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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[2012] [Battleship] English Transcripts

(1) of an unprecedented technological advancement.
(2) We have begun to identify so-called Goldilocks planets.
(3) These are planets that share a similar relationship with their sun
(4) as we have with ours.
(5) If a planet's too far away from its sun, it's too cold.
(6) If it's too close to its sun, it's too hot.
(7) But for an Earth-like planet, the distance is just right.
(8) Potentially perfect for sustaining life.
(9) We have finally managed to identify one planet
(10) that is the right distance from its star to hold water
(11) and is the right mass to sustain an atmosphere.
(12) Every 24 hours, our station in Hawaii
(13) will transmit a signal to Landsat 7, our deep orbiting satellite,
(14) which will amplify and relay the signal to our targeted planet
(15) which is, rather grandly, entitled Planet G.
(16) If there is intelligent life out there, and they come here
(17) it's going to be like Columbus and the Indians.
(18) Only, we're the Indians.
(19) Ladies and gentlemen, please prepare to bear witness to the making of history.
(20) Start transmission.
(21) JACKIE: Lt seems as though NASA is setting up shop
(22) right here in our own backyard.
(23) Today, the Beacon International Project was launched.
(24) Satellite dishes here on Oahu
(25) sending out very powerful signals into deep space
(26) with an attempt to communicate with anyone...
(27) STONE: Another round, birthday boy.
(28) JACKIE: ...or anything that might be out there listening.
(29) A toast.
(30) Happy birthday, little brother.
(31) I'm wishing you success and growth, and happiness.
(32) May this be a great year for you.
(33) It's going to be a great year.
(34) I love you. I love you, too.
(35) So, in the great Hopper family tradition,
(36) this year I'm quoting from Coach John Wooden.
(37) Johnny.
(38) "Adversity is the state in which man
(39) "most easily becomes acquainted with himself
(40) "being especially free of admirers then."
(41) Cheers.
(42) I'm not cheers-ing that.
(43) It's a very good quote for you.
(44) "I may be free of admirers right now but there is still time"?
(45) Will you shut up?
(46) Light your cupcake and raise your glass.
(47) Did you get me that?
(48) Yes, I got you that.
(49) Thank you, that's very sweet.
(50) You're welcome. You're very welcome.
(51) I got this guy, Tony. He said he can get you a construction job.
(52) All you need to do is call him.
(53) Could I get a beer and a chicken burrito, please?
(54) Sorry, kitchen's closed.
(55) STONE: You're not going to call him, are you'?
(56) Give Tony my best, but I don't need you
(57) or Tony's help, for that matter.
(58) You can call him or join me in the Navy.
(59) No. Great. All right.
(60) Happy birthday. Blow out your candle and make a wish.
(61) Do not waste a wish on a girl.
(62) Wish for a job, an apartment.
(63) A new alternator belt, so I don't have to drive you everywhere.
(64) A job, or... You said "job" twice.
(65) It's my birthday and my wish.
(66) All right?
(67) Please don't waste it.
(68) You just wasted that wish, didn't you?
(69) I'm going in. You're not going in.
(70) How do I look?
(71) Wait, let me just fix that.
(72) Awesome!
(73) All right, princess, go get 'em.
(74) Great start.
(75) Ugh.
(76) What seems to be the problem?
(77) I want a chicken burrito.
(78) Johnny, chicken burrito her.
(79) BARTENDER: Lt ain't happening. Chicken burrito her.
(80) Kitchen's closed, Hopper.
(81) What's your name?
(82) I'm hungry
(83) That's not your name.
(84) If you give me five minutes
(85) I will get you your chicken burrito.
(86) Five minutes, starting now.
(87) (BELCHES) Chicken burrito time, I'm out.
(88) Chicken burrito, roger that.
(89) HOPPER: Wait! Hi!
(90) No! Let's just...
(91) Just one twist of the key and we will be good.
(92) How are you, ma'am?
(93) How you doing? Burritos, right there.
(94) It's closed. Too late, pal.
(95) Okay.
(96) It's right there. Please?
(97) It's too late to eat a burrito. Too many complex carbs.
(98) 3.99...
(99) (GRUNTING) Chicken burrito.
(100) (GRUNTS)

(101) (GROANS)
(102) (GRUNTING)
(104) I got it!
(105) Hey! Freeze!
(108) I got a burrito! I got it!
(109) Freeze!
(110) (GAS PS) Stay down!
(111) MAN: He's getting back up!
(112) (GRUNTING)
(113) STONE: I've had it! Look at yourself!
(114) How is it that you screw everything up?
(115) By the way, that girl you were trying to impress last night,
(116) do you know who her father is?
(117) Admiral Shane!
(118) He runs the whole damn fleet!
(119) So, now you're messing with my job. My life!
(120) You know that girl?
(121) The burrito girl?
(122) I've always stayed out of your business, haven't I?
(123) Because I was hoping that maybe one day
(124) you would learn from your mistakes.
(125) You would grow up, you would mature a bit!
(126) Is my back all right?
(127) (GROANS)
(128) Oh, my God! My back!
(129) You're 26, and what have you got? You got, what?
(130) Sixty-five dollars to your name?
(131) I got tazed.
(132) A car that doesn't start. You're living on my couch!
(133) Those things work!
(134) Man, look at yourself.
(135) Oh, my God.
(136) As from now,
(137) as from right this second, there is a new dynamic at play.
(138) And this dynamic is the following.
(139) From here on, until I state otherwise, there will be no more debate,
(140) no more discussion, no more compromise!
(141) It's me speaking, you listening. Me saying, you doing.
(142) Do you understand that?
(143) It's time for a new course of action.
(144) A new direction.
(145) A game change.
(146) You are joining me in the Navy.
(147) ANNOUNCER: Live, local, this is Hawaii News Now.
(148) Thousands of sailors on dozens of ships
(149) are coming to Hawaii for RIMPAC C.
(150) NEWSCASTER 1: RIMPAC is the world's largest
(151) multinational maritime exercise.
(152) NEWSCASTER 2: RIMPAC is a military ballet of 14 navies...
(153) NEWSCASTER 3: 20, 000 Navy personnel.
(154) Cooperation and collaboration amongst the countries is the goal.
(155) NEWSCASTER 3: Relationship-building is the key.
(156) NEWSCASTER 4: Not all the action is taking place out on the water.
(157) There will also be sporting events here on land.
(158) Forget World Cup, this is the RIMPAC Cup final.
(159) ANNOUNCER 1: It's another beautiful day here in Hawaii, as usual.
(160) ANNOUNCER 2: Indeed it is, but a storm is brewing on the field
(161) as the scrappy U. S.A. team is butting heads with Japan.
(162) The score is 2-nil, Japan.
(163) The U. S. has been trailing all day.
(164) Team leader Alex Hopper has got to do something to rally the troops here.
(165) Turn it up!
(166) ANNOUNCER 1: Big save! Great save!
(167) ANNOUNCER 2: Big save! Stone Hopper, he's answered every test today.
(168) What's wrong with you, drama queen?
(169) Get up, princess, come on!
(170) ANNOUNCER 1: U. S.A.'s Ordy squares the ball over to number 6, Alan.
(171) ANNOUNCER 2: Clever backheel into space...
(172) ANNOUNCER 1: Hopper... Goal!
(173) (YELLING)
(174) A missile, past Iwashiro.
(175) The U. S. is finally on the board, showing some signs of life
(176) with the score, 2-1, Japan.
