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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[2014] [Bermuda Tentacles] English Transcripts

(1) Whoa! Would you look at that.
(2) It's amazing.
(3) I've never seen anything like it Mr. President.
(4) Me neither.
(5) Here we go Mr. President.
(6) Mr. President.
(7) Sophie is ready for you haircut sir.
(8) Well you can tell her unless she's planning for my
(9) assassination, it's not a good time right now.
(10) Why don't we wait till we're on the ground.
(11) We can always get that together before the photo ops.
(12) Yeah yeah yeah.
(13) I'll let her know Mr. President.
(14) Besides, I kinda like a little long.
(15) Reminds me of my blue collar days.
(16) Geez.
(17) Mr. Green. Yeah.
(18) Can you ask the pilots if they can take us above this please?
(19) I'll go speak with the crew.
(20) Are you ok sir?
(21) Yeah, uh... I got a little headache.
(22) I have some ibuprofen sir.
(23) Good idea.
(24) Green, what's going on up there?
(25) Get the pilots to level the plane.
(26) I think it's about time we get up front and get strapped in Mr. President.
(27) Thank you. We are flying over the Bermuda Triangle after all.
(28) We need to evacuate now Mr. President!
(29) Get him out of here!
(30) Let's get him out!
(31) Hold on to him!
(32) Alright! Go! Clear!
(33) Alright go ahead!
(34) Mr. President.
(35) The pod is equipped with atmospheric and pressurization controls,
(36) As well as oxygen recyclers.
(37) So you have plenty of air to breathe.
(38) The maximum crush depth is 20,000 feet.
(39) You'll have enough food and water to last you for 7 days.
(40) There is also a deep water satcom transmitter that only we can pick up,
(41) So we will be monitoring you every second of the way.
(42) And you've got a 40 caliber pistol with 100 rounds of ammunition.

(43) Good Luck Sir.
(44) We've sent an encrypted message to the White House Sir.
(45) Vice President MacKenzie has been notified! Good Luck Sir.
(46) Alright! Try to save yourselves men!
(47) Close the pod.
(48) Stand back Stand back!
(49) Don't close the pod!
(50) God bless you!
(51) We'll refuel and will you find out what's going on?
(52) Yes sir! And hopefully this won't take too long.
(53) Good morning sergeant Oliver. Soldiers.
(54) Good to see you again sir.
(55) We have a situation.
(56) Will you and your second accompany me to the bridge?
(57) Of course sir.
(58) You guys hang loose until I find out what's going on.
(59) Yes sir, we are in the process of locating that signal as we speak.
(60) Captain Oliver and team are reporting for duty Admiral.
(61) At ease.
(62) Chairman Leary.
(63) Chief Oliver is present as you requested.
(64) Good morning Chief Oliver.
(65) Good morning Chairman.
(66) I know you've been gone on a long rotation, and
(67) you and your men are certainly in need of a break.
(68) But, we have a situation of the utmost urgency,
(69) and we need your assistance.
(70) Yes, sir. Whatever you need sir.
(71) The President of United State
(72) was jettisoned from Air Force One in his escape pod at 0517 hours this morning.
(73) You and your team willcoordinate with Admiral Hanson,
(74) and CPO Vincent.
(75) You will rescue the president.
(76) I'll call Hurlburt personally, and inform them of your new orders.
(77) Yes, Sir.
(78) Bring the President back alive, son.
(79) Yes sir.
(80) Nice to be working with you again Admiral.
(81) Chief Oliver.
(82) You were asked to run this operation by the JCS, not by me.
(83) So please take not that this is still my operation.
(84) I know that you are a risk taker.
(85) And risk taking often ends up with unnecessary loss of life,
(86) as you and I both know.
(87) There will be no risk taken onthis mission without my orders.
(88) This is the President of the United States.
(89) You will follow my orders to the letter.
(90) Failure to do so, will result in your immediate court martial.
(91) Do we understand each other?
(92) Yes Admiral.
(93) Captain Phillips.
(94) Have Dr. Zimmer and Lieutenant Plummer meet us on the deck, Immediately.
(95) Yes Admiral.
(96) Chief Oliver. Assemble your team, and meet us on the deck as well.
(97) Yes Admiral Hanson.
(98) Dismissed.
(99) Your team is still prepped and ready to go?
(100) Yes Admiral.
(101) Very good.
(102) Hey Rivas.
(103) What's up?
(104) What is it?
(105) No clue.
(106) Boy she still has it in for you huh?
(107) Yeah well the feeling is mutual.
(108) Just glad we got the call.
(109) You'll be fine. Hey, It's only the President.
(110) All units to general quarters, this is not
(111) a drill, all units to general quarters.
(112) Bridge! Report!
(113) Bridge!
(114) We're under attack, it's some kind of...
(115) Get to your team.
(116) Come on. Let's go.
(117) I've never seen nothing...
(118) Whoa! Careful Doctor.
(119) What the hell are those?
(120) Riftia pachyptila.
(121) But of course they very extravagant embodiment.
(122) Non scientific name please, Doctor.
(123) Tubeworms, Admiral.
(124) But they seem to possess some sort of bioelectrogenesis, which is contrary
(125) to any species in its respective phylum...
(126) They would appear to be surveying us at the moment.
(127) Tell me about.
(128) Do they seem hostile?
(129) I don't know, they're worms.
(130) But they do seem angry.
(131) All teams lock and load.
(132) Woman: Chief, you seeing this?
(133) Confirmative Rivas.
(134) Lock and load and get the team port side.
(135) Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. That's what I'm talking about.
(136) Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.
(137) It does not look good.
(138) Nice and ease.
(139) The second that thing makes a move,
(140) I'll blast his ugly ass to hell.
(141) ENGAGE!
(143) Engage! Engage!
