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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[2015] [Avengers Grimm] English Transcript

(1) Snow: There is another world.
(2) Snow: I've seen it... in the magic mirror.
(3) Music
(4) Snow: An inverse of our own...
(5) Snow: A dark place...
(6) where greed and corruption thrive...
(7) Snow: It must be kept hidden...
(8) If the wrong forces discover it...
(9) it would mean war.
(10) [Angry Crowd Roaring]
(11) Mirror. Mirror. Where is the king?
(12) Snow: Is he leading the defense of the castle?
(13) Snow: Oh Lord! They are through the gate!
(14) Why has our army turned against us!
(15) Who is leading the rebellion?
(16) Man: Oh Snow!
(17) Snow!
(18) Rumpelstiltskin.
(19) I should have know it was you who brought this darkness upon us.
(20) [Growling]
(21) Rumpelstiltskin: I won't move if I were you.
(22) Snow: How dare you corrupt members of my royal guard with your black arts.
(23) Snow: you realize you've angered all of the kingdoms
(24) of this land with your pointless war.
(25) Even as we speak the others are coming. The Princesses?
(26) Snow: Even if you managed to kill me, they will stop you.
(27) Kill you?
(28) I need you.
(29) I'm here with a deal.
(30) Where is the King?
(31) I will leave this squalid little pile of cobblestones you call
(32) a kingdom if you do something for me...
(33) Where. Is. The King?
(34) [Groan]
(35) This mirror can be used as a gateway to another world,
(36) a world without magic,
(37) a place where I could live like a god.
(38) [Whispers] Send me there and I will take my men and leave.
(39) What do you say?
(40) Where is my husband?!
(41) [Groan]
(42) Snow White. Fairest in all the land.
(43) Rumpelstiltskin: All that power, and what do you do with it?
(44) I protect it.
(45) Not very well...
(46) [Gasp]
(47) Y-You killed him!
(48) I had to. I knew you wouldn't listen unless I stack the deck in my favor.
(49) There's power in the King's death.
(50) As it happens, enough to make your army mine in a single stroke.
(51) Of all the times we've done this...
(52) your choice has never been easier.
(53) Open the portal and you'll never see me or my army again.
(54) Refuse and you'll die.
(55) You'll never get a better deal than that.
(56) Music
(57) An entire world with no magic.
(58) [Cracking/Freezing]
(59) We have a deal!
(60) Aah!
(61) If you kill me, The Wolf will kill you.
(62) No life is worth a kingdom.
(63) [Growl]
(64) [Chaos/Angry crowed]
(65) Are we too late?
(66) This way, come on.
(67) There's nobody here.
(68) Rapunzel: Oh no, look, It's the King!
(69) Sleeping Beauty: Oh, dear Lord.
(70) The magic mirror.
(71) If the Queen has gone through then our only choice is to follow her.
(72) [Growl/Groan]
(73) Red: You missed one. Cinderella: I could have cured him.
(74) Red: Or he could have killed you.
(75) The wolf is here. Trust me, you let your guard down like that again and he'll kill all of you,
(76) Princess powers are not Rapunzel: It's such a beautiful chamber.
(77) Red, wait-wait. We can help each other.
(78) This affects all of us.
(79) I'm here for one reason, to kill The Wolf.
(80) I got you this far. Your little mission is just that.
(81) Yours.
(82) Time moves swiftly on the other side. The longer we linger the more time has gone by.
(83) Well then, we should hurry.
(84) You think your home was the only thing destroyed by this war?
(85) We've lost Kingdoms.
(86) I was busy fighting thralls while you were marrying into the life of luxury.
(87) Don't lecture me about war.
(88) Don't you understand, if we kill Rumpelstiltskin, all his thralls will be released.
(89) But The Wolf will go free.
(90) Royals. You brought this on yourselves.
(91) Sleeping Beauty: How do we find the queen?
(92) Cinderella: Ask the mirror!
(93) Mirror mirror on the wall...
(94) Show us Snow White.
(95) What now?
(96) Dead or alive we find the Queen, wherever she is and we follow
(97) rescue her if we have to...
(98) And then we kill Rumpelstiltskin and we end this mess.
(99) We have to be prepared for anything.
(100) Brave little piggies. Cinderella: Red!

(101) Step away from the mirror or she dies.
(102) He'll kill her either way!
(103) [Growl]
(104) [Howling]
(105) [Sirens]
(106) Oh, Jesus.
(107) Look, I don't want any problems. Ok guys?
(108) Listen, officers Ernst: What do you think, Laguardia?
(109) You think anyone'd miss old Jack here if we...
(110) signed him up for the Mayor's new softball team? [Laughing]
(111) That's not funny, Ernst ok? Remember I helped you with that thing!
(112) Relax! I got kids! Relax!
(113) I'm messing with ya.
(114) I'm not gonna send ya into the Mayor's good squad. But uh...
(115) His honor will be none too happy if he finds out you've been talking to her again.
(116) Her? Her who? I Her who? Snow White!
(117) [Screaming] [Howling]
(118) [Growl]
(119) Red! Wait!
(120) Laguardia: This is car 2-7! We got a possible 213 at First and Fremont.
(121) Requesting backup. They came out of nowhere!
(122) Ladies! Get down on the ground.
(123) He's wearing a shield as a sigil.
(124) Perhaps they're knights?