(177) ANNOUNCER 2: We are now into stoppage time. Can the U. S. tie it up?
(178) Time! Time! Time!
(179) One minute left.
(180) Alex, it's coming your way!
(181) ANNOUNCER 1: Stone Hopper has placed it perfectly.
(182) It takes a fortuitous bounce.
(183) Hopper is underneath it and on-side.
(184) (BOTH GRUNT)
(185) Hey, ref! (WHISTLE BLOWING)
(186) ANNOUNCER 1: A penalty kick has been awarded to the United States.
(187) Nagata made contact with Hopper inside the box.
(188) ANNOUNCER 2: And by "contact," you mean Nagata kicked him in the face.
(189) STONE: You all right?
(190) Yeah, I'm fine.
(191) ANNOUNCER 1: Stone Hopper has come up the field.
(192) I'm fine. I don't need your help.
(193) Bronson is going to take it.
(194) Bronson!
(195) What do you mean, "Bronson"? No, negative.
(196) I'm fine. Bronson, you're gonna take this.
(197) Bronson, don't move. Bronson, come here.
(198) Bronson, you move one more step, you're dead!
(199) Do you want to die today? Do you want to die?
(200) Good choice.
(201) He is definitely concussed.
(202) You just threatened one of my sailors.
(203) ANNOUNCER 1: Looks like it's going to be his little brother, Alex Hopper.
(204) ANNOUNCER 2: If I was Stone, I would have picked another shooter.
(205) I'm skeptical that Hopper is 100 percent.
(206) Engage, engage. Impose will, impose will.
(207) There are two kinds of idiots, Hopper.
(208) One looks where he kicks,
(209) the other looks where he doesn't kick.
(210) Which idiot are you?
(211) I'm the idiot that's going to kick it through your keeper's face.
(212) Get ready for overtime.
(213) ANNOUNCER 2: All eyes on Hopper.
(214) He could send this into overtime.
(215) (BLOWING WHISTLE) ANNOUNCER 1: And here we go.
(216) If Hopper scores, the U. S. will go into overtime.
(219) ANNOUNCER 1: Hopper sails one miles over the crossbar, nowhere near the goal.
(220) typical.
(221) ANNOUNCER 2: What a heartbreak for the U.S.
(223) ANNOUNCER 1: Lt was a very poor attempt by the obviously injured Alex Hopper.
(224) He refused to come out of the game
(225) and his stubbornness cost the United States.
(226) Congratulations to Japan, our 2012 RIMPAC Cup winners.
(227) The final, as we sign off,
(228) Japan, 2. The United States, 1.
(229) Are you ready for this? Born.
(230) Are you sure?
(231) Never been more sure of anything in my life.
(232) What are you going to say?
(233) I'm going to walk up to him, man to man,
(234) and look him straight in the eyes.
(235) With what words?
(236) My words.
(237) (CHUCKLES)
(238) Okay. (CLEARS THROAT)
(239) "Sir...
(240) "Your daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
(241) "She's smart, kind, beautiful, funny,
(242) "and I'm madly in love with her.
(243) "It would be an honor to have your permission to marry her."
(244) I love you.
(245) I love you, too.
(246) First off, I'd like to welcome you all to the RIMPAC International Na val War Games.
(247) And I'd like to welcome you on board
(248) the greatest fighting ship in American naval history.
(249) The “Mighty Mo," the U.S.S. Missouri.
(252) SHANE: And fought in World War H
(253) Shit!
(254) Hopper, your cover.
(255) I'm keeping you on your toes.
(256) Hopper, let's go, come on. Hopper!
(257) HOPPER: This way.
(258) No, no, no.
(259) GUARD: That way, sir.
(260) HOPPER: Yes, yes, I knew that.
(261) We knew that. You look good.
(262) The U. S. S. Missouri was the final battleship
(263) to be completed by the United States
(264) before being de-commissioned and replaced
(265) with a more modern fleet of vessels,
(266) like destroyers.
(267) What's the difference between a battleship and a destroyer?
(268) Battleships are great ships.
(269) But they are kind of like dinosaurs.
(270) They're designed to take hits, like a floating punching bag.
(271) But then there's destroyers, which are just awesome.
(272) They're designed to dish it out like the Terminator.
(273) Are you a Captain?
(274) No, he's not a Captain because he's always late. Come on.
(275) L fight the ship.
(276) Which is even better.
(277) (APPLAUSE)
(278) Listen, get it done. Get it done.
(279) Babe, it's a formality.
(280) Okay, go. I'm all over it.
(281) We have with us today, veterans from the Missouri
(282) who have served on her, some going back to World War II.
(283) Examples of the finest men to have ever served in any navy.
(284) Lieutenant Hopper, what an honor. Thank you for joining us.
(285) Good to be here.
(286) And now, as we prepare to embark
(287) on this outstanding exercise...
(288) I'm nervous. Shades off.
(289) I would like the Commanding Officers to come to the stage.
(290) Captain Nagata, Japan.
(292) Captain Lou, Malaysia.
(294) It's so close to the way we say it.
(295) He hates me.
(296) He doesn't hate you. Shut up. Shut up.
(297) SHANE: Captain Jacks, Australia.
(298) G'day. Shut up.
(299) G-'day!
(300) Shut up G'day
(301) A special acknowledgment to Commander Stone Hopper, United States Navy.
(302) Go, that's your call. Knock 'em out.
(303) Who, along with his outstanding crew and ship,
(304) had the highest overall rating last year.
(305) Shades off, Hopper.
(306) Commander.
(307) Thank you, Admiral.
(308) Welcome, everybody. It's really great to see you all here today.
(309) Especially you, gentlemen. It's a true honor.
(310) Me and my crew, we're going to have to be on our toes this year
(311) because your ships look outstanding and your men look ready.
(312) So, good luck out there.
(313) Be safe and keep charging.
(314) He loves his daughter, she loves you. He's going to respect that.
(315) Hey, Mike. Admiral.
(316) You remember Sam?
(317) It's an obsolete tradition, this asking for permission.
(318) Tell me where this came from. Stop.
(319) Sam's a physical therapist now.
(320) Stop worrying about this and walk up and do what you got to do.
(321) Hello, Hopper.
(322) Why are you here?
(323) This is going to be sweet.
(324) I was within the rules. Really?
(325) Were you in the rules when you kicked me in the face?
(326) Isn't there something more important you should be doing right now?
(327) He hates the man.
(328) That seems a bit juvenile, wouldn't you say'?
(329) Go mess with him and see what happens.
(330) Why? CORA: Do it.
(331) Would it be funny if I punched you in the face?
(332) Would that be funny? Stop it.
(333) Chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken.
(334) Yeah, I love it. A two-piece meal.
(335) You look like Colonel Sanders, actually.
(336) He was a handsome man.
(337) Good job out there, Dad.
(338) What do you want?
(339) Hopper needs five minutes of your time.
(340) (SIGHS)
(341) That's enough. What do you mean?
(342) Don't you have something more important you should be doing right now?
(343) Three minutes, tops.
(344) Thank you. I love you. Thank you, Daddy.
(345) Love you, too.
(346) He's going to smash my face in.
(347) He's not going to smash your face in.
(348) Oh, my God.
(349) Sir, it would be an honor.
(350) Sir. Sir. Sir.
(351) Give me your permission.
(352) It would be an honor to have your permission.
(353) Sir, give me your permission. What's your deal?
(354) It would be a thankful honor
(355) to have your permission to honor your hand.