(144) Go go go go go.
(145) Free Fire Zone!
(146) We are cleared hot for Tangos! We are cleared hot for Tangos!
(147) None of the artillery or SAMsare having any effect, Admiral.
(148) Suggestions?
(149) Zimmer?
(150) We need air support now!
(151) Get us airborne.
(152) What are those things?
(153) I don't know Rivas.
(154) Preacher, Lay down some coverwhile I'll I get into position.
(155) You gotta keep that thing busy.
(156) Alright Hondo.
(157) NOW! The one in the middle is wounded. 12 o'clock.
(158) Roger that.
(159) Concentrate fire on the wounded ones, 12 o'clock!
(160) Bring the 8-4.
(161) Suck on this.
(162) Captain Phillips. Commencedamage control.
(163) Weapons systems are our first priority.
(164) I want to keep some aircraft up there.
(165) Get the tankers airborne to refuel and recall the rest.
(166) Dr. Zimmer. I want a completeassessment of what those things were.
(167) Attention on deck.
(168) At ease.
(169) Chief Oliver you still have a job to do.
(170) CPO Vincent.
(171) We've established an approximate location of the President's pod.
(172) At 7,000 meters deep.
(173) Now that's beyond the maximum crush capacity.
(174) The structure of the hull seems to be fully intact.
(175) Butthere me a compromise in the oxygen recycler.
(176) We estimate that there may be as little as 4 hours of oxygen remaining.
(177) Now it's gonna take you 3 hoursto safely descend to that depth in the diving bell.
(178) Upon your arrival, you'll deploy with the fluorocarbon liquid ventilators.
(179) You don't have much time gentlemen.
(180) So if you're not up to task, I expect you to be forthcoming now.
(181) We can handle it.
(182) Admiral Hanson?
(183) Yes Lt. Plummer?
(184) Perhaps we should use the Prometheus DSRV2 prototype.
(185) Forgive me. This is Lieutenant Plummerl from the Office of Nava Research.
(186) She's an expert on physical oceanography and marine electronics engineering.
(187) She will also yourmission advisor.
(188) Can you tell us a little more about the Prometheus, Lieutenant?
(189) It's a prototype deep sea piloted submersible that was
(190) set to be free cleared for duty this month.
(191) Now, it would take a quarter of that time to reach that depth.
(192) And give these circumstances, we should consider it.
(193) But it's also not equipped with any type of armament.
(194) CPO Vincent, when are your Sub Surface Assault Vessels scheduled to arrive?
(195) Within the hour,
(196) And then another 30 minutes to prep and deploy, Admiral.
(197) Alright. Let's do it.
(198) Lt. Plummer, tell the Prometheus crew to prep and diagnostics, immediately.
(199) Yes Admiral.
(200) Chief Oliver.
(201) When the SSAV's arrive to provide escort, you will launch.
(202) With all do respect Admiral, I don't think we have time for that.
(203) We don't know when these thing will strike again.
(204) Duly noted.
(205) And I appreciate your concern.
(206) But without a security escort, the mission is jeopardizes
(207) and more importantly so is President's life. We will wait.
(208) We'll be standing by, awaiting your orders Admiral Hanson.
(209) Very well. Dismissed.
(210) CPO Vincent. Dr. Zimmer. Come with me. I want to know what the
(211) hell it was that attacked my fleet.
(212) Alright gear up. We've got a job to do.
(213) How much time is left?
(214) Over 3 hours.
(215) This is ridiculous we got to wait for Vincent's equipment.
(216) Admiral's got a point though.
(217) Those things attack us down there, we're screwed.
(218) It is highly maneuverable.
(219) Ok. Ah ten hut!
(220) At ease!
(221) Soldier!
(222) I am commander Lt. Jude Barclay.
(223) I'll be piloting the Prometheus.
(224) Means through your gear aboard now!
(225) Thank you sir.
(226) Alright you heard him!
(227) Grab your gear and load up.
(228) We being attacked again?
(229) I need gunnery teams to coordinate, choose one organism and concentrate their fire...
(230) On that one only.
(231) Same with air assets.
(232) Flight helicopters, Fixed wing. Pick one. Kill it and move on to the next!
(233) I. I.
(234) Alright, that's it. Everybody listen up.
(235) I'm through screwing around down here. I'm taking that sub out right now.
(236) We will not be able to defend ourselves down there.
(237) Vincent will never get his equipment aboard with those thing attacking us.
(238) And we're just gonna loose more time.
(239) You wanna come?
(240) Appreciate the company.
(241) If not, that's fine too.
(242) Just to be clear, Admiral Hanson will probably have me Court
(243) Martialed for going against her orders.
(244) Which probably means she'll court martial everybody else that comes along.
(245) The hell with it.
(246) I'm with you Chief.
(247) I'm ready to rock.
(248) I don't know how I feel about it. I'm in.
(249) Let's do this.
(250) What are we waiting for?
(251) Hoo-yah!
(252) Hoo-yah!
(253) Sergeant Oliver.
(254) Yes Lieutenant.
(255) Are you sure this is the right thing to do?
(256) Ma'am our job is to save lives.
(257) Regardless of the consequences or what may or may not be the protocol.
(258) Now that's the President of theUnited States of America at the bottom of that ocean.
(259) So if it means saving hislife...
(260) I'm willing to suffer the consequences.
(261) Prometheus preparing for launch.
(262) Alright, Rivas get the coordinates.
(263) Got it.
(264) Elfman, do we have sonar?
(265) Ready to roll.
(266) Alright, Captain Williams...
(267) You're all set Chief.
(268) Alright, let's do this guys.
(269) You don't have to do this.
(270) Listen up team...
(271) there are a lot of under water currents as well as other
(272) variables that can affect this ships systems.
(273) You're gonna need me for this.