(125) I don 't think so. I'll talk to the peasant-folk.
(126) Hello.
(127) Maybe you can help us. Officer: I'm not gonna ask you again.
(128) Get down on the ground with your hands behind your head. Now!
(129) [Scoffs] Oh my, no. We're looking for our Queen.
(130) Snow White.
(131) That's it! [Magical Chime]
(132) For me?
(133) [Punch/Grunt]
(134) You shouldn't have.
(135) That was dreadful.
(136) Hey Ladies! Thanks um, or... whatever.
(137) But you  got to get out of here.
(138) [Distant Sirens] See, in this town, that sound means trouble.
(139) Do you know where we can find Snow White?
(140) Snow?
(141) She finds you.
(142) [Engine Revving]
(143) Get in.
(144) [Screeching Tires]
(145) What took you so long?
(146) Thralls still hold the castle. They've infiltrated every inch of the Kingdom and beyond.
(147) The mirror's broken.
(148) But, a piece of it did come through with us.
(149) Where is it?
(150) Red Riding Hood has it.
(151) [Scoffs] Commoner. Ally.
(152) The Wolf came through as well. She's after him now.
(153) All she cares about is killing the wolf, nothing more.
(154) She can't be trusted.
(155) We have to find Red and the mirror before the wolf leads her to Rumpelstiltskin.
(156) If that bastard gets his hands on it, he'll open the portal
(157) again and bring his army through.
(158) Red wouldn't let that happen, your Highness.
(159) I'm not queen of anything anymore.
(160) How long has it been?
(161) Too long.
(162) [Revving Engine]
(163) Music
(164) [Footsteps Running]
(165) [Growl]
(166) [Crowd Screaming]
(167) [Wolf Growling]
(168) [Grunt]
(169) Tucker: What the hell is all that racket?
(170) Ho-ly Sh
(171) You got a death wish?
(172) Who you working for little girl. Where's mommy and daddy?
(173) I didn't do this.
(174) Well then, you won't mind waiting around to explain it to Iron John.
(175) He keeps the order around here.
(176) Something tells me, I don't think he's going to kindly to you messing with the boys.
(177) Tearing up his favorite establishment.
(178) Is this everyone?
(179) It's plenty.
(180) All the better.
(181) Music
(182) [Coughing]
(183) Somebody call John!
(184) Music
(185) Music
(186) Snow: That's City Hall.
(187) Snow: He wanted to invade and live like a king.
(188) Snow: But without his army, he was forced to worm his way into the local power structure.
(189) Snow: Here he's Mayor.
(190) He's corrupted this city at every level- bankrupted it
(191) building his secure penthouse on the top floor.
(192) Snow: He keeps the building staffed with security.
(193) He even has his own private SWAT team.
(194) He rarely leaves the penthouse.
(195) If there's a way up, I haven't found it yet.
(196) [Typing] [Phone ringing]
(197) [Knocking]
(198) Man: Mayor wanted to see us...
(199) Just a moment.
(200) Your Honor, officers Ernst and Laguardia are here for you.
(201) [Phones Ringing]
(202) Right away.
(203) [Phones Ringing]
(204) Right this way officers. Mayor Heart will see you now.
(205) Receptionist: Officers Ernst and Laguardia are here for you, Sir.
(206) Rumpelstiltskin: Of course!
(207) Boys! Come in. Come in.
(208) Rumpelstiltskin: Thank you, Jessica.
(209) Why don't you head home for the evening?
(210) Forget what you saw here.
(211) You boys are supposed to be out rounding up new recruits.
(212) What happened?
(213) Well your Honor They said they were looking for Snow White.
(214) Who said they were looking for Snow White?
(215) There were 3 of them, female, talked kinda funny.
(216) Where are they?
(217) Escaped... Your Honor.
(218) It was like they were magic.
(219) [Imitates Laguardia] It's like they were magic.
(220) Magic!
(221) [Gag/Gasping]
(222) You a family man, Ernst?
(223) [Gulp] Wife, sir.
(224) Tell you what...
(225) I'm gonna make you a deal.
(226) Find the princesses.
(227) [Angry] Find Snow White.
(228) And bring them back here so that they don't ruin my plans for this city.
(229) Do that...
(230) and I won't send you home to your wife... like that.
(231) [Gasping/Groans]
(232) [Shouting] Now go do your job!
(233) Put 'im with the others.
(234) Go! Now!
(235) Snow: [Sigh] By the time I knew what he was doing, it was too late.
(236) Snow: He controls everything.
(237) Snow: Police.
(238) Snow: Emergency systems.
(239) Snow: Press.
(240) He never had this much power before.
(241) People here are helpless against him.
(242) Music
(243) [Snow V.O.] He started with the police.
(244) Turned them into his own private task force.
(245) They're even more criminal than cop.
(246) or... they conveniently disappear.
(247) Sorry buddy.
(248) Music
(249) [Snow V.O.] They're taking people one by one,
(250) turning them into thralls for a new army.
(251) [Gasp] Sshh. Be quiet. Be quiet. Sshh.
(252) [Snow V.O.] Those who oppose him risk more than simple servitude.
(253) [Snow V.O.] The mirror complicates things.
(254) [Snow V.O] Hopefully your friend Red understands what she has...
(255) [Snow V.O.] If Rumpelstiltskin gets to it before we do, there's nothing
(256) to stop him from attacking the city with the entire royal army.
