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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[2013] [Avenged] English Transcripta

(1) Give us a ciggie.
(2) Thanks.
(3) Moshoeshoe.
(4) Listen here. Cover's blown.
(5) Where you?
(6) Radebe gang hideout. Jesus!
(7) Listen brother. Only got 2 bullets.
(8) Hurry this place got more crooks than government.
(9) Don't worry. I'm there! I'm there!
(10) What you see?
(11) Not much. Cars. Back-up is on the way.
(12) Forget that. We take them now!
(13) Don't be Robocop.
(14) I don't want to star. I want the reward.
(15) I want the 200K. We not sharing it.
(16) Reward only pays out for conviction.
(17) So we take them alive.
(18) Move!
(19) Go round.
(20) Hello.
(21) Next door.
(22) One rat.
(23) Looks like Terminator. Doesn't look armed.
(24) You got a weapon?
(25) Sort of.
(26) What you mean, sort of?
(27) In the kitchen,
(28) 2 rats.
(29) Beretta. And AK. AK is moving.
(30) What do you mean, sort of?
(31) Pistol was jamming, it's in for repairs.
(32) What about a replacement pistol?
(33) Those things were stolen long ago.
(34) Look, there is a passage to a TV room.
(35) With two rats. AK and R5.
(36) Last room. One rat.
(37) Glock. He's on the phone.
(38) Why do I get the feeling, he's talking about you?
(39) You ready to be my eyes?
(40) There's too many!
(41) Damn! What?
(42) Battery's low.
(43) Ever heard of a charger? Thing is a brick.
(44) Upgrade! Win me the Powerball!
(45) That's what I'm doing.
(46) Chili!
(47) Clear for a shot? Clear.
(48) Talk to me. They loading!
(49) Beretta approaching kitchen door.
(50) Countdown.
(51) Three.
(52) Two.
(53) One.
(54) Now!
(55) I'm here.
(56) R5 and AK. Approaching, passage, opposite.
(57) Against the wall?
(58) Yes.
(59) They down!
(60) Last room. Glock.
(61) Waiting for you.
(62) He saw me!
(63) We got a Caster!
(64) He's the one we need!
(65) Go round! Sure!
(66) Hey you!
(67) Shoes!
(68) Shoes!
(69) Shoes!
(70) My man!
(71) That's what I call a conviction!
(72) I already bought lots!
(73) Check this out.
(74) This is a Blackberry Torch, my man!
(75) Give me your number, I lost it. Call me.
(76) Throw away that brick.
(77) You can't spend money you don't have yet.
(78) I'll get you!
(79) Yes.
(80) Alright.
(81) My boy Moshoeshoe. And you, Ngcobo.
(82) What can I do for you?
(83) The Radebe gang.
(84) Convicted today.
(85) Well.
(86) I know.
(87) We tried to claim our reward.
(88) Head Office says you have the paperwork.
(89) Can we fill it out for you?
(90) How you going to do that?
(91) You going to sign for me too?
(92) You going to forge my signature?
(93) Two years we worked on this job.
(94) Put our lives on the line.
(95) Is this guy drunk? Chili!
(96) You see Chiliboy.
(97) Rewards are for team players.
(98) And you and you don't play for the club.
(99) How much do you want?
(100) Listen to me.

(101) That is not what I want.
(102) This is, this is
(103) small change.
(104) But that case that you working on.
(105) The Dlamini boys.
(106) I hear they
(107) not guilty.
(108) But the evidence is strong against them.
(109) Shoes. Shoes and Shoe shine!
(110) What if evidence went missing?
(111) Let me tell you about their father.
(112) He's a comrade.
(113) He is a soldier.
(114) He's big in business.
(115) We got together and I promised to look out for his boys in every way.
(116) This is bullshit.
(117) They raped two innocent school girls.
(118) Allegations.
(119) You see if you look out for me.
(120) Maybe I will also look out for you.
(121) Team spirit my friends.
