Fireworks boom and crackle)
(3) (Fireworks whistle)
(4) Hi, Mum.
(5) Sorry, I couldn't call sooner. Haven't had the chance.
(6) No, I'm just walking back to the flat My shift ran over.
(7) Loads of kids with firework burns.
(8) How's Dad?
(9) What about next weekend?
(10) I could take the train up, stay the night
(11) (Fireworks exploding)
(12) I'll call you on Sunday. We'll make a plan.
(13) Gotta go now.
(14) OK. Bye.
(15) (Whispering)
(16) Go on, man.
(17) Hey, cut across her.
(18) Oh, fuck.
(19) Give me the phone, give me the phone. Give me the phone!
(20) The money, the purse. Give me the purse, give it to me.
(21) Don't fuck about.
(22) Hey. Please.
(23) Give me that ring. It's not worth...
(24) Shut up. Wanna get murked, innit?
(25) Stupid... Get off me!
(26) Oh! Oi, what?
(27) Boy, you're too brave. Quick, fam, 'fore the feds come.
(28) Fuck the feds, man.
(29) Take it.
(30) Look, man. Look. (Shouting)
(31) Fuck!
(32) Oi, she's duckin'. Hey, fam, she's ghostin'.
(33) Allow it. Somebody's bombin' us, blood.
(34) No, man, it's just a firework. Some big firework.
(35) Nice whip. Could be bare valuables in there.
(36) Raargh!
(37) Shit. There's something... Whoa!
(38) (Screeching and panicked shouting)
(39) (Screeches)
(40) What the fuck was that?
(41) Some orang-utan type thing, I'm not even lying, bruv.
(42) Hey, it's breezin', man. It looked like Dobby the house elf.
(43) Moses got shanked by a Dobby. (Laughter)
(44) I'm chasing that down. I'm killing that.
(45) Watch.
(46) Payback, fam. I'm proper stampin' that.
(47) It's gone in adventure. Round two, bruv. Round two.
(48) Playtime, bruv.
(49) (Screeching)
(50) (Excited chatter)
(51) I got my tool.
(52) No man stunting. I'm gonna fuck this thing up!
(53) Yo, you got beef now, Moses.
(54) Yo, Pest, got them bangers? Yeah.
(55) Jam, man.
(56) (Bang)
(57) (Squealing)
(58) (Further bangs)
(59) (Squealing)
(60) It's mine.
(61) (Creature screeches) Hey, back me! Back me!
(62) (Shouting and screeching)
(63) (Screeching dies down)
(64) Ah, no, man, that is rank. Hey, we broke it up.
(65) What is that, cuz? That ain't no is. That's a was.
(66) I told you, some exotic creature, like a monkey thing.
(67) That fell out of the sky. You trying to tell me it's raining monkeys?
(68) That ain't no monkey. Monkeys ain't bald.
(69) No, that's some weird thing. I don't know what that is.
(70) I ain't even gonna say. You know what that is?
(71) I'll tell you what that is. That's a alien, bruv. Believe it.
(72) It must have come from outer space, trying to take over Earth.
(73) But it landed in the wrong place.
(74) The wrong place! (Laughter)
(75) Welcome to London, mo fucker. Welcome to the ends, brother.
(76) This is the block. And nobody fucks with the block, do you get me?
(77) The B-L-O-C-K.
(78) ALL: Brap. Brap. Brap. Brap. Brap...
(79) (Brapping)
(80) (Sobbing)
(81) You all right, love? Not really.
(82) Do you live here? Yeah.
(83) Come along, I'll take you home. Thank you.
(84) Come on.
(85) You poor thing. Pale as a ghost, you were.
(86) Must have given you such a nasty shock.
(87) You sure you don't want a cup of tea? No, thanks. Water's fine.
(88) (Fireworks crackle and boom)
(89) Bloody fireworks.
(90) I think they should ban them.
(91) Could be the third world war out there, you wouldn't know the difference.
(92) What did the police say?
(93) Said it was one of the busiest nights of the year. Bet they don't even turn up.
(94) Only it's not like the kids are scared of 'em no more.
(95) Walking around with knives, great big dogs, like they own the block.
(96) Excuse my French, but they're fucking monsters, ain't they?
(97) Yeah. Fucking monsters.
(98) ..its ribs and that. Have you found anything?
(99) (Laughter)
(100) I beg you give me two pound to go to Chicken World, fam.

(101) That's disgusting.
(102) Moses, where are we gonna take that thing?
(103) Take it to Ron's. He watches that National Geographic shit.
(104) (Mobile rings) All man ever does is blaze,
(105) water them big buds and watch the nature channel.
(106) He'll identify that thing for real. Let me bell him up.
(107) It was madness, fam. The beast of Brixton.
(108) We were crazy kicking that.
(109) No, Mum. Playing football.
(110) Yeah, I had pepperoni pizza. You gave me the money.
(111) Some kind of non-found-out-about creature.
(112) Yeah, like Some Gears Of War thing.
(113) Yes, I know. Back by ten. I swear, Mum, back by ten.
(114) Ah, she's a nurse. They don't get paid nothing, fam.
(115) Oi, Moses. Why you always picking the poor people, man?
(116) (Laughter)
(117) Hey, let's walk, bruv. Whoo!
(118) Woy.
(119) Moses, what happened to your face? Battled an alien that fell from the sky.
(120) You're funny. Eurgh, what is that?
(121) I'm sorry, I can't even look at that.
(122) Halloween was last week. That ain't real. That's a creation.
(123) Touch it. Shove that thing in my face
(124) and them fangs are going up in your tits.
(125) Move it from me. Grow up. Could be diseased, you get me?
(126) I don't want no chlamydia. (Girls laugh)
(127) So you're telling me that fell out of the sky?
(128) Yeah. And did that to your face?
(129) Yeah. So, you killed lt?
(130) Yeah.
(131) (Scoffs)
(132) Such a bad breed, Moses.
(133) Fuck! It's alive! (Screaming)
(134) Tia is moving to you, Moses. She's on your balls, cuz.
(135) Hey, that's my cousin you're chatting about.
(136) Hey, man. Hey, hey, hey, watch this jump.
(137) Get down, man.
(138) Trust, I can do it. Humpty-Dumpty.
(139) We ain't cleanin' your guts off the floor, Biggz. Come on.
(140) Oh, I swear I could do that. Yeah, yeah, sure you can, man.
(141) Oi, Gavin, you pyro. My name ain't Gavin.
(142) It's Mayhem and he's Probs.
(143) (Laughter) Probs and Mayhem? Seriously?
