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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[2011] [Battle Los Angeles] English Transcripts

(1) unprecedented meteor shower falling off the coast of Tokyo.
(2) The entire city is mesmerised by this incredible sight.
(3) Two hours after the first contact...
(4) unidentified enemy has reached our coastlines...
(5) a swift and militaristic attack.
(6) Right now, one thing is clear: The world is at war.
(7) At 14:46 Pacific Standard Time...
(8) ...12 different locations across the globe were breached...
(9) a coordinated attack by an unknown enemy.
(10) All breaches were along the coastline...
(11) what is a campaign of rapid dominance.
(12) This is a textbook military invasion.
(13) There are massive casualties in New York.
(14) Defensive lines are being set up in Boston.
(15) And at 13:15 Zulu time, we lost communications...
(16) ...with San Francisco and San Diego.
(17) Their status is unknown.
(18) What we know is that we are the last offensive force on the West Coast.
(19) We cannot lose Los Angeles.
(20) We have five birds down two klicks west of CP Victory.
(21) We're hit, we're hit! Tighten your asses, we're going down!
(22) Command and control is down.
(23) Civilians in need of support two klicks northeast.
(24) Cables inbound. Engage your sectors of fire, over.
(25) Oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit.
(26) Good morning. 94.5 with the Surfrider Foundation Morning Surf Report.
(27) Surfers, hard northeast conditions blowing out there...
(28) ...the ocean slopping and chopping. There is some size starting to build....
(29) Come on. Come on.
(30) Morning, staff sergeant. Morning, sergeant.
(31) Morning, staff sergeant.
(32) Morning, sergeant. Morning, staff sergeant.
(33) Morning, staff sergeant.
(34) Morning, you little prick.
(35) You know what they say. You're only as old as you feel, staff sergeant.
(36) That's what I'm worried about. I can't feel a damn thing.
(37) to the Pacific for our next report, where a cluster of meteors...
(38) predicted to enter our atmosphere in the early hours tomorrow morning.
(39) Go ahead.
(40) They're expected to strike miles from land, far into the Pacific Ocean.
(41) John. Oh, God.
(42) What's up, Mike?
(43) Hey. What happened to that picture of us in Iraq with that camel?
(44) I mean, your girlfriend.
(45) Hey, is this for real?
(46) It's got your signature. l said, "That's gotta be a mistake. He can't write."
(47) No mistake, John. l did my 20. I know when to get out.
(48) Come on. You got the box full of medals, a file full of commendations.
(49) You can have them. Seems you like interior decorating.
(50) A Marine's got a shelf life, you know? After that....
(51) What? He spoils?
(52) Something like that.
(53) I'll finish my training assignment with these Marines.
(54) Get them combat ready.
(55) And then I'll be on my merry way.
(56) You know, we could always use another lean, mean typing machine.
(57) Shit, I ain't built like you, John.
(58) Ugly, slow, soft.
(59) God.
(60) You had to make some tough calls there, Mike.
(61) Especially that last one.
(62) We all wish your men made it home.
(63) Here we go.
(64) You're expired.
(65) Clear the shelf...
(66) ...staff sergeant.
(67) Everything I know is in here, John.
(68) What typically would have been detected months, if not years, before...
(69) ...surfaced in less than four hours.
(70) These images giving some idea of the rate these meteors are travelling.
(71) Scientists are abuzz, scrambling to try and understand it.
(72) There's something just extremely uncomfortable...
(73) ...about a man your size sniffing a flower.
(74) What you want is some hydrangeas.
(75) Popular wedding flower, come in green, blue.
(76) What colour is the bridesmaids' dresses?
(77) Good question. You're amazing. Take a whiff. Smell it.
(78) Yes, pretty girl?
(79) For 300 more, she said we could have sprays of lilies.
(80) Now, l know it's a lot, but it'd be so beautiful. What do you think?
(81) 300 dollars? Goodness gracious.
(82) It's a no-brainer. You're only getting married once. Worry about 300 bucks?
(83) Thank you, Stavrou. Thank you. Yeah, no worries.
(84) You know what? lt's your day. Do whatever you want.
(85) I'm gonna hit you with something. What are you doing?
(86) Busting your balls.
(87) Tomorrow we shop for cakes.
(88) And l can't wait.
(89) I love cake.
(90) Yo, Doc. What you doing?
(91) Skyping back home.
(92) Is that your girlfriend? Damn, she fine.
(93) Doc. My boy.
(94) That's my sister.
(95) Goddamn.
(96) Shoot, man. I'm speaking objectively here, you know what I'm saying?
(97) All right, no, stop playing!
(98) May I take a message?
(99) Doc, is it all right if l have one of those first?
(100) You eat it at your own risk.

(101) They're very old.
(102) So do you feel that you're making progress?
(103) Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
(104) I'm sleeping a lot better.
(105) And then also around the firing range and everything...
(106) ...when I first came back and hear the pop, pop, pop...
(107) ...I'd get jumpy and it would mess with me a bit and a little bit of a setback.
(108) But now it, you know...
(109) ...doesn't bother me.
(110) So l think that's progress.
(111) So, what's the story with my status, doc?
(112) I mean, are you gonna clear me for combat? Because....
(113) Yeah, l feel good.
(114) Let's meet again next week...
(115) ...and we'll discuss it. Okay?
(116) All right, thank you. Thank you very much, doc.
(117) Harris' girl is making the dude organise his entire wedding...
(118) ...two weeks before we deploy.
(119) I say the chick's busting his balls like nobody's business.
(120) But he got two weeks to get it done because we're out.
(121) So l just came by to visit you one last time before we leave.
(122) And l brought Dad's five iron with me. And you know what that means.
(123) Me and the boys are gonna go out tonight, continue the tradition.
(124) Have a good time, you know?
(125) I'll see you soon, bro.
(126) See you soon.
(127) Motown, give me boots. I'm going skiing.
(128) Oh, that's how you do it, baby.
(129) Here they come.
(130) Don't mess this up, man. They cannot know that you a virgin.
(131) How do you know l Who says I'm a virgin?
(132) We know you are. Look at your face.
(133) What are you telling her? Telling her what?
(134) Oh, come on, you guys. You're killing me.
(135) That dog gonna hunt! Damn, Daktari, you can play, man.
(136) We have courses in Nigeria, Imlay.
(137) Shit. How am l supposed to know, man? It's an American game, right?
(138) Adukwu's our Navy corpsman. He's like a medic.
(139) No, not like a medic. Medic is the Army. I'm a Navy corpsman.
(140) Well, sailor, yes.
(141) I came here to become a doctor.
(142) Slow down.
(143) That's like number five.
(144) How many have you had?
(145) No, I'm good.
(146) Now, this guy here, Mr. Lenihan... Hey.
(147) ...his mom signed so he could join up at 17.
(148) And l look after him because this boy don't know his ass from a hot rock.
(149) Not on my truck, dude! Easy, now. Easy, buddy.
(150) Oh, yeah! Not on my truck.
(151) Toast. To Lenihan. To Lenihan!
(152) Good luck, rookie.
(153) Retreat, hell!
(154) emergency developing throughout NASA and the space community.
(155) We now know that meteors will land off the coasts of eight different cities...
(156) ...and that number could keep rising.
(157) Evacuations now under way in Southern California...
(158) ...moving the population back from the coastline.
(159) But a lot of curious people are clamouring for views.
(160) What are you doing up so early? Lieutenant. Still gotta get used to that.
(161) This thing right?
(162) Here. You want me to do it? lt's tricky.
(163) They gotta be parallel to the deck. That's the whole thing with these bars.
(164) Don't forget to call Mr. Gilliam, okay? Okay.
(165) Call me later. I'll call you later.
(166) That's my baby. All right.
(167) Let's go! Move!
(168) Quick time! March!
(169) Marines! lnto the trucks and report to your company! Let's go!
(170) Move it! Let's move!
(171) Move it!
(172) Load them up! Move it!
(173) What's going on, first sergeant?
(174) Meteors hitting off California now...
(175) ...but they got the whole goddamn base being mobilised.