(122) Dismissed.
(123) Let's go.
(124) Listen.
(125) It's just you and me.
(126) Let's play the Captain's game just this once
(127) my friend.
(128) Shoes!
(129) Listen. It's one case out of a hundred.
(130) We do this for the Captain, he'll want more more more.
(131) Wake up! The gravy train has left the station.
(132) Politicians, cops, everyone is on board. Except you and me.
(133) Come on man.
(134) Come on.
(135) I'm broke. I've got nothing.
(136) And you? You can't even afford to have a baby.
(137) Don't insult me.
(138) We keeping the baby.
(139) Please tell me.
(140) Are you a cop? Or a criminal?
(141) If you want to go there, you go without me.
(142) Cellphone.
(143) Gun.
(144) It's not optional.
(145) Greetings Casanova.
(146) G8 with a Government account. Master of G-strings. Sex champion!
(147) Greetings KZN, N3, Durban, Mpangeni. My dog. My Skroef man. What's up?
(148) What is this shit?
(149) A boer and a chick? What's going on?
(150) Listen here.
(151) They're all dogs here.
(152) And another thing, that's the boss of all bosses.
(153) My rats.
(154) You greedy cheese eaters!
(155) There is a Zulu proverb.
(156) A Zulu proverb.
(157) The cow licks the one that licks her.
(158) It's tit for tat. Butter for fat.
(159) You hit me behind the ear. I exterminate you.
(160) I send you six foot underground. No return.
(161) Gangsters!
(162) Here comes the man.
(163) Gentleman of the jury. Die real McCoy.
(164) Dog of all dogs.
(165) The dog licks his own wounds.
(166) Hey guys, didn't know we on whitey's time.
(167) Hey! That's no job for a cop.
(168) We saving.
(169) Ni busy.
(170) Who is this here?
(171) Who's this?
(172) Okay?
(173) Shoes. Hey, my friend. We need to talk.
(174) This guy is trouble. You still working him?
(175) Actually what's going on?
(176) He's putting together a crew.
(177) Going to bust 3 million.
(178) Cash heist.
(179) You inside?
(180) How long?
(181) My friend, procedure?
(182) You can't go undercover without authorization.
(183) Why didn't you tell me?
(184) My friend.
(185) Ten years we been working together.
(186) Never stole evidence.
(187) Never took bribes.
(188) We risk our lives.
(189) For the crap they pay us?
(190) We didn't become cops to be convicted.
(191) My friend.
(192) In 2 minutes they make 3 million.
(193) If I'm in my share is 400K.
(194) Are you mad?
(195) Have you lost it?
(196) One time only.
(197) There is no such thing.
(198) This thing is fully insured.
(199) Serious money.
(200) Fat cat's cash.
(201) I'll give you half.
(202) That's your kid's education.
(203) We'll still get this guy.
(204) Next time.
(205) I'll be honest with you.
(206) If I don't do this, I'm done being a cop.
(207) What will you do? You know.
(208) Listen brother.
(209) I need someone to back me up.
(210) If I get caught, I need someone to say I was undercover.
(211) I need a partner.
(212) What if people get killed?
(213) No one is going to get hurt. Guards never put up a fight.
(214) One time only?
(215) One time only.
(216) Jabu Dlamini, they call him Slim.
(217) MY dog! Dex! Satan!
(218) Slim? He's dumb.
(219) It's not Dex, it's Kenny. Dex is just a character I played on TV.
(220) I recognize this guy.
(221) Isn't he someone on TV?
(222) Kenny Baloyi, soap star.
(223) Used to play a character, "Dex" on Soweto Streets.
(224) Dex! Put it there.
(225) I'm not really that guy. Dex is just a character.
(226) What is this thing, a character?
(227) I pretend. I act.
(228) Like this... "Tendai! Get the hell in here!".
(229) Or "Jason!". You see?
(230) So you don't own a tavern?
(231) No.
(232) But you the main gangster there.
(233) No.