(144) Urgh, what is that? That's none of your business.
(145) That's sick, man.
(146) Where you going? Let us come with you.
(147) Yeah, Moses, let us roll with you. We're bad boys.
(148) Go away. This is big man business. You're too tiny.
(149) Yeah, get in touch when you get your first pube.
(150) Go suck your mum.
(151) Oooh! Whoo!
(152) (Laughter)
(153) (Chatter)
(154) ג™× Whoop whoop, that's the sound of da police
(155) ג™× Whoop whoop, that's the sound of the beast
(156) ג™× Whoop whoop, that's the sound of da police
(157) ג™× Whoop whoop, that's the sound of the beast
(158) ג™× Whoop whoop, that's the sound of da police
(159) ג™× Whoop whoop, that's the sound of... (Mobile rings)
(160) Hey, Dad.
(161) Yeah, just on my way to the cinema.
(162) Yes, I promise, it'll be parked outside in the morning.
(163) OK, Dad. Gotta go. Bye-bye.
(164) I pressed it already. Taking 'nough time.
(165) (Sniggering)
(166) I'll... I'll just... I'll get the next one.
(167) Express elevator to the penthouse suite.
(168) Do you remember what they were wearing?
(169) One of them had one of those woolly hats with those tassels.
(170) The one that pushed me over, the main one,
(171) had a black baseball cap with a red brim.
(172) That's all l can remember.
(173) Did you see their faces? Have you seen them around?
(174) No. They had hoods and scarves.
(175) WOMAN: You want me to call the police?
(176) The best thing is to come with us for a drive around the block,
(177) see if we can spot them.
(178) Then we can drop you with a friend afterwards.
(179) No, thanks.
(180) I'm not gonna be scared out my own home by a bunch of bloody teenagers.
(181) (Door buzzer)
(182) Yo, Ron!
(183) (Presses buzzer) Yo, Ron!
(184) All right?
(185) No idea. Not a bloody clue.
(186) Maybe there was a party at the zoo and a monkey fucked a fish.
(187) I saw them with it on the way up.
(188) Thought they'd won it at the funfair. Smells real though, don't it?
(189) Smells like a shit did a shit.
(190) You wanna buy a bit of weed, then? Yeah.
(191) Yeah, come on. (Chatter)
(192) Shut up, man.
(193) Well done, lads.
(194) You've discovered a species hitherto unknown to science,
(195) quite possibly non-terrestrial in origin, and you kicked its fucking head in.
(196) (Laughter)
(197) Take a seat. I'll be back in a minute. Yeah.
(198) We're getting rich off that, you know, cos we discovered it.
(199) eBay, fam. Alert the media.
(200) Exclusive rights to the highest bidder.
(201) The Sun. Believes anything.
(202) No, no, no, no, no. The Sun'll dress it up like one of them Page Three girls.
(203) You wanna call The Guardian, blood.
(204) People will believe it in a proper paper. No, tabloids pay more money.
(205) You can't call the paper. FBI will confiscate it.
(206) FBI? This is England, there ain't no FBI.
(207) It's Section Six or something.
(208) We need an expert to verify that thing. Look in the Yellow Pages.
(209) Look for scientist people who know about all them meteor things.
(210) Yellow Pages? Like, what, "A" for aliens?
(211) Cheers. We need a lawyer,
(212) a manager or something.
(213) Bell Simon Cowell. Alien's Got Talent.
(214) (Laughter)
(215) Jokes, man, jokes.
(216) Actually, I did this zoology module at uni.
(217) Primatology, mammalogy, all that shizzle.
(218) That thing in there don't belong to no taxon I've ever studied.
(219) You met Brewis, then? Very reliable customer.
(220) Gwanin'. (Laughter)
(221) Hey, move, blood! (Tuts)
(222) (Laughter continues) Hey, hey!
(223) Allow it, allow it, allow it...
(224) Yo, Ron. You want a bourbon?
(225) Let me keep that thing in the weed room. Could be worth bare money.
(226) That's the safest place in the block.
(227) Look, I'd love to, but it's not my decision. I only work here.
(228) Why don't you come and ask the boss?
(229) What, Hi-Hatz is here? Yeah, he's in the weed room.
(230) Come on.
(231) STEREO: ג™× Get That Snitch
(232) Hi-Hatz.
(233) Hi-Hatz!
(234) Hi-Hatz!
(235) Yo, Moses, hear my beats?
(236) Yeah. Yeah, that's my new trick.
(237) ג™× Get that snitch Get the strap
(238) ג™× Don't give a fuck ג™× Blat, blat, blat...
(239) That's serious.
(240) Ah, check it out, he's got a puppet.
(241) You made that in college or something?
(242) You got mad skills for puppets.
(243) Looks proper rotten and everything.
(244) Found it over the park, didn't you, Moses?
(245) He wants to know if he can keep it here.
(246) He reckons it's worth bare money.
(247) True say?
(248) Yo, bring it, bring it, bring it.
(249) ג™× Get that snitch Get me strap
(250) ג™× Don't give a fuck Blat, blat, blat
(251) ג™× Get that snitch Get me strap
(252) ג™× Don't give a fuck Blat, blat, blat
(253) ג™× Get that snitch Get me strap
(254) ג™× Don? give a fuck.. (Laughs)
(255) Yo. Do whatever you want.
(256) I don't care about that bullshit.
(257) You shot my food from Ron still?
(258) Sometimes.
(259) There's better ways to make P's in the ends, you know.
(260) Man of your age should step his game up. Move some white.
(261) I'm gonna put you on bail.
(262) Get me 300 back from this.
(263) You're my boy now.
(264) One thing, though. This is my block, get me?
(265) The female lands.
(266) If this new territory is hospitable, she releases a pheromone
(267) which can be detected by the male of the species from over a mile away.
(268) RON: Brewis.
(269) Oi, Brewis.
(270) Oi, come on.
(271) You all right?
(272) Yes, fam.
(273) (Laughter)
(274) What you on about, man? Oh, fam, boy.
(275) I know, fam.
(276) BIGGZ: Hey, what, bruv? Hey, why are you smiling, bruv?
(277) Hey, what's that? Hey, I bet he got a job.
(278) Eh, is it? He got recruited, innit.
(279) What's that in your pocket, bruv?
(280) Hi-Hatz is gonna step you up.
(281) (All congratulate him)
(282) What's that? What's that in your pocket, man?
(283) (Low chatter)
(284) Yo, check it.
(285) What, bruv? More.
(286) More what? Them tings.
(287) It's just rockets, innit?