(274) Plus there's no telling what we might find down there.
(275) Right?
(276) Welcome aboard Lieutenant.
(277) Commander Lieutenant.
(278) Still waiting for our orders.
(279) Did you see that?
(280) Yes ma'am.
(281) They seem to be communicating.
(282) When one gets injured, it retreats to the rear.
(283) And the others
(284) Very sophisticated.
(285) CPO Vincent, What's the sitrep on getting those SSAVs aboard?!
(286) Copy that Admiral. They're coming in now!
(287) We need more heavy ordinance port side, amidships! Now!
(288) I repeat, heavy ordinance port side, amidships!
(290) You still need orders?
(291) Let's go!
(292) Admiral!
(293) Admiral!
(294) We just lost the Super Stallion.
(295) With the SSAV's?
(296) Damn!
(297) Sir!
(298) The Prometheus is launching!
(299) Man: Prometheus launch come in. This is Prometheus launch, go ahead.
(300) What are you doing? Why is that sub launching?
(301) Lieutenant commander Barclay ordered it sir.
(302) Bridge. Bridge. The Prometheus is launching.
(303) Admiral Hanson?
(304) The officer on the deck says that the Prometheus has launched.
(305) Raise them.
(306) Yes Admiral.
(307) Prometheus.
(308) This is the USS Nemesis. I repeat this is the USS Nemesis.
(309) Please respond.
(310) How do I respond?
(311) Don't respond.
(312) I've got to say something.
(313) Do not respond!
(314) DSRV 2 please respond.
(315) I say again Prometheus please respond.
(316) You're killing me man.
(317) Chief Oliver you will respond and comply by immediately returning the Prometheus.
(318) Wow! Really?
(319) Hey.
(320) We all know what we're doing.
(321) Damn right.
(322) I didn't vote for him but what the hell.
(323) Let's go get the President.
(324) Let's go save the President!
(325) Dr. Zimmer, I need you to get up there on that deck
(326) and get some kind of analysis on that thing.
(327) Copy that.
(328) You and the Admiral don't have such a good working relationship, do you?
(329) No ma'am we do not.
(330) What's going on between you two Chief?
(331) Because if I'm in the middle of it I'd like to know what I've gotten myself into.
(332) Alright.
(333) Three years ago she was station aboard the U.S.S. Harry Truman,
(334) We go a call to rescue one of her Tomcats that had gone down in Afghanistan.
(335) The Intel was...
(336) Her Intel was shaky.
(337) We were almost to thecoordinates we were last given,
(338) And Admiral Hanson decided to pull from the mission.
(339) We were so close that I instructed my team to go on.
(340) We lost radio contact, and the LZ turned out to be a trap.
(341) We took some casualties...
(342) One if which is my best friend.
(343) And there was a down Tomcat.
(344) No more then 2 clicks away from us.
(345) If Admiral Hanson would have had her act together then the pilot, my team,
(346) and my best friend... would still be alive.
(347) I'm sorry. Yeah.
(348) The loss of life is truly regrettable.
(349) But uh...
(350) But what?
(351) She did call the mission.
(352) You continued on.
(353) Had you take orders, your friend and teammates might still be alive.
(354) You don't understand...
(355) But we do.
(356) Sir!
(357) We have something coming in on starboard side and it's big.
(358) It's coming in fast. I'm clocking it at 30 knots.
(359) Alright, full throttle ahead.
(360) I. Full throttle.
(361) Barclay's down! Trip get up here!
(362) Rivas give us a hand! Yeah.
(363) Come on!
(364) Woman: We're loosing it sir!
(365) Hold it tight.
(366) Hold this tight!
(367) We can't control her!
(368) Oh my God!
(369) All compartments secured.
(370) Oh no.
(371) Cut the power! Cut the power!
(372) Lieutenant.
(373) Cut the power!
(374) Yes! That's what's attracting it.
(375) Are you sure about this? Yes. I'm sure. Cut it off!
(376) Cut the power! Cut the power!
(377) Our system is down.
(378) Power down.
(379) Your call Plummer.
(380) Alright Sir.
(381) It looks like it's moving.
(382) Give it a few seconds.
(383) We power up now we're liable to attract more of those things.
(384) And we got less then 3 hours to find this pod.
(385) The Gulf's stream runs through here.
(386) If Mr. Elfman will allow me, I can navigate us into it.
(387) Let's see.
(388) We intermittently feather the power on and off.
(389) Let the current do the rest.
(390) He's coming around.
(391) Hey hey, Take it easy.
(392) Rivas.
(393) Can you feed me the... Pod encryption code?
(394) Yes ma'am.
(395) Alright guys.
(396) I've honed in the pod's location and programmed the sub to take us there.
(397) We'll use the Gulf stream to get us there.
(398) Margin of error, less the 1 percent.
(399) How'd you do that Lieutenant?
(400) Well it's simply a matter of modulating the frequencies to
(401) compensate for the changes in the ocean as descend.
(402) Temperature, Salinity. Half a dozen other variables.
(403) But right now I suggest you hold on to something tight.
(404) Because we are in for it. It's about to get ugly.
(405) It's fascinating.
(406) Although it's Riftia pachyptila or common Tubeworm.
(407) Such an enormous mutation of these quantities is highly unlikely.
(408) They span 30 meters... above the surface of the water. It's just the tentacles.
(409) They seem to have a centralnervous system of another... Sea baring creature.
(410) If this is the case, the tentacles can be as long as 7,000 meters.
(411) Help!
(412) Help!
(413) Thank you.
(414) Admiral: Dr. Zimmer, are you on deck yet?
(415) Actually no.
(416) But I managed to get a more manageable piece of specimen.
(417) I will be in my lab.
(418) Now watch this.
(419) You are telling me that these are appendages that attached to something bigger.