(234) Katlego is not your wife?
(235) No.
(236) What's he want here? Tough times for everyone, brother.
(237) He knows explosives.
(238) Ratshidi Kgabi. They call him G8.
(239) G8?
(240) 8 richest countries in the world.
(241) Hey scaredy pants.
(242) Watch it, dude.
(243) You sure you know how to use that gun?
(244) Would you like me to teach you, G-string?
(245) This guy is ex-military. Warren Fourie.
(246) Him and G8 got beef.
(247) Why? I dunno.
(248) The boss.
(249) Osborne Zulu. Big snake.
(250) You sure he trusts you?
(251) Been working him three years. We drink every Friday.
(252) And the girl?
(253) His daughter.
(254) Gugu Zulu.
(255) They call her Cheesegirl.
(256) She hates her father. Why?
(257) You know.
(258) Hey Cheesegirl.
(259) Boss.
(260) Stevland Daniels.
(261) They call him Stakes.
(262) Hardcore gangster.
(263) Him and Cheesegirl, they lovers but they hiding it.
(264) Everything on, my love?
(265) On, like the gospel according to St John.
(266) I want every cent out of that van.
(267) What are they planning?
(268) I don't know. There's a lot you don't know.
(269) I'll find out.
(270) And this guy?
(271) Mandla Senzangakhona.
(272) "Skroef".
(273) "Skroef".
(274) Crazy trigger puller.
(275) What is it?
(276) We have to speak.
(277) Come in.
(278) You know I respect you.
(279) Too much!
(280) And I take you seriously.
(281) Very! Everything you do, I take it serious.
(282) But you making a mistake.
(283) What mistake?
(284) You see,
(285) one of your rats...
(286) is an owl.
(287) Who?
(288) Last night I couldn't sleep.
(289) I was tossing and turning. Very bad dreams.
(290) Then I saw a black cat. Do you see?
(291) Skroef.
(292) Tell me. Or fokoff!
(293) Why does he look so familiar?
(294) We worked together 3 years back. ATM bombings.
(295) He knows you.
(296) No, he doesn't.
(297) Every undercover cop knows you never work the same crook twice.
(298) I suspect Chili could be a cop.
(299) 3 years back, we worked a number.
(300) Quick and fast. Easy money! Take and run.
(301) But we were surprised.
(302) Someone was rotten like a dead goat.
(303) All of a sudden cops were everywhere. Guns drawn, everyone arrested.
(304) He probably knows. He probably knows why that number got busted.
(305) My man. Relax. Relax?
(306) Relax!
(307) Don't tell me to relax! If he even thinks for one second
(308) that it was you, he is going to kill you.
(309) He thinks I am one of them. Bullshit. We cancelling.
(310) We cancel nothing!
(311) Accept it. It's over.
(312) Hey. That money is ours! This country owes us!
(313) Listen you hothead. Chili is my boy.
(314) And that white boy?
(315) He looks like police.
(316) That white boy was in jail with me 5 years!
(317) Open your eyes, man.
(318) Are you saying you can trust a bushman and some bitch?
(319) Hey! Don't talk shit. If you have nothing real to say.
(320) You want to roll the dice?
(321) You want to gamble?
(322) Listen.
(323) I don't have time for games. Or your accusations.
(324) Or playing hide and seek. I want proof.
(325) Now get out of my chair!
(326) I will get you proof.
(327) It's one week before this job goes down.
(328) And you! Jail bird. You!
(329) I'm giving you two days to bring proof.
(330) If you don't I'm kicking you out! Understand?
(331) Now bugger off! Get out!
(332) Big cunt.
(333) What if you arrest him?
(334) I'll get an address. You cook up a warrant.
(335) Go there in the morning. You see.
(336) By the time he gets out the job will be over.
(337) You turning me into someone I'm not.
(338) There is no other way!
(339) The guy is dangerous. Must I come with you?
(340) No.
(341) He mustn't think the arrest is connected.