(288) Nah. Rockets go up before they come down.
(289) Them things are pure comin' down.
(290) They're the same. Same as what?
(291) As what hit that car before, fam. Trust.
(292) Nah. More of them nasty little gremlins.
(293) It's raining Gollums. Bare creatures.
(294) Hey, that one landed in the park, fam, close.
(295) Oh, lovely fireworks. Nah, mate, it's a alien invasion.
(296) Course it is. Let's get down there, cuz.
(297) Let's go fuck them up! I'm killin' them straight
(298) Ay, let's get tooled up, blood. Come, come.
(299) Ay, somebody call pest control?
(300) (Excited chatter)
(301) Quite sweet really, aren't they?
(302) Hi. Emergency situation! Move, move!
(303) Don't shove us! Some of us have got exams tomorrow!
(304) (Shouting)
(305) Where have you been? Got to get the puncture repair kit.
(306) Why? You're not going out again. Just to mend my tyre. Ten minutes.
(307) Hey. Ten minutes, I mean it. I promise.
(308) What happened to your leg?
(309) Nothing, Nan. I pulled a muscle playing football.
(310) Back in a bit, Nan. Now, don't you go getting into trouble.
(311) Course not, Nan.
(312) Dennis, where are you going? Out!
(313) Then take your dog. No, man, I'm busy.
(314) I'm not asking, I'm telling. (Sighs)
(315) Pogo. Come, come, come. Come, let's go savage some Gollums.
(316) (Whooping)
(317) Whoa! Let's go!
(318) Go, go, go!
(319) Hey, Moses, what's happening? Wait for us.
(320) Wait. It's not fair, man. We wanna come too.
(321) Hey, what, the Dobbies came again.
(322) There might be something in it. Set the grass on fire.
(323) Messed up, man. I told you, fam.
(324) A meteor, for real. Ay, loads came down, innit.
(325) We gotta take them all out. Gotta catch them all.
(326) Calm down, Biggz, this ain't Pokֳ©mon.
(327) Yo, shine the light.
(328) Like a fossil, innit. No, that's different.
(329) That ain't even the same thing.
(330) That looks triple the size, blood.
(331) I'd like to see the brother who'd fight that.
(332) Right now, I feel like going home, locking my door and playing FIFA.
(333) (Screeching)
(334) Hey, what was that?
(335) Pogo. Pogo, whoa. Stay. (Barks)
(336) Stay.
(337) There. Holy fuck.
(338) Where, fam? Where? On top of the tower.
(339) Which tower? Ain't you got your contacts in? Look.
(340) (Gasps)
(341) (Pogo howls and whines)
(342) Pogo! Pogo!
(343) No, man!
(344) What's it doing? Where's it gone, man?
(345) It's coming.
(346) Ah, I can see its eyes. Not sure them things is eyes.
(347) (Snarls)
(348) Hey, let's bounce, bruv. I'm gone, fam.
(349) Everyone run!
(350) Aliens! Run! Leave, leave, leave!
(351) They say aliens? That's what I heard, man.
(352) Doughnuts. They think we're scaredy-cats.
(353) Look, man.
(354) Shit, man!
(355) Hey, come on, Biggz, man.
(356) (Siren wails)
(357) Bully van!
(358) Stay down! Come here!
(359) Give me your hand! Give me your hand!
(360) Man, fuck the five-o! Stay down, stay down.
(361) Hey, calm.
(362) We got wraps.
(363) Mike Delta 4-0-3, need assistance, Ballard Street.
(364) You are under arrest on suspicion of... Four-inch flick blade.
(365) ..possession of Class A drugs.
(366) You do not have to say anything... (Continues with caution)
(367) Victim's mobile phone.
(368) Anything you do say may be given in evidence. Do you understand?
(369) (Police radio) Ballard Street, over.
(370) He said, do you understand? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(371) Hurry up and get me in that van.
(372) Are you absolutely positive that's him? Positive.
(373) And the rest of them are up on that walkway. You know that, don't you?
(374) He's brucking him in the van, bruv.
(375) Behind the cars, check it.
(376) Hey, where is it? The roof, fam, clock that roof.
(377) (They gasp)
(378) Control, re Ballard Street. We got a prisoner coming in. 557, over.
(379) Also, please advise, er...four other suspects still in the area.
(380) Not so tough now, are we, fella?
(381) Aaargh! Aaargh!
(382) Oh, shit!
(383) Nah. Feds got savaged. Shit, man. We gotta back Moses.
(384) Fuck that, bruv. I ain't going nowhere near none of that.
(385) Think. Think what scared the little one. Bangers ain't gonna do nothin', fam.
(386) I ain't talking about bangers.
(387) (Thuds) Let me out, man!
(388) Oh!
(389) Hold it steady. I ain't the one with the shakes.
(390) Hurry up, man. Come on, you lot, man.
(391) Open the door! Let me out!
(392) (Screeching)
(393) Yo, cover me, fam.
(394) (Fireworks boom and whistle)
(395) This is for Pogo. Rest in peace, dog.
(396) What? (Screams)
(397) Took your time, man.
(398) (Thudding)
(399) Dumb feds left the keys! Then let's jack it!
(400) (Tyres squeal)
(401) Throw it off, man! Throw it off!
(402) Yo, Biggz, meet us at the underground garages.
(403) ג™× RUPIE EDWARDS: Ire Feelings (Skanga)
(404) ג™× Skanga, skanga, skanga, skanga...
(405) Fuck.
(406) Oh, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.
(407) (Approaching police siren)
(408) Ron, it's Brewis.
(409) Mate, someone's like petrol-bombed my dad's car or... I don't know.
(410) And there's po-po everywhere.
(411) I need to come back up. All right, calm down.
(412) I've got the binoculars out. Where are ya?
(413) I'm by the road by the park. Behind a bush.
(414) What can you see?
(415) Couple of fire engines parked up by the off-licence, and I think...
(416) Hang on. Fuck me. What?
(417) (Sighs) Blockbusters has shut down.
(418) Right. No police, though? No, you're all right.
(419) Come back up. Not a blue light in sight.
(420) (Rap music from car stereo)
(421) Whoa!
(422) No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
(423) Oh, shit, shit, shit.
(424) This is a bad dream. Tell me I'm dreaming.
(425) Let me out! Open the door!
(426) Wait, blood, wait, blood.
(427) That ain't even police at the wheel, that's youths in there.
(428) What we gonna do, bruv? Give me the strap.
(429) Let me out! Open the door!
(430) Open the door!
(431) Sorry about the driving. I'll get lessons for Christmas.