(176) I'm bringing you back to the company, Mike. They need you.
(177) First sergeant.
(178) All hands on deck, staff sergeant.
(179) You heard we might be mobilising? Yes, sir.
(180) Moving you up to squad leader.
(181) It's a big responsibility, but you can handle it.
(182) Thank you, sir.
(183) Staff Sergeant Beck is being replaced by Staff Sergeant Nantz.
(184) What do you know about him?
(185) He's a very dedicated Marine.
(186) Don't bullshit me, corporal.
(187) What'd you hear about his last tour?
(188) Just the grimy details that everybody else already knows.
(189) But at the end of the day, you're our lieutenant...
(190) ...and we take our orders from you, sir.
(191) You're assigned to 1st Platoon under Second Lieutenant Martinez.
(192) His platoon sergeant's on leave, so you're gonna have to suck it up.
(193) Yeah, so, here's the lieutenant right up here, 1 o'clock.
(194) He's a kid, Mike.
(195) Right out of officer training school.
(196) He's only been with us a month, but I think he's sharp.
(197) It's just an evacuation, buddy. He's in charge.
(198) Just keep an eye on him, huh?
(199) Just don't lose my paperwork.
(200) Lieutenant. Good afternoon, staff sergeant.
(201) Happy to meet you. Thank you, sir.
(202) We're being called in to help with an evacuation? For these meteors?
(203) I assume so.
(204) Whatever it is, I'm happy to finally get out in the field.
(205) At approximately 4:42 am Pacific Standard Time...
(206) ...the meteors impacted....
(207) Who the hell took my tortellini? You got tortellini?
(208) This some kind of drill?
(209) Get ready, man. Get ready. It's serious. Okay?
(210) Meteors continue to fall off the coast of California, Ireland, Bay of Bengal....
(211) Corporal. Corporal.
(212) Corporal. Corporal. Yeah?
(213) It's probably just a training exercise.
(214) No, man. They're shifting Nantz into our unit. Something's going on.
(215) The guy wants out of the Marine Corps and now we're stuck with him.
(216) Stavs! You got tortellini?
(217) I heard Nantz kicked ass his last tour.
(218) He went into that compound alone and killed 10 insurgents.
(219) That's what you heard, Lenihan? Chill out.
(220) Yeah. Johnson in Foxtrot told me that he was going on
(221) Don't worry about it.
(222) Let's go, this is serious. What the hell did l do?
(223) Nantz got a couple guys killed on his last tour.
(224) What?
(225) That's the story. Lockett's brother was one.
(226) So l know you didn't know, but just don't-- No, don't worry about it.
(227) Looks like we're getting into some heavy shit.
(228) It's been my experience, lieutenant, heavy shit is highly overrated.
(229) Look, staff sergeant, let's just be clear.
(230) I know your rep, know what you've done.
(231) This is my platoon. These are my men.
(232) Not gonna have a problem, are we? No problem, sir. She's all yours.
(233) It appears our initial assumptions were wrong.
(234) Listen up! Once you get your weapon...
(235) ...get your gear, get your munitions, move outside!
(236) We got white chocolate rap from my man. That should finish the new mix?
(237) National Guard troops have flown in to evacuate beach areas...
(238) ...and we have word the military is now deploying.
(239) That's us. That's us! That's us!
(240) Calling military for a meteor shower? l don't know why they're happy.
(241) a meteor that just hit the ocean.
(242) Large plumes of smoke are coming up. Visibility is getting worse as we....
(243) These objects were completely undetected...
(244) ...until they entered our atmosphere.
(245) NASA estimates that they are not hitting the water at terminal velocity.
(246) They're slowing down before impact.
(247) These objects are falling into the ocean in tightly packed clusters...
(248) ...10 miles outside of a major population centre.
(249) Thermal imaging from the Hubble shows us...
(250) ...that within each cluster is a central object much larger than the others.
(251) Now, these central objects are all the same geometric shape.
(252) They appear mechanical in nature.
(253) This is not a meteor shower, Marines.
(254) We are in Threatcon Delta. That's right.
(255) Come on. All units, gear up.
(256) Be ready to move.
(257) Combat situation.
(258) It's what I've been training for.
(259) l am told that one of the Coast Guard cutters has issued a mayday.
(260) lt is difficult to see, and Oh, my gosh!
(261) There is just another meteor that just hit the ocean...
(262) ...and it's the closest one yet, right behind those cutters.
(263) Two or three meteors just impacted.
(264) Shit.
(265) Do you have any more information in the studio? Oh, my God.
(266) Kate? Kate? Are you hearing us?
(267) Shut up, shut up, shut up! Kate, are you still hearing us?
(268) Yes, Jean, I can hear you. Everyone, move out. Get out of the way.
(269) What is that? What is that in the water?
(270) I can't really get a good look, but it appears there's something
(271) I'm looking through the people, trying to determine exactly what this is.
(272) I don't even know. It's like shadowy figures.
(273) Maybe five, six, seven. I can make out maybe eight figures.
(274) What the hell is that? Holy shit!
(275) Look at that! Stavs, you see that?
(276) I'm gonna head back now. Everyone needs to get out of here right now.
(277) I think that we've gotta leave, Jean. I'm gonna head back now.
(278) Oh, my God!
(279) Go! Let's go. Go, go!
(280) Corporal Grayston and Corporal lmlay are both expert marksmen...
(281) well as strong fire team leaders.
(282) We also have PFC Lenihan, who is our second best marksman...
(283) ...behind Lance Corporal Guerrero. What's your take on this, Specs?
(284) I don't know. Extraterrestrial?
(285) Do you mean like from space? No, Imlay.
(286) From Canada. Always got jokes, don't you, Stav?
(287) All right, first squad, line it up. Bring it in. Let's go!
(288) As you may have heard...
(289) ...Staff Sergeant Nantz will be taking over for Staff Sergeant Beck.
(290) We're lucky to have him aboard.
(291) All right. Here's the situation, Marines. We're facing an unknown enemy.
(292) We don't know how strong their force is or what they're capable of.
(293) But one thing we do know is that we're fighting for our land...
(294) ...our families, our home and our country, goddamn it!
(295) Whatever those things are, let's show them how Marines fight. Retreat....
(296) Hell! Two-Five!
(297) Retreat, hell! Let's form it up, let's go!
(298) First in, last out, Marines!
(299) Breathe, Lenihan. Breathe. Your training will kick in.
(300) Thank you, staff sergeant!
(301) Got something to get off your chest? No, it's cool, staff sergeant.
(302) You got a silver star, my brother came home in a box. I get it.
(303) All stations, this net. Standby for sitrep.
(304) Enemy elements have advanced beyond the beach.
(305) Aliens? That's not possible, right?
(306) We'll know soon enough, brother.
(307) One-oh-one tank has been destroyed. Company beyond the defensive line....
(308) It's in case his head gets blown off, so they can identify his body.
(309) Be advised, enemy have heavy assault weapons.
(310) Firepower equal to high-explosive rounds.
(311) Hey, staff sergeant! Promise me you won't let me be taken alive...
(312) some godless predator from another world, staff sergeant?
(313) No promises in combat.
(314) Stop screwing around and keep your head in it!
(315) These units are falling tactically. Their strategies are coordinated.
(316) Do not underestimate enemy combat intelligence.
(317) We are not evacuating civilians fast enough.
(318) I say again, we are not evacuating fast enough.
(319) All units be advised, there are friendlies behind enemy lines.
(320) Semper Fi, 1-7 Actual, out.
(321) You gotta take me to dinner first, baby.
(322) Boys, hold on to something. Things are about to get rough.
(323) Let's go, let's go, let's go! Out! Go!
(324) Move, move, move!
(325) Form it up!
(326) What do we got, sir? All right, situation is as follows:
(327) Most of Santa Monica's been cleared of civilians.
(328) We got a defensive line at Lincoln Boulevard a mile from the ocean.
(329) Air Force has got Warthogs and B-52s on deck.
(330) At 1930 hours, they will pound the entire area from Lincoln to the ocean.
(331) Shit.