(342) He could send word from jail.
(343) What's up.
(344) I don't give a shit. Just make it happen, alright?
(345) G8.
(346) Boss.
(347) Where is your blabber mouth friend?
(348) I don't know. I don't own him.
(349) He does his own thing.
(350) Forget him, he's erratic.
(351) Right. Gents.
(352) Here's the mission.
(353) Chili! Concentrate.
(354) Executive Transport.
(355) They transport the cash from Limpopo to Joburg.
(356) Using only back roads.
(357) We take them here, between Kwaggafontein and Kwamhlanga.
(358) So. Slim, you the spotter.
(359) Spotter?
(360) You spot from a bridge 1km away.
(361) You spot the van you radio us.
(362) You spot the cops you radio us.
(363) But I don't want to guard the coast.
(364) Hey you idiot! Stick to your post. Understand?
(365) Right. Okay.
(366) The van comes.
(367) And Gugu, you driving decoy. Right?
(368) The road is marked with 2 litre bottles painted white.
(369) Right? At the last one you brake. The van stops behind you.
(370) Warren, you driving tap-tap.
(371) You ram the van to where we are waiting.
(372) Who's driving tap-tap with this sissy? Hey!
(373) What if he gets cold feet? Say that in English!
(374) Hey, what if you get chicken and you run off?
(375) Your last fucking warning!
(376) Last warning! Hey! Be still!
(377) Really!
(378) Right, G8, you drive tap-tap with Warren.
(379) Right on.
(380) Right. Dex.
(381) You're busy setting the explosives.
(382) Dex! Kenny! It's Kenny.
(383) Listen to me, this guy is fake.
(384) Let him guard the coast. He's just a character.
(385) What if this celebrity gets recognized? And ruins our shit?
(386) No, don't worry.
(387) You see. You see.
(388) What is wrong with you people?
(389) Right.
(390) The door blows off.
(391) Two guards come out.
(392) Right?
(393) This is the problem.
(394) This is our fingerman.
(395) Right? Don't shoot him.
(396) He's working with us.
(397) And the other guards?
(398) They must hit reverse gear. If not, we kill them.
(399) We're catching rats!
(400) Fuckin dog.
(401) Crazy trigger puller, Skroef!
(402) Kill them all! These sons of bitches, sons of witches!
(403) Hey man! Who is that dog?
(404) A cop!
(405) What are you thinking? Bringing a dead cop here?
(406) Cop is not dead.
(407) For fuck's sake rat!
(408) Take it outside!
(409) You said you wanted proof!
(410) Here is your proof! What more do you want?
(411) What proof?
(412) One rat here
(413) is informer!
(414) How is this proof? Proof of what?
(415) Saw him sniffing around my house. I caught him!
(416) So what?
(417) Who sent him?
(418) Don't be stupid. You're wanted in every province!
(419) By bringing him here you put this whole job in shit.
(420) Is that so?
(421) Hey. Hey. Hey.
(422) Put that gun down.
(423) Hey! Shoot this pig in here, we all go to jail.
(424) Maybe informer is you!
(425) Talk!
(426) I'll flip your main switch!
(427) Who is it? Put that gun down!
(428) Who? Who?
(429) Talk! Talk!
(430) Don't do it! They'll kill you too!
(431) Let me do this.
(432) We make this thing easy. Or heavy.
(433) Kill me, I'll never talk.
(434) Why are you here? Give me a name! Talk!
(435) This won't graft.
(436) This idiot must know everyone here.
(437) We won't know if he is lying. Or if he's telling the truth.
(438) Mambane, wait. You stick a gun in his dick he'll sing any number.
(439) Exactly.
(440) Move! You cunt.
(441) Who is it?
(442) "DARLING CALLING." His wife or his girlfriend.
(443) Listen, boss.
(444) Dial the last number he called.
(445) Informer's phone will ring.
(446) Gugu. Get the phones. Hurry.
(447) Cheesegirl.