(432) What were those things? We're thinking probably aliens.
(433) You should leave. Before the situation gets more nuts.
(434) Go on, then.
(435) Ain't you gonna thank us for saving your life?
(436) My fucking hero.
(437) Yo, Hi-Hatz, it was a accident. Nah, trust, bruv.
(438) There's bare creatures chasing us.
(439) Big alien-gorilla-wolf motherfuckers. I swear.
(440) Some creature fell from outer space and jumped Moses, so he bored it.
(441) And now its brethren have come down in force, blood.
(442) Moses got shiffed by the feds and the things attacked the van
(443) and savaged the bluefoot, so we jacked the van.
(444) We're running for our lives now, cuz. Believe!
(445) Jack a bully van, crash it into my whip and then chat shit about aliens to me?
(446) This is making me nervous, blood. That boy's still cuffed, you know.
(447) Police are gonna be all over this. You trying to snake me?
(448) What, you wanna bring arms to me now? You wanna murk me?
(449) You wanna war with me? Listen to me, cuz, I'm not even lying.
(450) If we was making it up,
(451) don't you think we'd make up something better than aliens?
(452) Say that word one more time.
(453) (Distant screeching)
(454) I told you, bruv. On the roof, if you don't believe me.
(455) What? What's on the roof?
(456) One of them... Say it!
(457) One of them big gorilla-wolf motherfuckers.
(458) (Screeching)
(459) Yo, Hi-Hatz, there is something there, bruv.
(460) Yo, go see what that is.
(461) No way, bruv. Move!
(462) Shit.
(463) Yo, Hi-Hatz, bruv.
(464) There's no... Oh, shit!
(465) (Screeching and chomping)
(466) Oh, shit!
(467) Got the key to your lockup? Yeah.
(468) Follow me, follow me! (Panicked shouting)
(469) Moses! Pussyhole!
(470) I'm gonna get you killed, blood! Watch!
(471) (Screeching)
(472) I told you, man. Alien invasion.
(473) London-wide. For real. I knew it from the start.
(474) Them vans got tracker beacons.
(475) Police will be here any minute. We're fucked.
(476) When the feds find the bodies and the van, we are fucked.
(477) No. If it's happening all over, the police are gonna be too busy tonight.
(478) National emergency, army on the streets, helicopters,
(479) all that 28 Days Later shit.
(480) We need to get off the streets. Back in the block.
(481) Like none of this ever happened.
(482) Yes, boss. Back in the block!
(483) How do we do that with them things out there?
(484) That's suicide, man.
(485) You know what? What?
(486) I'm shitting myself, innit. But at the same time...
(487) What?
(488) This is sick.
(489) (Screeches) Fuck!
(490) They're on us!
(491) Split! Meet at the block! Oi, pedal, pedal, pedal!
(492) Jerome, pedal!
(493) (Snarls)
(494) (Screeches)
(495) Stairs, blood!
(496) Move, move, move, move!
(497) Where's Biggz? Where's Pest?
(498) Hurry up! (All shout)
(499) Go on, run!
(500) Close the door, man!
(501) Fuck!
(502) Grab it!
(503) (All shouting)
(504) Aarghh!
(505) (Splintering of wood)
(506) (Boys shouting)
(507) Hey, snitch!
(508) Move, man! Huh? Move!
(509) Fucking move!
(510) Hey, come on, blood! Get the bag off him!
(511) Somebody bell Biggz. Where's Biggz? I got one text left.
(512) I got no credit. Drop call everybody.
(513) Pray someone calls back. This is too much to explain in one text.
(514) Get out of my fucking flat!
(515) Shut up, man. Pss...
(516) I said, get out! Yo, snitch, calm yourself.
(517) This ain't about you no more.
(518) Come anywhere near me and I swear I will scream this fucking block down!
(519) There's worse things out there than us tonight.
(520) Hey, bruv. I saw her ID card thingy.
(521) She's a nurse, innit. Help me, then. I need this leg.
(522) I need it to be able to run away from them things.
(523) You think I'm gonna help you?
(524) After you attacked me, and robbed me, and then set those dogs on the police?
(525) Yes to the first two, no to the last one. Dogs?
(526) Dogs with glow-in-the-dark jaws? Dogs with no eyes?
(527) Dogs the size of gorillas? D'you think they're dogs?
(528) Go out there and try feedin' 'em some Pedigree Chum. They're aliens.
(529) Whatever the fuck they are, they're not fucking aliens.
(530) You swear too much, man. Yeah, you got a potty mouth, man.
(531) Whatever they are, they're inside the block.
(532) They're after everyone.
(533) Yeah, we're on the same side now. You get me?
(534) No feds. You'd be better off calling the Ghostbusters.
(535) This is the block. We take care of things our own way. Get me?
(536) You're joking? Does it look like he's jokin'?
(537) I was gonna call for help. Your friend needs to go to hospital.
(538) So do you. If those wounds get infected, they could kill you.
(539) Nah, he likes his scars, innit. Fuck!
(540) He's bleedin' to death! Help him!
(541) We ain't gonna do nothing.
(542) Fix him.
(543) Jesus.
(544) (Both exhale)
(545) TV: It's one of me most extraodinary spectacles in nature.
(546) What if those kids were right?
(547) What if they're connected that freak show animal
(548) and the hole in my dad's car?
(549) What if there is some kind of invasion and the police are out there?
(550) I can't get busted again.
(551) You've been busted? Yeah.
(552) Left half an oz in my jeans, put them in the washing machine by mistake and...
(553) I shit you not, my mum's underwear came out stinking of skunk.
(554) My dad obviously caught a whiff and cut off my allowance.
(555) Next time, it'll be my testiklees.
(556) Yeah, it's tough times for you, mate.
(557) The irony is, now I've gotta sell twice the amount just to pay the rent.
(558) I thought you said you lived at home?
(559) Yeah, well, I mean... I mean "rent" in the proverbial sense.
(560) Oh, yeah. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do, you know.
(561) A man's gotta put bread on the table proverbially speaking, of course.
(562) Fo-shizzle.
(563) Listen, even if it is an alien invasion,
(564) they're four foot high, they're blind
(565) and they got kicked to death by a group of kids.
(566) We got nothing to worry about. Yeah.
(567) All right? (Laughs) Yeah.
(568) Sorry I messed up your couch.
(569) Don't worry about it. D'you want me to take 'em off?
(570) That won't be necessary.
(571) You sure? I got nice boxers on.
(572) Genuine Calvin Klein. Fresh today.
(573) Tell me if this hurts. Try me.
(574) Ow! Hurts.