(420) How does this experiment tell you that?
(421) Elementary neurology Admiral.
(422) You see where we inserted the catheters into the specimen?
(423) These pathways are not too similar to nerves.
(424) This deeper network of innovative wiring, is congruous with the peripheral nerves
(425) of living organisms as we know it here on earth.
(426) Now, in order to initiate the electrical impulse I just demonstrated, it must originate
(427) from a central command center ora central nervous system if you will.
(428) This organism, in of itself...
(429) it is not capable of producing the electrical...
(430) discharge that we witnessed during those attacks.
(431) What did you mean by here on earth?
(432) This is clearly anon-terrestrial organism Admiral.
(433) Look at it.
(434) But earlier you called it a reptia
(435) Riftia pachyptila.
(436) Yes you called it a Tubeworm.
(437) Until I dissected it, yes.
(438) It did display some Riftia Pachyptila DNA
(439) but this is much more complex. I mean it's simulated in a bio-mechanical organism
(440) from elsewhere other then our world. I mean the components that make up this energy
(441) pathways are anything other then this world.
(442) And you think that these are attached to something bigger below the surface?
(443) I assure you my hypothesis is not mere conjecture, Admiral.
(444) Captain Phillips.
(445) Admiral.
(446) I want to run deep surface detection for massive organic life.
(447) Yes Admiral.
(448) Good work Dr. Zimmer.
(449) Hey sir.
(450) The water.
(451) It's going shallow. I'm reading depths of 7 fathoms.
(452) What?
(453) 7 fathoms.
(454) That can't be.
(455) Did you run diagnostic on your equipments?
(456) Yes ma'am everything is completely intact.
(457) Sir, the satellites are reading that we are approximately 7
(458) fathoms of the same plain of the pod encryption.
(459) That can't be. Something must have broken during the attack.
(460) We could be in an under water cavern which explains why the system is reading us 7 fathoms.
(461) It's reading off of a falsebottom.
(462) She's right.
(463) Blow ballasts.
(464) Blow ballasts.
(465) Check that out.
(466) Instruments are reading there's oxygen.
(467) And pressure reads...
(468) 1.03 atmospheres.
(469) That's impossible. That's normal AAP. We're over 7,000 meters under sea level.
(470) Look for yourself.
(471) That would not make any sense.
(472) Unless it's being controlled somehow.
(473) U.S.S. Nemesis, This is the Prometheus. DSRV 2. Come in Nemesis?
(474) Admiral: This is the Nemesis. We copy you Prometheus.
(475) Chief Oliver, what is your location?
(476) We've landed in what appears to be an underwater cavern, Admiral.
(477) Our depth however, isunknown.
(478) But the encryption appears to be within our perimeter.
(479) Approximately two clicks from our present location.
(480) Very well...
(481) Lieutenant Plummer is with you?
(482) Yes Ma'am.
(483) Chief Oliver.
(484) Admiral: You have a mission to do.
(485) Admiral: So do it. And keep me apprised, do you understand?
(486) Yes Admiral.
(487) Nemesis out.
(488) That was weird. I could havesworn the Admiral was gonna chew you a new one.
(489) She has too much to deal with up there.
(490) Now look, we have now less then a hour to find that Pod before the oxygen supply runs out.
(491) And the President dies.
(492) If he's not already dead.
(493) Admiral.
(494) You ok?
(495) Incoming!
(496) Get back!
(497) I've got it.
(498) We're approximately 2 kilometers dead ahead.
(499) You hear that?
(500) Yeah.
(501) Elfman. Pipe in what's going on out there.
(502) Copy that.
(503) What in the hell is that?
(504) I don't know.
(505) My god.
(506) Look at the walls and the ceiling.
(507) It's mechanical.
(508) More like Bio-mechanical.
(509) Cause if were fused with living tissue...
(510) It's definitely something constructed.
(511) But not man made.
(512) It's non-terrestrial.
(513) She's right.
(514) Something is really controlling the atmospheric pressure.
(515) Oh my god.
(516) It's like an airplane graveyard.
(517) Guess we're not the first ones down here.
(518) Do you think anyone's alive down here?
(519) Let's hope so.
(520) Hey guys.
(521) I think that light up there is the President's Pod.
(522) It's possible.
(523) Could be some for of bioluminescence.
(524) This could be an alien outpost.
(525) Cuts right were we gotta go.
(526) Alright. Let's keep our eyes peeled for a place to dock.
(527) This is absolutely amazing.
(528) This is the first real contact with non-terrestrial life.
(529) As far as we know it.
(530) I'm sorry we do have more time to explore this.
(531) We have a job to do.
(532) I know.
(533) Alright, we've got 45 minutes.
(534) Rivas, is there any change in that signal?
(535) No Chief still dead ahead.
(536) Hanson.
(537) Set up temporary command HQ.
(538) And make sure instrumentation is up and running.
(539) Yes!
(540) Yes!
(541) Yes Chairman Leary sorry. We were just hit on the bridge.
(542) Chief Oliver and his team are the Prometheus Prototype.
(543) We just received transmission from them that they had surface in an underwater cavern.
(544) Yes. They located the Presidentsescape Pod beacon.
(545) They set out on foot to search for him.
(546) Admiral we have to get inside.
(547) Chairman: Have you heard from them since?
(548) No sir.
(549) This is one hell of a junk yard.
(550) Bermuda Triangle is no joke.
(551) Alright.
(552) The eagle has landed.
(553) Ok team, suit up in your bio gear.
(554) We don't know what organisms are in this environment.
(555) Command Barclay, it's probably best if you remained in the sub.
(556) I'll be fine Chief.
(557) Go do what you need to do.
(558) Alright.
(559) We'll be back.
(560) This would explain the Bermuda Triangle.
(561) These ships. This aircraft.