(257) Iron John: Find whoever did this! Find her and bring her to me, now!
(258) You heard John! You don't come back with the girl, you don't come back!
(259) Ernst: I've got another one for ya...
(260) ... your Honor.
(261) Music
(262) [Snow V.O.] He's hiding in plain sight for now.
(263) Music
(264) [Snow V.O.] Storing his new army in pockets all over the city.
(265) Music
(266) [Snow V.O.] When he's ready... he'll attack.
(267) Music
(268) If that happens, we'll never be able to get close to him.
(269) If the mirror fragment can re-open the portal,
(270) that means we can go back home, right?
(271) We can worry about getting home after we take care of Rumpelstiltskin.
(272) We need to find Red before he does.
(273) [Footsteps]
(274) [Mumbling]
(275) He said, he said tell her I'm waiting.
(276) [Laughing] Off to grandma's house.
(277) [Growling]
(278) [Sword out of sheath]
(279) [Echoes] Red: Here boy!
(280) [Footsteps]
(281) [Growl]
(282) Red: Here boy!
(283) Wolf: You have something I want. Red: Come and get it.
(284) [Growling]
(285) Wolf: You reek of fear. Give me the mirror fragment.
(286) I promise I'll kill you quickly.
(287) Like you killed my family?
(288) If I let you go, their deaths are meaningless.
(289) All death is meaningless.
(290) Red: Not yours!
(291) [Shouting]
(292) [Growl]
(293) [Gun Click] There she is.
(294) What are you doing down here all by yourself?
(295) You like jewelry?
(296) Put 'em on or we shoot, right now.
(297) Iron John wants to talk to you.
(298) Snow: Ok, first up... [Thud]
(299) you need to blend in.
(300) The last thing we want is to draw attention.
(301) If they find us, it's over.
(302) Can you manage that?
(303) No problem.
(304) Find the Jack. Find the Jack. Come on, sir. You can find the Jack.
(305) Where is he? You ready?
(306) This one? Are you sure? This is the one you want? The center one? Alright, here we go.
(307) Awe that's the queen, that's not it. That's not the one.
(308) My mom's gonna kill me. This is the poor man's Vegas. But you can get rich playing
(309) the poor man's Vegas. It's a magical moment. I can feel it. I can feel it in the air
(310) Ah come one Snow
(311) Hi Jack. I don't want any trouble, alright?
(312) I told you last time, Snow.
(313) I don't want any problems with the Mayor.
(314) Just want to know what you've been hearing, Jack.
(315) That's what you said before.
(316) I don't know, ok?
(317) Look, maybe...
(318) Maybe I heard about a bar...
(319) Got tore up last night, ok?
(320) See how easy.
(321) You didn't hear that from me, ok?
(322) Music
(323) Why would she come here?
(324) [Scoff] You're surprised? Hey, pay attention.
(325) Snow: Hey.
(326) I heard you got a story to tell.
(327) Last I heard, Iron John's got her.
(328) But she-she didn't kill those men.
(329) No. It was him. It was him. It was him.  It was him. It was him. It was him.
(330) The guy who cut my neck.
(331) Scariest damn thing ever happen to me.
(332) [Smack]
(333) Thanks for sharing.
(334) Snow: Could I get you anything else?
(335) How about a kiss?
(336) [Scoffs]
(337) If Iron John's got her, I know where she is.
(338) Maybe we're not too late.
(339) [Welding]
(340) Hey John!
(341) A present for ya.
(342) [Welding]
(343) Well it's about time.
(344) Who did that to you?
(345) My boys?
(346) Explain.
(347) It's called an arrow.
(348) Uh-huh?
(349) This, was sticking out of the back of my favorite bar.
(350) Why?
(351) I missed.
(352) Missed who?
(353) The guy who really killed your men.
(354) [Scoffs]
(355) I'm a man who appreciates order.
(356) You upset that order, we got cops sniffing around here.
(357) That would be bad.
(358) You say you didn't do it, prove it, who did?
(359) It's a monster in the skin of a man. And the longer you keep
(360) me here, the more of your men he will kill.
(361) [Everyone Laughing]
(362) Anything else?
(363) Yeah.
(364) I'm going to kill him.
(365) [Laughing]
(366) How are you going to do that?
(367) Music
(368) Like this.
(369) Music
(370) Open fire!
(371) [Gunshots]
(372) [Grunt]
(373) [Coughing]
(374) Where is she?
(375) Tucker: There she is! Go! Get her! Go, go, go!
(376) Freeze!
(377) You're under arrest! All of you!
(378) She's no princess, but she might be useful as a bargaining chip.
(379) Yeah. Alright.
(380) Keep her there, till I arrive.
(381) [Gasp] Oh sir...
(382) Stay back.
(383) [Growl]
(384) [Screaming] [Growl]
(385) Sh-Sh-Should I call security, sir?
(386) No, wouldn't matter if you did.
(387) It's good to see you my friend.
(388) Wolf: I didn't come alone.
(389) Rumpelstiltskin: Believe me, I know. I was just on my way to question the Red One.
(390) Wolf: She's got a piece of the mirror fragment.
(391) You don't say?
(392) [Cocks gun]
(393) Your timing couldn't be better.
(394) Public office can be so... boring...
(395) [Gasp] Jenkins: Your honor... please... help...
(396) Rumpelstiltskin: I'm not one for subtly. I prefer a... a grand gesture.