(575) How about this? Hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts!
(576) You've torn a few minor arteries. You might have a fracture.
(577) This needs treating before you lose too much blood.
(578) Do it, then. I can't do it.
(579) I don't have the equipment or the skill.
(580) I've only just graduated.
(581) And I missed the class on alien bite wounds.
(582) Stop hyping, man.
(583) Pass me that cushion.
(584) I said, pass me that cushion!
(585) (Tuts)
(586) Oh! Don't take it out on me.
(587) I ain't seen you around here before, you know.
(588) You lived here long? Couple of months.
(589) Hmm. Nice place you got.
(590) Thanks. Thinking of moving.
(591) Shame. Why?
(592) I don't like the area. What do you mean, don't like the area?
(593) What's wrong with the area?
(594) (Heavy thud on door)
(595) Fam, stay.
(596) (Screeches)
(597) Get off me!
(598) What was that? They found us.
(599) How could they find us? There's, like, 160 doors in this block.
(600) Whatever gang war you're involved in, leave me out of it, please.
(601) (Heavy thud)
(602) Hey, this ain't got nothin' to do with gangs.
(603) Or drugs. Or rap music. Or violence in video games.
(604) This is the worst night of my life. Feeling's mutual.
(605) (Warrior cry) Moses, don't, man!
(606) Moses.
(607) Ninja!
(608) Tango neutralised.
(609) See? Is that a dog?
(610) No. No, that is not a dog.
(611) That's black.
(612) Too black to see.
(613) That's the blackest black ever, fam.
(614) That's blacker than my cousin Femi.
(615) Oi, where's that woman?
(616) (Distant screeching)
(617) (Screeching intensifies)
(618) Wherever you're going, I'm coming with you.
(619) After what you put me through tonight, it's the least you can do.
(620) No way, man. She's bare annoyin'.
(621) Make her leave. Let that snitch get murked.
(622) Dennis, why you acting like such a prick?
(623) I need the nurse. Do you want me to die?
(624) We can't stand around here arguing. We need to roll. Now!
(625) My name's Sam. Jerome.
(626) I'm Pest. No, man.
(627) Dennis.
(628) You're Moses, right?
(629) You're gonna need a weapon.
(630) OFFICER: Move along, please. Move along.
(631) Yo, bring it, bring it, bring it.
(632) Bring it, bring it, bring it. Yo, bring the thing, blood.
(633) What's happening, man? Something fucked up.
(634) Hi-Hatz, bruv, there's bare feds in the area, roadblocks and everything.
(635) Maybe we should chill out till things die down.
(636) Are you telling me to chill out? No. Wait till things cool down.
(637) You telling me to cool down? Ah, forget it, bruv.
(638) Get in the car.
(639) Get in the car now!
(640) They mash up my whip with a bully van they stole,
(641) start threatening me about aliens or some shit,
(642) facing me down, telling me I'm gonna get shifted.
(643) Hey, watch where you're going, you prick!
(644) Then, some like...some like big dog, some big gorilla wolf motherfucker,
(645) comes down from the roof, rolls Tonks, tears his neck all the way out. Believe.
(646) So was it a dog, then? Don't give a fuck what it was.
(647) Shot that ting. Died easy.
(648) And we gotta learn them youngers tonight, you get me?
(649) That's my block!
(650) (Music volume up) ג™× Don't give a fuck
(651) ג™× Blat, blat, blat
(652) ג™× Get that snitch Get the strap
(653) ג™× Don't give a fuck Blat, blat, blat...
(654) (Seat belts click)
(655) (Tyres screech)
(656) You get four years for carrying an offensive weapon, you know.
(657) I think this situation's a bit different. Is it?
(658) Walking around, expecting to get jumped at any moment?
(659) Feels like just another day in the ends to me.
(660) Where's he taking us? Tia's flat.
(661) How will we be any safer in her place? Security gate.
(662) She wouldn't be asking that question if she'd seen them girls fight.
(663) (Mobile buzzes)
(664) Ay, it's Biggz. He's alive.
(665) Yo, Biggz, we thought you was dead. I called you 50 times, blood.
(666) What's your phone doing on silent at a time like this for, fam?
(667) Where you at? In the bin.
(668) Same bin I was at that time them boys from Aylesbury was after me.
(669) (Thudding)
(670) One of them things is trying to headbang me out. Rescue me, yeah?
(671) Ain't that simple, bruv. Them things are in the block, busting through doors.
(672) You're the only one with credit. Call everyone, spread the word.
(673) Tell them to stay inside. Get me?
(674) I'll bell you back when we get to Tia's.
(675) Fuck this, man!
(676) (Rings)
(677) Yo, Biggz. Listen, listen.
(678) I've got one pound credit and bare people to call. I can only say this once.
(679) We need backup. Alien attack.
(680) Slow down. I don't understand a word you're saying. Speak slowly.
(681) This ain't no time to be speaking slowly!
(682) Moses and Dennis are heading to Tia's. Call everyone!
(683) Tell them to come back! That thing we killed was for real!
(684) Now there's bigger ones battering me...
(685) Phone me later when you ain't playing Xbox.
(686) Check it. Reginald and Gavin survived.
(687) Don't answer those names no more. It's Probs and Mayhem.
(688) Fam, we saw the aliens.
(689) They ran past us, straight.
(690) We got tools.
(691) (Laughter)
(692) Let us roll with you, man. That's not real, is it?
(693) Jesus, he looks about six I'm nine and a half.
(694) That ain't a toy, Gavin. Give me that. Hey, leave it!
(695) (All talk at once)
(696) Hey. Hey, let go, fam. Oi, let go.
(697) Yo, Reginald, Gavin!
(698) Go home, lock your door. Do your homework. Watch Naruto.
(699) Just stay inside tonight, get me?
(700) That's my cousin's! I gotta give it back!
(701) Stop bitching, You got a Super Soaker still.
(702) You really think they'll die if you shoot water at them?
(703) Ain't water in it. Is it?
(704) You ain't bringing all them in here. No. They're involved in something.
(705) Someone's chasing 'em. They got weapons.
(706) And, look, that one's bleedin'.
(707) And that woman, I don't even know her.
(708) I'm not getting myself involved in a situation I don't need to be in.
(709) It's my house, Dimples.
(710) Come.
(711) Get off me, man.
(712) (Helicopter whirs, sirens blare)
(713) There's only one helicopter out there. Copper chopper.
(714) Ain't even military. And it's only around these ends.
(715) This ain't London-wide. This is localised.
(716) Yeah, localised in your head. Localised in your dreams.