(332) We're levelling Santa Monica, sir?
(333) We got an infestation of God knows what...
(334) ...not of this Earth and we gotta hit them with everything...
(335) ...and we gotta hit them hard. They are a ground-force enemy only.
(336) They have no aircraft, so the Air Force will tear them a new asshole...
(337) ...and we will rule the air.
(338) You said "most civilians," sir? Affirmed.
(339) Getting distress calls, sending squads out.
(340) Golf, you take Santa Monica to Olympic.
(341) Foxtrot, Olympic to Pico.
(342) Echo, Pico to Ocean Park.
(343) Lieutenant Martinez, I want you to break off a squad...
(344) ...and a machine gun team.
(345) Proceed west from Lincoln to a police station located here...
(346) Venice and Amarosa. Venice and Amarosa.
(347) Police were overrun.
(348) Got a distress call that civilians are still there. We don't know how many.
(349) Just gather survivors, then you radio in.
(350) We'll have helicopters in the area to evacuate you out.
(351) Now, be advised, you got exactly three hours before our bombs drop.
(352) And make no mistake, they will drop, with or without you.
(353) Get those civilians, get the hell out of there...
(354) ...and you kill anything that is not human.
(355) Let's go! Let's get it done!
(356) Captain, this is not a drill. You hold that line, you understand me?
(357) Yes, sir.
(358) from the coastline into suburbs. Golf company is overrun.
(359) Lima company requesting immediate air support.
(360) Civilians are being stranded behind enemy lines.
(361) Hang on, One!
(362) Fire in the hole!
(363) Troops are amassing in every coast, along every major coastline.
(364) The UN has called an emergency sitting...
(365) an attempt to establish a means for sharing resources...
(366) ...and intelligence across the globe.
(367) Watch out, go!
(368) This way? Where are we supposed to go?
(369) Jesus Christ.
(370) Marines, anything beyond this point, consider to be hostile.
(371) All right, nice and easy.
(372) Clear.
(373) Hell of a way to earn your citizenship.
(374) Shit. I'd rather be in Afghanistan.
(375) Lieutenant. How many civilians we gotta get out of that police station?
(376) I have no idea, Guerrero. Just stay focused.
(377) What the hell's that? What is that? This is insane.
(378) Yo, eyes open.
(379) An unidentified enemy has breached our coastlines...
(380) a swift and militaristic attack.
(381) At this point, there are many more questions than answers.
(382) Right now, one thing is clear: The world is at war.
(383) Eyes open.
(384) You see something, Simmons?
(385) Can't see shit.
(386) Kerns, you see a cross street? Lieutenant, I don't see nothing.
(387) Police station's about one klick northwest of here.
(388) Twelve o'clock! Hundred metres front.
(389) This is Echo 6, we need immediate Turn your radios down.
(390) lt's just a dog. Just a little doggy. Come here.
(391) lt's just a dog. Dog.
(392) Dog. Dog.
(393) What's his name, huh? "Glenn."
(394) Kidding me. Who's the idiot naming dogs these days?
(395) What do you wanna call him, Fido?
(396) Watch out!
(397) Where's it coming from? l don't know.
(398) Lenihan, watch your head!
(399) On the roof!
(400) Enemy fire! Eleven o'clock!
(401) They're on the roof! On the roof! Cover him!
(402) Twenty-five metres! Twenty-five metres!
(403) Lieutenant! Left flank, on the roof!
(404) Covering, covering!
(405) We gotta move now! Lockett!
(406) Yes? Get me an exit down that alley!
(407) Yes, sergeant! Kerns, Motown, let's go!
(408) Get up! Come on!
(409) Falling back!
(410) Let's go, come on!
(411) Enemy fire! Watch your head!
(412) Where'd they come from? Fall back!
(413) Enemy fire, keep your head down!
(414) It's all over the damn place!
(415) What do you see?
(416) I don't know, man. I don't see shit.
(417) How do we get out of here?
(418) Lieutenant, where's the exit? I'm working on it!
(419) Shit, we're boxed in! I'll take a position by the wall! Go, go!
(420) Move out! Ambush!
(421) I don't have him!
(422) I'm hit!
(423) Cover me, Lockett!
(424) Man down, man down! lt burns!
(425) Shit!
(426) I got you, Guerrero!
(427) Lieutenant! Lieutenant!
(428) I've got you covered!
(429) We have an exit! Everybody, move out! Move out!
(430) Move, move!
(431) Staff sergeant, we got an exit! Come on, we're going! Come on, let's go!
(432) Fall back, fall back!
(433) Go, keep moving! Keep moving!
(434) Lorenzo!
(435) Move, move, move!
(436) Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving!
(437) I can't see shit!
(438) Shit, shit, shit! Imlay!
(439) Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.
(440) U.S. Marines, coming in!
(441) U.S. Marines, anybody in here?
(442) Kitchen's clear! The kitchen's clear, lieutenant!
(443) Get on that window! Are we clear?
(444) Put the wounded in the kitchen!
(445) Kerns, Lockett, secure the back of this house.
(446) Yes, staff sergeant. Staff sergeant, we're on it!
(447) Doc, how long till they're able to move?
(448) Ten minutes. Ten minutes, staff sergeant. Ten minutes.
(449) You want me? Come get some! I'm right here!
(450) What do we got, lmlay?
(451) I got nothing. I can't see a goddamn thing.
(452) With this smoke, it's zero visibility. You're dead!
(453) Stow that shit, Simmons!
(454) You'll get shot before you're able to kill any of them.
(455) Your orders, sir?
(456) I led us right into that ambush.
(457) Mottola, anyone on command? No, sir.
(458) We need to find answers to get out. You're in charge, sir. Your orders?
(459) Let's radio that evac to meet us.
(460) Civilians or no, we gotta get these wounded out.
(461) Roger that. Hey, guys, guys. Where's Lenihan?
(462) I didn't see him with us. Where is he?
(463) Lenihan? Lenihan?
(464) Anybody got eyes on Lenihan?
(465) Lenihan! I'll go for Lenihan, sir.
(466) Imlay, Harris, on me. Let's get this shit out of here.
(467) I'll package the wounded. Rally on 10th Street.
(468) Be prepared to move. We're moving out soon.
(469) Shit.
(470) Mottorola.
(471) Mottorola?
(472) Oh, come on. Mottorola, you copy?
(473) Lenihan, where are you?
(474) Staff sergeant?
(475) Jesus Christ. l had to turn my radio off. These things are everywhere.
(476) We're coming for you. What's your location?
(477) I'm in the laundry room of some apartment complex.
(478) It's like three storeys
(479) What colour is it? Lenihan. Lenihan?
(480) Shit.
(481) Lenihan.
(482) Shit.
(483) So smooth....
(484) Smooth is fast.
(485) Shit.
(486) Oh, shit.
(487) Lenihan! Lenihan, lower that weapon!
(488) What the hell--?
(489) Keep on firing!
(490) Jesus Christ! What the hell is that thing?
(491) It's not dead. They don't die. I've hit it a hundred times. They don't die.
(492) Get separated from the unit again, I'll find you and shoot you myself.
(493) Imlay, drop a grenade in that pool. Let's move!
(494) Come on, l got you. l got you.
(495) Frag out.
(496) Street's clear.
(497) Get down, get down, get down.
(498) What's happening? What's going on? All right, we're good. Come on.
(499) lt's Lenihan. Yo, Lockett.
(500) You owe me $5. l told you, a virgin ain't gonna die till he get him some.
(501) Move to the police station?
(502) All right, let's move. Let's move. Move it. Move it out.
(503) Where'd that come from? Door's open at the bank!
(504) Take care of him.
(505) Where'd the shot come from?
(506) Kerns! Door's open on the bank! Let's move!
(507) Come on, let's go! Move! Move it!
(508) Stavrou, you got front. Stavrou, cover front. Harris, cover front!
(509) Roof's clear, roof's clear!
(510) I got it. I got it covered.
(511) Harris! Find me where that shot came from, guys!
(512) Imlay, get eyes up on that roof, all right?