(356) What?
(357) Oh, my God.
(358) Sir.
(359) May I please marry your daughter?
(360) She's everything I have,
(361) and I love her.
(362) Talking to yourself, Mr. Hopper?
(363) Yeah, I was.
(364) I was actually talking about you, Nagata.
(365) Mmm-hmm.
(367) (CRASHING)
(369) HOPPER: That's for kicking me in the face.
(370) Eat it! Take it! Let go! Let go.
(371) What the...
(373) Sir, it was a fluke accident. The bathroom floor was wet.
(374) I began to fall.
(375) Captain Nagata kindly reached out to help.
(376) YUGI: Our heads go bang.
(377) We fall back. Bang, again.
(378) Just like the great Jerry Lewis.
(379) Jerry Lewis?
(380) Did he just say "Jerry Lewis"?
(381) Yes, sir.
(382) BROWLEY: Are you kidding me?
(383) The Bellboy and original The Nutty Professor.
(384) Very good movies.
(385) He is a great humanitarian, sir.
(386) You both think this is a joke and you are very much mistaken.
(387) This will not happen again. Do I make myself clear?
(388) Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
(389) Gentlemen, give me a minute with Mr. Hopper, here.
(390) What is wrong with you?
(391) You've got skills, but I have never ever seen a man waste them like you.
(392) "Keep the ship out of the surf and spray..."
(393) "...or you will plunge to destruction."
(394) Homer, sir.
(395) The fact that you know that infuriates me beyond words.
(396) What my daughter sees in you is a great mystery to me.
(397) You are a very smart individual
(398) with very weak character, leadership and decision-making skills.
(399) Do you have anything to say to me? Anything?
(400) Negative, sir.
(401) Enjoy these naval exercises, Hopper.
(402) They are likely to be your last.
(403) Dismissed.
(404) WALTER: Is there anything I can do to help?
(405) Negative.
(406) If you want to talk about anything...
(407) I don't.
(408) If you change your mind... I won't.
(409) Roger that.
(410) Contact DESRON ONE. Commence anti-submarine warfare exercises.
(411) Commence air operations.
(413) Good afternoon, Sampson.
(414) Welcome to Day One of the RIMPAC naval war games.
(415) We are here to sharpen our skills as a team.
(416) HOPPER: As your weapons officer,
(417) let me remind you that this is a combat vessel
(418) and we will excel in our command and control.
(419) STONE: I want everyone to stay frosty.
(420) We're going to be close-maneuvering with 13 nations out here.
(421) We are here to crush every other ship.
(422) I'm excited to see what we learn.
(423) We are not here in this weapons room to learn.
(424) Be safe out there, look out for each other and keep charging.
(425) If we return to Pearl
(426) without having outperformed every other ship on that ocean,
(427) I will personally...
(428) Yo, Saunders, we've ended up in a department
(429) run by some kind of Donald Trump/Mike Tyson mutant combo.
(430) What was that, Petty Officer Raikes?
(431) CORA: Nothing, sir.
(432) I swear you said, "Donald Trump." Want to clarify?
(433) I think I heard a "Mike Tyson," as well.
(434) If you did, it was only in reference to the fact
(435) that you both project great physical intensity, sir.
(436) That's flattering.
(437) Hopper! There's a helo headed for the Sampson.
(438) Make sure your ass is on it.
(439) Why? I don't know why!
(440) Just make sure you're on it!
(441) Copy, sir.
(442) Damn.
(443) PILOT: Scorpion one four, clear our deck. En route with parts and techs.
(444) OFFICER: Confirm Lieutenant Hopper en route.
(445) STONE: I just got off the phone with the JAG.
(446) And?
(447) They are probably going to kick you out of the Navy.
(448) When?
(449) The day we get back.
(450) From RIMPAC?
(451) Yeah.
(452) You have got to make some calls. There has got to be...
(453) Who do I call to teach you humility?
(454) I am sorry, I don't have that number.
(455) I just don't get it, man.
(456) You have got so much potential.
(457) I'm sorry you have to deal with this.
(458) And I am sorry I let you down.
(459) MAN: Stand up nice and tall.
(460) I want you to focus on that green marker,
(461) right in the middle of your back.
(462) MICK: What do you think I'm paying attention to?
(463) MAN: Keep your feet together.
(464) My feet can't get any closer.
(465) Stand up tall. All right. I had enough of this.
(466) Keep going. Just a little bit more.
(467) Turn the damned thing off!
(468) Come on. We're just about there.
(469) Turn it off now!
(470) I'm your new physical therapist.
(471) I am sensing a lot of anger.
(472) Very perceptive of you.
(473) Is there anything besides anger in there, Mick?
(474) Not much.
(475) Your last therapist says that you lost the will to fight.
(476) Is that accurate?
(477) I lost my fight when I lost my legs.
(478) Do you realize you're still the same man that won the Golden Gloves at 22?
(479) A Bronze Star in Afghanistan? The same man.
(480) I am half a man.
(481) And half a man ain't enough to be a soldier.
(482) That's all I have ever known.
(483) All right. Let's go.
(484) We are going to take a walk.
(485) No, we are not.
(486) Legs on.
(487) SAM: You're doing pretty good for a guy who doesn't want to be hiking.
(488) My dog, Mustard, could climb this mountain.
(489) Great, you and Mustard can go and make some memories on Mauna Kea.
(490) Sounds like fun.
(491) Mustard's dead. Mustard got hit by a dump truck.
(492) I'm sorry.
(493) I'm over it.
(494) Hey. I thought you would be out of range by now.
(495) HOPPER: I have around five minutes of left time.
(496) SAM: How is it?
(497) It's fine.
(498) I'm sorry. I messed up.
(499) And I'm going to talk to your father as soon as I get back.
(500) Stop messing things up, okay?
(501) Copy that. I love you.
(502) I love you.
(503) NOGRADY: What is it, Parker? Take a look at this.
(505) Nice one. It's a joke, right?
(506) I don't think so.
(508) My God.
(510) Cal.
(512) Cal.
(513) Huh? Cal!
(514) Got some weird activity on all the radar screens.
(515) Weird?
(516) Yeah, man. Really weird.
(517) Mmm-hmm.
(518) Oh, uh, Dr. Nogrady is on the phone for you, too.
(519) That is weird. Seriously, Dr. Nogrady?
(520) Lead with that next time. Okay, Danny?
(521) You got to start prioritizing your information.
(522) If you have to tell me "1, 2, 3," you don't start with
(523) You know what I mean?
(524) I mean, I'm not saying that you are a boob,
(525) but this is boob-ish behavior.
(526) Hi, Dr. Nogrady.
(527) Are you seeing what I am seeing?
(528) The incoming tracks.
(529) Correct.
(530) I've got five distinct objects...
(531) Five distinct objects that are moving in formation.
(532) They are locked in on my signal.
(533) They are headed straight for me.
(534) Correct.
(535) Maybe we should call NASA.
(536) NASA have called us. They're on the phone right now.
(537) Good morning, Mr. Zapata.
(538) NASA?
(539) We are tracking something splintering off of the main group.
(540) That's not splitting off. That thing is breaking apart.
(541) Has anyone called the Chinese? Because this is no meteor.
(542) Yes, we have checked. It's not the Russians, it's not the Chinese.
(543) Maybe we should call the Air Force,
(544) because they might want to fuel up their jets.
(545) NOGRADY: The Air Force is online.