(397) Jessica...
(398) will arrange for a car to take you to the den. You can do whatever you
(399) want with your little Red plaything.
(400) Bring me the mirror.
(401) My army awaits.
(402) [Gunshot]
(403) Music
(404) This isn't right.
(405) Rapunzel: Look.
(406) [Scoffs] Cops never bother Iron John... Something must be going on.
(407) It's Red.
(408) We don't know that...
(409) We have to be sure.
(410) They look weak; let's take them.
(411) Alright...
(412) You heard the woman.
(413) The place creeps me out man. Come on.
(414) What do you think they're going to do with Iron John and his boys?
(415) Who cares.
(416) [Flicking Lighter]
(417) It's cold all of a sudden.
(418) [Gag]
(419) [Thud]
(420) Nighty night.
(421) [Thud]
(422) What were they guarding?
(423) [Scream]
(424) [Crowd Roaring]
(425) Snow: Hold them back!
(426) On it!
(427) [Crowd Roaring]
(428) [Growling]
(429) This is bad.
(430) He's mobilizing his army.
(431) We have to assume he has the fragment and he's preparing an attack.
(432) He probably has stockpiles like this set up all over this city.
(433) We're gonna have to give up searching for Red. Time's up.
(434) If Rumpelstiltskin has the mirror, why hasn't he attacked yet?
(435) Because he doesn't have it. Red does.
(436) Her again.
(437) You may not think she's worth anything, but I am not giving up on her yet.
(438) No life is worth a kingdom.
(439) And he has the mirror, what is her life worth then?
(440) We don't actually know that she has it.
(441) I saw it.
(442) We still don't even know where she is.
(443) Let's ask him. [Growl]
(444) [Growling]
(445) Really messed up, John.
(446) You're making a lot of noise, you and your men.
(447) The Mayor is a little upset you've been squatting on
(448) city property without coming to pay tribute.
(449) Tribute for what?
(450) My men were working on that site until the mayor shut us down.
(451) They lost their livelihood!
(452) All I've done to keep them together.
(453) Someone's gotta keep that order.
(454) It's too late now.
(455) And you, Little Red Bitch...
(456) I got some questions for you. You and me are going down the hall to the den.
(457) Boys down there are asking hard.
(458) Music
(459) I didn't kill your men, and I didn't kill you when I had the chance.
(460) [Gasp]
(461) [Drops Key]
(462) Whoops.
(463) Iron John: You bitch! Come back, you bitch!
(464) Come back, you bitch!
(465) You bitch!
(466) [Female Voice Echoes] He's waking up.
(467) Is he back to normal?
(468) [Voice Echoes] Almost.
(469) Man: Where am I?
(470) [Gasp] What's going on?!
(471) We need to have a little talk.
(472) Or you can go back in there with them.
(473) [Man Cries]: No please. Where's Red Riding Hood?
(474) Man: Who? Look, I'm just a rookie.
(475) Sleeping Beauty: He doesn't know anything.
(476) Well he better know something.
(477) Look, it was join or die, They put me with Ernst so he could keep an eye on me...
(478) I didn't know what he was planning, and then it was too late.
(479) He's taking people...
(480) Vagrants. Runaways. I couldn't figure out what he was doing with them...
(481) Now I know.
(482) He's not who you think he is. No kidding.
(483) We've already watched him ruin one world.
(484) We need to find someone before the Mayor does.
(485) We've tracked her this far, we've hit a dead end.
(486) Police have her.
(487) There's only one place she'll be.
(488) The den.
(489) [Electric current]
(490) [Thud]
(491) [Magical chime sound] [Thud]
(492) What the Where is Red Riding Hood? I don't know.
(493) What the hell is all that noise? Shut the hell up!
(494) No. No, no, no, no! Where is she? Where the hell is she?!
(495) [Laughing]
(496) Everybody to the den! [On the radio] Get SWAT there! Now, now!
(497) [Laughs] We got to go, now!
(498) [Iron John Laughing]
(499) What's happening?
(500) SWAT.
(501) We've got a prisoner on the loose in the den. Fan out.
(502) Lethal force is authorized. It's your lucky day boys.
(503) I'm gonna kill me a princess.
(504) Clear [Grunt/Thud]
(505) Contact.
(506) [Scream/Grunt] [Banging]
(507) [Thud]
(508) Hold up.
(509) [Magical chime]
(510) [Thud] What the?
(511) Awe sh [Explosion]
(512) Snow: She's not here! We have to go!
(513) [Arrow Wisp] [Thud]
(514) Looks like you found your queen.
(515) We cannot let him get this.
(516) Why don't we use it to go home?
(517) We can bring back reinforcements.
(518) Let me be very clear about this; we're not going anywhere until we kill him.
(519) What if it only works one way?
(520) If we leave now and we can't get back... this would all have been for nothing.
(521) My father has a whole army back home.
(522) Maybe if we open the portal, he can send them through.
(523) If he has an army, why the hell doesn't he use it?
(524) Because he's employing strategy, unlike some.
(525) If we attack him with an army it might trigger his invasion.
(526) It's probably best to destroy the fragment.
(527) Are you kidding? [All the girls speaking at once]
(528) Well if he wants it so badly, why don't you use it to lure him out, and then kill him?
(529) See, even she doesn't want to break it.
(530) We can't risk it falling into his hands. We have to keep it from him at all costs.