(448) Make sure that all the phones are on.
(449) All on.
(450) Take it.
(451) Dial.
(452) It's ringing.
(453) No answer.
(454) Call the next one.
(455) Hello?
(456) Who's that? Shoes?
(457) Talk to me.
(458) Shoes?
(459) Call the next one.
(460) Whose phone?
(461) It's mine. Gugu?
(462) Wait, man.
(463) Check the caller ID. Could be anyone calling her.
(464) You think you the only one using a phone right now?
(465) It's stopped ringing. He's right, Boss.
(466) It's mother.
(467) Answer it.
(468) Woman? Listen to me.
(469) She's busy. Yes.
(470) No.
(471) I'll be home late. Okay. Bye.
(472) What's so funny?
(473) Call again.
(474) Mambane, this will never work.
(475) Why not?
(476) Because the informer is not here.
(477) His phone is not in that bag.
(478) You talking shit! You heard what he said!
(479) Yes, I heard him. So?
(480) He's blindfolded.
(481) He can't see who is here.
(482) And only one of us is not here.
(483) Here he is.
(484) Shit.
(485) Battery dead.
(486) You know.
(487) He might be right.
(488) I saw him yesterday.
(489) He was all jumpy.
(490) He was acting strange.
(491) I have to say he's the only thug I'm not sure of.
(492) The only dog who doesn't bark right.
(493) I'm telling you, gents. Informer is this security guard.
(494) Wait a second,
(495) I hear what you saying.
(496) But this whole thing is screwed.
(497) The cops obviously know everything. The job is a flop.
(498) I'm saying we cancel the job, finish the cop and piss off.
(499) Let him be killed!
(500) No! No! No! We cancel nothing!
(501) This job is off the rails.
(502) It's risky man!
(503) Look here.
(504) Cops think the job is next week. I say we go now! Tomorrow!
(505) Tonight we sleep here.
(506) Nobody goes anywhere.
(507) Sister, you keep the phones.
(508) At sunrise,
(509) we take the van.
(510) Next week the cops get fuck all.
(511) While we in Mauritius drinking Hennessy.
(512) We kill this spy!
(513) We finish him.
(514) Burn the dog to hell.
(515) Kill them all!
(516) The cop has to die. We must kill him now!
(517) Shoot him.
(518) Listen Mambane.
(519) What if we use him?
(520) Use him how?
(521) If things go wrong, as a hostage.
(522) Hostage for what? We mustn't waste this.
(523) We must kill this dog.
(524) We must use him!
(525) Hey! Stop it!
(526) Listen.
(527) We keep him alive for now.
(528) When we have the money we kill him.
(529) We cool?
(530) We cool. No miss.
(531) We good, my rats? Ja.
(532) People are going to die. I'm in.
(533) Gun.
(534) Today we get ready.
(535) We work.
(536) The job is the job.
(537) No cellphones, no guns.
(538) No one takes a piss without asking me first.
(539) Hey.
(540) Things are going great don't you think?
(541) Can I sit?
(542) Listen.
(543) Do you mind if I ask you for a favour?
(544) You see.
(545) The guys make me their bitch because I'm an actor.
(546) Cause I played this shit character on TV.
(547) When the time comes can I be the one who kills the cop?
(548) If that's OK with you?
(549) I'm going to kill the cop.
(550) Go.
(551) Piss off!
(552) Shoes!
(553) Chili.
(554) Lift your boot.
(555) Lift your boot.
(556) Listen to me.
(557) When we leave tomorrow, cut yourself free,
(558) wait for me at home.
(559) I won't do that.
(560) I'm going straight to the cops. No!
(561) Stick to the plan. They're going to kill that guard!
(562) Is that what we are now? Chili?
(563) Murderers!?
(564) Forget it.
(565) I'm not part of this. I'm going straight to the taskforce.
(566) Listen! We need this money!
(567) What you doing?
(568) Informer!
(569) Don't hold me back!