(546) It appears the event is headed your way.
(547) Prepare yourself.
(548) Roger that. How would you suggest that I prepare myself} sir?
(549) Brace.
(550) (SCREAMS)
(552) MAN 1: Let's all be seated.
(553) I am hoping somebody here can explain this to me.
(554) CHAIRMAN: Mr. Secretary, four of the five objects landed in the Pacific Ocean.
(555) The fifth one appeared to have broken apart
(556) making significant contact with Hong Kong,
(557) but other places were also affected.
(558) Scotland, Germany, France, even Iowa.
(559) So, what is it?
(560) Sir, at this point we are working on a couple of theories.
(561) And you are who, sir?
(562) I am with NASA.
(563) What is NASA present in this room for?
(564) NASA DIRECTOR: We are looking at the very real possibility
(565) that this is legitimate extraterrestrial contact.
(566) It appears that it originated from the Gliese solar system.
(567) Home of Planet G.
(568) You are saying that we sent out a signal
(569) and we got back an alien response?
(570) WATCH OFFICER: Sir, we just got word from Pearl.
(571) They believe whatever made impact with Hong Kong,
(572) has also made impact with the Pacific Ocean.
(573) Where in the Pacific?
(574) Approximately 150 miles south of where we are right now, sir.
(575) It should be right there, but we are not seeing anything.
(576) Get me the Sampson. Yes, sir.
(577) Base course, 2-2-0. Speed, 25.
(579) BRIDGE OFFICER: Captain on the bridge!
(580) As casualty reports come in,
(581) it's still unclear exactly what it was that hit Hong Kong.
(584) It isn't anything from this planet.
(585) How do we know that?
(586) Because the Chinese have sampled it.
(587) It's made of a material that does not exist in the periodic table.
(588) It's literally not of this Earth.
(589) The only element they've been able to identify is lawrencium.
(590) Lawrencium?
(591) You got to stop tapping.
(592) You're tapping. You're the loud one.
(593) NOGRADY: Looking at the grid patterns,
(594) it's something in the neighborhood
(595) of solar paneling or communications paneling.
(596) It may be some kind of a communication unit.
(597) Communications?
(598) Who is communicating what? To who?
(600) JIMMY: What the heck is that?
(601) Bridge, starboard lookout. I've got an unknown surface contact.
(602) Bearing is 2-3-2 true, approximately 8,000 yards.
(603) Sir?
(604) STONE: Yeah.
(605) You may want to come take a look at this.
(606) I am looking at it, Mr. Strodell.
(607) On the radar, sir.
(608) Something very peculiar.
(609) STONE: That's the John Paul Jones, right?
(610) Yes, sir.
(611) The Myoko? Yes, sir, it is.
(612) So, why don't I see...
(613) See that?
(614) Combat, Captain. I have a visual on the track bearing 2-3-7 on the horizon.
(615) What do you hold in that bearing?
(616) Bridge, TAO. I've got nothing at 2-3-7.
(617) I'm looking right at it, Mr. Hopper. Find me something.
(618) Scope, 2-3-7, what do you got? Stand by.
(619) That's negative, sir. Scope's clear, I got nothing.
(620) Taylor, did you break this son-of-a-bitch?
(621) No, I didn't do anything to it, sir.
(622) You know I will throw your ass off this ship.
(623) I know you will, sir.
(624) Got it, sir. On my camera.
(625) What is it?
(626) I don't know.
(627) Is this some kind of exercise?
(628) Probably.
(629) Unknown vessel in the vicinity of 1-5 degrees, 3-7 minutes north,
(630) and 1-5-9 degrees, 3-3 minutes west.
(631) Request you establish communications
(632) with my vessel on VHF channel 16,
(633) and identify yourself, over.
(634) John Paul Jones, this is Sampson, Charlie Oscar.
(635) John Paul Jones, Charlie Oscar.
(636) I would like you to send a team over and take a closer look.
(637) No problem. We will get a team in the water right away.
(638) Roger.
(639) I'll tell you what, boys, this is a head-stumper.
(641) WALTER: What is it? Lost cargo? Chinese?
(642) I don't know.
(643) Yacht? Satellite?
(644) Beast, I didn't know five seconds ago, and I don't know now.
(645) This is the U. S. Navy warship John Paul Jones.
(646) I'm attempting to communicate with you.
(647) Prepare to be boarded.
(648) You ever seen anything like this?
(649) No.
(650) It's weird, man.
(652) LT! I don't think that's a good idea.
(653) Got it, chief.
(654) Real bad idea, Lieutenant.
(655) (YELLS)
(656) Oh, shit. Move it, Raikes!
(657) WALTER: LT! Lieutenant, get up!
(658) Lieutenant!
(659) Whoa, whoa, whoa!
(660) Sir!
(661) Get me the Sampson.
(662) WATCH OFFICER: Alpha Bravo. Sampson, this is Alpha Bravo.
(663) Sir, we're unable to contact the Sampson.
(664) Reagan control, this is Rough Rider 4-0-4.
(665) I'm encountering some severe...
(666) Rough Rider 4-0-4, come in. Do you copy'?
(667) Put the force at weapons posture one. Warning red, weapons tight.
(668) I want everything loaded.
(669) OFFICER: Bridge, what's happened?
(670) My radar's totally down, sir.
(671) EXECUTIVE OFFICER: We've lost contact with base. All comms are offline.
(672) It's the North Koreans, I'm telling you.
(673) Hey, Lieutenant, you good?
(674) Come on, you with me?
(675) Come on. Damn it!
(676) Come on! Squared away?
(677) I'm squared away.
(678) Whatever that thing is, it killed the battery.
(679) Come on, Beast.
(681) What is that?
(682) That's not good.
(683) What the hell is that?
(685) Do you think that this could be some
(686) super-secret Navy surprise exercise?
(687) Because if so, they have gone way too far.
(688) Let's give them a warning, Helmsman.
(689) Aye, aye, sir.
(691) (GRUNTS)
(694) What the hell is this?
(695) I didn't sign up for this bullshit! Yeah, no shit, dude.
(696) Klyvich is offline. Should be back in two minutes.
(697) Copy that. Signal the John Paul Jones.
(698) Fire a warning shot. One round, ten mil, left offset.
(699) Place Mount 51 in remote, batteries released.
(700) WEAPONS OFFICER: Mount 51 has been designated.
(701) Who are we shooting at? I do not know.
(702) CORA: Let's move it, Beast. WALTER: She's dead in the water.
(703) Ord, get your ass to the lee helm.
(704) Aye, sir.
(705) MULLENARO: Fire!
(706) Incoming, headed for the John Paul Jones.
(707) Unknown, inbound at the horizon.
(708) Vampire, vampire, vampire. Killing with CIWS.
(709) What kind of chuckwagon...
(710) Were there men out on that bridge wing?
(711) Yes, sir, there were.
(712) I got it! Firing it up!
(713) HOPPER: Get in there!
(714) Sir!
(715) Light it up!
(717) MAN: What the hell is Hopper doing?
(718) All engines, ahead flank.
(719) All engines ahead. Aye, sir!
(720) Sir, CIC reports both Spy and Fire control radar cannot lock on.
(721) Fire! CIC, fire!
(722) Incoming on the right!
(723) JOOD: Incoming, incoming!
(724) We're hit!
(726) HELMSMAN: Sir, we have a hull breach.
(728) Help me!
(729) Helmsman, get back on the helm! Aye, sir.
(730) Rapid, continued fire!