(562) They were drawn here to power this city.
(563) And that ship, that ship, I don't believe it.
(564) That's the U.S.S. Cyclopes.
(565) It has to be.
(566) What's a U.S.S. Cyclopes?
(567) It was a cargo ship carrying coal.
(568) It vanished without a trace with the entire crew of 106. After March 4th 1918.
(569) In the Bermuda Triangle.
(570) You sure about that?
(571) I'm positive.
(572) I studied old photographs of it. 100 times.
(573) Then I guess this been going on for a hell of a long time then.
(574) I got the President's signal. We're triangulating right now.
(575) Alright everyone, we got to spread out.
(576) We have 29 minutes until the oxygen runs out in that escape Pod.
(577) Keep constant radio contact and stay frosty!
(578) We don't know what kind of life is down here.
(579) Hondo, Elfmam... Let's take the left flank.
(580) Right behind you.
(581) Dammit!
(582) Alright.
(583) Everybody move out.
(584) Captain Phillips, I need you to find out where that Ohio class nuke is?
(585) Yes Admiral.
(586) U.S.S. Maine. This is U.S.S. Nemesis. What's your ETA?
(587) Man: This is the USS Maine, we are approximately 105 nautical
(588) miles from your location, ETA 80 ZERO minutes.
(589) Dammit!
(590) Well that sure as hell ain't nobioluminescence.
(591) Hey chief you gotta see this.
(592) Yeah Honda.
(593) We see it.
(594) Guys we're running interference.
(595) Rivas! Come in!
(596) Rivas!
(597) Chief it's her tracking device, but no Rivas.
(598) Chief it's another one of those worms!
(599) Where's Rivas?
(600) What the hell were you shooting at?
(601) It was...
(602) It was one of those creatures we saw at top sir.
(603) Son of a bitch.
(604) I told everyone "watch you six".
(605) Now we've got just over 14 minutes left! We have to spread out to cover ground,
(606) and obviously we're not alone down here.
(607) So stay sharp! And don't make me say that again!
(608) Chief! I got! I got it!
(609) I found the president's pod, 30ft from your position.
(610) Good work Preach.
(611) You guys we got company, what ever you gotta do, you gotta do it quick.
(612) We're working on it.
(613) He's got a pulse. The President is alive.
(614) I need reserve oxygen.
(615) Get that mask on him immediately.
(616) I don't know what that is.
(617) You guys we don't have much time. You gotta do this quick.
(618) We almost got him.
(619) Hello Mr. President.
(620) Come on sir.
(621) We gotta move now!
(622) Alright frag it preach, fire it up!
(623) Come on this way.
(624) Ha!
(625) Pull back! Pull back!
(626) Hondo! Hondo!
(627) President: What's going on?
(628) Are we clear?
(629) The city's lit up.
(630) Come on.
(631) President: Where am I?
(632) Mr. President you are 7000 meters below the ocean surface, sir.
(633) I'm Chief petty officer Trip Oliver with the United States Navy.
(634) President: Thank god.
(635) Let's get out of here.
(636) Oliver: Are you ok to walk?
(637) Yeah I'm fine.
(638) Follow me. I'm fine.
(639) What in god's name is this place?
(640) We believe it's a city Mr. President.
(641) What we have seen suggests It was built by an alien civilization.
(642) What information do you have to say that there are aliens associated with this?
(643) Extra terrestrial intelligence could be the only answer but
(644) something obviously went wrong down here.
(645) Obviously.
(646) This would explain the legendary magnetic forces of the Bermuda Triangle sir.
(647) Alright, we gotta get going sir.
(648) We've got a rescue submersible waiting. Follow me.
(649) Chief, do you think we should call in a strike force?
(650) I won't do that.
(651) We don't know enough about this thing sir.
(652) If this has anything to do with those tentacles up top, I say we blow them to hell.
(653) Tentacles?
(654) What have we got chief?
(655) Alright guys, we're surrounded by tentacles, we're gonna have to shoot our way out of here.
(656) Preacher you take 9 o clock, Williams take 3 o'clock. I'll get them 12.
(657) Got it.
(658) Copy that. Let's go!
(659) That ship's coming down guys, it's on the move!
(660) Go go go!
(661) Go go go go!
(662) Go go go go!
(663) Come on!
(664) Preacher let's go!
(666) Where's Preacher?
(667) Where's Preacher?
(668) It's too late for Preacher.
(669) Begin preparations for getting under way.
(670) Copy that.
(671) All stations are ready to get under way.
(672) Ready for dive.
(673) Copy that.
(674) Rigging for dive.
(675) Dammit power is out.
(676) Chief hit the auxiliary pump on the stern ballast.
(677) Stern ballast miles engaged.
(678) Main Ballast!
(679) Main Ballast Engaged!
(680) Auxiliary pump is down.
(681) Hey! You need to talk to me.
(682) I need you to stay on the pumps.
(683) Lieutenant get back here!
(684) Copy that commander.
(685) I know how to handle the wires.
(686) Come on you guys! You're right on!
(687) Hold the blue wires.
(688) You got that.
(689) All engines in reverse.
(690) Full speed!
(691) Copy that!
(692) Hit me!
(693) Hitting you.
(694) Come on you guys let's go!
(695) Hit me again!
(696) Hitting you again.
(697) They're attacking to the windows! Let's go!
(698) 2...1. Hit!
(699) We got power!
(700) Alright come on! Let's go!
(701) Nice work commander.
(702) Thank you. You too.
(703) Lieutenant commander, I don't know we've met yet.
(704) Lieutenant commander Jude Barclay Mr. President.
(705) I want to thank you for your service.
(706) Yes sir. My pleasure sir.
(707) You. You and your team for your sacrifice.
(708) I know how it is to loose men under my command.