(531) After he's dead, we'll see if it can get us back.
(532) But I would expect any one of you to break it before it gets into his hands.
(533) Is that understood?
(534) [Growl]
(535) I got 'em!
(536) Good. Stay with them. I'm sending... someone.
(537) [Beep]
(538) Let's go make a deal.
(539) Rumpelstiltskin: Hello John.
(540) Where are my men?
(541) They're here, and what happens to them...
(542) that all depends on you.
(543) I think, we have a similar problem.
(544) Snow White.
(545) You know her?
(546) She's my problem.
(547) You seem like a man who appreciates order.
(548) People look up to you. They respect you. Myself included.
(549) She disrupts that order and her little red hooded friend.
(550) Yeah, she's your problem, isn't she?
(551) So your men...
(552) Agree to help me out with my problem, and I'll let them go.
(553) All of them.
(554) What do I have to do?
(555) Just shake my hand and say we have a deal.
(556) There is... one... thing...
(557) I like to seal this kind of pact with something, something a little more concrete.
(558) What's that name they call you?
(559) I'm Iron John.
(560) Iron John. [Laughs] I like that.
(561) I can work with that.
(562) Iron John...
(563) Do we have a deal?
(564) [Jail Doors shutting/Creaking]
(565) [Grunts/Groans]
(566) John, what's going on? Talk to be John!
(567) [Grunts/Groans] [Screaming]
(568) [Screams from John] John!
(569) Who is he to you?
(570) When the war broke out there were only a couple of us in my village who could fight.
(571) Most of my family were farmers and hunters.
(572) Obviously we weren't getting help from the royals.
(573) When the Wolf came, he killed everyone.
(574) Everyone but me. It was like...
(575) It was like he wanted me to watch it That was his mistake.
(576) But you have to realize you are better off with us than on your own.
(577) I'm not going to wait around for you and the queen to play heroes.
(578) None of us are playing at anything.
(579) Rumpelstiltskin locked Rapunzel in a tower and burnt her kingdom to the ground.
(580) Prior's kingdom has been under siege since this war began.
(581) No one has been in or out.
(582) I can't even imagine what it's like in there.
(583) You know what he did to Snow White's husband.
(584) And my husband, he still lives but he's one of his thralls.
(585) You think royalty is a luxury?
(586) It's not.
(587) It makes you a target.
(588) We are not heroes.
(589) We're avengers.
(590) [Banging/Thuds]
(591) [Banging/Thuds] [Creaks]
(592) Man: John?
(593) How're we s'posed to get in?
(594) [Robotic Voice] Why don't you knock?
(595) They're here.
(596) Quick, get the mirror to the roof!
(597) [Creaking]
(598) [Door Breaks]
(599) [Honking]
(600) Round them up!
(601) [Cocks Gun] Not so fast!
(602) [Magical chime sound]
(603) [Metal Thud]
(604) Looks like somebody made a deal.
(605) Take her down!
(606) [Gunshot]
(607) Come on Red, we've got to get this out of here.
(608) Red? [Growl]
(609) [Screams]
(610) [Growl] [Screams]
(611) Go! Get the mirror to safety!
(612) I'll hold them off.
(613) Ready?
(614) Aim...
(615) Fire.
(616) [Cocks Gun]
(617) We gotta go now!
(618) What about Rapunzel?
(619) I said move!
(620) [Creaking]
(621) [Grunt]
(622) [Growl]
(623) [Grunts/Groans]
(624) [Metal Clinks]
(625) [Gunshots] [Metal Clinks]
(626) [Clink]
(627) What are you shooting at?
(628) I don't know. Let's go.
(629) What about the rest of them? They're gone.
(630) Get her out of here.
(631) [Wolf Growling]
(632) [Growling] [Grunts/Groans]
(633) Aah!
(634) [Growls]
(635) Where's Rapunzel?
(636) Where's the mirror?
(637) Want it boy? Is this what you want?
(638) Red! Throw it!
(639) Yeah? Fetch!
(640) [Growl]
(641) Dammit!
(642) [Growl]
(643) Red, wait!
(644) Leave her. Come on.
(645) [Door Shuts]
(646) [Growl]
(647) [Distant Growl]
(648) [Growl]
(649) [Shuffling]
(650) Ssshh! Shut up.
(651) Red: I'm here to help you.
(652) [Growling]
(653) Stop. Sshh. Sshh. Sshh.
(654) [Growl]
(655) Shut up.
(656) [Growl] [Gasp]
(657) [Growl] [Screaming]
(658) [Scoffs]
(659) What is this place?
(660) This was my first home on Earth.
(661) Cozy.
(662) It's nicer than where I grew up.
(663) Not surprised.
(664) So, what do we do now?
(665) You're staying here to keep the fragment safe. [Scoffs]
(666) Here? Alone? Someone has to stay behind.
(667) What are we doing about Rapunzel?
(668) Rapunzel did what she did so we could escape with the mirror.
(669) And what if she tells 'em where we are? How to find this place?
(670) She won't.
(671) And what if he makes her?
(672) He can't. His powers don't work on us. You know that.
(673) She will die before she tells him.
(674) No life is worth a kingdom. Is that it?
(675) That's it.
(676) We were 5 a day ago, and now we're 3.
(677) Your friend Red ran off again, clearly we can't count on her.