(717) Drapsed by the feds? Yes.
(718) Big gorilla-alien-wolf monsters killing everyone? Uh-uh.
(719) Maybe they only fell on these ends. Please!
(720) What kind of alien, out of all the places in the whole wide world,
(721) would invade some shitty council estate in South London?
(722) One that's looking for a fight. They're coming for us. Ready or not.
(723) ג™× Ready or not, here I come
(724) ג™× You can't hide Excuse me.
(725) ג™× They're gonna find you
(726) Listen to me!
(727) There's a dead one in my living room.
(728) I live on the first floor. Go and look if you don't believe me.
(729) You can walk right in. There's no front door any more.
(730) Moses, when did you start going out with your maths teacher?
(731) (Laughter)
(732) How d'you know that woman? We met earlier.
(733) He mugged me.
(734) Whey! For real? That part I believe.
(735) That true? You rob that woman?
(736) Yeah. But afterwards she fixed my leg and we saved her from the monster.
(737) So...we're mates now and it's all sweet.
(738) We're heroes, innit? Heroes?
(739) Five of you and a knife against one woman? Fuck off!
(740) Raah. Cold.
(741) Nah, nah, nah, don't build it up, luv. It weren't all that.
(742) We never even touched you. The blade was to get it over with quick.
(743) We was as scared as you. Blade?
(744) You're such a waste. Why's it always trouble with you?
(745) Why's it always someone gettin' robbed or beaten up or gettin' arrested?
(746) We can't deal with this on our own. We have to call the police.
(747) You can trust me. I'll tell them what really happened.
(748) Think the police will help them?
(749) They might not arrest you, but they'll arrest them.
(750) For the murder of two police officers, vehicle theft, resisting arrest
(751) everything that happened everywhere in the ends tonight.
(752) They arrest us for nothing already.
(753) You know what I reckon, yeah?
(754) I reckon the feds sent them, anyway.
(755) Government probably bred those creatures to kill black boys.
(756) First they sent drugs to the ends, then they sent guns.
(757) Now they sent monsters to get us.
(758) They don't care, man.
(759) We ain't killin' each other fast enough,
(760) so they decided to speed up the process.
(761) Believe. (Girls laugh)
(762) Pest, I told you not to do that! Do it out the window, yeah?
(763) It's pain relief. Ask the nurse.
(764) Excuse me, but what is that?
(765) Oh, my days! (Screaming)
(766) You can't take two, fam. Watch me.
(767) (Caps bang)
(768) Shit. It is a toy!
(769) (Screaming)
(770) Help! Hey, Moses!
(771) Dennis!
(772) (Screaming)
(773) (Screaming)
(774) (Snarls)
(775) Moses. It's coming for you, Moses!
(776) Oi, you fucker!
(777) Tia, what you doing?
(778) Back!
(779) Bash it! Kill it! Kill it!
(780) Don't stop! Harder! Cut him!
(781) Kill him! Harder!
(782) Oh, shit!
(783) (Breath wheezes)
(784) Yo, youngers, wagwan?
(785) Nothing much. All right.
(786) Nice weapons. Who you fightin'?
(787) Aliens. Is it?
(788) Seen that yout Moses lately? Who wants to know?
(789) He called us for backup. Help him fight the aliens off.
(790) Bang! Bang! Bang!
(791) So, where's he at?
(792) (Sobbing)
(793) You know that little one you killed before?
(794) That was a mistake.
(795) They weren't going for us. They were going for you.
(796) Actions have consequences, you know.
(797) Everywhere you go, bad things happen.
(798) TIA: Stay away from us, Moses.
(799) (Alien screeches)
(800) You should leave. I don't want no one else to die.
(801) Fuck that, bruv. I got your back. I ain't going nowhere.
(802) They took Dennis. We gotta kill all them things, bruv.
(803) Come on!
(804) Come on!
(805) Easy kill.
(806) Run, man! Come on!
(807) What are you waiting for? Shit!
(808) Open the door! Go!
(809) (Screaming and gunshots)
(810) Wagwan, it's young Den. If it's girls, leave a message.
(811) Mandem, I'm on the block, innit.
(812) Dennis, fam, I made bare calls.
(813) Everyone's come down to back us, blood, but no one can get inside.
(814) Feds have the block on lockdown.
(815) You've got one minute remaining.
(816) I ain't got much credit. And I can't be in this bin much longer.
(817) I need to make a break for it.
(818) I'll see you at the other side, yeah?
(819) Aargh!
(820) Hey, what the fuck, man!
(821) Why won't someone flippin' rescue me?
(822) (Panicked shouting)
(823) (Singing to himself)
(824) (Lift bell)
(825) Better get the next one, blood.
(826) (Lift bell)
(827) (Door closes)
(828) (Lift clunks)
(829) (Muffled shouting)
(830) Go, man!
(831) Who was that? That's Hi-Hatz.
(832) Man's a sausage. Why is he shooting at us?
(833) His best friend got ate and he's a bit vexed.
(834) (Thud and alien screeching)
(835) I know exactly how he feels.
(836) Would someone please tell me what the fuck is going on?
(837) What's chasing you? Why is the other lift full of bits of dead people?
(838) What? We need to go down.
(839) I ain't going down. There's too many things down there out to get me.
(840) True say. Bare police, crazy gangsters and fucked-up monsters down there.
(841) OK. Good. Let's not go down. Where can we go?
(842) We're going to Ron's weed room. What's Ron's weed room?
(843) It's a big room full of weed. And it's Ron's. It's good.
(844) It's like Fort fucking Knox up there. Plan.
(845) Bravo Team, on me, on me. Hold positions.
(846) (Groans) This is long, man. They've all gone.
(847) No, they ain't. Check it.
(848) (Lift bell)
(849) Down the end. Raah.
(850) I am too high for this shit.
(851) Trust.
(852) I wanna shoot those things, man. Same here, bruv.
(853) Times three. Done now.
(854) (Aliens screeching)
(855) (Fireworks whistling and exploding)
(856) Bangers, man, bangers! I'm Brewis, by the way.
(857) Sam. Front pocket, man.
(858) I'm meant to be at a party in Fulham. Now I'm trapped in this bloody block.
(859) Yo, Pest. Get ready with that lighter. Yeah, pass it, pass it.
(860) What about you? I live here.
(861) Really?
(862) Wicked.
(863) I'm set.
(864) (Firework explosions die down)
(865) Lights. Stay close.
(866) Go. Go, go.
(867) JEROME: Hurry up, man. Keep moving. BREWIS: Wait for me.