(709) Thank you sir.
(710) But we're not out of the woods yet sir,
(711) Right.
(712) It's coming guys.
(713) HOLD ON!
(714) Hydraulics at full.
(715) What's happening?
(716) Is that that thing that was chasing us outside?
(717) No Mr. President, No it's the Gulf stream. It's what got us here.
(718) Hang on tight sir.
(719) I don't remember that!
(720) Full speed ahead.
(721) We're at 30 knots sir!
(722) Come on! Come on!
(723) We're not gonna make it. Give it some more juice!
(724) I'm giving it all she's got sir.
(725) The doors are closing.
(726) Suggest going left to course zero niner five, forty five degrees sir.
(727) Do it! We don't have any otherchoice!
(728) Taking her 90 degrees left. Everybody hold on tight.
(729) Whoo!
(730) Whoo Yah!
(731) Whoo Yah!
(732) Good job Lieutenant!
(733) Good Job men.
(734) What's that?
(735) Are we inside that thing?
(736) It's unbelievable.
(737) This is not good.
(738) It's coming at us!
(739) Blow all tanks! Blow everything!
(740) Ballast Release!
(741) Look out! Watch out!
(742) Coming from port side.
(743) Look out!
(744) Abort!
(745) The ship's not designed for that. It will breach the haul.
(746) Is there anything we can do?
(747) Just can't get hit.
(748) Oh stop!
(749) All stop!
(750) Hard right rudder! Hard right rudder!
(751) The hull has been compromised!
(752) Pressure system is at 70% sir.
(753) Can't take another hit like that.
(754) That thing is catching up to us guys!
(755) We're not gonna make it out with a rate like this.
(756) Lieutenant Commander Barclay? What's the power source for this vessel?
(757) Silver Zinc batteries?
(758) If we bypassed the regulator and overload protection device,
(759) we could in effect, deliver a surgeto the primary thrusters right?
(760) It would give us a boost to go home right?
(761) It would get us to the surface,
(762) because the overload could short out the electric batteries.
(763) And that would leave us dead in the water.
(764) Yes sir.
(765) Chief any thoughts?
(766) I've always been one for risks sir.
(767) I say we go for it.
(768) I'm with Chief Oliver Mr. President.
(769) I saw we do it.
(770) Yeah Barclay?
(771) Yes sir!
(772) Let's go!
(773) Keep it steady.
(774) Will do.
(775) Plummer bypass regulator.
(776) Copy that commander.
(777) By passing regulator.
(778) She's ready.
(779) You realize the battery overload could explode?
(780) We know that!
(781) Let's engage!
(782) Yes sir!
(783) It's almost at us!
(784) Alright I think we have to stay in our seats for this.
(785) Lieutenant?
(786) Yes?
(787) Just let me know when the battery is fully charged.
(788) Yes sir, we are at 70%.
(789) It's coming for us.
(790) 80%. 90%.
(791) 90%.
(792) 3.2.1.
(793) Now at 100%.
(794) Alright, Now!
(795) At ease.
(796) The Prometheus is on board.
(797) Great. Go meet them.
(798) Get a chopper ready for the President to immediate evacuation.
(799) And get Lieutenant Plummer and Chief Oliver down here immediately.
(800) I. I. Admiral.
(801) We need a medic down here!
(802) Mr. President. Welcome aboard sir.
(803) Captain. Can you fill me in on what's going on up here?
(804) If you'll follow me? Thank you.
(805) Watch your head.
(806) We are preparing for your immediate evacuation.
(807) And I'll fill you in.
(808) I want you to bring me to the bridge first.
(809) The bridge is gone sir.
(810) We have suffered some serious damage. And I have orders to evacuate you immediately.
(811) Well, you have new orders Captain.
(812) Take me up to the Admiral.
(813) Yes Mr. President.
(814) Mr. President so glad you're alright sir.
(815) We have a helo for your immediate evacuation.
(816) Do you currently have any strategic submarines in your fleet?
(817) We're awaiting for the arrival of an Ohio Class SSBN.
(818) But Sir, we need to get you off this ship.
(819) I am not going anywhere.
(820) Now, Lieutenant Plummer and Chief Oliver I want you to tell
(821) the Admiral what it was that we encountered down there.
(822) I need to contact Washington immediately.
(823) Sir, it is to the utmost importance that we get you off this ship now...
(824) I said, I am not going anywhere.
(825) You're familiar with my record as a Marine, in combat.
(826) Of course. But your safety...
(827) And we both took the same oath, Admiral.
(828) We both swore that we would defend the constitution of the United States against
(829) enemies both foreign and domestic.
(830) I took that oath and a few others.
(831) Yes sir.
(832) Now we are in contact, with an alien civilization for the first
(833) time in history and we're being attacked.
(834) It's my duty.
(835) To handle that attack.
(836) Mr. President.
(837) The White House.
(838) Thank you.
(839) Yes this is the President.
(840) President: Yes.
(841) I warned you about taking risks.
(842) This time you got lucky.
(843) Yes Admiral.
(844) Admiral Hanson, we discovered these tubeworms are connected to something much larger.
(845) Yes, Dr. Zimmer arrived at thesame conclusion.
(846) What else did you learn?
(847) There's a city at it's core and a massive graveyard with ships and aircrafts.
(848) They are being are being drawn in by huge lighting panels...
(849) that seem to be powering the city.
(850) Zimmer: Most likely the tentacles as well.
(851) Now there must be a limit to how much energy this creature can expel
(852) before it need to power down and regenerate.
(853) That would corroborate with the behavior that our specimen manifested.
(854) So we should direct an attack while it's in this recovery mode?
(855) I believe so.
(856) Yes.
(857) You have a plan?
(858) Yes sir.