(513) Cover the roof! Roof's clear, roof's clear!
(514) Lockett, on me!
(515) Did anybody even see where that came from?
(516) Doc, how serious?
(517) Third degree thermal burns on his neck and his face, sir.
(518) You'll be surfing soon, Simmons.
(519) Shit.
(520) Hostiles, 12 o'clock! Hostiles at 12 o'clock!
(521) Staff sergeant, hostiles, 12 o'clock!
(522) Prepare to fire!
(523) Hold it, hold it!
(524) Friendlies, sir.
(525) Shit. Friendlies. Let's get them in.
(526) Get over here.
(527) Move. Move to the back. Let's go. Come on, get.
(528) What's your unit? 40th, lD.
(529) Where's the rest of your unit?
(530) Everyone else is either dead or missing.
(531) I picked up Air Force here.
(532) Tech Sergeant Elena Santos, Air Force.
(533) 61st Wing, intel, surveillance, recon division.
(534) Tech sergeant? What the hell are you doing here?
(535) We were tracking enemy transmissions about 12 klicks south of here.
(536) They ambushed us like they knew our freaking address.
(537) I'm the only one left.
(538) I found these guys on the way to the safe zone at Santa Monica Airport.
(539) You ready to use that weapon, tech sergeant?
(540) With all due respect, staff sergeant, I didn't get this far off of my good looks.
(541) I'm ready for payback. Outstanding.
(542) Lieutenant, bird inbound, 25 minutes, sir.
(543) Roger that. Let's get to that police station.
(544) All right, let's get Simmons and move. Let's go!
(545) Cover our flanks, Mottorola! To the right, in that building!
(546) Watch your feet!
(547) There's the police station.
(548) Let's get those civilians and get back to the F.O.B.!
(549) Gotta rock, gotta rock!
(550) Come on, come on, come on.
(551) I'll stay with our wounded, wait for the medevac.
(552) I'll go for civilians. Kerns, Dever, on me.
(553) Mags, mags. I need mags. All right.
(554) Santos, when that bird arrives, I'll need your help on this stretcher.
(555) U.S. Marines! U.S. Marines!
(556) Door. The door.
(557) Elevator right. Clear!
(558) Elevator right.
(559) Second elevator, clear! No pulse.
(560) Door left.
(561) It's locked.
(562) What's your name? Harper.
(563) I'm gonna need you on this stretcher. Bird incoming, sir!
(564) Roger that. lmlay, pop smoke!
(565) Door locked. Door left.
(566) Radios off.
(567) Move.
(568) U.S. Marines! U.S. Marines!
(569) How many of you? Five of us, three kids.
(570) Kerns, kids!
(571) Let's move! Let's go, let's go!
(572) All right, let's get ready to move! Let's get it up!
(573) Here we go! Let's move! Aye, sir!
(574) We got room for four and that is it! That is it.
(575) Get your wounded on! Move it! Oh, yeah, baby.
(576) Come on. Come on. Get up. Get up.
(577) Get him in. Hey, Guerrero.
(578) I'll work on that mix for you!
(579) I'm gonna need it, dude! You're gonna be fine! You're gonna be fine!
(580) Give them hell!
(581) Oh, shit. Come on, man.
(582) You just had to get out of the shit.
(583) You take care of yourself! l will.
(584) I'll see you soon, partner.
(585) That's it. We have civilians coming out!
(586) We can't take them, we got no room! Make room!
(587) We can't! Now, get back, sir!
(588) Fall back. Move back, move back, move back!
(589) Wait! Kids, kids!
(590) Get back to the police station!
(591) Backtrack, everybody! Come on, back!
(592) They have air power. Again, enemy has air support. We have a bird down.
(593) Damn it!
(594) Tango's heading northeast of our grid.
(595) We've disengaged back into a police station. We have civilians.
(596) I say again, we have civilians.
(597) Lockett, Kerns, secure this door. Nothing gets in, you understand?
(598) We got a body. Do you think you could get rid of it so the kids don't see it?
(599) What do you want? Where should we go?
(600) Dever.
(601) Set up back there, okay?
(602) Come on, you guys. Take the back.
(603) Stay away from the window, all right?
(604) Are there gonna be more choppers? Did you guys call any in?
(605) I'm sure they're gonna come for us. They know where we are.
(606) Shit. You okay? You all right?
(607) I'm good. Yeah. You sure?
(608) You didn't get hit or nothing? No, I'm good, man. I'm good.
(609) Man, they're gone. They're gone.
(610) Everybody's gone. Lenihan, Guerrero, Grayston.
(611) Grayston. Grayston had kids.
(612) Didn't deserve that. Didn't deserve that!
(613) He didn't deserve to go out like that!
(614) Neither do you! You hear me? You're gonna make it through this!
(615) All right? You're gonna get out of here. You're gonna marry Cherise.
(616) And you're gonna be her problem...
(617) ...because I'm done taking care of your sorry ass, you got that?
(618) All stations, this net. Sitrep as follow:
(619) Enemy aircraft number four fleets at this time.
(620) Be advised, more entering battle space Los Angeles from ocean...
(621) ...on bearing 2-niner-7-5-0.
(622) They got air support too.
(623) Knocked our bird right out of the sky.
(624) So much for ruling the air.
(625) There's no time for that, lieutenant.
(626) Those bombs are gonna drop.
(627) And we're in the blast radius.
(628) Top of my goddamn class.
(629) And l get out in combat in the middle of that shit? Goddamn it!
(630) I already lost four of my goddamn men!
(631) Four good men.
(632) Who would go to hell and back for you, sir.
(633) Have you? Yes.
(634) You're not the first to lose men. You won't be the last.
(635) Now, put that away. You understand me?
(636) Right now your men are awaiting orders.
(637) Now, you can go left, you can go right. I don't give a damn.
(638) Just make a decision.
(639) Lieutenant.
(640) It's a no-go on the helo, sir.
(641) Enemy aircraft is lighting it up.
(642) Command says it's like nothing they ever seen.
(643) We gotta find a way out.
(644) We gotta get to that F.O.B.
(645) You're right. We gotta move.
(646) Let's get these people safe. Lockett, Kerns!
(647) I need you to set up an observation post on the roof.
(648) We're gonna move by foot, so we gotta move fast.
(649) Scan for hostiles, find the best route out of here.
(650) All right, sir.
(651) Lieutenant.
(652) Officials are now saying any civilian within 10 miles of the coast...
(653) ...should try to make their way...
(654) a military forward operating base, F.O.B.
(655) This is the safest place that you could be right now.
(656) Now, the military has set up a line of defence to try to protect civilians.
(657) Take a look at you, make sure you're okay, all right? Good. Okay.
(658) Just look at this. There you go.
(659) Water fountain is there, Mr. Rincon. Okay, thank you.
(660) No problem. Thank you.
(661) Joe Rincon. Staff Sergeant Nantz.
(662) This is my son, Hector.
(663) We all wanted to thank you for coming to get us.
(664) Yeah.
(665) Hey, Hector. We leave no man behind.
(666) So you here when the police got overrun?
(667) Right. Well, long as you're both okay.
(668) Hey, you all right, man?
(669) Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
(670) Okay.
(671) If you-- lf you need him to do anything...
(672) know. I'll let you know.
(673) Aye-aye, sir.
(674) Aye.
(675) Thank you.
(676) We got two dozen hostiles about 300 metres out.
(677) Lieutenant, we got two dozen hostiles 300 metres north, over.
(678) It's like those things are on overwatch, just like us.
(679) That one out front looks like the leader. Now they got leadership.
(680) So do ants, Kerns.
(681) You think those things get scared too?
(682) Probably just like us. They're probably just grunts that get told to go fight.
(683) Come on. Find us a way out of here, Marine, because we're sitting ducks.
(684) They dragged them out of the house, into the street...
(685) ...put them in perfect order before they shot them.
(686) They shot them right in the head.
(687) Chief, do we have any idea why this is happening?
(688) Well, it's clear there has been no attempt at any kind of communication.
(689) No demands, nothing like that.
(690) So, obviously, they are here for our resources.