(678) Rapunzel, she could be dead for all we know. But thanks to her we have the mirror.
(679) That's not good enough! You don't get to decide!
(680) I've been here too damn long to waste it on a rescue mission
(681) when we don't even know where she is.
(682) Time is running out for all of us.
(683) If we don't kill him now before he attacks the city, it's over.
(684) If you think he's hard to get to now, wait until the streets are swarming with thralls.
(685) Look, I promise you we'll do what we can for Rapunzel.
(686) But our first priority, is killing Rumpelstiltskin!
(687) Nothing else matters.
(688) Then where are we going?
(689) We're going to find a way into city hall.
(690) [Sirens]
(691) [Rumbling]
(692) [Screams]
(693) Get the mayor, now!
(694) You can help a lot of people right now if you just let me kill him.
(695) Uh Mr. Mayor...
(696) Or you can kill' 'em.
(697) Kill the Mayor?
(698) Iron John is here for you.
(699) That's how he wins. Idiots like you.
(700) Ok.
(701) What did he offer you that you'd let him turn you into this?
(702) Order.
(703) And you're the biggest idiot of them all.
(704) All he ever brings is chaos.
(705) John.
(706) Mr. Mayor. Your honor, sir. I called you-- [Panicked] Jessica?
(707) John's our friend, remember?
(708) Huh.
(709) That's right.
(710) Why don't you take the rest of the day off?
(711) Ok.
(712) [Groans]
(713) Hello Rapunzel.
(714) Where's the rest of them?
(715) They left.
(716) She stayed.
(717) 1... out of 5.
(718) Where are they?
(719) Where's the mirror fragment?
(720) You know this could be so much easier if I could just, turn you into one of my thralls.
(721) Wouldn't it?
(722) You think your fair queen, would give up her piece of the mirror, in exchange for you?
(723) [Thud] [Grunt]
(724) She would never.
(725) No life is worth a kingdom.
(726) I guess... not even yours.
(727) [Thud]
(728) Now what?
(729) Stay here with her, until I get back.
(730) [Humming]
(731) Oh.
(732) Oh.
(733) [Grunts]
(734) I need that for work.
(735) What's wrong with her?
(736) This is what he does to people. She's not a thrall but she under his spell.
(737) Ok, I got what I wanted. Come on.
(738) I should be going- the mayor doesn't like when
(739) Jessica, shh. The mayor would not be happy
(740) Jessica, shh. Maybe I can cure her?
(741) We don't have time.
(742) Thank you. No thank you.
(743) Jessica. Jessica. I'm trying to help you.
(744) And maybe she can help us.
(745) Oh no. no. Oh no no. His honor would not be happy if Come on!
(746) [Panicked] No no no! [Slap]
(747) Jessica?
(748) Jessica?
(749) You're Snow White.
(750) You're looking for your friend?
(751) [Sigh]
(752) [Footsteps]
(753) [Magical chime sound]
(754) Radio: Sir, what are we looking for?
(755) The mayor had us install motion sensors down here.
(756) Can't tell you how many times we lost that icy bitch in these tunnels.
(757) Radio: South quarter looks clear.
(758) Figured she had to have a rat hole here somewhere. Keep looking.
(759) Radio: Copy that. Doubling back.
(760) Radio: Sir, what do we do if we find someone?
(761) I'm not taking any chances here.
(762) You see one of those princesses, you shoot to kill.
(763) [Growling]
(764) Still in one piece.
(765) I knew you'd want to wait.
(766) Good boy.
(767) Quite the troublemaker, aren't you?
(768) Just like those royal types to throw us commoners out to the wolves, huh?
(769) Where... are they?
(770) She won't tell you.
(771) She won't have to.
(772) [Whistle]
(773) [Footsteps Running]
(774) [Growl/Scream]
(775) [Heavy Footsteps]
(776) [Crash/Shatter Glass]
(777) [Screaming]
(778) [Thud/Rumble]
(779) Ernst: I'll be there in a minute. I've got one more place to check.
(780) You hear that Snow?
(781) If you're down here, you're dead.
(782) [Radio Beeps] I've got dispatch on the line here, over.
(783) What is it?!
(784) Radio: City hall is under attack! All units back to base! I repeat...
(785) Radio: City hall is under attack! All units back to base!
(786) You guys hear that? Something's going on at base, let's move out of here!
(787) Mirror, mirror, where is Snow White? Is she ok?
(788) What's going on?
(789) [Thud]
(790) [Alarm Blaring]
(791) [Magical chime sound]
(792) Ok, we're not gonna get a better chance.
(793) That elevator leads up to his office. Are you ready for this?
(794) Absolutely. It's now or never! Let's go!
(795) Hello, Security? Hi, this is Jessica, is his Honor in?
(796) Oh?
(797) Ok. Thank you, Bye bye.
(798) The mayor's not here. In a minute this place is going to be
(799) swarming with security and you guys have to get out of here, now.
(800) You'll have to come back. That asshole is going to chance the security codes after this.
(801) But I can get you in.
(802) I'll shut down security.
(803) If he realizes you're helping us, he'll kill you.
(804) He won't realize. [Gasp] You have to go!
(805) They're coming! I'll text you as soon as he gets back.
(806) Thank you for helping us.
(807) No, thank you. All this time he's...blinded me.
(808) You guys are heroes.
(809) Good luck.
(810) Security, they went this way! If you hurry you can catch them!