(859) We will coordinate our sub surface surge with the U.S.S. Maine and we will attack
(860) the creature while they appear to be in recover mode.
(861) Alright good.
(862) Do you have any theories?
(863) We don't have much to go on right now Admiral. But we do
(864) know that they've been here for quite sometime.
(865) Those energy panels were erected to fuel the city and sustain life by gathering
(866) machines powered by nuclear energy or fossil fuels.
(867) And they're clearly hostile so I believe we are doing the right thing.
(868) Take the fight to it while it's still vulnerable.
(869) What the hell was that?
(870) Admiral!
(871) I believe out hypothesis is accurate!
(872) Admiral: God all mighty.
(873) It's gonna attack.
(874) We need to strike first.
(875) The Chief is right Admiral.
(876) I suggest we attack.
(877) Do it now!
(878) All ships! All Ship! Authorized to engage!
(879) Authorized to engage!
(880) Nothing has any affect on it.
(881) It's gonna attack again.
(882) We've got to get the President back. Come on let's go! Go go go go!
(883) Let's go inside!
(884) Mr. President, I am not sure that we have any other options.
(885) President: How long before that thing hits the coast?
(886) Approximately 55 minutes sir.
(887) I'm authorizing the use ofnuclear weapons.
(888) Contact the U.S.S. Maine.
(889) Immediately.
(890) You do realize Mr. President that the use if nuclear weapons this close to the shoreline
(891) will likely result in a nuclearfallout.
(892) Please Doctor.
(893) People will die! Including us.
(894) A huge portion of the land will become uninhabitable for years to come.
(895) I'm well aware of that doctor.
(896) I'm also aware that 7 billion people on this planet.
(897) This alien race has declared unprovoked war on us.
(898) And in war, there will always be casualties.
(899) My job is to minimize that loss of life.
(900) So if a small percentage relative to the entire world's population must perish,
(901) then those are the unfortunate consequences.
(902) I want a 50 mile radius no fly zone declared.
(903) This is ground zero.
(904) Yes, Mr. President.
(905) U.S.S. Nemesis to U.S.S. Maine.
(906) Do you copy?
(907) U.S.S. Maine: We copy over?
(908) U.S.S. Nemesis: Arm the nuclear weapons.
(909) U.S.S. Maine: Roger that. Nuclear weapons are hot.
(910) It is preparing to attack.
(911) Now.
(912) What was that?
(913) U.S.S. Genesis.
(914) The U.S.S. Genesis, is gone.
(915) Where did it go? Did we hurt it?
(916) Ensign?
(917) Current velocity and course will put it at Cape Hatteras in approximately 40 minutes.
(918) We can't do a nuclear strike over the continent.
(919) It is one thing to do it out to sea, but over the continent...
(920) We don't have a choice doctor.
(921) People will die!
(922) Millions!
(923) Mr. President.
(924) Soldier.
(925) What about a strike to the center core of the spaceship.
(926) Point blank.
(927) What are you proposing Chief?
(928) Those lightning panels we saw at the city.
(929) That's what's manufacturing power to this thing, right?
(930) Yes Chief.
(931) So if we hit it as it's source, couldn't we produce some sort of implosion?
(932) Yes, it's very possible.
(933) We can't just fire a missile into the core of that ship and
(934) hope to hit this city that you're talking about.
(935) Not from the sub. No.
(936) Well if not from a sub then how soldier?
(937) We rig a conventional warhead to a portable launcher.
(938) Captain Warren flies me in.
(939) And I deliver the strike point blank.
(940) We're your best option Mr. President.
(941) It could work.
(942) Right. Well what do you think?
(943) I'm not sure Mr. President. Possibly it could be done.
(944) What concerns me is the amount of time it would take to orchestrate it.
(945) The ship would be that muchfurther in land.
(946) Soldiers.
(947) You men know what you're doing, don't yeah?
(948) Yes sir.
(949) Yes sir.
(950) You've got 15 minutes.
(951) Got it?
(952) Sir yes sir. Move fast!
(953) Chief Oliver.
(954) Chief! Yes Lieutenant?
(955) Yes.
(956) You were right about your decision.
(957) I see you when I get back.
(958) Ok team, this is your standard AT4, but with some special modifications.
(959) We will equip the round with a specially modified low yield conventional warhead.
(960) No one's ever fired anythinglike it before.
(961) So I wish I could tell you more about the trajectory.
(962) But truth is, I don't know.
(963) Good luck Chief,
(964) Thanks Gunny.
(965) You know I can fly this bird in on my own Captain.
(966) I lost a lot of my team today and there's no reason to add you to my casualty list.
(967) Flown a lot of missions together chief. This one's no different.
(968) Yes sir.
(969) Give me a direct line to Chief Oliver.
(970) Let's get a direct line to Air Hawk 1.
(971) Copy that.
(972) Here you go sir.
(973) Chief Oliver.
(974) Yes Mr. President?
(975) President: We only have one shot, you know that?
(976) Yes Mr. President.
(977) Don't worry. One shot is all I need sir.
(978) I'm grateful for your service son.
(979) Thank you sir.
(980) Good luck.
(981) You ready Chief?
(982) Let's do it!
(983) Radio: Foxtrot Romeo 1-33 ready for take off.
(984) Radio: Air hawk one, you are clear for take off, go get 'em boys.
(985) Copy that!
(986) Warren: That thing is huge!
(987) My god! you were inside that thing?
(988) Yeah!
(989) You really think this is gonna work?
(990) Hell yes!
(991) Good enough for me.
(992) Dr. Zimmer.
(993) How long did it take that tentacle to regenerate in your experiment?
(994) 2 minutes.
(995) The spacecraft is still on line with Cape Hatteras.
(996) It's approximately fifteen minutes out, and the U.S.S.
(997) Maine is less than 10 minutes away.