(868) PEST: Fire in the hole.
(869) JEROME: Get the fuck off me, man.
(870) Jesus. There's one behind us. Run!
(871) Jerome, where are you, man?
(872) (Alien screeches)
(873) Jerome!
(874) (Screeching)
(875) MOSES: Jerome! Where you at?
(876) Jerome!
(877) PEST:Jerome? (Alien screeches)
(878) I can't see shit, man! Come on, come on. Come on.
(879) Pest? Moses?
(880) Pest! Moses!
(881) Aaarghh! Jerome, where you at?
(882) Oi, lights, man, lights! Trying to find 'em, man.
(883) I'm going back. Stay by the lights.
(884) MOSES: Are you there, man?
(885) They're coming up the stairs, quick.
(886) Jerome?
(887) Help! Help!
(888) Aargh! Follow me!
(889) They got Jerome. Moses!
(890) They took him! They took Jerome!
(891) Man! Oh!
(892) What the fuck was that for?
(893) Moses, blood! Come on, man, they'll kill you!
(894) Moses!
(895) (Screeching)
(896) Yo, Ron! Ron! Ron, man, let us in!
(897) Ron! Open the door, man!
(898) Hey, let us in, man! Hey, open the door!
(899) All right? We need to hide in your weed room.
(900) It's the only safe place left in the block.
(901) I don't know about that.
(902) Ah, come on! Hurry up! All right, all right.
(903) Come on.
(904) Wagwan, Moses?
(905) Sorry.
(906) (Screeching)
(907) You killed that thing. Hi-Hatz, bruv...
(908) You brought it in the ends. I don't want no trouble.
(909) You brought fed in the ends.
(910) Listen to me, bruv.
(911) You brought an alien invasion to the ends.
(912) Shit.
(913) Behind you, bruv.
(914) Don't chat me. I'm not even lyin'..
(915) Shut up!
(916) I was gonna make you.
(917) Now...I'm gonna dead you.
(918) This is my block. Get me?
(919) Not really.
(920) (Screeching)
(921) (Shouting)
(922) (Splat)
(923) (Screeching)
(924) Wish I'd never chased after that thing.
(925) Wish we never murked you.
(926) I wish I never took that white off Hi-Hatz.
(927) Wish I'd just gone home and played FIFA like Biggz said.
(928) Anyone got skins?
(929) No.
(930) Bare weed and no skins.
(931) This is my worst nightmare.
(932) Listen, yeah. We never knew you lived in the block.
(933) If... If we knew you, we wouldn't have stepped you.
(934) It would have been OK to mug me if I didn't live here? Is that how it works?
(935) Boy, you's tetchy.
(936) He's tryin' to apologise to you, man.
(937) You're quite fit, you know.
(938) Have you got a boyfriend? Yeah.
(939) Are you sure about him? Where is he?
(940) Cos he ain't exactly looking after you tonight.
(941) He's in Ghana. You go out with an African man?
(942) No, he's helping children. He volunteers for the Red Cross.
(943) Oh, is it?
(944) Why can't he help the children of Britain?
(945) Not exotic enough, is it?
(946) Don't get no nice suntan.
(947) Raah. Moses, your jacket's gone rave.
(948) It's glowing in the UV light.
(949) Maybe it's some kind of pheromone.
(950) PEST: Maybe it's a what now?
(951)'s an eco-hormone that triggers a social response
(952) in members of the same species.
(953) Maybe that's a female and the others are male,
(954) and that... that... that stuff is what's attracting them here.
(955) They're smelling us.
(956) They fell out of the sky, yeah?
(957) Well, maybe they like drift through space on... on solar winds, like spores,
(958) and...whatever planet they land on first,
(959) the female leaves a pheromone trail for the males to follow it,
(960) find it, breed, et cetera.
(961) Like bees, like beetles, like moths.
(962) Some fucking funny-looking moth.
(963) Yeah.
(964) Well, whatever it is, you're covered in it
(965) and it seems to be piquing the interest of a rather hostile alien species.
(966) I'm just just saying, maybe if you took those clothes off,
(967) they wouldn't know we were here.
(968) You fancy him or something? Are you trying to get him naked?
(969) No, I'm trying to save your life.
(970) And in answer to your question earlier...
(971) Ah, thank fuck.
(972) Bruv, I swear I will never cuss you again.
(973) Yo, Brewis.
(974) Everyone who touched this thing got murked, you know
(975) Dennis...
(976) Jerome...
(977) Tonks...
(978) them feds when they tried touch me,
(979) everyone who had that scent on them.
(980) So if they follow the smell on that, then...
(981) ..maybe I can lead 'em.
(982) Lead them where? Somewhere I can blow them up.
(983) I killed that thing. I brought them in the block.
(984) I've gotta finish what I started.
(985) What if it jumps at us? Then throw the banger.
(986) What if I miss? Then we run.
(987) What if it kills us?
(988) No one is gonna ever call you Mayhem if you keep on acting like such a pussy.
(989) (Mobile beeping)
(990) I'm tellin' the truth! I know I lied to you before, but it's for real this time, I swear!
(991) (Screeching) ..I'm calling your dad. You hear me?
(992) Throw it, throw it, throw it!
(993) Now, now, do it!
(994) Are you even listening? Mum, I gotta go.
(995) Just do as I say and stay indoors.
(996) I won't ever do anything bad again, I promise.
(997) I love you, Mum. I love you. Five minutes!
(998) (Screeching)
(999) Any time, blood. Any time. We don't give a fuck, man.
(1000) Armed police. Stay where you are!
(1001) BOTH: Fuck.
(1002) Wagwan, Biggz. What are you doing?
(1003) Armed police, fam. Swear down?
(1004) Swear down. (Shouting)
(1005) You burnt that thing good. Ratings.
(1006) Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy.
(1007) Probs and Mayhem, right?
(1008) BOTH: Yeah.
(1009) (Sirens wail)
(1010) You look clean.
(1011) You look good.
(1012) I'm betting my life we're right about this.
(1013) Believe me, I'd go out there myself if I wasn't so profoundly stoned.
(1014) Likewise.
(1015) One floor down. 191. One floor down. 191.
(1016) You bell me when you get there. Yeah.
(1017) Yo, Pest, give me that ring.
(1018) (Tuts)
(1019) What ring, man?
(1020) Oh, man, that's ours.
(1021) It's worth bare P, man. Give it!
(1022) Raasclaat, man.
(1023) Thanks.
(1024) Even if you outrun them, even if you make it,
(1025) how are you gonna get out?
(1026) Don't worry about me, man.