(731) No!
(733) Get me to the John Paul Jones.
(734) NOW!
(735) RADIO OPERATOR: Bridge reports no survivors in the water. Sampson, all hands lost.
(736) Targets are holding defensive formation.
(737) Where's the captain? Where is he?
(738) What happened? OFFICER: Captain and XO are dead.
(739) What?
(740) They're dead! CO and XO are dead.
(741) Who's in charge?
(742) Who's next full senior?
(743) You are.
(744) It's your ship, sir. You're senior officer, sir.
(745) Sir, if you would please just give me an order.
(746) I don't know what to do, sir.
(747) We're going in. Full attack.
(748) That's an order.
(749) Attack, sir? Really?
(750) You wanted an order, that's the order. Let's go.
(751) Let's go!
(752) You heard him. HELMSMAN: Aye, aye, sir!
(753) Ready all guns.
(754) Fire control is offline. I need three minutes.
(755) Tell Nagata I'm going in, with or without him.
(757) Sir, do you really want to attack this thing?
(758) Yes! Yes, I do.
(760) JIMMY: Sir, that's a hit! The Myoko was hit, sir.
(761) Are the weapons ready?
(762) Sir, they have killed everything that's fired on them.
(763) Get the guns online, and we ram this thing.
(764) They killed my brother and every man on his ship!
(765) We have no weapons to attack with, sir.
(766) Then set course to 3-1-O.
(767) That's a collision course! Are you clear on that'?
(768) WALTER: Sir, there are sailors in the water.
(769) Get the guns online and we're going to ram this thing!
(770) Sir, the Myoko is sinking!
(771) Sir, please! Set the course to 3-1-O.
(772) There are sailors in the water, sir!
(773) Hard starboard.
(774) Hard starboard. Aye, sir!
(775) Get them out of the water.
(776) Yes, sir.
(777) (SIGHS)
(778) GUNNER: What's happening?
(779) Shut up, man. What the hell is happening?
(780) What the hell are they doing? Why aren't they attacking?
(781) GUNNER: Are those things aliens?
(782) Would you please shut up?
(783) GUNNER: We need help! We need to get the carrier over here!
(784) Who's running the ship? Hopper.
(785) Are you kidding me? Hopper's running the ship?
(786) This is bullshit.
(787) We're all going to die!
(788) What the hell are those things?
(789) What is that shit?
(790) BASE OFFICER: Comms are down up here. You got anything?
(791) PILOT 1: That's a negative on all frequencies.
(792) Oh, shit.
(793) HELICOPTER GUNNER: Abandon 9-30!
(794) PILOT 2: Kill the engines!
(795) Strike!
(796) MAN: Hey, Jack!
(797) Dad?
(798) SHANE: Sir, I can't explain this.
(799) We've lost communication with everyone
(800) on the other side of the barrier.
(801) We can't get in and they can't get out.
(802) CHAIRMAN: The field, whatever it is, extends about 300,000 feet in altitude
(803) and has a depth of about two nautical miles.
(804) COMMANDANT: We are in contact with Admiral Shane of Pacific Fleet.
(805) Right now, our navy is effectively trapped outside the area.
(806) So we have nobody in there?
(807) Sir, we have three guided missile destroyers still unaccounted for.
(808) So, it's conceivable we do have somebody inside.
(809) Who?
(811) Okay. Thank you!
(812) Captain! Captain!
(814) YUGI: Let's go! Let's go!
(816) My grandmother could climb this mountain.
(817) It's a start, Mick.
(818) What was that?
(819) I'm not sure.
(822) What the hell are you guys doing up here?
(823) I need you off this mountain, right now.
(824) Wait, what's going on? Why?
(825) The island's under attack.
(826) Attack by who?
(827) I don't know. People are using the word "aliens."
(828) Aliens?
(829) We don't know. Whatever it is, it took out the marine base
(830) and all roads leading to this mountain have been destroyed.
(831) Cell phones, radios, Internet, everything is shut down.
(832) The Navy's engaged, just off of the coast.
(833) The Navy?
(834) I need you and your friend off of this mountain right now.
(835) Come on, let's go.
(836) Vic, leave your car here. We'll go block the road.
(837) Where are you going?
(838) Mick! Where are you going?
(839) I ain't never seen an alien. Have you ever seen an alien?
(840) Mick! Don't leave me alone.
(841) Bra, you saw that? What the hell was that?
(842) Hey, Vince, did you see that?
(843) VINCE: Lt looked like a jet
(844) Bra, I've never...
(845) Oh, my God! What the hell? (SCREAMS)
(847) Sir, we need you.
(848) We need you now.
(849) I can't.
(850) If you can't...
(851) Who can?
(852) Captain.
(853) HOPPER: Where did we find it?
(854) JIMMY: One of their transporters must have crashed
(855) on the way to the island. There was debris everywhere.
(856) Thomas and Potts fished him right out of the water with a grappling hook.
(857) I told them it was a bad idea, but they kept yanking.
(858) I kept telling them "no," and they kept...
(859) Hmm...
(860) (GRUNTS)
(861) Oh...
(863) God damn it!
(864) Beast, flashlight.
(865) My dad said they would come. He said it my whole life.
(866) He said, "We ain't alone."
(867) He said, "One day we would find them,
(868) "or they would find us."
(869) You know what else he said?
(870) He said...
(871) "I hope I ain't around when that day comes."
(872) (GASPING)
(873) He's not dead! He's not dead!
(874) Not dead! Not dead!
(875) (GRUNTS)
(876) I've got a bad feeling about this.
(877) What kind of bad feeling?
(878) Like, "We're going to need a new planet" kind of bad feeling.
(879) RADIO OFFICER: Medical casualty, C-53. Two men down.
(880) They're still on the ship.
(881) Lock down the ship!
(882) Is everyone all right? OFFICER 1: All good, Chief.
(883) Is everyone accounted for?
(884) OFFICER 2: (ON RADIO) Just heard something on Level Four.
(885) Raikes, up.
(886) (SCREAMS)
(887) Hey! Move, move!
(888) HOPPER: What do you see?
(889) Did you see it?
(890) No, sir. I got nothing, sir!
(891) Nothing.
(892) How is he?
(893) Not good, sir. Not good.
(894) You two, get him to medical, now!
(895) Raikes, you're with me. Let's go!
(897) (LOUD BANG)
(898) Get out of here!
(899) No!
(900) (YELLS)
(901) (GROANING)
(902) (GRUNTING)
(903) Yo! Hey!
(904) (GROANING)
(905) HOPPER: Raikes...
(906) Get your ass to CIC.
(907) NOW!
(908) Come on.
(909) (GRUNTING)
(910) Raikes, you better be there.
(911) Come on, come on, come on.
(912) Mahalo, mother...
(913) We got to get off this mountain.
(914) The cop left the keys on his belt.
(915) You've got to go down and get them.
(916) You can do it.
(917) (SNORTS)
(920) Now.
(922) This is an emergency call. Can anyone hear me?
(923) Radio check. Can anyone hear me? Over.
(924) Hey, wait up! Don't leave! Don't leave!
(925) Stop right there! Don't shoot!
(926) Who are you?
(927) I'm Cal Zapata. We sent out a beacon.
(928) Oh, shit, is he a cyborg? Are you guys with them?
(929) If he's human, could you have him put the gun down?
(930) SAM: Mick, put your gun down.
(931) I told them that something like this could happen.