(998) Air hawk 1. The U.S.S. Maine is 10 minutes out. What's your status?
(999) We will engage in the next 6minutes and 30 seconds Admiral.
(1000) Admiral Hanson?
(1001) Yes, Lieutenant?
(1002) The spacecraft takes exactly 2 minutes to regenerate between attacks.
(1003) The same as Dr. Zimmer's experiment with his specimen.
(1004) Air hawk 1.
(1005) The alien spacecraft is attacking you in exactly 2 minutes intervals.
(1006) You must wait until the next attack. You won't make it to the
(1007) core with the time that you have left.
(1008) The thing is going to attack Hatteras next. We don't have time to wait.
(1009) That's a negative Admiral. We're out of time.
(1010) Cape Hatteras is the next probable target.
(1011) We need to take the shoot.
(1012) No offense Admiral, but we can't wait.
(1013) Oh dammit.
(1014) If he doesn't get this done. We have to launch the nukes.
(1015) Air Hawk 1, you will ceaseengagement immediately. You must wait.
(1016) If we abort, 20 thousand peoplewill be killed!
(1017) You don't have time! The greater population density takes precedence!
(1018) If you fail, the aircraft will go and attack Tampa or Miami
(1019) and we will be force to fire nuclear weapons over a greater population.
(1020) Cape Hatteras is a necessary sacrifice.
(1021) He's going in.
(1022) Chief Oliver, you will stand down. I repeat, you will stand down!
(1023) Admiral: Do you hear?!
(1024) Plummer: We have 4 minutes 45 seconds left Admiral.
(1025) Radio: Foxtrot Romeo 1-33 we are entering enemy airspace.
(1026) Listen, you and I don't likeeach other and we probably never will.
(1027) I understand that you blame mefor the death of you best friend
(1028) based on orders that I gave you 3 years ago.
(1029) But at this moment you will listen and you will obey my orders.
(1030) You are to stand down till afterthe next attack.
(1031) And the you are clear to engage. Do you hear me?
(1032) If we wait, we may not even survive to attack this thing.
(1033) Look. Look.
(1034) If you go in now maybe you save 20 thousand lives,
(1035) but if you go in and you fail, and if you are killed...
(1036) then millions, and I tell you millions of people will die
(1037) and that is because you have left us with no choice!
(1038) Sometimes you must accept a moderate casualty rate, in order to prevent a large one.
(1039) That's just the way it is!
(1040) You cannot save everyone!
(1041) Chief Oliver?
(1042) Chief Oliver, do you copy?
(1044) My god.
(1045) Chief Oliver.
(1046) Oh my god.
(1047) What happened?
(1048) Cape Hatteras has been destroyed.
(1049) It's gone.
(1050) Oh my god. 20 thousand people.
(1051) Chief Petty officer. You get in there and you destroy hell out of that ship!
(1052) Copy that Admiral.
(1053) Let's do this Captain!
(1054) Keep him apprised of how much time he has left.
(1055) Yes Admiral.
(1056) Chief Oliver?
(1057) This is Lieutenant Plummer.
(1058) Copy Lieutenant.
(1059) I'll keep you up on your time.
(1060) Plummer: You have exactly 1 minute 45 seconds left.
(1061) Copy that Lieutenant.
(1062) Warren: Foxtrot Romeo 1-33 entering the fisher.
(1063) You see this Trip?
(1064) It's incredible.
(1065) Plummer: One minute 25 seconds left Chief.
(1066) Copy that Lieutenant!
(1067) How far away are you from the center?
(1068) Chief: It's hard to tell.
(1069) But we're gonna make it.
(1070) Tell everyone not to worry.
(1071) We know we can do this Chief.
(1072) We got trouble. Hang on!
(1073) Hold it steady!
(1074) I can't!
(1075) It's too many of them!
(1076) I can't fire!
(1077) Rotate it on it's axis!
(1078) Why? So I can kill us before they do?
(1079) Just do it!
(1080) Whoa!
(1081) Great job Chief!
(1082) Thanks Captain!
(1083) You have exactly 1 minute 10 seconds.
(1084) Copy that Lieutenant!
(1085) They won't have enough time to get out of there.
(1086) He'll do it.
(1087) Plummer: 1 minute left Chief.
(1088) Chief: Copy that Lieutenant!
(1089) I'm glad it was you giving me the countdown.
(1090) Me too.
(1091) It would be a great time to use that thing!
(1092) Hold on a second!
(1093) We don't have a second!
(1094) Trip!
(1095) Trip! Where the hell are you?
(1096) I'm exterior the bird, Captain!
(1097) I'll be right up!
(1098) Well get some pass on that thing!
(1099) It's pulling us down!
(1100) Plummer: 30 seconds left Chief.
(1101) Plummer: 10.
(1102) Alright Captain bring us back around. I'm ready to engage!
(1103) Plummer: 7.
(1104) You got it.
(1105) Plummer: 6.
(1106) Take that son of a bitch out. Plummer: 3.
(1107) Plummer: 2.
(1108) Plummer: 1.
(1109) Get us out of here!
(1110) Nothing happened.
(1111) Nothing... happened.
(1112) Air hawk 1. Do you read?
(1113) Chief Oliver?
(1114) Captain Phillips...
(1115) Would you please call the U.S.S. Maine.
(1116) Yes. Admiral.
(1117) U.S.S. Maine. This is the U.S.S. Nemesis.
(1118) What happened? What was that?
(1119) It didn't work.
(1120) The explosion might have been absorbed.
(1121) Yes! Yes!
(1122) Whoo!
(1123) Look! Up there!
(1124) It's the Chief!
(1125) Warren: Foxtrot Romeo 1-33 to U.S.S. Nemesis requesting permission to land.
(1126) We're coming home.
(1127) HOO-YAH!

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