(570) Hey, stupid cunts!
(571) What's going on?
(572) I caught him red-handed!
(573) Talking to the cop! He's the informer!
(574) That's bullshit! I was going to kill him. He stopped me!
(575) Gugu! Blindfold.
(576) Explain to me. Why would you kill him?
(577) If you said we should use him? I was getting information.
(578) Kill him? Or information? Which is it?
(579) Skroef is the one you can't trust. You're talking shit!
(580) Look here, you asshole!
(581) I should kill both you idiots. Fighting like street hobos.
(582) My problem is, I'm short men. I need you two.
(583) So stop fucking around!
(584) The job is on! Informer is not here, it's that security guard!
(585) Gugu. Lock the door.
(586) Skroef. Come with me.
(587) Mam bane.
(588) What about bullets?
(589) When we in position.
(590) Are you my new brother?
(591) Yes.
(592) Moses Magxotywa.
(593) Call me Mose.
(594) Thulani.
(595) Listen up. Change of plan.
(596) Chili. This is your position.
(597) You the spotter. Serious?
(598) Yes. What about Slim?
(599) Slim comes with us.
(600) It's on now! Sure!
(601) Sure, Chuck Norris.
(602) Mambane. This is not what we planned.
(603) You spot the van. We spot you.
(604) Right?
(605) My family.
(606) Your daughter?
(607) Yes.
(608) She's beautiful.
(609) She passed on.
(610) Oh. I'm...
(611) House robbery.
(612) They broke in.
(613) Beat me, tied me up.
(614) They put tape over her nose and mouth. She couldn't breathe.
(615) Sorry, man.
(616) Positions.
(617) Listen.
(618) Keep an eye on him.
(619) Kenny? You ok?
(620) All working well.
(621) Right.
(622) Decoy.
(623) In position?
(624) Decoy in position.
(625) Good.
(626) Tap-tap? You good?
(627) We in position, boss.
(628) Ok.
(629) Spotter? In position?
(630) Spotter?
(631) Spotter!
(632) Standing by.
(633) How long you working for Executive?
(634) It's my first month.
(635) You know what they call this place?
(636) The tomb.
(637) But me,
(638) I'm proud to be guarding this.
(639) What they do with this money after they steal it?
(640) Commit more crimes.
(641) More!
(642) Like the day my daughter died.
(643) That's why I tell every guard who works with me.
(644) Before any thug touches this cash we die.
(645) One.
(646) Two.
(647) Three.
(648) When you and your buddies ran from the job like bitches.
(649) Again, not my fault.
(650) Bullshit, man.
(651) You were my cover. I was following orders, ok?
(652) Bullshit.
(653) You shat yourself.
(654) Like you shitting yourself right now.
(655) Spotter? What do you see?
(656) Spotter? What do you see?
(657) Spotter!
(658) What do you see?
(659) Listen to me very carefully, do I look fuckin scared? Do I? Hey?
(660) Makeba. What?
(661) Fuckin cunt!
(662) Gents! We got trouble!
(663) It's nothing, guys.
(664) Maroto! Van is coming!
(665) Van is coming!
(666) Decoy on the move.
(667) Come on!
(668) Decoy! Move!
(669) Move!
(670) Tap-tap?
(671) Standing by?
(672) Your arrogance man! Fuckin shot three times.
(673) What's going on there?
(674) You wanna point a fuckin gun at me? Come!
(675) Come you motherfucker!
(676) Everything is about me, me, me, me!
(677) Well that day wasn't about fuckin you!
(678) Cunt!
(679) You dumb ass.
(680) I'm there now, my boss.
(681) I'm leaving you here.
(682) Shit!
(683) Shit!
(684) Brake!
(685) Shit!
(686) Hey, hurry up!
(687) Come on! Come on!
(688) Oh, fuck!
(689) Hey, Dex! What's going on? It's not working, I don't know why.
(690) Make that thing work! It won't work!
(691) Hey, Dex!