(932) I said, it's going to be like Columbus and the Indians,
(933) or the Conquistadors and the Incans.
(934) They just thought, "No, they will be sweet."
(935) They killed my grad student.
(936) (GASPING)
(937) Okay, calm down. I can't.
(938) Slow. Sit down. I can't breathe.
(939) SAM: Slow breaths, slow breaths.
(940) You're freaking him out, Mick.
(941) I doubt it takes much to freak him out.
(942) We need the Marines. We need the Army. We need all of them.
(943) NOGRADY: Lt is the strong belief of the Chinese
(944) that what crashed into Hong Kong
(945) was some sort of communications ship.
(946) You're saying that a flying telephone cratered
(947) and took out 25,000 people?
(948) What I'm saying is that our visitors seem extraordinarily concerned
(949) with establishing a line of communication home.
(950) If they have lost their communication ship, how could they do that?
(951) The same way we did.
(952) Our communications station in Hawaii has the ability
(953) to send a message to deep space via the Landsat 7 satellite.
(954) I believe it's for that asset they have domed the islands.
(955) We're looking at an extinction-level event.
(956) The most critical part of any military operation.
(957) Establish communications, reinforcements, follow-on forces.
(958) You're saying E.T. wants to phone home?
(959) That would be incredibly, incredibly bad.
(960) So far, only five ships have made contact.
(961) If five ships can do this, what do you think 50 can do,
(962) or 500 or 5,000 or 500,000?
(963) JIMMY: Sir, if I could just have a minute.
(964) If you'll just give me one second...
(965) Why am I staring at a lizard?
(966) Because this is my pet lizard, sir. Penelope the Third.
(967) And? And they have the exact same eyes.
(968) You have 15 seconds. Go.
(969) Okay, sir, I put the helmet on,
(970) and the helmet is, basically, extreme sunglasses.
(971) And it's some hydration and some oxygen saturation,
(972) and a bunch of other stuff I don't understand.
(973) But we took Penelope to the beach one time, which was a terrible idea.
(974) She went absolutely crazy because she can't handle the sunlight.
(975) You see? I don't think that they can handle the sunlight either.
(976) You try anything else on?
(977) Negative, sir.
(978) Just the helmet. Just the helmet.
(979) Scientists have confirmed there was a UFO landing
(980) in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Hawaii.
(981) Today I want to update the American people
(982) on what we know about the situation in Hawaii.
(983) First, we are bringing all available resources to bear.
(986) NEWSCASTER: The news has sparked global unrest as populations panic,
(987) unleashing an unprecedented wave of chaos across the world.
(988) Many governments have declared martial law.
(989) MAN: Just scramble the jets, Admiral.
(990) We need to get in there!
(991) I'm far from more aware than you of the need to get inside there.
(992) But wasting lives will not help.
(993) You want me to send up another plane?
(994) I'll do it the second you come up here
(995) and put your ass in the co-pilot's seat, sir!
(996) Are they transmitting?
(997) They could be, but it wouldn't do them any good.
(998) There's no satellite to receive the transmission.
(999) We beam to Landsat 7.
(1000) What's Landsat 7?
(1001) It's our deep-space satellite.
(1002) It only orbits into range once every 24 hours.
(1003) When is the satellite in position?
(1004) 8:43 a.m.
(1005) We've got about five hours.
(1006) And then they will use it to slingshot their transmission.
(1007) Slingshot where?
(1008) I don't know. Wherever it is they're from.
(1009) HOPPER: Pearl Harbor here, we're approximately here,
(1010) and they, whatever they are, are somewhere in the middle.
(1011) We're trapped out here.
(1012) What we know right now is we can't target them
(1013) unless we have a plain line of sight.
(1014) Without radar, we have no way to track them, correct?
(1015) Correct. But I don't think they can see us, either.
(1016) Why? Because we are still alive.
(1017) Okay, so they can't see us and we can't see them.
(1018) And we have no way to hit them from a safe distance.
(1019) There is a way. A way?
(1020) A way of seeing them, without seeing them.
(1021) You're going to reference Art of War right now, aren't you?
(1022) What are we supposed to do, fight the enemy where they aren't?
(1023) Move like water?
(1024) Because I've read that thing six times. It makes no sense.
(1025) That book is Chinese.
(1026) It still makes no sense.
(1027) My way is much more simple.
(1028) We've been doing it to America for 20 years.
(1029) Water displacement.
(1030) How do you track water displacement?
(1031) Tsunami buoys. Tsunami buoys?
(1032) You have them surrounding your islands,
(1033) transmitting displacement data.
(1034) We hack into their transmissions, form a grid.
(1035) You can't track anything without radar.
(1036) I don't need radar.
(1037) Just the radio frequencies.
(1038) Turn off Aegis radar, please.
(1039) JIMMY: Who is this guy?
(1040) Chief Moore. OFFICER: Sir.
(1041) Secure SPY.
(1042) OFFICER: Securing SPY, sir.
(1043) Display NOAA data.
(1044) NOAA data?
(1045) That's correct.
(1046) You heard him. Display NOAA data.
(1048) CORA: What the hell is that?
(1049) HOPPER: It's a buoy.
(1050) If it gets hit by a wave, it transmits a signal.
(1051) (BEEPING)
(1052) Bring up chart plot.
(1053) Chart plot. Bring it up.
(1054) So we can track without radar.
(1055) We would practice it as a contingency plan.
(1056) You dirty, cheating, sneaky...
(1057) Rough world.
(1058) I like it.
(1059) Captain.
(1060) My chair is your chair, sir.
(1061) My brother would have done the same.
(1062) I wish we could get a hold of Hopper.
(1063) Who's Hopper?
(1064) He's a tactical actions officer
(1065) on an Arleigh Burke class destroyer.
(1066) It has the resources that could take this entire mountain out.
(1067) Great, that makes a lot of sense. Let's call him.
(1068) We can't. Everything is jammed.
(1069) They're using an electromagnetic field to block our signals.
(1070) It's more like a pulse, it's not a brick wall. There are gaps, okay?
(1071) From inside the barrier we might just be able to get a call out.
(1072) If I could get to my spectrum analyzer, then, theoretically,
(1073) we could find a frequency we could broadcast on...
(1074) Do you have a piece of equipment that can make a call?
(1075) Yeah. Get it.
(1076) I can't because it's down there, in that nest of aliens.
(1077) You're going to go get it.
(1078) No.
(1079) Yes. SAM: Yes.
(1080) We are looking for patterns of water displacement.
(1081) HOPPER: That buoy is underwater.
(1082) That's a ship.
(1083) Get on your gun. Yes, sir.
(1084) Target, Echo-1-1.
(1085) CORA: Roger. Echo 1-1.
(1086) Ready to fire.
(1087) When we fire, they will know where we are.
(1088) Fire!
(1089) Ordy, anything?
(1090) JIMMY: Negative, sir. It's a miss.
(1091) It's heading towards us.
(1092) You ready?
(1093) I'm sorry, but there is no possible way that I'm going down there.
(1094) I do not possess that kind of courage.
(1095) Right now, you're going to acquire that courage,
(1096) or I'm going to break my steel leg off into your ass.
(1097) You feel me?
(1098) I feel you.
(1099) Go, now.
(1100) Acquiring courage.
(1101) Acquiring courage.
(1102) What?
(1103) Foxtrot, 2-4.
(1104) CORA: Foxtrot, 2-4.
(1105) Ready to fire. Fire!
(1106) Ordy, anything?