(691) When you invade a place for resources...
(692) wipe out the indigenous population.
(693) Those are the rules of any colonisation.
(694) And, right now, we are being colonised.
(695) Brave kids.
(696) They're my nieces. My sister and her husband are away on vacation.
(697) Thing is, they live in Arizona. I see them once or twice a year.
(698) And now I may be all they have left.
(699) You have kids? No.
(700) Neither do I.
(701) I used to regret that, but maybe it was for the best.
(702) Of course, our planet's surface is 70 percent water.
(703) So again, and l have to stress this, without certainty...
(704) ...the leading hypothesis remains that their objective, their target...
(705) our water.
(706) Shit. There ain't gonna be nothing left.
(707) l think l got a way out of here. What'd you say?
(708) Right here, look. 200 metres out.
(709) What's right behind that backside? Bus.
(710) Lieutenant, we got a bus. Roger that.
(711) So the men on the roof saw a bus. They think it could be operational.
(712) Maybe we'd be better off on foot.
(713) It's miles to the operating base...
(714) ...and those bombs are gonna drop in an hour.
(715) We gotta move fast.
(716) Bus is a big target.
(717) I made the call.
(718) It's my responsibility.
(719) Stavrou, Harris.
(720) Lieutenant needs recon on a bus. If it runs, get it back here.
(721) You know how to hotwire a bus? Stavrou can. He's from Jersey, sir.
(722) Ladies first.
(723) Two hundred metres.
(724) Go down, there's the cars burnt out, there's a pickup truck.
(725) Right back behind there.
(726) We have a situation. Y'all need to follow me.
(727) Harris found it out here. Y'all gotta see this thing.
(728) Weapon looks like it's been surgically attached.
(729) Talk about commitment to cause.
(730) Shit.
(731) You gotta be kidding! Corporal. Corporal, hold it.
(732) Let me shoot this thing, staff sergeant. That weapon's hot.
(733) Let me just shoot it.
(734) Doc. Yes, staff sergeant.
(735) Oh, Lord, have mercy.
(736) We need to know exactly where to hit this thing...
(737) we don't waste all our ammo.
(738) Maybe I can help.
(739) I'm a veterinarian.
(740) Sure you wanna do this?
(741) I was more sure when I was standing over there.
(742) We gotta figure out how to kill these things.
(743) Otherwise, we won't last another five minutes out there, okay?
(744) Let's peel this back.
(745) Look at this, we got a organ here. Jesus Christ, look at that.
(746) I got another one. Me too.
(747) Does it have some sort of cognitive mechanism? Anything?
(748) There's no frontal lobe, no temporal lobe, no parietal lobe.
(749) The cranial vault is unlike anything.
(750) Oh, shit. What?
(751) You see what I'm seeing? What?
(752) The ones that were just on the roof aren't on it.
(753) There's about two dozen coming out the door.
(754) They're on the street heading this way.
(755) Lieutenant, we got movement up here. Roger that.
(756) We have contact 300 metres out. We gotta cut quick.
(757) Lieutenant, we gotta move! What do we do?
(758) Shit's hitting the fan. Gotta move. Staff sergeant.
(759) Come on, how do you kill this thing?
(760) Goddamn it, Stavs.
(761) I lost them. You lost them?
(762) Lieutenant, they're gone. Lieutenant, I don't see anything.
(763) We got a breach. Got a breach on the north entrance!
(764) They're inside.
(765) I'm gonna gather everyone by the doors on the south side.
(766) We're right behind you.
(767) What was that?
(768) Adukwu, you go with her. Yes, staff sergeant.
(769) Imlay, got an HE grenade round? Never leave home without it.
(770) You cover that hall to the rear. Buy me some time.
(771) They start coming, you blast the hell out of them.
(772) Hey, Harris. Where's that goddamn bus?
(773) Stavs. Stavs, we got an enemy scout. Come on, let's go.
(774) Yes! Yes! Yeah, baby! Newark! Represent!
(775) Lieutenant, we've got the bus, heading back.
(776) Okay, guys, the bus is en route! Bus is en route!
(777) Thirty seconds till we move out!
(778) Imlay, give me a sitrep. I need an update on the breach.
(779) Report back, over.
(780) We're running out of time.
(781) Move!
(782) Contact!
(783) They've breached.
(784) This is our last shot.
(785) Got it.
(786) Right here.
(787) That's gotta be it. It's dying.
(788) That's how we kill this thing, to the right of where the heart would be.
(789) Got it. I got three more!
(790) Let's get out of here.
(791) Get them on the bus! Get them on that bus! Let's go, let's go!
(792) Get on. Get underneath.
(793) You okay?
(794) Heads up. Cover your sectors of fire. Heads up!
(795) Marines, concentrate firepower to the right of where the heart would be.
(796) Yes, staff sergeant.
(797) That's how we kill these things.
(798) All right, remember your training.
(799) We got a hostile warbird, thousand metres out.
(800) Everybody keep your eyes up.
(801) All buckled up back there, lieutenant.
(802) Roger that.
(803) It should be about six miles to the F.O.B.
(804) I don't know, 25, 30 minutes.
(805) If we stay on these side streets.
(806) Air Force is gonna level this area in 40 minutes.
(807) Get us to the forward operating base. Fast.
(808) What the hell is that?
(809) Stavrou, stop the bus.
(810) Everyone, get down.
(811) Any station, this is Foxtrot-Two-November. Sitrep to follow.
(812) Go ahead, Foxtrot-Two-November.
(813) Enemy aircraft. They're lighting up the sky...
(814) ...heading east towards downtown Los Angeles.
(815) Copy that.
(816) They're tracking our signals.
(817) Mottola, turn off that radio! They're tracking our signals!
(818) All radios off! Cell phones, everything!
(819) Give me your radio.
(820) Mottola. Give me your radio.
(821) Where you going?
(822) Staff sergeant! Where the hell is he going?
(823) We gotta get off this bus, all right? Ten o'clock, lieutenant, 10 o'clock!
(824) I see it, 8 o'clock, heading south!
(825) It's getting closer. Hey, it's on my six!
(826) A hundred metres!
(827) Oh, my God.
(828) Everybody, get down!
(829) Holy shit.
(830) What was that? Is he all right?
(831) Did he make it out? Staff sergeant?
(832) There he is. Staff sergeant's alive!
(833) Yeah, he's alive! There he is!
(834) That aircraft was unmanned, Iieutenant.
(835) Drone.
(836) That was some real John Wayne shit, staff sergeant.
(837) Hey.
(838) I can't afford to lose you. Neither can these men, all right?
(839) Yeah. They're your men.
(840) All right, staff sergeant!
(841) That's how you do it!
(842) That's retreat, hell! That's right.
(843) Who the hell's John Wayne?
(844) Everybody, eyes open!
(845) Stay alert!
(846) Thank you for that.
(847) It's nothing.
(848) What's that mean, "retreat, hell"?
(849) During World War I, an officer from our regiment was ordered to retreat.
(850) He said, "Retreat, hell. We just got here."
(851) You should have the doc take a look at that.
(852) I thought you were a doctor.
(853) Animals and aliens only.
(854) I'll put it on my to-do list.
(855) Thank you.
(856) Excuse me, staff sergeant. Did you say that was an unmanned drone?
(857) Correct.
(858) They must have one hell of a command-and-control system.
(859) If NORTHCOM didn't agree with you, I wouldn't be here.
(860) Why?
(861) My mission was to provide AIS with a strike package.
(862) A strike package?
(863) Yeah, coordinates for a missile strike on a command-and-control centre.
(864) But the asset fell off the grid and we lost them.
(865) All side streets are blocked. Our only choice is to take the freeway.
(866) All right. Well, it's your call.
(867) Stavrou, get us on a freeway.
(868) We don't wanna be in this area when these bombs start to fall.
(869) Try to miss at least one of the cars, Stavrou.
(870) Just keep driving.
(871) Off ramp is one mile ahead.
(872) Jesus.
(873) Look out.
(874) The ramp, it's gone, lieutenant.
(875) All right, Robertson exit, half a click away.