(692) Collect all the weapons. Then bring the car.
(693) Right. 71.
(694) Next. 82.
(695) Next. 93.
(696) Take everything.
(697) Cheese!
(698) Go!
(699) This car won't start.
(700) How's G8?
(701) He's breathing.
(702) Let's do this. Leave him here.
(703) Right. Let's count.
(704) Be cool! Lie down dogs! Don't make me ask again!
(705) Me and the bushie are gobbling the cheese.
(706) Gugu. Baby.
(707) Baba. Some days you win,
(708) today you lose.
(709) Stand 26 steps back. Let daddy take his lottery.
(710) Come on, Gugu baby.
(711) Come Gugu!
(712) Shoot these dogs!
(713) Move! Move! Go go go!
(714) Shoot these dogs!
(715) Stakes!
(716) Come on!
(717) Stakes! We stand no chance! We trapped!
(718) That side, there's a way down there.
(719) Fuck.
(720) Stakes. I'm scared of heights.
(721) Baby.
(722) We've got no choice. Okay.
(723) Yes! Yes!
(724) Give me your gun baby, give me your gun Gugu.
(725) Stakes! Gugu!
(726) Stakes!
(727) Gugu!
(728) Stakes!
(729) Hold here.
(730) How's life Cape motherfucker?
(731) Do what you have to do.
(732) See you in hell.
(733) Gugu baby.
(734) Kill them all!
(735) Shoes!
(736) Chili!
(737) I'm getting you out.
(738) He's going to Hugo Boss with all our money.
(739) Shut up! He's coming back. Relax, there he is.
(740) Keep a look out.
(741) Chili is in the building.
(742) How do you know?
(743) Decoy is parked outside.
(744) Don't worry, he's got no bullets.
(745) What if he called the cops?
(746) What about that?
(747) Dex is right.
(748) I said long ago we should let this thing go.
(749) I'm telling you again. Let's take this cash.
(750) We clear. Chop it somewhere else.
(751) He's right. Let's take this cash and disappear.
(752) First we kill the cop.
(753) I want to do it.
(754) You idiot. I'll do what you too scared to do.
(755) Let Dex do it. We need to worry about Chili.
(756) Hurry up!
(757) Faster!
(758) Stop! Stop!
(759) Bitches!
(760) Where does that go?
(761) It goes nowhere. He's trapped. Finish him.
(762) We get the cop.
(763) Hey!
(764) Shoes!
(765) Shoes it's Chili.
(766) Shoes, can you hear me?
(767) Piss off!
(768) I got you.
(769) Tune to work frequency.
(770) Sure.
(771) You got a gun?
(772) Yes.
(773) You got rats on both sides.
(774) You can pick them off as they enter. Easy!
(775) Shit! They got a grenade.
(776) Grenade?!
(777) On the right is a container. You can run there.
(778) Okay. Give me a countdown.
(779) Three.
(780) Two.
(781) One!
(782) Now!
(783) You ok?
(784) No!
(785) Ok, listen.
(786) Thugs left and right.
(787) Get ready to shoot left.
(788) Now!
(789) Coming on your right. Go hide! Run! Run! Run!
(790) Chili?
(791) Chili, Chili come in.
(792) Chili, Chili.
(793) Satan!
(794) Shoes?
(795) Chili, Chili. Come in. Come in.
(796) Where you?
(797) Cupboard.
(798) Ok, I see you.
(799) Where is the man?
(800) I dunno. I can't see him.
(801) I see him.
(802) Stay in the cupboard,
(803) shoot him when he comes past.
(804) He knows where you are!
(805) Run!
(806) Run!
(807) Heh Chili!
(808) Come here, you piece of shit!
(809) I know you hiding, somewhere.
(810) Let's meet like rats!
(811) You Mouse!
(812) Let's fight like thugs!
(813) Let's play!
(814) Fuck!
(815) What's the time?
(816) Half past seven.
(817) Let's tune this to police frequency.

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