(1107) JIMMY: Negative, sir.
(1108) It's a stupid, nincompoop idea.
(1109) There's another one.
(1110) JIMMY: Incoming, incoming! Sir, they're coming from both directions!
(1111) Engines, back, full.
(1112) Incoming, incoming, incoming!
(1113) India 3-7.
(1114) India 3-7. Loaded.
(1115) Second coordinate, Romeo, 2-6.
(1116) Romeo 2-6.
(1117) Sir, we're hot over here. Missiles good to go.
(1118) Let's light them up, Captain Nagata.
(1119) Captain Nagata.
(1120) Fire!
(1121) Holy shit! A hit, sir! Hit!
(1124) MICK: Any station this net, any station this net, this is a call for help.
(1125) Any warship, police or military personnel, please respond, over.
(1126) This is U. S.S. John Paul Jones,
(1127) state your identity and position. Over.
(1128) Hopper?
(1129) Sam?
(1130) Sam, are you okay? Where are you?
(1131) Thank God. I'm okay.
(1132) Listen, they're here at the satellite array at Saddle Ridge, do you copy?
(1133) They're going to transmit a signal and establish communication.
(1134) You need to destroy the facility. We have four hours.
(1135) Four hours, I copy.
(1136) Hopper.
(1137) SAM: Can you hear me?
(1138) Babe, you need to get out of there.
(1139) Hopper? Hopper?
(1140) No, they're gone. They're gone.
(1141) MICK: We better get gone, too.
(1142) I'm thinking an Arleigh Burke class destroyer
(1143) is about to rain hell down on this mountaintop.
(1144) Are you ready to kill another one?
(1145) Tango 1-9.
(1146) Tango 1-9. Loaded.
(1147) Whiskey 2-5.
(1148) CORA: Whiskey 2-5.
(1149) Raikes, can you get a track on their ship?
(1150) Negative, sir, it's moving all over the place.
(1151) I can't get a line on it.
(1152) This sucker's really jumping around.
(1153) Very intelligent.
(1154) What time is sunrise?
(1155) CORA: Forty minutes, sir.
(1156) Let's take these bastards somewhere they don't want to go.
(1157) CORA: General quarters, general quarters.
(1158) All hands, man your battle stations.
(1159) I need to know when we round this point if we can hold her tight.
(1160) Right around Diamond Head, here.
(1161) WALTER: There's a brutal current there.
(1162) It will take a miracle to keep her off the reef.
(1163) Ordy, is it possible? Can you do it?
(1164) It's not impossible.
(1165) Sir, I can try, but I don't know what...
(1166) Can you do it, yes or no?
(1167) Contact is seven miles out, and closing fast.
(1168) Yes, sir, I can do it.
(1169) Check safe, check clear. Check safe, check clear.
(1170) Get some.
(1171) Captain Nagata, how good is your aim?
(1172) Excellent.
(1173) OFFICER: All right, let's start this turn! JOOD: Aye, sir!
(1174) Left, hard rudder! Left, hard rudder, sir!
(1175) How are we looking? It's all reef.
(1176) Ordy, you are way too close! Come left!
(1177) Easy...
(1178) We're about to kiss these rocks, Ordy!
(1179) Ordy!
(1180) HOPPER: Where did you learn to shoot?
(1181) I'm not sure how you say it in English.
(1182) Natsu campu.
(1183) Summer campu.
(1184) How about now? GUNNER: Still a little tight.
(1185) I can see fish, Ordy. Come on, man.
(1186) CORA: Contact, two miles out.
(1187) Contact ETA, 21 seconds.
(1188) Summer campu.
(1189) CORA: Contact, 700 yards out.
(1190) Summer camp.
(1191) Champion, when I was 12.
(1192) Are you kidding me?
(1193) Here we go.
(1194) On my mark.
(1195) Three.
(1196) Two.
(1197) One.
(1198) Light them up.
(1199) Boom.
(1201) OFFICER: (ON RADIO) Three miles until Saddle Ridge is within range.
(1202) Status of weps.
(1203) JOOD: Sir, they're bringing up all the rounds from the lower mag right now.
(1204) JIMMY: Sir.
(1205) Clear the bridge. Clear the bridge!
(1206) Shit!
(1207) (GRUNTING)
(1208) Ordy, get up! Let's go!
(1209) Go, go, go!
(1211) SAILOR 1: We've got two down, sir!
(1212) Get up.
(1213) SAILOR 2: Go, go, go! Get in the water! Go!
(1214) It's going down!
(1215) Come on.
(1217) (GASPS)
(1218) Raikes!
(1219) Right here! You're almost there, come on!
(1220) Let's go, we have to jump!
(1222) SAM: That's the John Paul Jones.
(1223) That's Hopper.
(1224) Relax, Sam. I'm seeing a lot of lifeboats in the water.
(1225) You say that satellite will be in position in three hours?
(1226) Yeah, that's correct.
(1227) So if they miss it, they have to wait.
(1228) My uplink never misses. It's not going to miss.
(1229) How are your driving skills?
(1230) What does that mean? How are my driving skills? They're horrible.
(1231) Not your driving.
(1232) Sam, how are your driving skills?
(1233) Good.
(1234) Let's see if we can't buy the world another day.
(1235) Who talks like that?
(1236) MICK: Just get in the vehicle. Let's go.
(1237) I'm not getting in. This is your show, now.
(1238) I don't have a death wish, thank you very much.
(1239) Goodbye, everyone.
(1240) Stop! Stop.
(1241) This is my property
(1242) It doesn't end like this.
(1243) What do you want us to do, Hopper?
(1244) We have no ships left.
(1245) We have one.
(1246) We have got a battleship.
(1247) Are you crazy? That's a museum.
(1248) Not today.
(1249) This ship is 70 years old. It's totally outdated.
(1250) The firing systems are all analog.
(1251) The engines haven't been started in a decade.
(1252) Which would be fine, but they are steam,
(1253) which I have no idea how to fire up.
(1254) And even if I had a user's manual
(1255) and six weeks to go through it all,
(1256) we still don't have enough crew to fire it up.
(1257) I don't know what you're thinking, sir.
(1258) Is everyone all right?
(1259) Yes, sir. We're okay.
(1260) You men have given so much to your country,
(1261) and no one has the right to ask any more of you,
(1262) but I'm asking.
(1263) What do you need, son?
(1264) I need to borrow your boat.
(1265) Son.
(1266) Sir.
(1267) What the hell? Are you going to stand there, staring at me?
(1268) Get your goddamn eye on that spotter!
(1269) Eye on spotter, sir.
(1270) Been working on a destroyer, haven't you?
(1271) Yes, sir.
(1272) Are you ready to play with the big boys?
(1273) Oh, yes, sir.
(1274) Come on. We need the help.
(1275) Awesome!
(1276) Best cover your ears.
(1278) (POWERING UP)
(1279) Purrs like a kitten.
(1280) Bridge, main control. I got eight boilers hot.
(1281) Ready to rock and roll, sir.
(1282) How are we looking on fuel?
(1283) 600 long tons, sir. Just enough for a maintenance run.
(1284) Ordnance?
(1285) We scraped together what we could, sir. But it's not much.
(1286) All right, let's get her to sea. We have got work to do.
(1287) Roger that.
(1288) Engines ahead, flank.
(1289) All engines ahead, flank.
(1290) All engines ahead, flank. Aye, sir.
(1291) You good?
(1292) VETERAN: Good, sir. Good, sir.