(876) Look out! Incoming, 12 o'clock!
(877) You okay? Harper!
(878) Tank's drawing enemy fire! It's a good time to move!
(879) I'll suppress the fire, you take the civilians!
(880) Secure this exit, Imlay!
(881) Imlay, get me a defensive line on that vehicle!
(882) Move, move, move! Let's go! Come on.
(883) Let's go! Come on, stay down, stay down!
(884) Just keep everybody calm. We'll be right back, all right?
(885) All right. Safety first, buddy.
(886) Martinez, if we get the civilians to that helo, they take cover, rappel down.
(887) I got a dozen up on the bridge. They're moving down.
(888) Lieutenant! Tank's out! Nothing's stopping them now!
(889) Staff sergeant, civilians won't make it to that helo without cover fire.
(890) Lockett, Kerns, on me, let's go!
(891) Let's move, let's move, let's move!
(892) Get the civilians down, all right? Move!
(893) Come on!
(894) About a 30-foot drop. Let's go.
(895) Get behind the bus! Now, now, now! Get behind it!
(896) Kids first! Around the body, bring them down one at a time.
(897) Roger that.
(898) Imlay!
(899) Get your team up on that garbage truck!
(900) Staff sergeant, cover us up front! Stavs, you're with me! On me now!
(901) We're gonna run behind that helicopter and we're gonna rope down, all right?
(902) The girls will be first.
(903) I promise you nothing's gonna happen. Okay? Stay down!
(904) Lieutenant, dozen hostiles, maybe more!
(905) Four hundred metres and closing fast!
(906) Cover, cover! What the hell are you doing?
(907) You guys need another gun.
(908) Three o'clock. Up on the bridge, Santos. Up on the bridge.
(909) Incoming!
(910) Ten o'clock!
(911) Reloading! Aim for the leader!
(912) Hell, you can take all the room you want.
(913) Mottola, move, move, move!
(914) Yes, staff sergeant! Come on, let's go! Let's go, go, go! Run now, run!
(915) Keep running! Don't stop, run! Run, run, run!
(916) Get in there! Cover me!
(917) I'm going for the .50 cal! Hurry up!
(918) Get some, Lockett.
(919) Shit. What the hell is that thing?
(920) I'm engaging!
(921) You'll be okay, all right? It's okay. Listen to me. You're going to be okay.
(922) I got you. I will not let anything happen to you, all right?
(923) Shit!
(924) Man down!
(925) You're gonna be okay. Hold on, hold on! Keep going. Hold on!
(926) Keep looking up!
(927) Oh, God!
(928) I got you. It's okay. It's okay.
(929) Get the ant that's controlling that thing!
(930) Lockett, get off your ass!
(931) It's turning this way!
(932) It's about to hit the fan, guys. Get out now! Move!
(933) Santos, come on!
(934) Come on! I'm stuck.
(935) Go!
(936) What are you doing? Go!
(937) Imlay!
(938) Where's Stavrou?
(939) Mottorola! How many down?
(940) Two down, staff sarge! One to go!
(941) Look at me, look at me. Look, look. Be good, okay?
(942) It's gonna be fine, okay? You ready? Lieutenant, C-4!
(943) Let's blow this sucker to hell!
(944) Let's do it.
(945) Kerns!
(946) Covering!
(947) All right, dough is good to go!
(948) Go! Covering!
(949) Damn it! We've lost the detonator.
(950) You all right? Yeah, got the wind knocked out of me.
(951) Mottorola! Dad!
(952) You're okay, Hector! You're okay.
(953) Hold on!
(954) I need bandages from the first aid kit. Sir! Sir!
(955) It's okay!
(956) Oh, my God!
(957) All right.
(958) We gotta get you to a medevac.
(959) Doc!
(960) Oh, shit, man!
(961) We need some cover! Damn it, I'm out!
(962) Got another mag, Lockett? They kicking our ass!
(963) You're getting pinned down, staff sergeant!
(964) Marines, you're getting pinned down!
(965) We're not leaving you. Staff sergeant, get them out!
(966) Lieutenant, I am not leav Get them out!
(967) No, I'm not leaving you! Get them out!
(968) No! Not again!
(969) I have a bag of C-4 on the bus.
(970) Give this to my wife...
(971) ...and get them off this goddamn freeway.
(972) That's an order.
(973) Yes, sir.
(974) Right behind you.
(975) Cover the lieutenant!
(976) Hey, I'm out!
(977) They're closing in!
(978) Here we go.
(979) This is Lieutenant William Martinez...
(980) ...Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines. Hoorah!
(981) We're still half a klick inside the bombing zone.
(982) Move to live, Marines.
(983) Did he just leave the lieutenant back there to die?
(984) Sure looked that way.
(985) And this is the guy in charge of us now?
(986) Let's move.
(987) Hey, those are our jets. We're still in the fight.
(988) All right, we're clear of the bomb zone.
(989) Let's tighten this place down.
(990) Bombs drop in six minutes.
(991) Santos, Kerns, on me.
(992) Let's see if there are any comms. All right? Hardwire only.
(993) Corporal Harris, we clear? We're clear!
(994) Do you have a hard line in here? Over there.
(995) Now, my son's an optimist.
(996) When this first happened, he said, "Why don't we go try to talk to them?
(997) Maybe they wanna be friends."
(998) Hector? Hey.
(999) We're gonna go get some food and water for your dad, okay?
(1000) It's okay.
(1001) And what'd you tell him?
(1002) I said:
(1003) "You know, if they're chasing and shooting us...
(1004) ...they're probably not good friends."
(1005) I should've followed directions and gone to the F.O.B.
(1006) I should've never stayed at the police station, but I was scared, man.
(1007) I made all the wrong decisions.
(1008) You trusted your gut, Mr. Rincon.
(1009) You made a call.
(1010) I'd do the same thing to protect my Marines.
(1011) I had a situation my last tour. Yeah?
(1012) There was no right call. You went left or you go right, it didn't matter.
(1013) But you're alive.
(1014) Yeah, I survived.
(1015) But I wasn't supposed to.
(1016) Staff Sergeant Nantz....
(1017) You promise to save my son?
(1018) Staff sergeant, we have a hardwired connection!
(1019) Doc, keep him warm. Sun is going down.
(1020) This will keep you warm.
(1021) We're estimating that 20 cities in 17 countries are now under full attack.
(1022) It's obvious the enemy is attempting to cut us off from one another.
(1023) Is there any more information at this time, Professor Stavert?
(1024) New data shows that they're using our water as their fuel...
(1025) ...and our ocean levels are already decreasing.
(1026) They are using it to power their ships, their machinery...
(1027) ...possibly their own bodies. It's the composition of our water that's unique.
(1028) It's in a liquid state. No other locations in our known universe...
(1029) ...have liquid H2O anywhere near their surface.
(1030) I just saw a field report that said they will use our sewage systems...
(1031) follow our water to their ships. How'd you get that to work?
(1032) These things are everywhere. There's one off the coast of 20 countries.
(1033) They're calling it the command-and-control centre.
(1034) That's the thing you were tracking? Yeah.
(1035) So you're saying that's the thing that's controlling the drones?
(1036) Yeah. And if we wipe it out, we take out their air power.
(1037) These bombs better work.
(1038) Let's move it. Bring him through here.
(1039) Set him down. How much time we got?
(1040) One minute.
(1041) Air Force about to lay some pain on those extraterritorial bastards.
(1042) All right, Two-Five, retreat.... Hell!
(1043) Retreat.... Hell!
(1044) Here we go.
(1045) Come on. Let's fry these sons of bitches.
(1046) We get to the F.O.B. after these bombs drop, get ammo.
(1047) And some goddamn reinforcements. Some goddamn tanks.
(1048) Ten. Gotta be strong, okay?
(1049) Nine.
(1050) Eight.
(1051) Seven.
(1052) Six.
(1053) Five.
(1054) Four.
(1055) Three....
(1056) Shit. Everybody, brace!
(1057) They should've dropped. What the hell?