(811) [Footsteps]
(812) Oh, it's you.
(813) Aah!
(814) Red?
(815) [Hissing/Sizzling]
(816) [Steam/ Cough]
(817) Where is she? [Coughing]
(818) God.
(819) Dammit.
(820) What happened?
(821) I tried to use the mirror to find you. I'm sorry.
(822) Now Red has the mirror and a head start.
(823) We know where she's going.
(824) City hall.
(825) This is it.
(826) If we're lucky.
(827) Today is the day we avenge our kingdoms.
(828) Today is the day we cure our people.
(829) Today we go home.
(830) Let's just hope Jessica can do her part.
(831) Now let's move.
(832) We need to be ready as soon as we hear from her.
(833) [Typing]
(834) Radio: His honor is on site. Lock down city hall.
(835) [Typing]
(836) [Thud]
(837) [Typing]
(838) [Beeping]
(839) [Typing]
(840) [Gasp]
(841) Do you have an appointment?
(842) [Gasp]
(843) Well look who's here.
(844) [Iron Jack Laughs] I'm gonna enjoy this.
(845) Hail, John. Jessica.
(846) We got a problem?
(847) No, your honor.
(848) I've got a problem.
(849) Her.
(850) What is she doing here?
(851) She's delivering this.
(852) See, John, everyone ends up working for me.
(853) She just tried to kill your helper.
(854) What?
(855) She just
(856) tried to kill
(857) Jessica.
(858) [Panicked] Jessica.
(859) [Bang/Thud]
(860) Why'd you do that for?
(861) Don't question me, John.
(862) We have a deal. You want order? It's my order.
(863) You and your men can work for me willingly, or you and your men can die.
(864) Get downstairs.
(865) Now.
(866) [Zap]
(867) Guard it at all costs.
(868) [Growling]
(869) Music
(870) Calling all units. This is officer Laguardia.
(871) Anyone who still cares about this city. Get to city hall!
(872) Snow: What's going on?
(873) It gets worse from here. I knew he was crazy but I never seen anything like this.
(874) Watch out!
(875) [Gunshots] Get down!
(876) Put him out!
(877) [Grunts/ Screams]
(878) I got him.
(879) [Grunts]
(880) Hit him again!
(881) Ready for nap time?
(882) Snow: Just do it.
(883) [Magical chime sound]
(884) [Thud]
(885) If we don't act fast, the city will be crawling with these things.
(886) This is my fault.
(887) There's only one person to blame for this.
(888) It's Rumpelstiltskin.
(889) [Whistling]
(890) It has started.
(891) She'll be coming, along with the others.
(892) It won't matter.
(893) All we have to do is... wait.
(894) Hold them off, long enough for my thralls
(895) to tear apart this city.
(896) John, you sure about this?
(897) I mean, I've never been called a saint but this... seems wrong.
(898) [Zombie Growls]
(899) There's an entire police force and my army of thralls, between us and them.
(900) They'll send the national guard, the military.
(901) All to rescue 'Mayor Heart'.
(902) And one by one, I will take control of them all.
(903) Secure the lobby. No one gets through.
(904) [Growl]
(905) Why don't you head outside?
(906) And when you see your friends...
(907) kill as many as you can.
(908) Music
(909) Finally.
(910) [Angry crowed/ Chaos]
(911) It has begun.
(912) [Screaming/ Chaos]
(913) [Growling]
(914) [Thud]
(915) Aah!
(916) [Grunts/ Growls]
(917) Aah!
(918) [Punches]
(919) [Chaos/ Screaming]
(920) Alright, Laguardia and his men are buying us enough time to get
(921) into the lobby before they shut it down.
(922) We have to find the elevator that leads up to the penthouse.
(923) What about the thralls? As long as the portal remains open,
(924) we'll have an entire army between us and Rumpelstiltskin.
(925) We can split up. One team to the portal and see if we can close it,
(926) the other one cuts a path to city hall.
(927) Rapunzel, Cinderella, you take the garage beneath city hall.
(928) That's where they're coming from.
(929) We'll take the lobby.
(930) Are you ready for this?
(931) Absolutely.
(932) Music
(933) [Magical chime sound]
(934) This bitch.
(935) I've got her, you guys worry about the lobby.
(936) Got it. Let's go. See if you could close that portal.
(937) Music
(938) [Grunts]
(939) [Grunts/ Groans]
(940) [Screams]
(941) [Grunts/ Groans]
(942) [Thud]
(943) [Clank]
(944) What the [Thud]
(945) Does this look like order, John?
(946) No choice now!
(947) Aah!
(948) [Hitting Metal]
(949) Aah!
(950) [Groans] [Metal Clinks]
(951) [Cracking] [Rumble]
(952) Alright, get ready.
(953) Lock and load boys.
(954) [Guns cocking]
(955) [Cracking/ Freezing]
(956) [Cracking]
(957) They're coming!
(958) [Door Opens]
(959) [Zap]
(960) [Thud]
(961) [Zap] [Thud]
(962) Are you sure you're ok?
(963) Never better.
(964) [Whimpering] [Footsteps getting closer]
(965) Stay away from me bitch!
(966) Ernst: Get away from me!
(967) May I?
(968) Get away from me!
(969) Please.
(970) [Ernst Crying]
(971) [Magical chime sound]
(972) You always have a choice. It's not too late.
(973) It is for me!