(1027) You don't have to do this, Moses.
(1028) Yeah, I do.
(1029) Oi. Hi.
(1030) Is it safe?
(1031) No. All right. Good luck.
(1032) (Roars)
(1033) Are you sure no one's here? Yeah.
(1034) Who do you live with?
(1035) Just my uncle.
(1036) Where's he?
(1037) Comes and goes.
(1038) Goes, mostly.
(1039) You got a little brother?
(1040) No.
(1041) How old are you?
(1042) You look older.
(1043) Thanks.
(1044) Shut the hatch.
(1045) Lock the window.
(1046) Leave the front door on the latch.
(1047) (Gas hisses) Turn all the gas all the way up.
(1048) Get out the block as fast as you can. You hear me?
(1049) Good luck, Moses.
(1050) Later.
(1051) Moses versus the monsters.
(1052) Kill 'em. Kill all them things.
(1053) Allow it.
(1054) (Frenzied screeching)
(1055) (Screeching and roaring)
(1056) (Screaming)
(1057) (Shocked gasps)
(1058) (Siren wails)
(1059) Is that Moses? Moses!
(1060) Moses.
(1061) (Whirr of helicopter)
(1062) (Panting)
(1063) (Strains)
(1064) (Panting)
(1065) Oh, shit. Is that more of the monsters?
(1066) Sort of.
(1067) Armed police! Put your weapons down!
(1068) Down on the ground! Down on the ground!
(1069) Armed police! Drop your weapon! Hands on head!
(1070) Drop your weapon now!
(1071) PEST: Get off me! This one?
(1072) Aaargh, get off.
(1073) Get off me. Aaargh.
(1074) Stop resisting. Stop resisting.
(1075) I ain't resisting. You're pushin' me over. I don't even live here.
(1076) I am registered disabled. You're hurting me.
(1077) What's your number? What's your number, huh?
(1078) I know my civil liberties. I'm a member of fucking Amnesty.
(1079) Get off me!
(1080) Our Moses saved the planet! He saved the planet from alien invasion.
(1081) He's a hero. He's a legend.
(1082) Moses. Call me, yeah? We'll get you help.
(1083) Call me. Yo, Moses.
(1084) Hey, Moses. Moses.
(1085) Why do you always arrest the wrong people?
(1086) Moses is a hero, don't you get it? He saved the block.
(1087) Excuse me, sir.
(1088) This is Samantha Adams, the woman that called in the mugging.
(1089) Miss Adams, I believe you were out with two of my officers earlier tonight?
(1090) You know they lost their lives? Yeah. I was there.
(1091) We were attacked.
(1092) Those boys there, the ones you're arresting...
(1093) Can you confirm it was them?
(1094) Don't let them intimidate you, miss.
(1095) No. I know them. They're my neighbours.
(1096) They protected me.
(1097) Yo, Moses. Hey, Moses.
(1098) (Chanting) Moses! Moses! Moses!
(1099) Moses! Moses! Moses!
(1100) (Chanting continues)
(1101) Get off!
(1102) (Chanting) Moses! Moses! Moses!
(1103) Brap! Brap!
(1104) Brap! Brap! Brap!
(1105) BOTH: Brap! Brap! Brap!
(1106) Moses, bruv.
(1107) Can you hear that?
(1108) (Chanting) Moses! Moses! Moses! Moses!
(1109) That's for you, man.
(1110) ג™× RICHIE SPICE: Youths So Cold
(1111) ג™× In the streets it's getting hot
(1112) ג™× And the youths them a-get so cold
(1113) ג™× Searching for food for the pot
(1114) ג™× They'll do anything to fill that gap
(1115) ג™× In the streets it's getting hot
(1116) ג™× And the youths them a-get so cold
(1117) ג™× Searching for food for the pot
(1118) ג™× They'll do anything to fill that gap
(1119) ג™× As generation comes and goes
(1120) ג™× You gotta make preparation while the youths them grow
(1121) ג™× It's what you reap, it's what you sow
(1122) ג™× The youth, them are the light and the future
(1123) ג™× So that's when you know
(1124) ג™× If education is the key
(1125) ג™× Then tell me why the big guns they make it so expensive for we
(1126) ג™× Give them the key Oh, set them free
(1127) ג™× Ah-eeeeee!
(1128) ג™× In the streets it's getting hot
(1129) ג™× And the youths them a-get so cold
(1130) ג™× Searching for food for the pot
(1131) ג™× They'll do anything to fill that gap
(1132) ג™× In the streets it's getting hot
(1133) ג™× And the youths them a-get so cold
(1134) ג™× Searching for food for the pot
(1135) ג™× They'll do anything to fill that gap
(1136) ג™× You gotta find a better way
(1137) ג™× Cos when me look at Babylon
(1138) ג™× Me see a bare foul play
(1139) ג™× And so the Gideon stay
(1140) ג™× Yeah, yeah!
(1141) ג™× All nation come together know that King Selassi has the truth
(1142) ג™× And the light and the way
(1143) ג™× Here's the people, lead them in the right way
(1144) ג™× Cos in the streets it's getting hot
(1145) ג™× And the youths them a-get so cold
(1146) ג™× Searching for food for the pot
(1147) ג™× They'll do anything to fill that gap
(1148) ג™× In the streets it's getting hot
(1149) ג™× And the youths them a-get so cold
(1150) ג™× Searching for food for the pot
(1151) ג™× They'll do anything to fill that gap
(1152) ג™× You got to show the people there's still a brighter way
(1153) ג™× I know for sure the sun will come out today
(1154) ג™× Vanity's an illusion, will have to fade away
(1155) ג™× Yeah
(1156) ג™× And all the wicked deeds that done I know you got to pay
(1157) ג™× Yeah, yeah
(1158) ג™× Cos in the streets it's getting hot
(1159) ג™× And the youths them a-get so cold
(1160) ג™× Searching for food for the pot
(1161) ג™× They'll do anything to fill that gap
(1162) ג™× In the streets it's getting hot
(1163) ג™× And the youths them a-get so cold
(1164) ג™× Searching for food for the pot
(1165) ג™× They'll do anything to fill that gap
(1166) ג™× As generation comes and goes
(1167) ג™× You gotta make preparation while the youths them grow
(1168) ג™× It's what you reap, it's what you sow
(1169) ג™× The youth, them are the light and the future
(1170) ג™× That's when you know
(1171) ג™× If education is the key
(1172) ג™× Then tell me why the big guns they make it so expensive for we
(1173) ג™× Give them the key Oh, set them free
(1174) ג™× Ah-eeeeee!

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