(1058) Wouldn't we have felt that from here if they'd dropped? We would've felt them.
(1059) Would've felt it in Nevada with that ordnance.
(1060) That clock right?
(1061) That's what I got.
(1062) Maybe it's a good thing. Maybe we turned the tide. That's a good thing.
(1063) You damn straight, Imlay. We was kicking some ass.
(1064) Could they have taken out the whole Air Force?
(1065) This isn't happening.
(1066) Let's move.
(1067) Everybody, up, up. Let's move. Come on.
(1068) We're in the home stretch, everybody. We in the home stretch.
(1069) Now we know why those bombs didn't drop.
(1070) They wiped our forward operating base right off the map.
(1071) All clear, staff sergeant!
(1072) All right, let's bring him back here.
(1073) Hang in there, buddy.
(1074) Million-and-one odds we'd get here in the first place...
(1075) ...we get here and there ain't nothing. I knew Nantz would never get us out.
(1076) There were thousands of Marines here. Now it's just seven of us, Imlay.
(1077) You remind me of my older brother.
(1078) How's that?
(1079) He never smiles either.
(1080) Secure the front with Harris.
(1081) Imlay, anything?
(1082) Nothing. We only got maps of Santa Monica.
(1083) We need something farther east. They're all burned.
(1084) Follow me, Imlay.
(1085) All right, here's the battalion commander's hooch.
(1086) Looking for maps, anything with an extraction point.
(1087) Staff sergeant.
(1088) I'll be right back.
(1089) Found a tactical map, staff sergeant.
(1090) Shows where all the units were deployed.
(1091) What the hell are all these red marks? Means they're gone.
(1092) You mean the units got moved? Wiped out.
(1093) All of them? All of them.
(1094) Oh, shit.
(1095) All right. One alternate extraction site is still operational.
(1096) That's eight klicks.
(1097) Staff sergeant? Staff sergeant.
(1098) Adukwu, plenty of weapons around. Find yourself an M-16.
(1099) Mr. Rincon is dead.
(1100) Wake up, Dad.
(1101) Please help me right now.
(1102) Don't leave me.
(1103) I'm so sorry, Hector.
(1104) I'm sorry.
(1105) No.
(1106) Your dad tried so hard to stay with you.
(1107) I'm sorr I don't wanna be here.
(1108) It's okay, bud.
(1109) Your father was a brave man, Hector.
(1110) Hector, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, buddy.
(1111) It's okay to cry.
(1112) He loved you very much.
(1113) Listen to me, Hector.
(1114) I need you to be brave for me. I need you to be my little Marine.
(1115) Okay?
(1116) We gotta be brave for the others.
(1117) Do you know why?
(1118) Why?
(1119) Because Marines don't quit.
(1120) Do you believe that?
(1121) Say it for me.
(1122) Marines don't quit. Good.
(1123) I'm gonna get you out of here, Hector. I promise.
(1124) Let's go see the girls, okay? Come on.
(1125) We are not losing one more of those civilians. Understand?
(1126) You getting us out too, staff sergeant?
(1127) Or are we expendable?
(1128) All right, Lockett.
(1129) You wanna go there, let's go there.
(1130) I commanded men and men died.
(1131) Kids. 19 years old. The best men I ever led.
(1132) Do you think for one second I wouldn't rather trade places with them?
(1133) I know you think I got my men killed.
(1134) They're dead.
(1135) I'm here.
(1136) Like the punch line to some bad joke.
(1137) You think I like that?
(1138) Do you think a minute goes by that those faces aren't right here...
(1139) ...seared into my brain?
(1140) Dante, Thomas T. Corporal. 1-5-6-5-0-9-3-8-6.
(1141) Ambruster, William R. Private. 8-7-6-6-6-2-3-5-4.
(1142) Wharton, Jeffrey H.
(1143) Lance Corporal. 8-7-4-2-7-3-9-9-3.
(1144) Lockett...
(1145) ...Duane G.
(1146) Corporal.
(1147) 1-5-6-8-7-0-9....
(1148) Five-five.
(1149) Your brother was an outstanding Marine.
(1150) He was my friend.
(1151) And I miss him every day.
(1152) And you remind me of him.
(1153) None of that matters right now.
(1154) Because our duty is to keep moving forwards, to keep fighting.
(1155) That's how we honour your brother...
(1156) ...and Lieutenant Martinez...
(1157) ...Corporal Stavrou...
(1158) ...Lance Corporal Mottola...
(1159) ...Hector's father...
(1160) ...who picked up a rifle and did what needed to be done. A civilian.
(1161) So we better damn well step it up.
(1162) Discard any lingering doubt.
(1163) Work fast, work as a unit, and we will prevail.
(1164) Let's figure out how we're gonna get out of this.
(1165) Imlay, you come with me. Get to higher ground.
(1166) The rest of you, find some ammo and some vehicles.
(1167) Gotta be a few LAV's or armoured Humvees still operational.
(1168) Sorry, bro. You didn't deserve this.
(1169) You went down fighting.
(1170) Holy shit.
(1171) I wasn't expecting to see all this.
(1172) That don't look good.
(1173) Reinforcements.
(1174) Holy shit.
(1175) They already set up a beachhead.
(1176) All right.
(1177) If that evac site is still operational, I think we can get behind the line.
(1178) That's gonna be one hell of a ride.
(1179) Yeah, well, that's what we get paid for.
(1180) Everybody move to the LAV now! Go!
(1181) Any station, this net. This is Foxtrot-Two-November.
(1182) We have 11 passengers.
(1183) Requesting evacuation at alternate extraction point Charlie.
(1184) Are there any birds in the air? Over.
(1185) Foxtrot-Two-November, this is Sierra 2-5. Orders are to pull back.
(1186) Get to extraction point Charlie by 0300 or we'll be gone. Over.
(1187) Roger that. 0300, not a minute more. Out.
(1188) Imlay, ever see what a Bushmaster chain gun can do?
(1189) Oh, shit, yes, staff sergeant. Get on it, son.
(1190) Let's do this!
(1191) No lights, Kerns. Roger that.
(1192) Let's move.
(1193) Bushmaster is locked and loaded.
(1194) Give them hell.
(1195) Damn right.
(1196) Two minutes till that helo drops.
(1197) Everybody okay?
(1198) All right, Kerns, take a left.
(1199) I want you to go over three blocks, then you go about five blocks...
(1200) ...hang a right, and straight.
(1201) That should get us to the evac site. Yes, staff sergeant.
(1202) I'd hold on if I were you, Lockett! Copy that!
(1203) We got hostiles. What's going on?
(1204) Let's not wait around and find out. It's gonna be okay.
(1205) Got about 250 rounds, staff sergeant.
(1206) Know what they say if you hit a deer?
(1207) Speed up! Damn straight!
(1208) Come on! Y'all hold on!
(1209) We're gonna have to go right through them!
(1210) You saw that? They're going down like bowling pins!
(1211) Kick it out!
(1212) Run that sucker over, man!
(1213) Santos, you okay?
(1214) I got that nasty stuff all over my mouth, man!
(1215) It's not funny. You let him do you on the first date.
(1216) Everyone okay? Yes!
(1217) Let's get us home.
(1218) Cease fire!
(1219) Stay close, stay close! What are we doing?
(1220) Load them up! Our flight path won't be clear much longer!
(1221) You're in the middle of the shit, sergeant!
(1222) What happened to all our air?
(1223) Pulled back to save our assets! They were blowing us out!
(1224) We're abandoning Los Angeles!
(1225) Let's go, Imlay!
(1226) Son, you okay?
(1227) All right.
(1228) Let's move! Move, move!
(1229) Come on, Harris, let's go!
(1230) Hold on!
(1231) You all right? Everybody all good?
(1232) Girls? Everybody okay?
(1233) Hold on tight!
(1234) What happened?
(1235) Pilot said something was playing hell with our power!
(1236) Staff sergeant! Nine o'clock!
(1237) Santos, you said you were tracking massive RF signals?
(1238) Could a concentration of them knock out power?
(1239) Yes, definitely! Why?
(1240) Could be their command-and-control centre!