(974) What do you think it's gonna happen now John, huh?
(975) Do the right thing.
(976) Help us. re-take this city. Get your men out of here.
(977) You're not one of his monsters.
(978) Help me close the portal.
(979) [Heavy Breathing]
(980) Go! Get out of here.
(981) Take my men with you.
(982) I'll take care of this.
(983) [Elevator Ding]
(984) [Cracking/Freezing sound]
(985) [Zap]
(986) [Electrocuted]
(987) Ha.
(988) Careful now.
(989) [Whistling]
(990) [Growling] [Gasp/Groans]
(991) You really can't stay away, can you?
(992) [Sigh]
(993) [Wolf growling]
(994) [Screaming]
(995) [Crumbling/Debris]
(996) John.
(997) [Screaming]
(998) John.
(999) [Crumbling/ Debris] [John Screaming]
(1000) [Grunts/Groans]
(1001) Who else is going to kill the wolf?
(1002) [Screaming]
(1003) [Crumbling/ Debris] [John Screaming]
(1004) John.
(1005) [Sigh]
(1006) Well the portal is closed.
(1007) You do realize I can just open another one, right?
(1008) If it gets one degree colder in here...
(1009) Well...
(1010) You'll just have to, warm things up ourselves, won't we?
(1011) Do you really think it made a difference having all your little friends here?
(1012) I mean, we could have avoided all of this.
(1013) If you had just...
(1014) given me what I wanted.
(1015) You realize, I always get what I want.
(1016) Your husband gave me what I wanted.
(1017) Why won't you?
(1018) Lucky for you, I'm in the mood to make a deal.
(1019) Here are my terms...
(1020) I just open another portal, and if any of the little princesses are still alive they can leave.
(1021) You can just call them off, and I'll let them go.
(1022) Then your little princesses and the little men can try to put
(1023) your kingdom back together again.
(1024) But you, you stay here.
(1025) And become my queen.
(1026) Or I could just kill you.
(1027) [Grunt]
(1028) You can try, again.
(1029) [Ice Shatters]
(1030) [Grunt]
(1031) If I was you... [Groan] I would take me up on my offer.
(1032) It's the best deal your little princesses are ever going to get.
(1033) [Snow Laughing]
(1034) You're afraid they're coming for you.
(1035) Afraid? Mmhmm.
(1036) I have the leverage.
(1037) [Growling] [Grunt/Groans]
(1038) Hello little piggy.
(1039) [Growling] You're going to die.
(1040) [Growling] Because I'm a piggy.
(1041) [Growling] [Sleeping Beauty Screams]
(1042) [Whistle] [Growl]
(1043) [Thud]
(1044) [Coughing]
(1045) [Groans]
(1046) [Growl]
(1047) Wolf: You have the mirror.
(1048) [Wolf Growls]
(1049) Red: All the better to kill you with.
(1050) [Gushing]
(1051) [Groans]
(1052) Down boy.
(1053) [Thud]
(1054) Portal's closed.
(1055) No more thralls.
(1056) For now.
(1057) He has Snow White.
(1058) We have to go, now!
(1059) You in?
(1060) Rumpelstiltskin must die.
(1061) [Elevator Ding]
(1062) Time's up.
(1063) You always said, no life is worth a kingdom.
(1064) What about yours?
(1065) Stop!
(1066) I'll make this really easy on you little girls. Kill him!
(1067) One more step and she dies! What's the play?
(1068) I'm gonna offer you the deal of a lifetime.
(1069) [Bang]
(1070) Leave! Go now and I will let her live.
(1071) Rumpelstiltskin: Go!
(1072) I'll kill her and I'll smash the mirror and you'll never see your precious kingdom again!
(1073) Take the deal!
(1074) Now more deals!
(1075) [Screams]
(1076) [Glass Clinks]
(1077) [Thud]
(1078) Is he dead?
(1079) Miss.
(1080) Don't let him escape!
(1081) I got 'em. Red snap out of it!
(1082) Aah! [Grunts/Groans]
(1083) We can't let the portal close with him on the other side!
(1084) Keep it open! I don't know how!
(1085) Last time I couldn't control it!
(1086) [Grunts/Groans]
(1087) Red: He's getting away!
(1088) [Shatter] [Explosion]
(1089) [Screaming]
(1090) [Thud]
(1091) [Explosion]
(1092) Music
(1093) Hey buddy, you're in the wrong part of town to be dressed like that.
(1094) [Snoring]
(1095) [Slams car door]
(1096) Hey! Hey you son of a bitch! Hey, don't walk away from me!
(1097) Laguardia, please! Come on.
(1098) Let me out of here!
(1099) He's dead.
(1100) [Exhale]
(1101) We did it.
(1102) The mirror, I'm sorry, I It's alright.
(1103) You did the right thing.
(1104) Our people are safe.
(1105) [Gasping]
(1106) [Exhale]
(1107) Music
(1108) We're trapped here.
(1109) Looks like whatever you guys did up here took care of all those
(1110) Things.
(1111) Only now there's quite a few of your people here with...
(1112) no idea where here is.
(1113) They're going to need help.
(1114) We should go.
(1115) I'll take care of her.
(1116) Make sure that you do.
(1117) What about the rest of you?
(1118) You're just gonna live happily ever after?
(1119) Snow White saw something in this world, something worth protecting.
(1120) We'll keep looking for a way home.

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