(1293) Good.
(1294) Status of turret one?
(1295) Center line, barrel, armed.
(1296) GUNNER: Stop! WALTER: Clear!
(1297) GUNNER: Loaded.
(1298) VETERAN: Status of turret two?
(1299) Starboard side, armed.
(1300) VETERAN: Status of turret three?
(1301) Port barrel. Ready to rock and roll.
(1302) Port side, armed!
(1303) Sir, are we really firing on Oahu?
(1304) Sure looks that way.
(1305) Holy shit!
(1306) CORA: Saddle Ridge will be in weapons range in five minutes.
(1307) Oh, brother, somebody is going to kiss the donkey.
(1308) Hopper!
(1309) I didn't think that one moved.
(1310) Me neither.
(1311) My God.
(1312) Are you kidding me?
(1313) Art of War.
(1314) HOPPER: Fire control, weapons status?
(1315) Aimed at target.
(1316) Train all three turrets to 2-1-O.
(1317) CORA: But, sir, that's the wrong direction!
(1318) I'm well aware of that, Raikes.
(1319) What the hell is he doing?
(1320) He's losing his mind, all over again.
(1321) Hard left rudder.
(1322) Hard left rudder. Aye, sir.
(1323) Drop port anchor. What?
(1324) Drop it now!
(1325) We are going to die.
(1326) We are going to die.
(1327) You are going to die. lam going to die.
(1328) We are all going to die.
(1329) Just not today.
(1330) Let's drop some lead on those mother...
(1331) Fire!
(1332) Reload! Reload!
(1333) Firing mechanism reset! Secure the hatch.
(1334) Port side ready!
(1335) Release the anchor.
(1336) Incoming! Incoming!
(1337) (SCREAMING)
(1338) You all right?
(1339) They ain't going to sink this battleship, no way.
(1340) Hit it!
(1341) Everything you've got!
(1342) Whoo!
(1343) (SNARLS)
(1344) I want every available plane on this ship in the air, now!
(1345) I can't believe that worked!
(1346) Yeah, Art of War. Fight the enemy where they aren't.
(1347) After all these years, that finally just clicked.
(1348) But that's not what it means.
(1349) Really?
(1350) Not even close.
(1351) MICK: Keep going!
(1352) Oh, shit!
(1353) Mick, my leg is stuck.
(1354) Mick!
(1355) HOPPER: Status of weapons?
(1356) VETERAN: Turret three is down.
(1357) We got one round of high-explosive back-aft in turret three.
(1358) Tell them to have it ready when we get there.
(1359) I got this.
(1360) Beast, update.
(1361) I need that round. We need to bring it to turret two.
(1362) Sir'? Turret two is 500 feet away.
(1363) This round is over a thousand pounds!
(1364) How do you expect us to get it there?
(1366) (GROWLING)
(1367) Raikes! Get to the gun plot, finger on the trigger.
(1368) Yes, sir. Come on, easy. Easy.
(1369) GUNNER: Gentle, boys. Gentle, gentle.
(1370) Get out of here!
(1371) We got to go.
(1372) Calm down, okay? I'm going to frigging save you.
(1373) Closed, number one is armed.
(1374) Coordinates? Train, 3-3-O.
(1375) Elevation? 2-2-O.
(1376) There! Go!
(1377) Let's go!
(1378) She's armed.
(1379) You better not be up there.
(1380) Let's go! Come on!
(1381) Hopper!
(1382) We only have one round left, right?
(1383) Yeah.
(1384) It was an honor serving with you, Captain.
(1385) The honor was mine.
(1386) Fire. Fire.
(1387) Locked on target.
(1389) SHANE: We take great pride in honoring
(1390) the many men and women who demonstrated exceptional gallantry
(1391) in the face of overwhelming enemy force.
(1392) Valor and courage were exhibited by so many
(1393) that I cannot honor them all.
(1394) It is my great privilege to recognize
(1395) those few whose actions deserve special note.
(1396) Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army, retired, Mick Canales.
(1398) The President of the United States takes great pleasure
(1399) in presenting the Navy Cross to Commander Stone Hopper
(1400) for extraordinary heroism.
(1401) Receiving this award, on behalf of his brother,
(1402) Lieutenant Commander Alex Hopper.
(1403) Stand fast, Mr. Hopper.
(1404) It is my great pleasure to present you with a Silver Star
(1405) for your exceptional heroism and gallantry in combat operations.
(1407) And I look forward to seeing you at sea
(1408) on a ship of your own command, soon.
(1409) Thank you.
(1412) Ordy, stop talking for a second.
(1413) Come on, take the picture, Beast.
(1414) Say Navy Navy!
(1415) (LAUGHS)
(1416) Mildly impressive, Hopper.
(1417) You ready to get your ass off that big gray monster,
(1418) get out to Coronado and get your hands dirty with the big boys?
(1419) Yes, sir. You think you've got what it takes?
(1420) I hope so, sir. Call me, Hopper.
(1421) It just might be too much sleep, though, sir.
(1422) A little too much sleep for you? Yes, sir.
(1423) We will have to see about that.
(1424) Come on, Hopper, cozy up to Nagata.
(1425) You look so cute.
(1426) You guys make a great couple. Are we dating now?
(1427) You look dapper.
(1428) Navy. "Say,"Navy
(1429) Yeah, I don't know.
(1430) Oh!
(1431) Bad timing.
(1432) Congratulations. Thank you.
(1433) How are you? Good, how are you?
(1434) I love you. I love you.
(1435) I'm a pretty lucky guy, you know that?
(1436) Which is why I think it's a perfect time for you to talk to my dad.
(1437) Where is he? I wish he was standing right here.
(1438) That's perfect, because look!
(1439) Your wish came true, honey. Go get him.
(1440) Thumbs up, that helps.
(1441) (SIGHS)
(1442) Sir.
(1444) What is it?
(1445) I want you to know that I am in love with Sam.
(1446) And I am asking your permission to marry your daughter.
(1447) No.
(1448) Thank you, sir. I mean, it's...
(1449) What? No.
(1450) Sir...
(1451) I saved the world.
(1452) Saving the world is one thing, Hopper. My daughter is quite another.
(1453) But... No means no, Hopper.
(1454) Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for lunch.
(1455) I think I will have a chicken burrito.
(1456) Chicken...
(1457) Sir.
(1458) Come along, Hopper.
(1459) We will discuss the terms of your surrender over a meal.
(1460) Yes, sir.
(1461) She told you about that?
(1463) You got nothing on Jay-Z.
(1464) I mean, even I couldn't get Beyoncé.
(1465) I couldn't get Beyoncé either.
(1466) No way.
(1467) Whoa.
(1468) What the...
(1469) THOM: What is that?
(1470) Don't get too close to it.
(1471) Whoa, guys! Look at this!
(1472) ANGUS: Don't go too close! THOM: Don't run to it.
(1473) Do you think that looks like a door? ANGUS: A door?
(1474) Hello? Anyone home?
(1475) ANGUS: That's not going to help, is it?
(1476) This really helps.
(1478) THOM: Do you know what that is?
(1479) RONNIE: We think there's something inside of it.
(1480) THOM: Are going to open it, Jimmy?
(1481) If Jimmy says he's getting in, he's getting in!
(1482) Come on, Jimmy! Whoo!
(1483) Jimmy!
(1484) That's it. Come to daddy.
(1486) ANGUS: Jimmy! Oh, my God!
(1487) Yes!
(1488) (PANTING)

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