(1241) Get me down there!
(1242) What?
(1243) I gotta recon that area!
(1244) No way! It's a suicide!
(1245) Damn it, we're the only ones left! All the other forces have fallen back!
(1246) We can't land! May not have power to take off again!
(1247) This is a letter for Martinez's wife.
(1248) Will you get it to her?
(1249) Yeah.
(1250) Hover at 40 feet!
(1251) Twenty seconds! Roger that!
(1252) Come on, Adukwu, let's get this off.
(1253) Staff sergeant, what the hell are you doing?
(1254) We're in the clear! We're almost home, Imlay!
(1255) You're in charge now!
(1256) You get these civilians home safe!
(1257) You're the bravest Marine I ever seen, Hector!
(1258) No!
(1259) Everybody, take cover.
(1260) I told you to stay in that helo.
(1261) Civilians are free and clear. We were worried about your ass.
(1262) I think the command-and-control asset is nearby.
(1263) Kerns, how many klicks to that blackout?
(1264) It's about five klicks, staff sergeant.
(1265) Five klicks. All right.
(1266) We're gonna use this overpass for cover.
(1267) If we take out those drones...
(1268) ...our military might have a chance to get back into this fight.
(1269) Santos...
(1270) ...where would you put a command and control asset if you wanted to protect it?
(1271) Underground. Let's go.
(1272) Everybody, let's move. Come on. Move, move, move.
(1273) Move.
(1274) They must've gone back up. Just leads up to the street.
(1275) I thought they were leading us to the command-and-control centre.
(1276) Damn it.
(1277) Let's go. Back.
(1278) Holy shit!
(1279) Santos!
(1280) They know we're here now.
(1281) That's their command-and-control.
(1282) Everybody out now! Move, move, move! Follow me!
(1283) Up here! Up that ladder, go! Move, move, move! Up that ladder!
(1284) Let's go! Move it up! Blow that grate, Imlay!
(1285) Move, move, move!
(1286) We're right over their command asset.
(1287) That's it, all right. Let's move the concrete slab, 1 o'clock. Let's move.
(1288) Fire in the hole!
(1289) That should give us a couple minutes.
(1290) Laser target, staff sergeant? We don't have any more jets, though.
(1291) They can fire ground-to-ground missiles from Edwards Air Force Base.
(1292) We radio in a strike, paint the target with the laser.
(1293) Aye-aye, staff sergeant. Hoorah.
(1294) Our best chance at radio reception is on top of that building...
(1295) ...but it's the most exposed.
(1296) I'll do it, staff sergeant. I'll make the call.
(1297) Santos, you got those codes?
(1298) Air Force strike package coming up.
(1299) You get to high ground. Once you radio in, they'll track that signal.
(1300) Things are gonna get real hot.
(1301) So once you make that call, you get the hell out of there, all right?
(1302) You know what that means?
(1303) We're gonna have to hold those things off till the strike gets here.
(1304) Bingo. Marines...
(1305) ...we make our stand here. Let those bastards know who they're fucking with.
(1306) Retreat.... Hell!
(1307) Two-Five.
(1308) Right of the heart, right? Right of the heart.
(1309) They're gonna be coming up from there. Take two.
(1310) Plant one there and the other one on the other side.
(1311) Keep your head down, get it done. Doc, watch your back!
(1312) Watch your head! Watch it!
(1313) Any station, this is Foxtrot-Two-November, do you copy?
(1314) Foxtrot-Two-November, this is Yankee-Tango, over.
(1315) We have a priority fire mission. We've located an enemy command centre...
(1316) ...under grid 885-342.
(1317) We will be lasing. Code 1-2-0.
(1318) I say again, we will be lasing. Code 1-2-0.
(1319) Copy that. Time to target, three minutes.
(1320) Staff sergeant!
(1321) We got three minutes! It's coming in three minutes!
(1322) All right. Let's paint this target.
(1323) Hell of a shot, Kerns! Get your ass out of there!
(1324) Get out of there, Kerns! Shit.
(1325) Shit! Kerns!
(1326) Shit! Shit!
(1327) Doc, Doc! Get to cover now! Move, move!
(1328) Shit.
(1329) Contact! Twelve o'clock!
(1330) Covering up front!
(1331) Go, go, go! Go on, get in there!
(1332) Shift fire left! Shift fire left!
(1333) Right there, right there!
(1334) Got it!
(1335) Sixty seconds left.
(1336) Lockett! Shit!
(1337) Let's go!
(1338) Back in the fight, Santos!
(1339) Need a little help! Covering!
(1340) Imlay, use your grenade launcher!
(1341) I got it, Doc! Covering!
(1342) Where's that goddamn artillery? Should've hit by now.
(1343) Doc, let's go!
(1344) Doc? Imlay! Imlay!
(1345) Incoming!
(1346) Yes!
(1347) Santos, we got it! We got it!
(1348) Direct hit! Direct hit!
(1349) Staff sergeant, you did it!
(1350) Yes, we got it!
(1351) The strike package. It went through?
(1352) It came through? Yeah! All right, Kerns!
(1353) It's over.
(1354) It's coming up. It's coming up.
(1355) They're trying to get away.
(1356) The goddamn thing can fly, staff sergeant. It's flying now!
(1357) I'll get you out!
(1358) We gotta protect the laser. Come on. Come on!
(1359) Santos!
(1360) Son of a bitch!
(1361) That hurt! Cover me, Lockett!
(1362) The drones are pulling it away! We gotta take it out now!
(1363) Incoming Copperhead!
(1364) They're using the drone to protect the ship!
(1365) I'm running low on ammo!
(1366) Santos!
(1367) How is he? He's hanging in there, staff sergeant!
(1368) Crazy bastard. You should've left me there.
(1369) Covering!
(1370) Grenade!
(1371) Staff sergeant! We are not dying here, Lockett!
(1372) You damn right we're not dying!
(1373) It's getting out of range! I gotta take it down!
(1374) Doesn't have enough punch! Save that shot!
(1375) Staff sergeant!
(1376) Lockett, you okay?
(1377) Harris, you're gonna be okay.
(1378) There's the last Copperhead.
(1379) Santos, take out that drone!
(1380) Firing!
(1381) Yeah! We did it!
(1382) We did it!
(1383) I can't believe it worked!
(1384) Yeah!
(1385) Staff sergeant, you did it!
(1386) There's nothing controlling the drones anymore!
(1387) Marines, on me!
(1388) They're retreating. Advance!
(1389) You guys saved our lives out there!
(1390) Semper Fi, Two-Five!
(1391) All right, Two-Five! Retreat, hell!
(1392) You kicked ass, staff sarge! Welcome home!
(1393) Move! Move! Move! Good work, Marines! Outstanding.
(1394) Your civilians are safe.
(1395) Word of how you brought their ship down...
(1396) going out to every army in every city.
(1397) We're mustering up whatever troops we can get and going back in.
(1398) So get out of that gear.
(1399) Get some chow in you.
(1400) There's breakfast in the tent.
(1401) You earned it. Hoorah, Two-Five.
(1402) Get some smoke, Imlay. Got you.
(1403) Got grenades over here. Anybody need?
(1404) Got frag rounds coming down. Imlay, I think you could use this.
(1405) Got it. HE rounds. I need a couple more magazines.
(1406) Very nice, very nice. Everybody got ammo?
(1407) Yes, staff sergeant.
(1408) What do you think you're doing, staff sergeant?
(1409) We already had breakfast, sir.
(1410) I'll be borrowing this, sir.
(1411) Carry on.
(1412) Retreat, hell! Hoorah!
(1413) This is Bullpen 2-3. Who's with me?
(1414) Morning, Bullpen. Dog Pound 2-1, on your left.
(1415) Good to hear a friendly voice, Dog Pound 2-1.
(1416) Liberty 1-1, Snake Eyes joining the fight.
(1417) Yankee-Foxtrot-2-1, we're on your six.
(1418) Morning, Dog Pound 2-1. Eagle on your right.
(1419) This is Foxtrot-Two-November. Let's take back Los Angeles.

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